A Review of Brooks UpLift Crossback Sports Bra

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Brooks UpLift Crossback Sports Bra A Review of Brooks UpLift Crossback Sports Bra www.runnerclick.com

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with sports bras.  Finding the right size is only the beginning. There’s also the right (and comfortable) fit, good separation, support, overall comfort, style… When I find perfection with one aspect, another aspect suffers. For example, some of the most functional sports bras I’ve ever owned are lacking in the style department.

Brooks sent me their UpLift sports bra to try out and I was proceeded with caution. I honestly had no expectations because unfortunately, for me, many sports bras fall short in one aspect or another.

This bra is made specifically for ladies who are a size C/D cup, but the sizing of the bra itself  had me nervous from the get-go.  I think all of us ladies can agree – a bad sports bra can make running incredible uncomfortable and even down right painful.

This sports bra is certainly cute, but would this bra have the support, fit and comfort I need? Read on to find out my thoughts on the Brooks UpLift sports bra.


Like many of their clothes, the UpLift sports bra is made with DriLayer® fabric.  In particular, this fabric is called DriLayer® Horsepower which, as Brooks states on their website, “this fabric evokes the standard measure of power and for good reason”.  Let’s just say this fabric was moisture wicking and strong, so everything was comfortable and in place.

As you can tell by its name, the Powermesh back is a mesh material located on the back section of the straps of the bra and allows for excellent breathability.  As you can expect, overall, there is a level of compression from the material, but the fabric itself was comfortable, and I experienced no irritation or chafing from it.

From first inspection, the material that stood out most to me was the perforated fabric in each of the cups.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with that type of visible breathability, but it proved to be very comfortable, and yes, very breathable.


This bra is made for women with a C/D cup size, but the sizing of the bra depends on your band size (ex. 34, 36, etc.)  This bra comes in XS to XL.  Also, there is no options for customized sizing as far as the back clasp was concern.  There was only one option, unlike regular bras and many sports bras where you can hook into two or three different options for tightness.

I’ll be honest – the sizing did worry me the most.  My favorite sports bras are ones that use exact bra sizing (ex. 36C).  This one did not.  For my size, a 36C, I got a size medium which fits C/D cup sizes with a 34-36 band size.   Once I put it on, I realized that this sizing method was ok.  More than okay actually.  It worked quite well for me.  I was secure without being suffocated.  I didn’t experienced any annoying bounce from lack of support.  Everything was where it should be during my run.  Kudos to Brooks for sizing.

The crossback design also made for a good fit too.  Unlike a traditional racerback sports bra, this crossback design is more flexible, making it comfortable without sacrificing support.


Support equals comfort, no question.  The chest needs to be properly supported, but gosh darn it, I’ve got to breathe, especially since I’m running.  I am happy to announce that the UpLift sports bra was both supportive and comfortable – a very happy combination.  The material was soft on my skin and there were no possible places for chafing.  The design made sure of it.

The least comfortable aspect of the sports bra was getting it on, and quite frankly with the crossback design and having to stick your head through and buckle it up and adjusting…  Well, it makes for an awkward experience.  But once on, you are super comfortable and good to go.


Though I’m not one for running in just a sports bra (sans tank top), I do want (and appreciate) a good looking sports bra.  Luckily, the UpLift has a great look.  Like many of Brooks’ products, it has a sleek and minimal design.  The color is bright, but the black straps prevent it from being overwhelming or obnoxious.  Pink is usually not my first color choice, but it looked really sharp with the black straps.  Other color choices include solid black, gray with white trim, blue with patterned straps, coral with patterned straps and others.  I can honestly say all the color choices were pretty sweet.

Even though the crossback design makes it a little difficult to get the sports bra on, I love the look of the crossback design.  The crossback straps also hide well under most tank tops, including racerback tank tops.


I have spent a lot of money on sports bras to get quality and support.  I was happy to see that this sports bra is reasonably priced.  At $44, I think this is a really good buy.  This is quality material and a supportive bra and for that price, it’s worth every penny.

Key Features
  • DriLayer® technology
  • Contoured, ventilated cups
  • Maximum support
  • Specially designed for C/D cup sizes
  • Powermesh straps
  • Lightweight
What I Didn’t Like

Honestly, getting it on is a bit of a pain.  It might take a time or two to figure out your own “technique”.  However, once on, it’s perfect.  I love the fit, the support, how comfy it is and yes, even the looks.

Bottom Line

It was an “uplifting” experience. (So corny, I know. I had to though.) Seriously though, it worked great.  I had my reservations about sizing and the back clasp, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that my worries were for nothing.  This is a comfy and supportive sports bra.  From a person who dreads sports bra shopping, I’m really happy to have found a reasonably priced, supportive, comfortable sports bra that I will definitely purchase again in the future.