10 Best Girls Running Shoes Tested


2018.  Finding the best pair of girls running shoes is often a difficult task.

While some shoes are stylish they may not support you for longer runs. Others may cater to specific types such as stability and extra cushioning. When shopping for running shoes, it is best to focus on shoes that best fit the feet. Choose shoes based on construction, cushioning and form.

A girl wants good performance from a pair of shoes and younger generations want style and comfort along with performance. They must offer good cushion, breath-ability, shoe stability, protection, durability, performance, light-weight and lots of style, the shoes will be used for running which means all runner needs must be designed into the shoe but the shoe must look in place as a social part of a girls clothing. Colors matter, the shoe shape matters, the style of logo is important and the types of clothing which the shoe can work with are important.

The right girls running shoes need to suit the foot shape of the individual. Flat, normal and high arched are the three different foot shapes. Checking the foot shape is essential in finding a comfortable running shoe. This is really important as it helps you get the support you need during a run.

Last Updated: March 24, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

A great current line up of running shoes for girls and we have updated while also adding an eleventh new option. Choose a shoe with style for school sports and day to day wear. Check out our review criteria section to see how we hunt down the best choices. If your left needing to ask questions, peruse our FAQs

Brooks Pureflow
  • Brooks Pureflow
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Price: See Here
Asics Cumulus 17 GS
  • Asics Cumulus 17 GS
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Impact Guidance System
  • Price: See Here
Saucony Cohesion Girls
  • Saucony Cohesion Girls
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Outsole Stability System
  • Price: See Here


10 Best Girls Running Shoes


1. Brooks PureFlow

The PureFlow remains one of the softest shoes in the Pure Project collection. It is a dual-purpose shoe for the neutral runner.These shoes are perfect for daily running, we wouldn’t recommend them for the competition. The brand Brooks is one of the most popular running shoes company.
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The shoe has a nice bounce and this makes the midfoot to forefront transition easy and smooth. A unique feature of this collection is the outsole with the interconnected pod structure. This gives the shoe a natural rolling transition.
The transitions are quick for a shoe of this weight. The split in the toe further enhances this, as the toes can splay and dig in through the toe off powering through the transition. This is evident when climbing a hill or grade.

This may be the biggest disadvantage of this shoes- they don’t last as long as those from the other brands.

The running shoe offers comfort for daily training and responsiveness for speed. It has the ability to carry the runner for long distances.It has rounded heel and it helps to lower the stress on joints. These shoes are for people who don’t need more arch support. It has a breathable mesh so your feet don’t sweat.

Good value – average for a quality running shoe

• Great cushioning allows for natural running form.
• The shoe performs well at higher speeds.
• Alterations to the toe box has helped create more room and freedom.
• Soft lining for great in-shoe feel. The lace up closure provides a snug fit.
• Perfect for running on the roads
• Shoes fit narrow-footed runners


• Thick elastic laces are difficult to keep tied up.
• Shorter lifespan than other shoes

2. Junior Asics Cumulus 17 GS Girl

The Asics Cumulus features the best technologies of Asics and promises to bring to runners everything they need.
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The FluidRide Midsole is the latest midsole technology of Asics. This offers cushioning properties and ensures durability and weight reduction. The other new feature is the Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning System. This has helped in enhancing support as well as performance.

The improved cushioning system provides better shock absorption. The Trusstic System provides more support for your foot. It helps support the integrity of the shoe structure.

Good value for your money considering the quality
  • Good support and stability for neutral pronators
  • Efficient cushioning system
  • The environment inside the shoe keeps its fresh and dry.
  • Weighs too much compared to other shoes in this category

3. New Balance Lace

The New Balance Lace provides stability in a light package. The improved cushioning and new heel configuration works well with the midsole to control the foot’s inward roll. The mesh is breathable and underlays further adds support. The shoe caters to runners looking for moderate support.These shoes are the best when it comes to roads, we wouldn’t recommend them for a trail or in the mountains.
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The shoe comes in an appealing design and combines mesh upper and suede, so that it is long lasting and breathable. The traction on the sole is of high quality. This means that you get a great grip for all kinds of surfaces.There are many different types of shoes that New Balance creates so don’t worry, there are a lot of colors to choose from.

They are quiet durable, especially for the price.

