10 Best Patagonia Hats Tested


Patagonia is a well-known name in the outdoor gear world. This brand makes some of the best gear for climbers, hikers, and trail runners. Patagonia hats specifically are also ideal for outdoor runners who need to shield themselves from the heat and sun during their outdoor runs.

Patagonia is known for their quality and durability. Regardless of the season, this brand’s  head gear is essential for all outdoor runners.

Last Updated: May 6, 2018
By Giselle Killebrew:

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P-6 Logo Trucker Snapback
  • P-6 Logo Trucker Snapback
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable
  • Price: See Here
P6 Trucker Hat
  • P6 Trucker Hat
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Trendy
  • Price: See Here
Shelled Synch Duckbill Cap
  • Shelled Synch Duckbill Cap
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Warm
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Patagonia Hats


1. P-6 Logo Trucker Snapback

If you’re looking for a Patagonia hat that features the class Patagonia logo, along with multiple other great features, then this is the hat for you.
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The P-6 Trucker Snapback is made with the finest organic cotton material, specifically on the hat’s crown, bill and headband. This allows for a superior feel while you’re wearing this hat, and one that will not be irritating to the scalp in anyway.

The back of this hat features an adjustable snap closure, which allows you to fit this hat to your own unique head size. This provides you with a fitted and customized hat size that truly has your head’s shape in mind.

This hat is a classic within the Patagonia brand. For this reason, this hat is relatively expensive.
  • Most people seem to agree that this hat is made with high quality materials
  • This hat is known for being perfect for outdoor excursions and hiking
  • The color of this hat is maintained even after frequent wear


  • A few reviews claim that this hat is too big for a “normal” person’s head size
  • The sides of the hat can sometimes rub against the ears, causing a bit of discomfort
  • The color choices for this hat may be slightly darker than what the picture portrays


2. P6 Trucker Hat

Similar to the previous hat on this list, this hat is perfect for anyone with an average head size who is looking for quality headwear.
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This hat features a high-crown towards the top of the hat, providing plenty of room for the head along with that classic “trucker” style look.

The classic Patagonia logo for this hat is embroidered into it, so you know that there’s no risk of it falling off or deteriorating after only a short period of time.

This hat is moderately priced and should be affordable for most hat enthusiasts


  • Fits well
  • Affordably priced
  • A small number of consumers claim that the stitching on this hat is not centered
  • A small number of consumers also claim that the bill of this hat is not centered


3. P-6 LoPro Trucker Hat

If you’re looking for a hat that has the style of a trucker hat but wears like a baseball cap, the Lo-Pro Trucker hat is a perfect choice.
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Unlike a traditional trucker hat, this hat has a lower crown, which allows for an overall snugger fit when worn.

Another great feature of this hat is that it is made in the six-panel style. The six-paneled look is a wildly popular design for trucker hats, and this stylistic choice reinforces the hybrid design of this particular hat.

Depending on the style that you choose, this hat could either be considered moderately priced or incredibly expensive.
  • This is truly a perfect hat for people with smaller heads
  • People generally enjoy the hybrid style that this hat features
  • Some consumers believe that this is the best hat they’ve ever purchased


  • The bill and the hat’s dome are slightly different shades, which is not entirely clear from a photo
  • May still be a bit too large for a woman’s head
  • The bill of this hat makes it slightly difficult to wear sunglasses with it


4. Climb a Mountain Trucker Hat

If you’re looking for a unique trucker hat that allies itself with the Patagonia brand and also supports an individual artist located in Austin, Texas then there’s no doubt that the Climb a Mountain Trucker Hat would be a perfect fit for you.
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The logo for this particular hat features a mountain range underneath of the Patagonia brand name, and was designed by an artist named Ryan Rhodes. Rhodes resides in Austin, Texas and also works for an artistic graphic design company called LAND.

The back rear of this hat is made with a breathable polyester mesh, so it will take a lot for your head to get sweaty while wearing it.

This hat is not too pricey and should be affordable for most people who are looking to purchase a quality hat.
  • Keeps the sun out of your eyes effectively due to its large brim
  • Good quality for the price that you’re paying
  • Consumers say that this hat is lightweight


  • Some users believe that this hat could have been priced at a better value
  • A few believe that the quality of this hat could be improved
  • May not be a good hat for people with smaller heads

5. Fitz Roy Bison Trucker Hat

The Fitz Roy Bison trucker is able to provide a unique style that still stays true to all of the integral aspects of the Patagonia hat line.
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This hat features an embroidered bison, and there is no “Patagonia” lettering on this particular model. Instead, the bison has been filled in with the classic Patagonia logo, and is supposed to represent adventurous freedom.

