5 Best Tri Suits for Triathletes Compared


A detailed rundown of the best tri suits for triathletes reviewed and compared in 2017. Great for experts and novices a like.

One of the joys (curses?) of a Triathlons is pushing your body to the limit and beyond. Seeing just how much you can squeeze out of your body and if you can hit the personal record or not can be a lot of fun. The last thing you want to have happen during a triathlon however is run into some small issue with your gear, be it bike, swimwear or shoes. These minor irritations can be the difference between a good race and at the risk of sounding a bit hyperbolic, a disaster.


Choosing gear wisely is always smart it just comes at slightly higher stakes in the tri realm. Tri suits are one of the staples of a triathlete, if you get nothing else right, getting a comfortable and high performance tri suit is important.

Our Top Picks
Castelli Sanremo
  • Castelli Sanremo
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • SpeedFreak ventilated fabric
  • Price: See Here
ZOOT Sports Racesuit
  • ZOOT Sports Racesuit
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Nutrition storage pockets
  • Price: See Here
Synergy Trisuit
  • Synergy Trisuit
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Large armholes prevent chafing
  • Price: See Here

For beginners approaching their first triathlon you not even be aware what a tri suite is exactly. We’ll break it down: A “tri suit” is a piece of clothing designed to be worn by an athlete through the duration of an event. These suits come in different formats, a one-piece style and of course a two-piece style. Which you prefer comes down to what type of race you are doing and your personal preference. In either case, the material is stretchy, breathable and high performing. Also a common style for the tri suit is without sleeves.

There are quite a few different options out there when it comes to tri suits, so we’ve trawled the shelves and online marketplace to find the best picks. Below you’ll find five of the best tri suits for triathletes. Enjoy!

5 Best Tri Suits for Triathletes


Castelli Men’s Free Sanremo Sleeveless

Castelli Men’s Free Sanremo Sleeveless
Experienced cyclists will likely recognize this brand, as Castelli is often associated with cycling. While Castelli’s foray into the tri market is relatively recent they’ve outdone themselves with the Sanremo Tri Suit. The suit is water-resistant, it features aerodynamically designed pockets (no extra drag!), provides UPF 16 protection from the sun and has and beautiful designed seat pad to keep you comfortable on the bike. Overall this suit ticks a lot of different boxes and is one of the most comfortable we’ve ever tried. If your tri’s tend to be heavy on the cycling this is probably one of your best bets. Plus, with a little bit of Italian style it’s almost impossible to go wrong.
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About the product:

- Contains SpeedFreak race fabric on front portion of the suit – on the back you have Velocity which gives wind-tunnel proven speed on the bike
- Full length zipper in the back – aero-optimized pockets, won’t create any extra drag
- The armholes have an extra light finish to reduce any potential chafing –
- Castelli-devised “Sanremo” front design allows easy allows for easy bathroom breaks and airflow despite its one piece nature
- Features Giro Air leg gripper elastic, comfortable yet secure
- Patented KISS Tri seat pad is soft on the bike and does not hinder you on the run – made from multi density foam designed with the triathlete in mind
- Bacteriostatic treatment to avoid saddle sores and overall reduce possible infection(s)
  • Aero-optimized pockets don't create unwanted drag
  • The front is constructed with the ventilated SpeedFreak material
  • Arm holes are built to reduce chafing
  • The legs are secured  with Giro Air elastic, which provides a tight fit without being over-constrictive
  • May fit a bit looser than some others

Synergy Triathlon

Synergy Triathlon
If you’re looking for a tri suit solution that covers all your bases you may have found your ticket in the Synergy Triathlon Trisuit. This suit specializes in repelling water (for non-wetsuit swims) while moderating temperature for cycling and running. This suit is for the athlete who doesn’t want to dilly dally in transition zones. The synergy tri suit is made from a “aquaphobic” nylon-spandex blend that is recognized for its comfort, breathability and compressive qualities. It’s got a ¾ front zipper (as we tend to like) plus S on the chest (and design in general) reminds us of superman. Overall there’s a lot here to like, for further specs check the list below.
  • Features a NeoGel pad with anti-microbial fleece
  • Great for sprints or longer distances
  • Semi-compression in the legs,  allows for a smooth and flexible grip
  • Large armholes reduced potential for chafing
  • Flat Lock stitching throughout the suit
  • The neckline creates some drag in the water, for some body types

