A Review of Feetures Ultra Light Cushioned Socks

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I tried out a trio of Feetures socks this past month and just in time. Most of my running socks are starting to show their age. They’re riddled with holes and I’m pretty sure they will never be white again. They also weren’t performing quite like I wanted them to, even from the start. I have a huge problem with blisters forming on my feet. I don’t get the typical heel or toe blisters. Instead, I tend to form giant blisters on the bottom of my forefoot. A podiatrist explained to me that the cause might be excessive foot sweat. (Oh, gee, thanks doc.) I’ve tried a lot of products over the years but the reality is that a good running sock can do wonders. I like a good thin sock but it also needs to be able to wick away moisture quickly and efficiently. Happily, each pair of Feetures socks I tried on did a great job of keeping my feet dry.


The Socks

I test drove three different versions of Feetures socks, High Performance, Elite, Elite Merino+, each in the thinnest cushion (ultra light). Each sock was also the no show tab version. The socks were easy to pull on and off and the heel tab padded the back of my heel nicely. The socks were all true to size. The “small” fit my tiny feet just right. The small size is meant to fit women’s shoe sizes 4-6.5. There was no bunching or awkward extra material to cause friction. They’re also very easy to care for. Feetures instructs wearers to machine wash inside out in cold water and hang to dry.

High Performance

The High Performance sock is the only version of the three that is not anatomically correct with a left and right sock. The socks hugs the foot quite nicely. There are bands of Lycra in the sock’s instep which helps to secure the sock around the foot. The sock also features iWick material, which does a great job at keeping moisture away from the foot. The material of the sock is nice and soft, it felt plush and comfortable inside my shoe but my feet still felt cool.


This Feetures sock version offers anatomically correct left and right socks. The socks are clearly labeled so it’s not confusing when you’re fumbling to get ready for an early morning run. The Elite version features Sock-Lock technology which meant I felt secure and supported during my runs. The sock has some mild arch support which isn’t overly tight or constricting. I also really appreciated the almost second skin fit. The sock is tight without feeling like a vice. I didn’t develop any hot spots during my runs and felt super dry post-run.

Elite Merino+

This sock is nearly identical to the Elite version but it features a blend of Merino wool and bamboo fibers. It makes these the most comfortable of the three. But trust me, they were up against fierce competition. All three sock versions are supremely comfortable, but these are the softest of the bunch. They almost feel silky to the touch. Since the socks are constructed with Merino wool, they keep smells at bay. They’re also great for runners who often tackle wet conditions since the Merino fibers have insulative properties when wet.


The sock colors are not for the faint of heart. I definitely appreciated the bright color palette offered in the three versions. They’re fun and a little whimsical. They sure are more interesting than plain boring white socks! Since I tried the no-show version, very little sock actually peeks out of my shoes. Not that I would mind otherwise. I really enjoyed the color combos of these Feetures socks. They’re trendy,  modern, and add a bit of wackiness to my running wardrobe.

Favorite Features

  • Ultra light construction feels like a second skin
  • Material is thin but feels very durable
  • Merino+ material is oh so soft
  • iWick does a great job at keeping feet dry
  • Superior breathability

Areas For Improvement

None! Seriously. These are my new favorite socks. They fit true to size, stay in place, are offered in fun colors, are breathable, and keep my feet nice and dry.

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