10 Best ASICS Running Shorts Tested & Compared


ASICS is a brand that is built around the quality of their product. So it will come at no surprise to our readership that Runnerclick would want to do a list dedicated to discussing the best of the best of ASICS, specifically the best of their top tier running shorts.

What follows is a breakdown of the 10 best shorts available from ASICS. We scrutinized the market with a strict set of criteria to make sure we only picked shorts that would be the best suited for the dynamic and challenging routine of a runner.

We also wanted to make sure our selection was diverse as well as high quality. We want to have things available here to suit a wide range of needs and budgets. That way we know that you’ll find something perfect for you below.

Last Updated: March 24, 2018
By Mark Smith:

We recently checked and updated and we will continue to update this page to ensure you get the top choices. Our current tried and tested list of shorts are all top performers. Read through our section covering criteria for reviewing to see how we come up with top options for you. Any questions? Read our FAQs to look for answers, if you don't find the answer you are looking for, ask us and we will respond. 6/16/18 This article has had its FAQ updated to make sure it remains as useful as possible to our readership. We also want to make sure that we always have the very best available products on our lists so we also added reviews for the Pocketed 3.5" as well as the Break Through 1/2 Split.

ASICS Everyday
  • ASICS Everyday
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Moisture Management + Anti-Odor
  • Price: See Here
ASICS Wicked
  • ASICS Wicked
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 100% Polyester Textured Microfiber
  • Price: See Here
ASICS Rival II ½ Split
  • ASICS Rival II ½ Split
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight + Breathable
  • Price: See Here

10 Best ASICS Running Shorts


9. ASICS Wicked

Both men and women will find the ASICS Wicked a great lightweight short that provides airflow and breathability on a run.
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Let's take the term "wicked" and use it in the same way that Michael Jackson uses the word "bad". Yes, these shorts are great, the style appeals to those that like to be stylishly wicked.

Very comfortable shorts, just like speed running shoes they are extra lightweight, if you sweat or they get damp from the weather they will wick away the moisture so that you don't look too "wicked"

When I tried on these shorts I felt different, I felt that these are for the outdoors, they suggest a keenness to get outside and get running, the style of the shorts shout out physical no nonsense exercise.

The material texture of the shorts is really very comfortable, the cut style is uniquely appealing and the functional features built into the shorts are realistic and effective.

The guys shorts offer a  5” inseam and the women’s give a smaller 4” seam. The fabric has ASICS - Motion Dry tech which is a microfiber fabric with polyester texture. really nice elasticated waist which has a  braided drawcord. 

The drawcord is nice, the braided style is functional and has a fashionable look to it but it does not stop there. If you lose weight, put on weight or simply want to re-adjust fit for comfort its so quick and easy to resize the fit, you don't even need to stop running, it happens naturally even while on the go.

To differentiate between the male and female version the inseams are in two different sizes, the 5" seam gives a slightly more robust appeal to the feminine 4' inseam.

I like the feel of the microfiber fabric it feels gentle and comfortable and lacks the harsh feel of basic nylon products, on top of this the wick factor for these wicked shorts is easily at a level which is required for comfort and performance.

As far as differences go the difference between guy’s and girl's versions is that the  women’s model has a brief liner.


These shorts run a little on the higher side but then you are making an investment in comfort, style, functionality and durability.


These shorts deserve the name "wicked" in a positive context and will meet your running requirements while projecting an air of style.
  • Comfortable, fast drying fabric

  • Loose, comfortable fit

  • Allows for airflow and breathability

  • Some runners thought the shorts ran small.

8. ASICS Rival II ½ Split

These are another classic track short. Featuring a lightweight, breathable fabric and a flat braided drawstring cord, these will keep you dry, light and fast on the track.
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ASICS Rival II ½ Split


We want a basic style, a smooth comfortable feel and functionality that works for us during a run and the unique  Rival II ½ Split shorts provide this and will look nice in combination with a stylish running hood. They don't shout out specialty but they don't say very basic either.

We all prefer a particular style and often our style preference is related to our physical appearance, for example if a person is very short its probably not stylish to wear a extra long pair of running shorts.

Certainly light weight and that's because they are made from light weight durable material.

These shorts are stylish from a users view point and they fit a niche in the market in which they are popular.

Be aware, you don't get a pocket, so if you're driving out to a trail run you're gonna be stuck, nowhere to carry your car key, unless you take along an armband which is something all runner fans should own.

