A Review of Physiclo Pro Resistance Capris

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An in depth review of Physiclo Pro Resistance Capris A Review of Physiclo Pro Resistance Capris www.runnerclick.com

Physiclo Pro Resistance Capris are by far the most unique piece of running apparel I have ever worn. They have resistance bands (yes, actual resistance bands) built right into the legs of the pants and capris. Designed by a team composed of scientists and Olympic athletes, the goal of these pants is to make you train harder, regardless of the activity you are doing, to make you perform better over time. If you are searching for a way to add resistance to your workouts or take your training to the next level, Physiclo Pro Resistance Capris are the solution you have been looking for.

The Science Behind the Pants

Physiclo capris were designed by a partnership of med students and Olympians that wanted to create workout apparel that forced athletes to train harder without extra equipment. The result of their work was Physiclo Pro Resistance Technology.

Pro Resistance Technology adds low impact resistance to the area around your legs and hips, more specifically, the gluteus medius and the rectus femoris. This resistance is created through the inclusion of layers of elastic bands inside of the pants, which are attached to the base layer.


This is the one important aspect of running and training apparel in which I had my doubts when it came to the Physiclo Capris. The first thing I noticed as I removed them from their package was their weight. They were heavy! I could already imagine the sweat pooling around my legs as I ran. In addition to the weight, the base layer, although extremely smooth, felt thick between my fingers. I was a bit wary of overheating while wearing these capris.

But, lo and behold, I did not melt while running in the Physiclo capris! The base layer, which is made of Nylon/Poly/Spandex blend, wicked the sweat and moisture right off of my body and into the fabric. I felt dry, cool, and wasn’t daunted by the task of running in sweat-soaked pants.


This feature is the crowning glory of the Physiclo Resistance Capris.

You know how your glutes, hamstrings, hips and quads feel while you are running hills (and right after)? The Physiclo Capris provide you with that type of resistance, but without the hill sprints. As you run, walk, or perform a strength training activity in these training pants, you will feel the stress of resistance with every movement, challenging your body, more specifically your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, to to reach new levels of strength, no extra fitness equipment (ankle weights, anyone?) necessary.


I will tell you, however, that I did find the Physiclo capris did take longer to put on than a normal pair of running tights. The resistance bands had to be pulled and adjusted to ensure they were in the correct place on my legs. This extra effort is worth it, as the pants fit well and stay in place as you workout.


The first time I ran in the Physiclo Capris, I made it through 2 miles… and it was a very tough two miles. However, on my next run, I felt like I was flying.  The same effect occurred when I wore the capris to kickboxing. I had to force my leg to kick the bag,  and I definitely wasn’t kicking at a normal high-speed cardio rate. But, during the next session without the resistance capris, my legs felt like a whirlwind. Physiclo training pants are extremely effective in adding resistance to your workout without wearing ankle weights or a bulky weighted vest. The resistance, since the bands are hidden inside of the pants, is sleek and unnoticeable to passersby- you look as if you are wearing plain old running tights!

After just 3 weeks of training in these pants regularly, I knocked 15 seconds off of my 5k time. Every struggling stride that these pants put me through was definitely worth it.


Physiclo pants run about $100, directly from their website. This is more expensive than a pair of running tights you will get at a chain store, but it is a common price for high-end running apparel. The fact that these pants are made of high quality material, give you added resistance, and are shown to improve your performance make them worth every penny.

Key Features

  • Built in resistance bands
  • High quality base layer material
  • Engineered by scientists and Olympic athletes
  • Proven results

Bottom Line

Get yourself a pair of these pants! If you are looking for an easy, compact way to take your workout routine, whether it be running, walking, yoga, or strength training (or any other activity) to the next level, Physiclo pants and capris are the perfect option for you. Even though they may seem pricey, the scientifically-supported improvement to your athletic performance is well worth the cost.

In addition to purchasing these pants on Amazon, you can also get them directly from Physiclo