It is built for ultimate comfort. No extra cushioning around the edges means that it reduces the chances of rubbing. This enables the runners to glide freely without any kind of distraction.As it has stretch lances, it improves running performance and comfort. There is arch support but it’s not for runners who need additional arch support.

These shoes aren’t expensive because this is a very good quality and it’s easy to find them on sale.

• It is certified to be breathable, comfortable and durable.
• They are inexpensive
• They have very elegant design


• Unusual wear on upper part of shoe. This can create problems further down the line.
• There may be some problems with choosing the best size

4. Junior Saucony Cohesion Girls

The upper portion of the shoe has been redesigned with highly breathable mesh for better support and comfort, making for a comfortable shoe, even in hot weather.The best thing about these shoes is that they’re comfortable and very affordable at the same time. They are also often used for gym workouts. These shoes are definitely best for roads and they will do their best while daily running.
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The HRC Strobel Board supports the feet by providing more cushioning. The breathable mesh is anti-bacterial and prevents sweats and smells from permeating through the shoes.

Saucony is like always very durable. What’s more, you can wear them for a long periods of time

The Non-Visible Grip System on the heel section provides more cushioning to the heel. The improved cushioning and shock absorption protect you from impact and prevents injuries to ankles. This is a practical running shoe with thoughtful features. It is suitable for indoor running too.They have also good arch support. They are lightweight and all features make them very comfortable.

Good value for a solid running shoe

• Advanced features and technologies improve quality
• Affordable
• Good for neutral runners
• Regular and wide type available for different types of feet.
• Lightweight materials and highly breathable
• They have the wide toe box which is quiet unusual in girls running shoes
• There’s a wide range of colors and widths


• Poor cushioning in the forefoot area
• Due to stiffness, the flexibility of shoes is not adequate.

5. Asics Gel Cumulus 16 GS

The Asics Gel Cumulus 16 GS has been designed and engineered to provide supreme cushioning. The rearfoot and forefoot gel cushions the heel on landing and helps prevent injuries. The refined open mesh with discrete eyelets feature disburses lace tension for enhanced upper support and customized fit.. They have neutral arch support. They are created for daily running and it’s best to use them on the roads.
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The impact guidance system feature enhances the natural gait of the foot from heel strike to toe off. The seamless construction of the shoe reduces the potential for friction and irritation that are usually caused by traditional stitches.

ASICS High Abrasion Rubber is a material that aim to increase the durability and it definitely works. It is also great for long-distance running as it is very breathable

The cushioning gel on the heels provides extra comfort. This makes it a stable running companion for girls. The reflective material is ideal for running during night.The cushioning system also reduces impact shock when you land. It is a very breathable product. The special mesh was used for better ventilation.

Pricey for running shoes in its category

• Seamless construction
• Solid rubber outsole
• Anti-microbial properties for a cool, dry and healthy environment
• These products are more wider than these form the other companies
• Wide range of flashy colors


• Even though the shoe has more cushioning the forefoot feels stiff. Heel counter is rigid.
• It is an expensive shoe in its category.

6. Adidas Originals ZX 700

This shoe is specially designed with features that are girly and very attractive to the girl child. Adidas Original ZX 700 bring the old school fashion back. They both have the vintage and urban feel making the appearance really fashionable especially to the girl child. Adidas Originals ZX 700 give motivation to child to do exercises and running. It has also good running shoes, example, breath ability and good cushioning that make it fit for running. Another advantage is that the shoe can multitask, working as both exercising and normal dressing shoes for the girl child.
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The shoe preserves the retro look even as it maintains street ready details like reflective accents on the upper mesh and premium suede overlays. The shoes are an ideal choice for distance runners. The mesh lining provides soft feel and ventilation. The rubber outsole provides secure traction. They are said to be very stylish.

After long months of wearing them, they still look like a new ones but it’s really easy for them to get dirty. They have perfect quality.

The comfortable fit and versatile sole make it an ideal choice for running. The TPU heel counter adds exceptional support to the feet.They have very good airflow and it allows you to use them for hours. It has lacing closure so you don’t need to worry about stability. Above being solid, they are also very lightweight.