The polyester fabric is nicely surprising, put these shorts in a bowl of water, take them out, squeeze them dry and in no time at all they are dry enough to wear. It's not just about wick factor, the material is none absorbent, there is no place for water to be absorbed and held, moisture sits only on the surface of the woven strands so it has to evaporate and it cannot hold onto the fabric, even light motion activity or sunlight will dispel water or sweat.

A nice feature is the choice of colors and due to the durable material some runners have been known to screen print their own logo or design onto the shorts for that little extra individuality.

The ladies version present a 2” inseam and the men’s sports a 2.5” inseam. The material being 100% polyester blend is so perfect for keeping the sweat retention factor down to barely noticed and certainly not creating discomfort.

The style looks basic but nice, these shorts can be worn for many indoor or outdoor sports.


Good value. No emptying the money bank through buying a pair of these shorts.


Try them, you will be surprised, sometimes basic can actually meet our requirements, great if your at home and just want to on the spur of the moment take a quick run.
  • Comfortable, lightweight polyester blend fabric

  • Comes in a variety of colors

  • Can screen print logo on shorts

  • There are no pockets to store your things.

7. ASICS Split 3” (Men’s)

If you are looking to go fast, check out the ASICS Split 3” shorts. These lightweight asics mens running shorts allow an increased range of motion with a classic split-leg design.
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ASICS Split 3” (Men’s)

The style just keeps coming, ASICS certainly understand that variability is good for choice.  Try these on and they feel good, the shorts are all about light weight running.

Though not a broad range of color choices there are enough choices to keep us all happy.

There is something interesting about the feel of these shorts when you wear them they are soft, durable and comfortable and I get the feeling that if I took a swim in the local swimming pool in these that it would work and I could go directly for a run. These shorts would dry very quickly which means they don't retain wetness due to the tightly woven water resistant fabric construction. When we say good wick factor here we can confidently say we are certain.

When it comes to flexibility two factors are at play, the loose fitting style allows limb flexibility and the dobby fabricated material contains four way stretch qualities, this means no mater what direction you extert a pull, the material will work with you.

I was delighted to note that these light running shorts have a good secure zip pocket situated at the back of the shorts out of the way, you can easily carry a standard ID card and a car or house key.

Sporting a stylish elasticated waist band, size fit is not an issue and if it becomes a problem the adjustable drawstring comes to the rescue.


These are a good deal from ASICS for an upper middle range quality pair of running shorts. Investing in these shorts gives you comfort, durability, flexibility and nice value for money


This is a style you either like or don't feel so keen on. However, in terms of functionality they are good. If you use them for running you won't be disappointed.
  • Comes in a variety of colors

  • Allows for a greater range of motion

  • Lightweight, comfortable material

  • Some runners said the shorts run small.

6. ASICS 2-N-1 Woven

If you are looking for light compression and breathability, then check out the ASICS 2-N-1 Woven shorts. Both men’s and women’s version have snug liners with a loose second layer, providing comfort and airflow.
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Lets take a step up from upper middle basic to a pair of shorts with extra functionality. Material which gives breath-ability is always comfortable in all types of weather. These shorts give healthy comfort inducing breath-ability despite having a loose but body hugging inner liner backed up with a loosely fitted second outer liner.

The design allows maximum acceptable airflow which is another comfort and drying out factor. The light compression qualities are outstanding and will be appreciated by all runners.

Once again we have dobby fabric allowing flexibility for four way stretch in every direction and the wick factor is known to be excellent.

Guys you get a seam free boxer liner inclusive with gusset and ladies you get a designed in boyshort feature for full coverage.

Anti-static qualities are built into the fabric and when you go shopping chose materials with these qualities to avoid those shocks that we sometimes get with synthetic materials.

The additional good news is that these shorts are fitted with a secure pocket, so pop in your ID and key and they are secure. For those that like variety of colors, you get a good range of choice along with a reflective brand logo.


You pay more for more functionality and these shorts are a sound investment. Not to pricey but not down at the low cost level.

The review has given you the specifics, the durable comfortable qualities of these shorts do speak volumes and if you buy them you wont regret it. They are functional quality.
  • Great for long distance running

  • Good, snug fit

  • Provides some light compression

  • Prevents chafing

  • The briefs/boyshort liners had a tendency to ride up on some runners.

5. ASICS Lite Show

You will definitely be seen in the Lite Show shorts. These comfortable shorts are not only functional and stylish, but are ultra reflective, keeping you safe while running in the dark.
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ASICS Lite Show


Packed with the quality features which make us look twice at these shorts. If you want comfort you get it with these.

