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A Review Of Brooks Steady Short Sleeve Shirt

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Spring has arrived and that means it’s time to put those heavy running long sleeve shirts away. In good spirits, I even took a pair of scissors to my long sleeve compression pants turning them into shorts. I typically run in tank tops or go shirtless, but when Brooks sent me their Steady short sleeve shirt I was instantly impressed. In the past, it was their shoes that always caught my eye but, recently, I learned firsthand of the quality in their clothing. Fortunately, we were blessed with some amazing running weather this week in the North East so I went out to put the Brooks shirt to the test and here’s what I found.


The material of any running shirt brings multiple questions before purchasing. You want to know more about the weight, the fit, the sweat absorption, and if chafing is an issue. Then once you read up on the features and benefits you then want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

The first thing I noticed when putting the Steady short sleeve shirt on was how light it was. This was very impressive. The fabric blend is 92% polyester & 8% spandex. The material is DriLayer® Steady and claims to have thermoregulation in how it wicks away sweat and redistributes it in a way to keep you 30% cooler. I would have to agree the shirt does a good job of keeping you cool. It also helps that there’s an open mesh back which creates an outlet for ventilation. All together, the material makes for an excellent summer shirt, perfect for a short run after work or even your upcoming springtime marathon.


One of my biggest issues with short sleeve running shirts is the length. I consider myself to have a longer torso so typically short sleeve tech type shirts ride high on my waist especially after they run through the dryer a few times. However, the Brooks Steady short sleeve sat in a great position, which was unusually satisfying. I did roll up my sleeves for a minute, but that caused the shirt to ride up considerably high above my waist forcing me to un-roll them back down. Either way, the Steady short sleeve was a looser shirt that fit well.  Also, the sizing was very accurate. It was tight but not too tight and the sleeves were loose but not too loose. You ever notice how some tech t-shirts have excessively long sleeves? Well not on this shirt. The sleeves cut a few inches up from my elbows allowing for a comfortable fit and easy ventilation.


The Brooks Steady short sleeve shirt has what I would call a “techy” look, as it comes in an electrifying shade of blue in front with a bold yet calm color grey on the back and under arms. However, for a technical shirt, it was simple and clean and matched well with my Brooks Rush 9″ Shorts and Brooks Ravenna 8 shoes. If you’re shooting for the look of a race day marathoner, then this shirt is the look for you. It comes off as a high quality shirt made for serious performance.


I appreciated the comfort provided by the 4 way DriLayer ® four way stretch fabric, especially during a long run. The breathability is certainly apparent through the actual material of the shirt and the racerback design. After a 15-mile run, I did not find it to cause chafing; however, I did notice what could have turned into irritation on the nipples. I’m not sure if it would cause irritation towards the end of a marathon. I do believe my body was not adapted to the material yet. If your accustomed to running with a tech shirt I would not anticipate any chafing issues. Furthermore, I really appreciated the overall fit and length and this certainly contributed to my overall comfort.


The price range online is $24.99 – $50.00.  However, considering the marked up shipping costs on some websites,  I’d say your average price point is about $30.00. This is how much it costs from the Brooks website and it even comes with free shipping. Stack this up with the performance and quality of the shirt and I’d say Brooks provides a fair deal.

Key Features

▪ Lightweight
▪ Length longer than average
▪ Four-way stretch
▪ DriLayer® fabric
▪ Racerback design

What I Didn’t Like

For marathon training, it seems that Brooks has all the angles covered with this one. The only issue was my awareness of the nipple rubbing. As an ultra runner, I find myself going shirtless most of the time or wearing tight compression shirts to prevent chaffing. However, for the distance I ran in the Steady short sleeve shirt, there wasn’t much not to like.

Bottom Line

The Brooks Steady short sleeve shirt has many key features that will benefit a runner. It’s lightweight, it’s breathable, and it sits comfortably positioned on the body. While running long distances, Brooks offers a shirt that can aid you on your race day performance. Brooks is a running company that offers high quality innovative products and this shirt is just one prime example.