More towards the middle of the expensive shoe range

Good grip and flexibility

Runners get the smooth run they desire

 Look great on and off track

Good fit for girls with narrow feet

It fits true to the size


Some buyers said that shoes aren’t sturdy enough

7. Asics Cumulus 18 GS Girl

This girly shoe is designed for the girl who loves long running. It has special features like good cushioning punch that helps to absorb not only excessive sweat but also impact not only in the heel but also in the forefoot as the girl is running. The absorption of impact results to the girl having a fresh feet running for longer distance. The other feature that well sell the Asics Cumulus 18 GS Girl is that it has breathable mesh on the upper side of the shoe that brings along freshness, cool feet and a comfortable fitting..What is particular about these shoes is that they can be used also as a shoes for competition, not only for daily running.
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The shoe system has a line going from heel to toe and this guides the gait movement during running. The insole can be removed if desired. The shoe never feels stiff and restrictive on any kind of surface.

These shoes may stay with you for months. They have abrasion resistant element which make these shoes more durable.

The ComforDry Sockliner feature provides extra cushioning for your feet and anti-odur properties. The forefoot and heel gel cushioning systems absorb shock on impact.The shoes have seams so it makes it easier to avoid irritation. They provide also torsion control and give a lot of stability without losing flexibility.

It’s not a steep price considering the quality.

 Well cushioned

Breathable not porous. This prevents dirt and dust from getting inside the shoe.

 Properly designed to  the long distance girl because of  the Solid rubber outsole for durable traction on any surface

 Shoes have elements with reflective material and it is safer to run in the evening

They are quiet easy to wash


The toe box of the shoe is compressed.

The  forefoot section makes the shoe not much ideal for long distance running. 

8. Nike Air Pegasus Zoom 33

The Nike Air Pegasus Zoom 33 is a solid versatile neutral It can be used both on roads but also on treadmills. Your child can run in competitions, particularly in marathon. As it was said, it is a versatile shoe and it should deal with medium and high paced runs.
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These shoes are said to be the nicest-looking Nike’s shoes. They are heavier than the previous models, but you will easily get used to it.

It is sturdy built shoe so it should be a long ownership.

The upper of the Pegasus Zoom 33 is comfortable. The shoe is versatile and feels light on the foot. The shoe can be used for both distance and speed running. This includes slow, fast, long distance running and even races.
The shoes are a perfect fit for girls who want a comfortable fit and responsive run. The midsole cushioning technology produce a responsive and spring like effect. This delivers propulsion during take-off. This enhances the stability of the shoes. The hard-wearing rubber makes the shoe more durable.

The shoe great features makes it a bit more expensive than other shoe brands.

 Durable outsole and tough build quality

 Comfortable for any type of run

Inner sleeve makes upper fit secure

 Provides responsive, smooth and soft ride

There are no areas which cause skin irritation

It dries really quickly

There are many colors available


The weight is heavier compared to other shoes in the category.

9. Saucony Ride 9

For running, jumping or casual wear, this shoe for girls hits the mark nicely.

The shoe gives good neutral support and a very nice cushioning system with a medium offset, the coloring style designed into the shoe is stylish and grabs the attention.

All the features which are expected in a good running shoe have been built into this shoe while ensuring that it looks great for both running and casual wear.
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A very attractive and stylish shoe, offered in subtle and appealing stylish color combinations which are certain to appeal to fashion conscious people. This shoe is a sports style shoe which transcends into an attractive shoe for wearing socially with any type of clothing. the style is very good.


Constructed from durable and comfortable mesh upper combined with leather fittings for stability, stability giving flex film overlays are designed into the shoe construction as attractive functional features.

The shoe has been made with a durable non marking out-sole so the wearer can expect a long lasting durable shoe.


A very foot hugging comfortable mesh and leather construction and for light weight combined with excellent cushion factor the shoes comes with an Eva mid-sole shoe system.

Comfortable stability through the heel through to toe drop set at 8mm, the interior of the shoe has a lining with antimicrobial qualities to minimize odor brought about by bacteria.


The shoes are a double investment, a great price and the wearer gets running shoes which are stylish and can also be for casual wear.




Extra cushion factor


The shoe is not for speed running

10. Puma Flare JR Sneaker

A really nice all round shoe, offered in a dazzling blue or a more cool blue, when it comes to style, this shoe is attractive.