This hat only weighs .2 pounds, which means that it won’t be burdensome for your head during a run or any other type of activity.

This hat is priced right in the middle of being too expensive and being a bargain.
  • Larger size
  • Users love the bison patch
  • The bill of this hat is too large for some consumers

Some would prefer if this hat was offered in a low crown fit

A few users say that the size differs, depending on what color you purchase


6. Pointed West Trucker Hat

The Pointed West Trucker Hat offers a style that is a modern take on the classic Patagonia logo.
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Similar to Patagonia’s Climb a Mountain Trucker Hat, this logo for this hat was created by a born and raised California freelance artist by the name of Matthew Cater.

This hat features a mid-crown design for a smaller head, and this differs from many of the other hats on this list which feature high-crown or low-crown specifications.

This hat tends to be on the more expensive side than others that are on this list.
  • Users like this color combinations
  • Great for teens or young adults
  • The color of the hat online may appear differently in person
  • This hat only runs in one size, so finding a perfect fit may prove difficult



7. Wind Shield Beanie

If you’re not looking for a trucker hat and are instead interested in a hat that will be of practical use for the outdoors, you should check out Patagonia’s Windshield Beanie.
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This particular hat is made with a patented Power Grid fabric. This means that the material of this hat is extremely lightweight, breathable and efficient.

The Power Grid technology is lightweight, yet is able to provide warmth at the same time. Another feature of the Power Grid technology is compressibility, which helps to keep the ears and sides of the head warm while this hat is being worn.

In comparison to some of the other hats on this list, this hat is affordable and offers great technology for the price that you’re paying
  • Durable
  • High tech design
  • Great for windy days
  • Could be more stylish
  • The brim of this hat could be longer, to offer more shade

Even in its largest size, some consumers claim that this hat is too tight


8. Fitz Roy Crest

With the art on this hat being designed by yet another artist with ties to California, the Fitz Roy Crest hat offers style, substance, and efficiency
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The interior of this hat has been designed with a fabric known as COOLMAX, which serves as a moisture repellent.

Due to the protective elements of this hat, it’s perfect for either a casual day of wear or a day that demands more adventurous and durable materials

This is an average price for a Patagonia hat.
  • Snug fit
  • Comfortable
  • Quality construction


  • Heavy
  • Users state it blows off of head easily on windy days

9. Shelled Synch Duckbill Cap

Similar to the Wind Shield Beanie, the Patagonia Shelled Synch Duckbill Cap offers a protective and efficient wear that’s truly one of a kind.
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The entirety of this cap is made with a material known as DWR. DWR stands for Durable Water Repellent. Unlike the Water Shield Beanie, which features a water repellent interior, this cap offers water protection on the exterior of the cap to ensure that water does not penetrate the inside.
The brim of this hat is of the duckbill variety, which means that water is able to easily slide off of this cap in a similar way that a gutter is able to drain a roof. This feature, in combination to the DWR material, provides added enforcement to the hat’s already dry nature.
This hat is cheaper than many of the other hats that have been featured on this list. If you know that you are going to need a hat that’s been made for the elements, this is one that you should strongly consider.
  • Fleece lining
  • Water resistant

Only for cold weather

10. Shop Sticker Patch LoPro Trucker

A trucker hat that promises to offer a snug fit, Patagonia’s Shop Sticker Patch LoPro Trucker Hat offers a fitted, comfortable, and customized feel when it’s on your head. The classic design of this hat, enhanced by its unique embroidery will allow you to feel distinct yet rooted in the Patagonia brand.
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Fit and Closure
This hat is Lo-Profile, meaning that it will be lower to the head than would a traditional trucker hat. It also features snap-closures towards the hat’s rear. Both of these features cause the hat to feel like it’s more of a customized fit, than would a traditional Patagonia trucker hat.

This hat’s logo features the original Patagonia artwork that started the brand off from the jump. When you wear this hat, you’ll know that it’s rooted in true Patagonia tradition.

