An In Depth Review of the SPIbelt Flex

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SPIbelt Flex is the perfect running belt for carrying your essentials without getting in the way of your workout. An In Depth Review of the SPIbelt Flex

Running sometimes is the only time of day when I can “get away” from everything and everyone, and feel free. For this reason, I refuse to carry my phone in my hand, or deal with headphones falling out of my ears over and over again. I have yet to find a solution to carry my personal belongings with me on a run without feeling distracted by them. Pockets make uneven bulges that bounce up and down or aren’t big enough. Armbands?  Well, I don’t think I even need to tell you how awful those things are. And holding my phone in my hand is a disaster waiting to happen. I stayed away from belts too because I didn’t want to look like a jazzercise instructor from the 80’s. That all changed after the SPIbelt Flex.  If I want to take my phone, keys, and wallet on a run, now I know exactly how I will do it.

This belt is SPIbelt’s most recent and “innovative model yet”. The major difference from the original SPIbelt is the headphone port. When I saw the SPIbelt Flex, I was very skeptical that the tiny pocket would fit my iPhone 6 with its case. Not only did it fit, I also stuffed my keys and credit card in it with room for a couple of gels to spare.  I clipped it around my waist and took off. Yeah, I could tell it was there, but it didn’t move! And soon I forgot it was there.


The SPIbelt Flex is a skinny elastic belt, maybe an inch wide, with a stretchy pocket. The band clips and unclips easily with a plastic buckle. Some belts do not have a buckle like this and you have to slip them on and off like a pair of pants. (Which personally, I find ridiculous and I know I’m not the only one who does!) The belt has the “SPIBELT” logo on it and is made of a soft stretchy material.

This belt has the feel of a high-quality race belt.  The pocket is secured with a zipper. I’m someone who always loses things so the zipper gives me confidence that my phone is in there and won’t fall out. The pocket itself is made from a very stretchy nylon fabric which is not waterproof but it dries quickly.


The belt fits waists 23” to 50”. The elastic strap is adjustable. I gave it to my friend to try out since she is very petite. She said usually belts ride up on her when she runs.  However, she put on the belt and went for a 7 mile trail run with it, and was amazed that it stayed put!


I first tried wearing the SPIbelt under my shirt and over my leggings hugging the top of my hip bones. The pocket sat right in the small of my back. I adjusted the strap so that the belt was tight but i could still pull on it. Everything was very comfortable. I put my shirt over it and it was nearly impossible to tell I was wearing a belt. When I started running, it didn’t move or bounce. I wore it this way for 3 miles, then I put the belt on the outside of my shirt in the same spot. Still comfortable, now it just wasn’t a secret that I was wearing a ninja fanny pack. But I still didn’t really feel it.

Then I tried wearing it with the pocket in the front. It stayed put but I don’t recommend wearing it that way 1. Because it looks a little silly, 2. It made me have to pee, 3. It’s more comfortable with the pocket in the back. And finally, I tried wearing it to the side like a dad – still comfortable. By far the most comfortable way was wearing it with the pocket in the back under my shirt and over my leggings or shorts.


At $24.99, the SPIbelt Flex is actually a few dollars cheaper than other belts that I have tried that aren’t as comfortable or effective. It would make a great gift for any active person. If you are going to invest in an active wear belt, this would be the one. Not to mention that it is made right here in the USA!


SPIbelt creatively came up with various accessories to add onto your belt if you so desire. When I was wearing the belt I was thinking how great it would be if the belt could also serve as a race belt. Lo and behold they sell race belt “toggles” as an accessory on their website. They also make a small hydration bottle, an extra pocket, a waterproof pouch and more.

Key Features

  • Headphone port
  • Buckle next to pocket
  • Thin adjustable strap
  • Fits iPhone 6S & 7 and Samsung Galaxy 3 & 4

What I Didn’t Like

There isn’t much I found wrong with the SPIbelt. I could tell that it was carefully crafted with the active person in mind. My one complaint might be that sweat can go through and get the contents wet. However SPIbelt does make a sweatproof belt if that is a major issue. My phone has a waterproof case so I’m not too worried about that. Also the pocket material is moisture-wicking and dries quickly. Another concern is that it might not be great for larger people. It only fits waists up to 50”. However, they sell a “belt extender” that extends the size by another 12”. It is available for a reasonable price on their website.

Bottom Line

The SPIbelt Flex met all of the requirements of a good running belt. It is hard to find a belt that doesn’t either shift around, can’t fit everything, or feel bulky. But the SPIbelt Flex was none of those things!  If you are trying to carry a gallon of water, 6 energy bars, pepper spray, and a small child, maybe this belt isn’t for you. But if you are looking for a way to carry the essentials (phone, wallet, keys, gels, etc.), this is the belt for you. If you think there is something missing with this belt, be sure to check out their other options. They thought of everything from identity theft to diabetics. Not only can you use this belt for running, you can wear it to the gym, to music festivals, maybe even a night out under your blouse! I know I will.