All the expected features of a higher market product, good air flow, fit, adjustable, nice wick qualities, durable material.

And More:

The Lite Show features ASICS’ signature 360-degree reflective, an all over reflective pattern designed to keep you safe on your night runs. This is another short that features the four-way woven fabric, which keeps the shorts lightweight and comfortable.

Both men’s and women’s version have side split vents to keep you cool. The men’s version has a 7” inseam while the women’s is a 3” inseam.

The Lite Show features ASICS’ signature 360-degree reflectivity, an all over reflective pattern designed to keep you safe on your night runs. This is another short that features the four-way woven fabric, which keeps the shorts lightweight and comfortable.

Both men’s and women’s version have side split vents to keep you cool. The men’s version has a 7” inseam while the women’s is a 3” inseam.


These shorts run about the same as all other ASICS’ shorts: in the moderate to high price range.


Excellent value for money. The reflection feature designed into the shorts make perfect for night running. they meet the quality features requirement expected from runners.

  • Highly reflective with ASICS’ signature 360-degree reflectivity pattern

  • Comfortable four-way woven fabric

  • Variety of colors to choose from

  • Some had issues with sizing.


Classic running shorts are the best for you? Well, then you need to have a look at the Fuzex. They’re very comfortable and made form high quality material so you can wear it for a long time.
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100 % polyester is the big advantage of this product, especially because of moisture wicking capability. Even during rain, your shorts won’t become very heavy. Like in many other ASICS models, there’s waistband with drawcord to make it easier to adjust it to your needs. If you don’t like shorts with only one pocket, these shorts have two. The mesh inset panels provide more air flow to your skin and there’s a boost of ventilation. They’re available in two colors. Fuzex will be great not only for normal running but also when you want to increase your speed.

The price is a little bit higher here because it’s more than 40 dollars for a pair. All in all, this is a good price for breathable and comfortable running shorts. You can also try to look for them on sale.

If you want high quality but more traditional running shorts, these will be perfect.

High quality

They’re very lightweight



You may have problem with choosing the right size

ASICS Pocketed 3.5" Shorts

The ASICS Pocketed 3.5” Shorts are excellent for the runner looking for convenience. Pockets can useful to any runner, for keeping your phone or keys close on hand or having that extra bit of energy or hydration tucked away during a big race.
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The Pocketed 3.5” are constructed from 100% lightweight breathable polyester allowing its wearer to keep cool and mobile. The elasticity and quality of the materials also allows you to have your full range of motion with each stride. Unrestricted motion is one of the best qualities to have in running shorts.

The Pocketed 3.5” also wash well, which is a major plus for athletic gear. A lot of athletic clothes aren’t designed properly for cleaning so sweat and bacteria can build up. That is why finding clothes that wash well is important for runners. These shorts also dry quickly, which is a benefit both when washing as well as running during wet weather.

The ASICS Pocketed 3.5” has a liner that provides support and comfort. Some wearers have issue with the liner being visible, since it can be an unflattering look. These shorts may lose some of their appeal if you are concerned with this aspect of their design.

The ASICS Pocketed 3.5” are very affordable shorts for the quality of product you receive. They are slightly cheaper than your average ASICS shorts while still providing the high quality of product you can expect from this brand.

The Pocketed 3.5” have a lot of strong qualities that runners should look for, but add pockets on top of all that and you have a great pair of reliable running shorts.
The cost
For less than 50 dollars you can have it. Good price point for the quality.

Breathable shorts for not very athletic build, good wicking of the moisture and reasonable pricing are the main features. Worth to give them a chance.
  • Lightweight materials


  • Affordable


  • Has convenient pockets


  • Wash well


  • Allows for high mobility


  • Good quality


  • Breathable


  • Lined for support and comfort

  • Liner can sometimes be seen through shorts

3. ASICS Break Through 1/2 Split Short

The ASICS Break Through ½ Split shorts are an excellent example of the quality that ASICS puts into all of their shorts. These comfortable and versatile shorts can suit a wide variety of activities, making it perfect for both your running and any cross training you could want to do.
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The Break Through ½ Split Shorts are very comfortable, many wearers talking about just how nice it feels to wear them.