The shoe is very easy to clean, offers good comfort, gives a nice smooth ride due to extra cushion factor.

The upper is a comfortable and durable mesh construction which while giving protection it also ensures breath-ability.

Wear the shoe for running or wear it casually as a very nice looking shoe with bags of comfort.
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Style is the name of the game for this shoe, looking at the shoe it is very much about style blended with real functionality for a good running shoe. Stability is sound, the stability in the shoe structure is solidly comfortable and the style is at home as a running shoe or for all types of casual wear.

Offered in two nice color combinations which will appeal to girl runners. If caught out in the rain and mud, the shoe is very easy to clean.


The shoe pattern and coloring do not fade over time, long term durability from the robust rubber sole system and the very well constructed upper mesh and overall shoe structure.


A shoe with very good energy return which contributes to a comfortable shoe to wear while running, bags of very comfortable cushion and a nice overall FIT from the well designed structure of the shoe.


This is a shoe which is value for money, good moderate price.

Good breath-ability

Comfortable - good cushion factor

Nice Style

Durable Sole

Attractive color and patterning


Some responsive factor lost due to thick sole

11. Adidas Girls' Altarun K


This shoe will work for play, running, and all sports. Comfortable and stylish to suit fashionable younger minds but still offering features seen in adult shoes such as stability, protections, cushion, durability, and comfort.

The synthetic construction of these shoes ensures comfort and durability combined with a very nice silhouette for style, good performing shoes for school sports and wearing casually.
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Very nice style, designed to appeal to a younger fashion orientated generation, this shoe looks good while still giving all the features expected from a brand name shoe.


The upper mesh and shoe construction are solidly stitched to cope with school sports and the rough and playful tumble of young girls and boys. The shoe has a durable rubber sole for hard wearing performance and good traction. The shoe shaft runs from low up to the top of the arch.

A nice styled light-weight shoe constructed from durable synthetics and weighs in at a lightweight.


Just the right amount of cushion for school sports and daily wear, the shoe is stitched together to ensure comfortable upper stability.


Kids friendly cost






Stitched Upper for stability



Good news, no notable cons reported yet

As a girl’s feet are narrow, choose shoes that fit snugly around the heel but don’t feel too tight, as this can put pressure on the front. Lighter sole cushioning is ideal for a girl’s feet. This gives better release motion during a run.

In the past girls running shoes were smaller versions of the boys running shoes. Boys and girls have different shaped feet and what is suitable for boys are definitely not suitable for girls.

Criteria for finding the best running shoe


You may think that the construction of a running shoe may not be important but it is. Just think of yourself as the prince in Cinderella searching for the perfect fit for your child; that is you. You are seeking the shoe that perfectly fits her feet. How that shoe is built is important because you want a shoe that supports her well, is comfortable and fits her type of feet. Not all running shoes are created equal.

You don’t want to buy running shoes for someone with flat feet when they have high arches. In fact, if your child has flat feet, you probably need to find a running shoe that builds her arches. This is why construction  of the new shoes is important.


Most runners know you don’t buy just any kind of tennis shoe for running. Most expert runners also know that there are different forms of shoes out there for runners. There are three forms of shoes for runners.

Motion control-motion control running shoes emphasize medical support by having dual density mid soles, roll bars or foot bridges.

Stability-Running stability shoes have cushioning inside and support features in the way it is made.

Cushioning running shoes have helps to  shock disperse between the feet and  the mid soles and on the out sole of the designs of the show. A lot of shoe stores and brands  add cushions and  padded material to the heel of the running shoe and forefoot section to enable the shoe such as air, gel and hydro flow.


Did you ever think how many times do you replace your child shoes? If you do it too often, you should contemplate whether it is often or rarely? To be clear, there is one big think about the shoes. They need to be replaced from time to time. Shoes aren’t indestructible constructions. Shock absorption is getting weaker and weaker with the years. The sole also weakens and your shoes ( even the ,most durable ones) no longer look like when they used to be. However, running shoes should stay with you for more than 1 year of usage , medium-paced runs. Running is one of the biggest challenges for shoes so when you look for a new pair, make sure that they will last long.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania girls running



Shoes designed with natural fabric are less breathable than the ones who are designed with synthetics. You need to ensure that your shoes are breathable and there is no moisture inside the shoe. A lot of companies design shoes with special mesh which boost ventilation and provides airflow.


