Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas tells you to “Run on Positive Energy” with the Ultra Boost! The energy-returning properties of the Boost technology charge each step with flexibility and speed. It was originally released in February 2015 and was designed by Stella McCartney. This shoe is carefully engineered to expand naturally with your foot, giving you a more comfortable fit while you run as well as reducing irritation. This year offers new styles and updates as well as improvements to the support and flexibility of this beloved running shoe. People are loving 2017, slimmed down, low profile look of this shoe, combined with the durable components and the breathability that it is known for.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Its Continental™Rubber outsole helps with traction in wet and dry road conditions.
  • The outsole is also elastic, allowing stretchability, and is made to be lightweight
  • The shoe has Energy-returning properties to charge each step with flexibility and speed.
  • The inclusion of the Sockfit technology for added comfort and support.
  • Cons
    • The Sockfit often requires a few runs to adjust to your foot.
    • Its rubber outsole may wear down faster than an average rate.
    • Narrow insole, making the shoe less comfortable for those with a wider foot.
    • The shoe stains easily.
    • Key Features
      The Continental Rubber outsole provides incredible traction in all weather conditions, while the Stretchweb rubber outsole works to maximize the distinctive properties of the Boost from the time your foot touches the ground to the time it pushes off. It is lightweight and elastic - a single perforated sheet of soft rubber -  allowing it to adapt to the ground for stability.
      The full-length Boost midsole is made with expanded polyurethane foam, offering optimal and resilient cushioning throughout your run. This foam, made by BASF-Adidas, works in conjunction with the Stretchweb outsole to utilize the energy harnessed in each step. This, in turn, allows you to run further with less fatigue. 
      Primeknit stretch mesh is combined with closed-stretch mesh and a plastic mid-foot cage to form the upper portion of the shoe. The Adidas Ultra Boost also offers Sockfit for snugness and support. 
      The high volume of the Boost, as well as the use of plastic, increase the weight of this running shoe. However, Adidas has tried to counter this by using a single latticed sheet to clothe the bottom of the shoe. The exposed “windows” help to reduce weight and increase speed. A U.S.  size 7 weighs 9 ounces; a size 11 weighs 11.74 ounces. 
      For 2016, Adidas updated the Ultra Boost with improvements for, not only support and flexibility but also for breathability. The Primeknit stretch mesh that forms the upper portion of the shoe, allows maximum airflow to reduce perspiration. 
      The collar and the upper part of the tongue are cushioned with foam, allowing for extra comfort. In fact, the whole upper lining of the mid-foot is cushioned to help reduce lacing pressure. The narrow fit of the shoe may make this shoe uncomfortable for those with a wider foot. The only width available is the single, D-standard. It is not recommended to wear this shoe without socks due to the internal toe puff the may catch on the small toe. With socks, this does not appear to be a problem. 
      Some have complained of the limited variety of colors with the Ultra Boost. However, this year, Adidas has introduced several new styles, including the heather grey and white Ultra Boost with Continental Tire rubber on the outsole. There are also plans to roll out the Triple Black Ultra Boost this fall. In addition to being considered one of the best running shoes, this shoe is also considered stylish enough to wear with everyday clothing. 
      While the upper and midsole portions of the shoe appear quite durable, the sole seems to wear down at a higher-than-average rate. This is likely due to the outsole being only a super-thin single perforated sheet of rubber to act as a barrier between Boost and pavement. When the thread on the sole tears or the nubs underneath the sole wear down, the shoe loses the traction that it is known for. Adidas reports partnering with Continental Tire in order to fit the Ultra Boost with an improved outsole for longer durability
      Many reports suggest the Ultra Boost Triple Whites stain easily. Runners often report using Crep Protect Stain Resistant Barrier Spray to repel liquids and prevents stains on this shoe. 
      Adidas Ultra Boost’s energy-returning properties are designed to charge each step with speed. With this being said, for those runner seeking comfortability and excellent cushioning, this shoe is often referred to as a great training shoe for slower miles
      The TORSION®SYSTEM  in conjunction with Sockfit helps to support and protect the ankle. The TORSION®SYSTEM is designed for midfoot integrity. And, due to Sockfit, there is no need to over-tighten. In addition, the external heel counter keeps the heel in place, preventing movement inside your shoe. While this shoe is designed mostly for the neutral runner, the Ultra Boost’s arch support is noted to allow slightly to moderate over-pronators to experience an enjoyable run. 
      The Ultra Boost is designed primarily for the pavement. However, because of the incredible traction provided by the Continental™Rubber outsole, this shoe is also desirable for the trail. These shoes were tested on a road surface with an ambient temperature of 25°C/77°F. 
      The price of this shoe is considered to be on the higher end. Elite runners often report feeling the investment is worth the quality of shoes. The casual runner may choose it more for its appealing style. 
      This shoe boasts a FitFrame 3D-molded TPU, helping to increase stability around the heel. The outsole is also lightweight and elastic, allowing the shoe to adapt to the ground for stability. 
      Midsole drop is at 10mm; the heel is 30.5mm; the forefoot is 20.5mm.
      Key Features
      •FitFrame 3D-molded TPU helps to increase heel stability. 

      •Continental™Rubber outsole allows for extraordinary grip in wet and dry conditions. 

      •Ultra Boost’s energy-returning properties charge each step with flexibility and speed. 

      •Sockfit for a snug and supportive fit. 

      •Primeknit stretch mesh for breathability.
      Bottom Line
      Adidas Ultra Boost offers an outstanding style and amazing features. It also offers a great responsiveness of the midsole. Any runner will be able to stay comfortable with the stretchy upper. Their cushioned midsole makes the price of this shoe a highly-worth investment. If you weren’t impressed with this shoe last year, it may be worth taking another look, now that some updates and improvements have been made. This may now be the perfect shoe for the neutral runner.
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      By Nickel Thornberry
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