This hat is affordable for almost any budget.


  • Trucker hat style
  • Comfortable fit
  • Low price
  • Heavy
  • Stiffer than expected by users

This list has sought out the ten best Patagonia hats for your consideration. All of these hats will be able to offer you quality and consistency, while also integrating you into the legacy that is the Patagonia brand.

Criteria Used To Pick The Best Patagonia Hats.

Patagonia hats give you fashion while making you comfortable in them,we can all agree that fashion rules our world at this point and era,we wake up to different styles and catching up can be a bit difficult and Patagonia give you just that ,the feel of having something new and change is in them and this alone is not enough as it gives you the confidence feel of having them on,the best part is that you can have them on even when running walking,cycling as they help prevent sun and direct light from interfering with your daily routine,they go steps further into making sure you stand out while having them on,they come in different colors that you can be intrigued with to the point of having them on at any time even when going to the mall.with this in mind we decided to carry out a research about the hats as they are trending and growing fast into the fashion world.we would like to save you the hassle of having to dig in the vast market just to come up with what you want that is why we have the list of the best 10 that met all the criteria and suited to be the best there was out there.below we have managed to list some for your guidelines as you go to get one or more of your own,our advise do not be left alone.join the bandwagon on Patagonia and enjoy the ride.


Comfort is one of the most basic factors that one ought to consider before going for any clothing or shoes,because just like any other factors that will determine a lot that you as an athlete or as a person will go through in case the opposite is met,for starters no one would love to be uncomfortable as this brings about a lot  of negativity in achieving anything in life generally.Patagonia hats need to be comfortable while you have it one and this can only be achieved if the hat fits perfectly,no tight zones on the head and around the head as this might result to hair loss around the tight regions.Having a hat that gives the ultimate comfort can be tricky hence you need to know the best size of your hat and also ensure that you get a great fitting when in the stores as this might influence a phenomenal decision.avoid buying such things online as they might disappoint you terribly.

How it Fits

Fitting of any wearable can be as hard as anything else you can imagine. When faced with a difficult situation of deciding to get a great fit imagine your head in a small hat that makes you feel like you are really suffocating and you have no choice but to have it on since it is the only one you have,well you can escape such a problem by having to fit it first in a store or avoiding online buying of something like a hat or better know you head size as this will help make the decision easy and fast,never settled for a hat that you are told will be okay if you keep on wearing it,what if that is not the case and you have to buy another one?Also ensure that the hat can easily be adjusted as this also brings the aspect of a great fit when it is on.


When style and fashion meet you on the way just put on your Patagonia hat and show the two that not only are you in style but you know how to rock it better,That is all that matters for sure having to see yourself stand out in a crowd and not just that but also having to tell that you are in the current world of trends.Getting the right color and the right size plus the best quality results to a perfect style,ensure they go well with your clothing of the day you have it on.Patagonia hats bring style and comfort on the table and this only means when having it on the style should be seen,make sure you get it right to avoid being left out.The are a good source of protecting against excess light and heat as they strive to make you feel wanted as you do your daily routine while having them on,ensure they are adjustable as this will result to the fit that results to the great look.


The material that makes the hat should be one that can keep away excess moisture to avoid sweat from dripping all over you when working out or just walking around.Having to  put on a hat can be an extra burden if you get the wrong material as this can mean that you get to be uncomfortable and worse doing your worst as you might be having distractions,To avoid all the drama you need to get the right fabric that will make you comfortable and confident even when faced with a series of test.Patagonia makes you feel like flying as not only do you draw attention but you maintain focus while having it on, with this hat you do not have to seek attention it just comes to you.Also the hat needs to have a material that can dry very fast once it is wet and needs to be well adjustable as this will ensure that great fit you are looking for in a hat.


Going to buy any product means it has a role to play in your daily activities none of us can go shopping just for the sake of having it and not using it. Make sure when going to buy the Patagonia hat the clear function of it is defined and you know exactly why you need it,Getting the hat is to prevent excess heat and sun that can cause cancer or worse skin diseases knowning this will make buying more easy and not just that it will make you feel more attached to getting the right and best that is out there having to get one that offers more than just the looks will be a great deal,well you not only need to focus on the style as this can lead to a hat that is function less and this is the primal reason as to why you need to hats,ensure that you get one that can protect you from the ultra violent rays and ensure that by doing so the hat will have the best fabric that you require and more to it should be the fact that is will make you feel comfortable and great in it.Protecting excess sunlight,heat and sweat from pouring down will help you a lot too.