Comfortable shoes make runner happy. It is advisable to look for shoes with well build sole, cushioning. The shoes also must be able to absorb the shock. As we said before, breathability is also important.


This is the one of the most important factors. Children not only use shoes for running, they also climb, jump and do a lot of things that may cause to even more severe injuries. The solid sole with good support and stability will help your child to enjoy the time .Protection of joints at an early age will affect your child’s health positively. The good advice when searching for protection is choosing the shoes with more cushioning.

Purpose of use

This is the next important factor. If your child wants to start running, her shoes shouldn’t be very heavy but there is still a big need for support. If she wants to do trial running, the shoes need to be more sturdy and give more support than the normal. The next point is contemplating where your child is going to use them. Shoes good for treadmill rather won’t be good in the mountains.


Other important factors worth considering

Size and shape

Now you may not think that foot shape is not important in buying a shoe but it is. If you have flat feet, you going to want to find a shoe that serves your flat feet well. Same thing if your child has high arches. Like any shoe out there, finding the perfect shoe for your child depends on how your foot is shaped. Buying the wrong shoe for your child’s feet could equal to pain and discomfort. So do your homework. Before you buy any running shoe, get her feet measured to make sure you are buying the right size. The person measuring your child’s feet should be well enlighten about shoes, to give one information about   high arching feet or flat feet. Once they figure that out, they should  tell one  what shoe can be  right for her to fit in.
But just in case you don’t find what you want, you can always do some research online to find the right shoe for her feet.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania running rain

Weather protection

Girls are more careful than boys in most cases,  and the shoes they are wearing must give them one hundred safety. Running in summer shouldn’t be a problem, but when it comes to fall or winter, your child may encounter problems. There are more slippy areas so the non-slip sole is a must have. What’s more, your child may be often surprised by rain during running. Waterproof shoes are excellent idea. Many runners think a lot about rain and snow but what about hot days. The temperature is high, feet start to sweat. There appears the moisture in shoes which can cause serious blisters so better look for shoes with good ventilation.


Children often complain about shoes being a little bit too bulky. While choosing the best ones , it’s good to ensure that a pair is lightweight and it doesn’t have any bad impact on child’s running performance.


We make sure that you won’t have to pay a lot for a pair of shoes. However, trying to save money on running shoes may be a bad idea. It is known that cheap shoes usually don’t work. What you need to is investing in quality.

Foot issues

Now you may not think that foot shape is not important in buying a shoe but it is. If you have flat feet, you going to want to find a shoe that serves your flat feet well. Same thing if your child has high arches. Like any shoe out there, finding the perfect shoe for your child depends on how your foot is shaped. Buying the wrong shoe for your child’s feet could equal to pain and discomfort. So do your homework. What about overpronation? Problems with absorbing the shock and stabilizing the rest of the body aren’t very rare. Make sure to check if your child doesn’t have any foot problems.




Q: Why I can’t run in normal shoes?

A: This is because your muscles, you joints and tendons are much more prone to injuries and there is bigger tension. In running shoes, there is different type of sole – much more different kind of support the shoes give you. In addition to, an excessive rolling motion is the next problem the normal shoes won’t fight. Running shoes have also more cushioning which give a lot of support to the whole foot.


Q: What is trail running? What shoes are needed for this?

A: It’s running on hills and uphill areas . You can’t run in normal running shoes. Trail shoes have more rigidity. They are also thicker


Q: Is there only one type of running shoes?

A: Actually, we can divide running shoes into three sections:
Road running shoes that are designed for pavements and lowland terrains with no hills or very rocky terrains
Rail running shoes are designed for terrain with hills, rocks and many different kinds of obstacles. There is also a section called cross-traing shoes which are designed for crossfit workouts and they are the best indoor.


Q: I have my skin irritated after running. It looks like an allergy- it’s a rush/ Why is that?

A: A lot of running shoes have material which is made from Lycra. A lot of runners may have problem with this material. Try to wear a sock ( not very thick) to make skin and shoe separable.


Q: I was told I need three pair of shoes? It’s a lie, isn’t it?

