A Review Of Feetures Elite Graduated Compression Socks

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Feetures Graduated Compression Socks A Review Of Feetures Elite Graduated Compression Socks www.runnerclick.com

I was sent two pairs of Feetures Graduated Compression socks to try out, a small and a medium. I was skeptical that either would fit me properly. I have tiny feet and very muscular calves so usually compression socks that fit my calves end up bunching uncomfortably around my feet. I was pleasantly surprised with the Feetures Compression sock. The small, my usual sock size, fit snugly around my foot and the rest of the sock had no problem with my giant calves. The lightly cushioned socks were perfect for walking around after my weekend long run. I spent the day wearing them around the house and felt the compression doing its job without feeling overly constricted. I usually hate wearing socks to bed, but these are so comfy I might forget to take them off.


The Feetures Graduated Compression sock is very similar to the regular Elite Feetures sock. The sock part fits snugly around the foot which some arch support for good measure. The light cushion provides a slight bit of padding underfoot and the sock fits like a glove. The small size fits perfectly, even around my larger calf. The Graduated Compression sock features an anatomically specific design with a right and left sock. This means that the sock fits just right around the foot. The brand’s Sock-Lock technology ensures the sock stays in place and helps to deliver compression where it’s needed. At the ankle, the sock provides 15-20mmHg of compression. I found the compression adequate without feeling too tight. I definitely felt recovered by the end of the day and happily felt no delayed onset muscle soreness the day after my long run.


The Feetures Graduated Compression sock is made with iWick fibers to ensure breathability. The fibers wick moisture away from the foot to keep you feeling comfortable and dry. I wore the socks mainly for recovery but for the long period of time that I had them on, I can tell you that I felt well supported and comfy. The socks were also easy to put on, which is not always the case with compression wear.


Like other Feetures brand socks, the Graduated Compression sock comes in a variety of color options, including some fairly vibrant options. The four color combos include, Hawaiian Blue, Deep Pink, Graphite, and Black. The sizing ranges from small to extra large. Most folks won’t be wearing compression socks to make any kind of fashion statement but these socks definitely stand out. I tested the Deep Pink version and I’m sure I could be seen from miles away in my pink knee highs and blue shorts.

Favorite Features

  • 15-20mmHG Compression is great for activity or recovery.
  • The Deep Pink color variation is funky and bright.
  • Easy to put on
  • Snug, glove-like fit
  • Breathable

Areas For Improvement

The sizing chart might not be completely accurate. Following the chart, I should be a medium in the Compression sock but the medium was way too large around my foot and the compression just wasn’t as pronounced as with the small size. Regardless, I’m happy with the compression in the small and I intend to use these socks for recovery and for runs in the future.