ASICS’ Break Through also feature top notch moisture management that keeps the wearer dry. Sweat prevention is an excellent long term and short term feature for athletic clothing, since it not only keeps you comfortable but also prevents skin infections caused by build up. One small comment on the Break Through’s ability to keep it’s wearer dry; the liner is less able to wick sweat than the outer layer of the shorts.

The ASICS Break Through are bound with an elastic waist band than lends to its maneuverability and range of motion.

These shorts are constructed of 100% polyester.

The ASICS Break Through ½ Split Shorts are fairly priced, not too expensive and in line with the cost of most other shorts ASICS has to offer.

These shorts are a great choice from the ASICS line of runner wear, combining mobility and sweat management. Cool and comfortable are the best things you can ask for in athletic shorts and the Break Through is exceptional in both regards.
  • Wicks away sweat
  • Allows for freedom of movement
  • Comfortable 
  • No transparency 
  • Lining doesn't wick sweat as well as the outer layer.

2. ASICS Woven 7” (Men’s)

If you are looking for not so short shorts, check out these 7” woven shorts for men. These popular but asics mens running shorts are great not only for running but other sports as well. The ASICS Woven are a functional, multisport short with more coverage than some of the others.
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ASICS Woven 7” (Men’s)

The  wear and comfort factor from these shorts is outstanding, they allow body movement no matter which type of environment you chose to run in, the loose fitting design clearly emphasizes freedom of movement. For reflection a discrete fitted logo is enough for car drivers or cyclists to see you.

Loose fitting they provide excellent air-flow  so that your skin is not prone to over sweating and you will be free from this type of potential source of skin irritation. This loose fitting style enables a high level of air flow  which is great for preventing moisture build up from sweat and it can be suggested that this feature enhances evaporation faster.

For wick factor the designed in brief liner works great and has well performing anti odor properties.

Take a look at these features, these are worth remembering when your ready to purchase a good quality pair of running shorts.

Polyester fabric, this means that if these shorts get wet from rain they are going to dry out very quickly.

A quick-drying fabricated elasticated waist band with a securely fitted internal - draw-cord, will not allow the shorts to slip and are easy to adjust, even while running.

The secure pocket with strong zip is positioned at the back of the shorts and lets you carry your ID-Card and those important keys.

Very eye appealing stylish Inseam set at  7"


The price is very buyer friendly, you will get very good value for money.


A good pair of shorts, you get great features, durability, comfort and style at a very nice price.
  • Super soft, light fabric

  • Reasonable price

  • Great minimalist shorts

  • No additional pockets.

4. ASICS Everysport (Women’s)

If you are looking for some durable shorts, look no further than the Asics Everysport Shorts for women. Not only are they functional, but they also come in a variety of colors.
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If you want style these shorts give it, you will look good and feel good.

These fantastically stylish sporty shorts present themselves with a 3”- inseam and a wide knit waistband which incorporates ASICS’ 4-way microfiber stretch fabric, chafe-free engineering in a pair of running shorts and super wick factor.

Reflective properties are designed into the auto lock zipper pocket which is set at the back of the shorts. No problem if you want to bring your ID card and home key, they are safely secure in this pocket.

To top of innovative design an anti odor lining which radiates comfort while preventing sweat build up which can result in irritations.

ASICS are skilled at incorporating  features to enhance reliable durability, top quality and superb we see this again and again in their range of shorts and these are no exception.

I like the anti static qualities designed into these short, nobody wants a pair of statically charged shorts hugging to them and waiting to give them a shock when touching something metal.

The split design is stylish and of course a functional feature, the air flow for the shorts is really nice and these shorts are offered in various appealing colors.

Not cheap but well worth the investment, they are not too expensive especially when you take into account the features and the durability of the shorts.


Specially designed for the lady runner, these shorts have style, comfort and bags of top class functionality.
  • Great fit

  • Comfortable microfiber woven stretch material

  • They don’t ride up when running.

  • Some runners felt they needed to go up a size in order to get a better fit.

ASICS is a well-known company known for their quality shoes and apparel for runners and athletes of all levels. The company name ASICS stands for anima sana in corpore sano which is Latin for “a healthy soul in a healthy body”. They keep that in mind when they are making their products. So when considering a new pair of long-running shorts, take a look at ASICS. You are sure to find a pair you love.


Our criteria for Evaluating the  10  Best ASICS Running shorts


Our criteria were narrow but very focused. We looked at and compared many features because shorts are designed for different purposes, including running shorts.

A short local quick run means wearing a pair of shorts which do not need so many innovate features, you simply put them on and go for a quick run.