A: It depends on how much time do you spend on running. If you do it very often, it is advisable to have  three or two pairs. This is because our feet get used to the shoes and it may lead to injuries. If your child runs everyday, you should think about a new pair. It will give much more support.


Q: My child has one bigger foot? How to do a shopping?

A: When you order a shoe for your child, try to order the size for the bigger foot. As most running shoes have laces, your child will be able to easily adjust the tightness . Best option is looking for a shoes with half sizes.


Q: Can my child wear new shoes for children-marathon? They seems to be very comfortable?

A: We wouldn’t recommend it. We know that when you first try on your shoes, you feel like in heaven. This is very false first impression. You will find if the shoes give you comfort after 400 miles. You don’t want your child to have blisters on her legs so it will be better to use the old ones.


Q: Is there any difference between sneaker size and running shoe size?

A: Yes , you shouldn’t choose running shoe on basis of your sneakers. On shoes websites, you should look for special measurments and instructions how to measure feet and how to choose the best size


Q: How can I take care of my child’s running shoes?

A: Firstly, let them dry. Putting them near the radiator can only weaken the leather but also many other materials, keep them away from moisture and make sure they have access to air flow. In most cases, you shouldn’t put them in the washing machine. Tumble dryer is also not a perfect idea. It is well-known fact that running shoes are made for running. Make sure that your child puts the off after running and doesn’t use it too much for walking.


Q: My child can’t find any shoes because she doesn’t like the color. She found some with nice colors but they are quiet weak for running in my opinion? What should I do?

A: Functionality must stay above style and colors. Even if the shoes looks great, it won’t protect your child from injuries and it won’t give her a demanded comfort


Q: I know that running shoes are very important but what about socks?

A: That’s a good question. While buying, look for a socks made of materials which are able to absorb the moisture for example polyester. Don’t buy your child cotton socks cause when there is a moisture, they get wet and it can lead to skin irritation and blisters.


Q: Should I buy my child an additional insole? Is it necessary?

A: No it’s not. However it wouldn’t be a bad idea. There are thousands running shoes made every year and they aren’t created only for your child. This means that it’s better to customize the shoes .An additional insole will help your child to perform better and it will be more comfortable.


Q: Do I need to spend such a big amount of money on shoes? Do I pay for comfort or for the name of the brand?

A: It may be sometimes true that big brands charge you more because of some kind prestige. But to be clear, their prestige doesn’t come from nowhere. Big brands can offer you the shoes with best materials, with the greatest support and stability. Cheap running shoes will last only half of what the more expensive shoes last. What’s more , when we talking about fakes, they are made of such a poor material that they will fall apart in a month. Of course, there are some shoes from best brands that are failures but that’s why we consider the factors when choosing the shoes.


Q: How can I break my shoes?

A: As it was said before, you can’t start running immediately. Firstly, try to wear the shoes in the house. This is the best time to check if the shoes are comfortable , if they aren’t, try to give them back. You can also make sure that the size fits. When you go for firs running, it must be about 15 minutes, not more as you don’t want blisters on your feet. Repeat it every day and if it’s everything okay, you can start enjoying your new running shoes.


Q: My child suffers from plantar fasciitis? How can help her with choosing shoes?

A: The best shoes that you can choose are those who give the most stability. At first, it may be needed doctor’s advice. The best option would be going yourself to the store and trying to find the most stabilizing shoe. When you do it for the first time, we wouldn’t recommend it to buy it online.


Q: My child have problem with heel rub. What can I do with it?

A: If your child doesn’t feel comfortable, there is usually a possibility of putting leather lining in the back of the heel. This will reduces the pain, but it’s usually and additional cost. However, it’s totally worth it


Q: I don’t understand the categories of shoes. Can you explain it in the easiest way?

A: Motion control running shoes- these are shoes created for runners with flat feet or low arches. Because of this type of shoes, runner has normal pronation and feet don’t rotate wrongly. This will help to prevent injuries.
Cushioned running shoes- these are type of shoes for people with high arched feet. As there isn’t much rotation, it may be bad for the joints. The cushioning helps to absorb the shock.

Stability running shoes- these are created for people with medium or normal arched feet. They have cushioning to absorb the shock and the rigidity. This will help to prevent from injuries.


Here are some sources we used while conducting our research:


Salomon XA Pro 3D
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