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5 Reasons to do the Haspa Marathon Hamburg

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Hamburg, the second biggest German city with 1.8 million residents, is a beautiful northern port City in Germany along the River Elbe which connects to the North Sea. Having the most bridges over canals in Europe, Hamburg surpasses its competitors in both Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Venice, Italy combined. Besides being a city which mixes effortlessly both old history and new architecture, this famously known university city provides culture, entertainment, and cuisine varying in diversity for all to enjoy, including hosting a world-class marathon weekend on one of the last few weekends in April. The 35th annual Haspa Marathon Hamburg registration has just opened for 2020 for the half marathon, marathon relay or full marathon options and we have 5 reasons why you should consider running this famous city.

Hamburg, Germany

1. A Great Destination Run:

Whether you are looking for a destination place to visit or a great running course, Hamburg provides both. While visiting the city you should be sure to take time to visit its maritime history, architecture and museums, Planten und Blomen park, Outer Alster lake and take a boat tour on the River Elbe, then eat some fantastic locally sourced seafood cuisine and go out on the town and experience their wild nightlife in St. Pauli, Reeperbahn & Schanzenviertal sections of town.

Hamburg , Germany

2. Spring Vibes:

Hamburg, Germany has ideal racing weather temperatures in the springtime and particularly in April. With temperatures averaging 55 F/ 13 C and an average of 8 rainy days, your chances to have a cool race day fare pretty well. A spring race will also help you to stay motivated during the winter months. Ideally, a late April race will get your training program starting just around the new year, the perfect way to begin another year!

3. An Alternative to the London Marathon:

A possibly overshadowed race but also an equally strong alternative to the London Marathon, the Hamburg Marathon is held near or often on the same day as the Abbott World Marathon Major Virgin Money London Marathon. Most of us are aware of the difficulties on obtaining a guaranteed entry into the London Marathon as it is an incredibly hard lottery race to enter with a 13% chance of success. In comparison, the Hamburg Marathon, an equally great and large race, is an open registration and is a sure fire way to get your spring marathon fix. But be sure to not wait too long to register because for those who don’t procrastinate, they receive a steep entry discount that is offered to the first 1,000 registered and then goes up in price after every 3,000-4,000 people following, until the participation limit of 16,000 people has been reached. If you are not feeling the full distance, there are additional options of the half marathon with a similar discount option up to just under 4,000 participants or the marathon relay of up to 1,500 teams.

4. Super Support:

Despite the weather, spectators are in abundance and will cheerfully line the Hamburg streets to hoot, howl and encourage you on your way to complete the 42 kilometers looped course. Running your way from the city center to the sexy district of Reeperbahn to tree lined quaint neighborhoods, next to the boat filled harbor, in and out of tunnels, over many bridges and around the lakes and parks, you will be sure to see a bit of everything on the gently rolling hill course. Whether you need an extra boost or a few extra high fives, you will never feel alone as you will be cheered on by the thousands of residents, an enthusiastic cheer zone from sponsors like 361 degrees and Saysky, to your own family and friends or those of other supporters and even tourists, will be sure to give you the encouragement and added energy you might need to see your way through to the final miles.

5. Run the Same Course as One of the Most Famous Elite Runners:

You can run the same streets in Hamburg as elite runner Eliud Kipchoge, you know that guy who has set the world record marathon time at the Berlin Marathon last year in September with a time of 2:01:39, crushing the original record by 1 minute and 18 seconds, and successfully has won 12 of 13 marathons he has participated in including the recent London Marathon. Well, can you take a guess where his Marathon debut occurred? That’s right, Kipchoge began his marathon career at the IAAF Gold Label Road Race 2013 Hamburg Marathon and winning it with an incredible time of 2:05:30. If that doesn’t give you motivation, I’m not sure what will!

Besides being a cool, youthful city that is built on a long history, Hamburg is a city that provides a fantastic cultural experience and hosts an impressive marathon weekend. If you are someone who like to run, shop, stroll, eat, or party, Hamburg has a bit of everything to keep everyone from the young to the old happy.



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