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A Review of Brooks Go-To Tight

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It’s that time of year when I’m not ready to wear shorts or even capris, and being that most of my runs are in the early (cold) morning, tights are still my go-to option.   I prefer tights even as the weather gets slightly warmer because I like the support and that little hug to my legs.

Brooks sent me a pair of their Go-To tights and I was more than happy to try them out. But did they become my “go-to” or was I going to go get something else? Read on to find out.


This pair of tights features Brooks’ DriLayer® fabric. The blend is 87% polyester and 13% spandex.   This particular blend is called Brooks’ DryLayer® Horsepower. (I do love the names for their particular material blends. You can find a complete list of their different types of DryLayer® fabrics here. I highly recommend you check it out.)

The fabric did a great job keeping me cool and dry, without holding onto any excess moisture. I have had my fair share of running tights, and finding a pair of tights with a good tight (but not too tight) fit that allows for comfortable natural movement can be difficult.  The fabric of the Go-To tight had a nice stretch and allowed for natural movement.  It wasn’t compressive, but it gave my legs a lightly little squeeze, something I definitely look for in a good pair of tights.


You can’t go wrong with classic black.   However, it also comes in more “daring” colors as well such as a dark pink and blue. As far as the design is concerned, I love the look of the wide waistband. Not only is it comfortable, I think it adds to the overall look. The flat seams also add to the sleek design.  This overall minimalistic design makes for a sharp pair of tights.  However, the peekaboo color of neon yellow in both the storage pockets as well as the drawstring cord are a nice little touch and fun surprise for the wearer, even if no one else will see them.


The fabric itself is super comfortable. It’s smooth and moisture wicking, keeping you cool, dry and comfy on a run.  When I first held them though, I thought they might be to compressive., and was happily surprised to find they were not.  Compression gear serves its purpose, but for most of my runs, I’m not looking to wear compression tights.  The Go-To tights were fitted and stayed in place during my run, but I certainly was able to get them on comfortably (no wiggle dance needed).

I love the wide waistband and purposely seek out a pair of tights with a wide waistband.  It my experience it is more comfortable and there is no awkward rolling.  This was true with these tights as well.  The tights sat on my hips and stayed. No adjusting needed. The flat seams were comfortable and ensured no chafing issues would arise (At least in those areas.)

The only issue I personally may run into in the future if I wear these tights during long runs is the drawstring cord. I am not a huge fan of cords on my pants because from previous experience, it has been a source of irritation/chafing on my stomach. The drawstring cord is flat (and yes, it’s cute – a neon yellow with “Run Happy” written on it), but it will be a problem on longer runs. Time will tell, but I will probably have to reserve these pants for runs under 6 miles.


These tights are semi-fitted, meaning they are not super tight. Just a sweet little hug to the legs. They also are midrise, and sat nicely just above my hips, which I find to be my favorite fit for running.

As far as sizing goes, it runs true to size. I normally wear a size medium and they fit me perfectly. I am 5’8” and the length/inseam was perfect. However, I could see for taller ladies this may be more of a capri/crop, and for shorter ladies, this might be a tad too long. The material is flexible and forgiving, but with all clothes, I highly suggest you try before you buy.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were not one, but two deep wide pockets located on the back of the waistband. You can easily fit a couple of gels or a phone or credit card there. I appreciate that Brooks recognized that one pocket is usually not enough.  When I’m out for a run, I prefer not wearing some sort of belt for my stuff or carry my phone in my hand. Thank you, Brooks. The double storage is much appreciated.


These pants go for about $60, which I think is quite reasonable.   A good pair of tights can get quite expensive, some shooting past the $100 mark.  The price and the quality definitely make this a solid buy.

Key Features
  • DryLayer® technology
  • Flat drawstring cord
  • Flat seams
  • Two storage pockets
  • Lightweight
What I Didn’t Like

Overall, these were great tights, but as I stated before, the flat drawstring cord may pose a potential irritation issue for me which means I’ll be saving these tights for shorter runs.

Also worth mentioning, after the first wash, I “lost” the drawstring cord in the pants and had to fish it back to the hole which was rather annoying. I understand that the drawstring serves a purpose for customized fit, but if these tights had no drawstring, they would be darn near perfect.

Bottom Line

I had fun in these tights. I felt nimble, flexible and most importantly, comfortable.   The look is sleek and streamline and the fabric did its job well. But that drawstring cord… It definitely poses an annoyance factor for long runs. However for shorter runs, these tights will definitely be my “go-to.”