A Review of Brooks Pick-Up Tank Top

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Spring is here which means its time for tank tops. I much prefer running in a tank top than in a short sleeve shirt. So when the folks at Brooks sent me their Pick-Up tank top (formerly called the Go-To tank top) I was very excited to try it out.  I was well aware of Brooks quality shoes, but I must admit, I had never tried a piece of their clothing before. And if the tank top was anything like their shoes, I was in for a treat.

Though the weather wasn’t quite tank top weather, I was more than happy to try it out anyway and the results were as bright and happy as the tank top itself.


The material of the tank top is definitely the most important feature of a good tank top. Is it comfortable? Does it wick sweat? Does it chafe?

This tank top is definitely comfortable. The Pick-Up tank top features Brooks’ own four-way stretch DriLayer® material. The fabric blend is 84% polyester and 16% spandex. This particular combo is called Brooks’ DriLayer® Burst.  Besides wicking sweat, Brooks claims that this particular fabric is also odor resistant, and I agree.  There were no odors even after a hard workout. The fabric itself is not too thick nor does it feel cheap, flimsy, or too thin. It is very light though and stays very light regardless of how much you sweat.

The flat seams also add an additional element of comfort and help prevent any pesky chafing issues.  The top felt great against the skin, but more importantly, it kept me cool and dry on my run. Some material has a tendency to hold on to sweat, even though it wicks it away. The material did not do that and the top remained light and airy, even after a hard, sweaty run.

And if there is one thing I hate, it’s special care instructions! Thankfully, the folks at Brooks made this easy: machine wash cold, darks separate, tumble dry low.


One of my biggest problems with tank tops is fit. Most run way too short for my liking or end up hiking up too much during my run. I prefer my tank tops to be long (and remain long – no shrinkage please). I also don’t like anything skin tight or baggy.  To have all those specifications line up is a miracle and well with this tank top, I got a fitted, comfortable fit and it was long!

The armholes were also a good size, not small where they could end up potentially chafing my under arm area.   The scoop neck was low, comfortable and modest.

I normally wear a size large in most tops, and I did in this one as well. I’m 5’8”, with an average torso length and the fit was perfect. I could definitely see this tank top working on taller/long torso runners as well. However, the length may be a bit too long for shorter runners, so for all the shorter ladies out there, definitely try before you buy.


Simple and cute. There are no frills here. A simple racerback tank top with long, clean lines and the color was bright without being too flashy.  Even the Brooks logo is a mellow silver gray in the corner of the shirt.

My colors were the pink and dark blue stripes also called cobalt/petal, and honestly, I loved it. The combo was perfect. Brooks does a great job at providing both bright color options like the hot pink or the coral/gray striped combo as well as a more neutral color like the white, navy, or gray with black stripes. I was even intrigued by the black and gold sparkle top. (Perhaps a good choice for a New Year’s Eve run!) The large amount of color choices guarantees that there is a one for everyone.


As I said before, the DryLayer ® four way stretch fabric is super comfortable.   The material and the racerback design allow for a lot of breathability. But in my opinion, the biggest comfort factor here is the fit. The longer fit meant I spent no time adjusting my top (you know the old pull-down every mile routine). I was able to run without worrying about it and never had to adjust it once.

The only problem that I may run into in the future is that because of its slick material my hydration vest or other hydration pack may slip around.   That may just require a few extra adjustments on my vest or belt. However, I’m not too worried about it and overall, the comfort was right on.


You can find this tank top anywhere from $21-$42 online, depending on color and size. If you find this in your size and your desired color for $21, I highly suggest you grab it (and maybe a few extra). The name might have changed, but this definitely will be your “go-to” tank top. Between the quality material used and the design, this tank top is easily worth the higher price.

Key Features
  • Four-way stretch
  • DriLayer® fabric
  • Flat seams
  • Long, flattering fit
  • Comfortable!
  • Racerback design
What I Didn’t Like

Nothing. What’s not to love about it? The fit was perfect, the price is right on, and the color options are great. This is a high quality, comfortable tank top.

Bottom Line

I love this tank top. Like I mentioned, it’s hard to find a tank top that has everything – fit, comfort, length, breathability and style. And the price is definitely right too.  I will easily use this not only for running but for casual wear as well. With so many other color options to choose from, I’ll probably be snagging another one (or two) as well.