Zoot Sports Women’s Ultra

Zoot Sports Women’s Ultra
Zoot’s tri suits are comfortable enough to wear during your post race pizza feast, with the added benefit of being more than race-ready. The Ultra Tri Racesuit is an excellent pick for the ladies and offers up a variety of appealing features. The Ultra Tri Racesuit is manufactured using Schoeller’s “coldblack” textile finish. This does a tremendous amount to protect you from the sun with UPF 30 properties and the ability to resist heat buildup on the surface of the material. This suit is also wrapped in ULTRAcarbon BIOwrap (to use manufacturer parlance) that provides graduated compression where you need it. Add in a front chest located zipper and you pretty well have the full package.
  • Built-in bra features Dynamic Xposture supporting and separating cam
  • Easy on/off design
  • Coldblack technology reflects ultraviolet rays and dispels heat buildup
  • Wrap leg hem with reflective gripper detail
  • Hip mounted pockets
  • Some had issues with the leg hem causing irritation, Needs to be a perfect fit

SLS3 Triathlon

SLS3 Triathlon
The SLS3 tri suit represents a dramatically different price demographic than the ORCA RS1, but differing prices don’t represent as big a dropoff in quality as you might imagine. The tri suit from SLS3 has a number of different things going for it. In no particular order: we found that the padding was excellent for cycling and running and that the super-light nylon/spandex blend from which it is comprised did an good job wicking away sweat. The classic all black design with a few details (blue or lime) gives off a no nonsense vibe. Overall this suit hit all the essential points needed from a tri suit and it does so while maintaining a relatively economical price.
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This suit is not designed to be worn in a chlorinated pool. This chemical destroys lycra over time — so if you train indoors, it’s something to consider.
  • Flexible fabric stretches in four directions
  • Supports muscles well
  • Made of super-light nylon/spandex/lycra
  • Well cushioned pad provides chafe-free support on the bike
  • Sizing runs a bit small

Orca RS1 Killa Race

Orca RS1 Killa Race
Besides being partial to the name, we like this suit for a number of different reasons. The lightweight, breathable, and performance geared RS1 Killa Race Suit is made up of a blend of two different materials. The chest, upper back, and lower front thighs feature KillaSkinTM, which is primed to deal with sweat, repel water with a nice seal and sit comfortably on the skin. Hydroseal leg hems reduce drag on the legs and a secure zip ensures a nice firm fit. The whole suit has built in hydrodynamic properties to allow you to glide through the water more effortlessly. This is a suit you is being worn by top level triathletes. If you’re looking for a high grade trisuit that delivers superior performance this is a good place to start.
  • Flat lock top stitching
  • Unparalleled breathability
  • Anti-irritation Hydroseal on legs
  • Anti-abrasion neoprene infused construction
  • Some had an issue with the zipper, otherwise the reviews are positive

So there you have it, our top five best tri suits for triathletes. Above all else our advice would be to not settle until you’ve found one that fits perfectly, and we really do mean perfectly. The last thing you want is to hamstring yourself (in an already difficult task) with gear that doesn’t quite do it for you. For a little bit more information on Tri Suits versus Wetsuits read on.


Tri Suits versus Wetsuits


To some extent whether or not you go for a tri suit or a we suit will be down to the the rules and regulations of the particular race you are competing in. But beyond that personal preference comes into play quite a bit.


Tri Suits: If you can get away with using one by all means go for it. The simplicity of not changing at all throughout the course of the race is a huge bonus. Then again in some situations you absolutely need a wetsuit and the benefit they entail. So just make sure know the conditions and rules well before and plan accordingly.


Wet Suits: A wetsuit is generally made from neoprene material,  is buoyant, and helps keep you warm. A tri suit is not buoyant at all. Wetsuits also come in different styles and variations, you want to get one that is geared for triathletes specially if possible.


If the triathlon you are participating in is in open water and that water is predicted to be at all cold, a wet suit is going to help. Wetsuits are also very beneficial to weaker swimmers. So if you’re just starting out or swimming isn’t your strongest point, there can be a real advantage to the wetsuit. Often times triathletes (by the nature of their training) don’t have tons of body fat, this can mean you get colder in the water faster than average so the wetsuit can provide additional benefit there.


The bottom line is know your conditions, know your body, understand the rules and from that point deciding whether to go for a tri suit or full wetsuit is relatively easy.

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