Other Important Factors Worth Thinking About

Getting the right hat can be a difficult task and we try our best to ensure you get what you are looking for based on certain factors and that is how we are able to arrive to the list of best 10.We also relate to the difficult of going to the market and how difficult it can be to go out looking without any factor to put in place that can make the search just a little easy.Patagonia hats are in style and that makes it one of the most targeted accessories that there is out there and by having to buy them you stand a chance of being confused if there is no guidelines that will help with all the choosing and selection,we strive to make things easy by providing what is in the ,market for you to have a clue of what to expect,we out down some of the factors that cannot be ignored and also go ahead to put other factors that we think are crucial too,we have listed them below for your consideration too.


Without mentioning cost we will be omitting a factor that influences all the other factors,for you to get the best quality the price matters,for you to go out shopping for the hat cost must be in your mind,especially if you want to work on a tight budget and save,you will need to be influenced by the great  decision of cost. ensure that you never become a victim of this factor as sometimes we tend to get blinded by how much a product is then we make a decision based on that instead of considering the fact that we need to get a good product in terms of other things,the cost needs to be relatable to the material or fabric that you get at the end.


This comes with quality since the better  the quality the more durable it will be and more to it is that the better it will look on you,getting the right Patagonia hat will make sure it serves you right by doing so you need to know that fabric that you want to buy must be durable enough to prevent you from making trips to the store and not just that this will make you feel very uncomfortable as it will be of poor quality ,they all related to cost as well as it is known that the more pricey a product is the better results we are more likely to get from it.Having to get the best hat will help you in your daily workout.Not all the time the cost is related to the product quality and durability but in most cases that is what happens,ensure you get the right quality if you relate it to the cost but before that work with the quality first then the price will follow.



Getting you the list and factors is not all ,we try to ,make you familiar with the commonly asked questions that we feel are  a step closer in getting the right information home.We analyse and get to the source of all the information check reviews and go to the questions that we believe every one who is going to buy or who has bought the hats for the first time will want to know,below are some of the questions we saw are likely to be on you mind too.

Q: How should the Patagonia hat fit?

A:The fitting depends on your head shape and also how you want the perfect fit to feel but ensure that you get a hat that can be adjusted to the fit you want as this will ensure that you get what you need anytime you need it free or a snug fit,keep away from a tight hat as this makes your head ache and pain or worse.having a headache when running or just walking or doing anything can make one feel very irritated and uncomfortable too.

Q: How Can I wash my Patagonia hat?

A:Washing hats is difficult not as easy as some of the clothes that can be put on a washing machine and wait for them to get clean or used a brush on them,washing hats is not that easy and apart from that you need to know that in case you are using hands to wash them do not use a string detergent or hard brush to scrub them with but instead use something that is soft to the fabric but at the same ensuring that dirt is removed.Make sure that you read the washing instructions too.

Q: Where Can I Buy a Patagonia hat?

A:First of all avoid buying Products from online stores unless you are more than certain that they will be exactly what you are looking for.Make sure that you get them from stores that you can trace in case you need to return the hat or in case you will need to try it on to get the great fit you are looking for.

Q: Are These Hats Expensive?

A: This depends but since they are stylish and often related to class they can be slightly expensive compared to some of the hats but all the same they are worth every penny out in them,they come with comfort and confidence that as an athlete you will require.

Q: Which Material Is best for a Patagonia hat?

A:Make sure you get a material that will be good in moisture wicking and can dry faster too,this means that you need to avoid materials that will soak in sweat and make you dump as this might result in a strong odor coming from your hat after long hours of working out.Makes sure that you are able to get the right material for the hat to be on the safe side.


List Of sources Used.

These are some of the sources that were used in the process of gathering enough information to explain why the Patagonia hats listed are the best,we always strive to make sure that you know exactly how we end up with out list apart from that we would like you to know more about the product directly from the source as it has been explained in depth and we believe by doing so you can get answers that we might have not covered even though we try to get all covered. our sources are gotten from all over we turn all stones cross all bridges to get you the right information from different blogs,articles and  even guides.Below are some of the ones we used.



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