For running in the wet weather we looked at the wicking factor for the shorts to see if the material would retain water and become heavy and uncomfortable.

For running in hot dry conditions we looked at any features which offered sweat wick factor and moist protection capabilities.

We looked at how durable and comfortable are the materials and do they have multiple stretch capabilities while still retaining comfort for the wearer.

It is important to examine the material construction of shorts if they are made from very basic materials the chances for causing the body to sweat, retain water. produce odors and cause skin irritation are greatly increased. The better the materials-fabrics the better the comfort and protection of the runner.

We looked at comfort and fit, do the shorts fit snugly and securely around the waist, can the short be adjusted to fit more securely as and when we required.

Can the runner carry small items such as an ID card and keys and can these items be carried securely?

How good is the airflow for ventilation in the shorts as restricted air flow can lead to more sweat, discomfort and skin irritation?

We looked at shorts that can be used for higher endurance running, what can be carried in the shorts pockets such as needed nutrition. How protective are the shorts in a more unpredictable and challenging environment?

We looked closely at stylish fashion because shorts are functional for sports activities but they are also fashion accessories so well designed shorts need to take this criterion into consideration. We even compared which shorts offer the best stylish cuts and colors.


We looked at and compared prices because price tends to reflect features and quality. It is often the case that if you pay little then you get less quality. If you pay more you get more quality, more features and more durability combined with comfort.


Other Things To Think About

Negative and positive charges become imbalanced

Pick up a balloon, rub it against your nylon based clothing and then put it against a wall, it will stick to the wall. Wear a hat with nylon materials in it on a hot day, when you take off the hat, hold it above your head and your hair will stand up.

Wear nylon based socks, run your feet on the carpet and then pet your dog and see him yelp as both of you get a little static shock

These actions create friction and energy, you create negative and positive charges which cling to your body in the form of electricity, when you touch another object you transfer the energy and you feel the static shock.

This only happens with certain materials, these materials when rubbed can create friction and the energy results in the form of electrons which stick to you, therefore your body is now carrying surplus electrons and is waiting for a surface with fewer electrons so that it can transfer to that surface. The other surface should be earthed to the ground so another person, your pet, or a metal fence are all ways for you to release the surplus electrons. If you touch a metal object connected to the ground you alone will feel the shock if you touch another person you both feel the shock.

Imagine going for a long run in a pair of pure nylon shorts, your skin is constantly rubbing against the material and you can build up a lot of static on your body and it is waiting to be discharged, you will feel the nylon shorts clinging to your body. The moment you touch another person they get a huge surprise in the form of a wicked little static shock

Now we know why the people who design shorts keep telling us that the shorts have good features such as anti-static qualities.



Q; Can sweating while running cause any skin problems?

A: Fungal infections, bacterial infections, and rashes are all problems that can develop as the result of excessive sweat build up. That is why showering and post work out care is so important. As well as attentiveness to the state of your body. It may also be wise to consider running clothes made from antibacterial fabrics to minimize the chance of skin problems.

Q: Should I bring hydration along for short runs?

A: Distance is an important factor when considering hydration. If its a short run and you are well hydrated beforehand you may be able to get away with leaving your drink at home. Don’t forget to consider the weather though. Extremely hot days will dehydrate you faster, and you may not be able to go as far as you thought. With your health to consider, it is always best to err on the side of caution.

Q: Are nylon shorts okay for running?

A: Nylon, while being a water repellent, isn’t a well ventilated material. It can make you really sweat. So if the shorts are a nylon blend, then its probably okay. If not, then we would recommend looking elsewhere.

Q; Can we skip shorts and just go running in a pair of jeans?

A: You could, but if you have the option otherwise you probably shouldn’t. Running shorts are specifically designed to properly ventilate you and pull sweat from the body. Running in jeans can possibly cause drastic problems, overheating, dehydration, and even skin infections. Not to mention all that chaffing. We do not advise any running in clothing that isn’t meant for it.

Q: Why do we get static electricity in our running clothes?

A: Unless they are specially designed to be anti-static, any material that undergoes constant friction, either with itself or something else, will build up static electricity. If you have persistent issues, consider looking into anti-static athletic wear.

Q: Can elasticated waistbands cause problems with blood circulation?

A: If the elastic waistband in your shorts is tight enough that you are concerned about circulation, then you probably need to buy a larger size of shorts. Elastic waistbands should fit snugly, but with enough room for full range of motion and comfort.

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