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A Review of Brooks Rush 9″ Shorts

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Brooks active wear is top notch in the industry. They carry just about any type of product a runner may need through their wide selection available in store and online. Any runner at any level will most likely have a positive experience with Brooks and mine was just that, a positive experience. Fortunately, I had the pleasure of testing a pair of the Brooks Rush 9″ shorts. My first impression of the shorts is summed up in two words: quality and comfort. As an avid runner, specifically running ultra distances, I look for running clothing and gear that will hold up from a company that stands by their product. Although I did not use these particular shorts for extremely long distances, I can say they achieved their overall goal: a causal stylish running short that’s lightweight and easy to wear. Brooks focuses on innovation which is certainly demonstrated through their gear and clothing. They don’t just sell a product.  They sell an idea, an idea that us runners can definitely count on. So how did the shorts perform? I took them on a number of runs and here’s my experience.


Immediately after putting the shorts on, I noticed how well they fit and also their causal nature was apparent. They sat right above my knee, which was a suitable fit especially for this particular style of running shorts. The shorts are considered to be “semi-fitted” and I’d say this description is right on the money. Suitable for a run before Sunday morning breakfast or a quick jog along the beach, the causal fit allows for a morning of running before a few errands or social interactions.

The Brooks Rush 9” shorts seemed thick – well, thicker than what I am accustomed to. Ironically, this same negative aspect also helped the shorts stay in place and contributed to their casual look. In addition, they have three pockets total. Two open pockets on the sides and one on the rear. The back pocket comes with a zipper, is sweat resistant and is a useful place to hold cash or any other personal belongings. Furthermore, some running shorts have a waist band too thick or too thin, but the Brooks Rush shorts have a waistband that sat firmly and securely around the waist, an excellent addition to their overall comfort.


The Brooks Rush shorts are made of 84% polyester and 16% spandex, which provides room for stretching while still providing a firm fit and feel. The material provides a sense of support along with a moisture wicking feature to help stay dry. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “wicking,” it is a similar concept to how a candle draws wax up the wick to the flame. The material pulls moisture from the body and in this case, to the exterior of the shorts where it evaporates more efficiently. Anyway, the material of the shorts felt thick, so I would not run very long distances in them. However, during a 15-mile run, they seemed to do well in the wind and did not drag much at all. After a few long runs I noticed they kept dry allowing myself to leave them on to run a few quick post run errands. Lastly, in regards to the internal build, I wear compression shorts under all my running shorts and being an ultra runner, my body has been acclimated to intense levels of friction so I cannot provide accurate information on chaffing. However, no specific irritations stood out.


I was very satisfied with the length of the shorts. They sat right above the knee on my 6ft tall frame. The style is a daily run through the park meets causal Sunday morning brunch. They look stylish as a pair of running shorts and are suitable for a post run meal get-together. Leave the shorts on after a run, throw on a pair of sandals, and enjoy a few hours by the pool, you surely earned it. They are smooth and even have a reflective siding as a safety feature.

Favorite Features

▪ Flat waistband
▪ Smooth material
▪ Wicking fabric

Areas for improvement

The pockets could definitely be altered or redesigned. The open front pocket leaves your belongings susceptible to falling out. The rear pocket uses a zipper but its right on the rear, so when going the distance I would image objects in the pocket would create irritation. Maybe redesigning the pocket structure and/or location would be an improvement.

Final Thoughts

The Brooks Rush 9″ running shorts are a great choice for tackling a morning run in style. They prove to be most convenient for a short run on a busy weekend. When planning for a quick run followed by a fun-filled day, these are the shorts for you and I would definitely recommend adding them to your current running wardrobe.