Anker Soundbuds Curve Wireless Headphones

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Anker Soundbuds Curve Wireless Headphones Review Facts

Although Anker is known primarily for their computer and phone chargers, they’ve created many other gadgets that make everyday living easier.  These include everything from data hubs and flashlights to different types of keyboards, yet they’ve been especially praised for their wide range of speakers and wireless headphones. One of their best-received headsets is their Soundbuds Curve, thanks to plenty of careful engineering on the brand’s part as well as a comfortable yet secure wear.

These earbuds are outfitted with three different features that keep them in place for several hours on end without causing any irritation or discomfort throughout the day. A large ear hook wraps around and attaches behind each of the buyer’s ears, and the set also includes three sizes of silicone ear wings and four sizes of memory foam ear tips for a truly comfortable, noise-canceling experience.

AptX high-resolution sound is enhanced further by the brand’s BassUp technology, providing a crisper and richer sound complete with much stronger bass. It also features a water-resistant shell and internal nano-coating for use in all different types of weather, from hot sunny days to heavy rain and snowstorms, which has earned it an IPX7 rating against water, sweat, and even dust. As an added bonus, a 90-minute charge is able to last as long as 18 hours for non-stop music-listening and plenty of call time throughout an average day.


Editor's Pros & Cons

-Affordable price tag

-Comfortable fit

-Great sound quality

-Terrific battery life


-Easy to travel with


-Weak microphone

-Lacks overall durability

-No power-saving features



It's clear that Anker has designed the Soundbuds Curve to be a very versatile headset. The wireless design, protective features, and easy storage enable convenient usage during various workouts, travel, and other aspects of everyday life.

The buds themselves are equipped with hooks, wings, and memory foam tips which help it stay in place during intense training sessions. Although a wire runs between both buds, a cinch and a shirt clip are included to manage it and ensure that it doesn't get caught on anything. And an IPX7 water and sweat rating, along with a protective coating, allows this set to hold up against sweaty workouts, harsh rain and snow, and the occasional swim.

Of course, as with all headsets, there are some limitations to its usage. Its noise-cancellation could potentially make it unsafe for high-traffic areas, and it's still not intended to be used during water sports or for frequent swimming.
Basic Features

Basic Features

The Soundbuds Curve is outfitted with large hooks that fit right behind the buyer's ear for greater security. Four different sizes of memory foam ear tips are offered to enhance the set's noise-cancellation and allow all buyers to have a secure fit. In addition, this set comes with three different sizes of ear wings for even more stability that's non-irritating.

A wire runs between each earbud, and a combined remote/microphone unit is attached to the right side. Three buttons are included for volume control, song-skipping, and for answering and ending phone calls.

Other features are including along with the headset for greater convenience. I cinch keeps the wire secure and snug behind the buyer's head, and a shirt clip to prevent it from getting caught on a passing object. It also comes with its own carrying case to keep it safe and ensure that it lasts longer.
Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Anker has created and utilized ground-breaking technology in all of its products, so it's no surprise that the Soundbuds Curve would as well. One of these technologies is BassUp, with analyzes low frequencies and amplifies them by 43 percent. AptX high-resolution is supplied thanks to 10mm composite drivers, ultra-elastic outer rings, and bio-cellulose domes.

This set has been given an IPX7 rating against sweat, water, and dust, making it fit for all types of weather. A protective water-resistant shell and internal nano-coating is what truly keeps it safe from the elements.
Sound Quality

Sound Quality

For an affordable headset, the Soundbuds Curve is said to provide buyers with a surprisingly good level of sound quality. Its frequency response range is set at 20Hz to 20kHz, which is no different than most other athletic headphones on the market. But the technology that it includes is what truly makes it stand out.

Anker equipped this set with aptX high-resolution sound for richer and clearer music-listening and phone calls. This has been enhanced even further by the brand's BassUp technology, which analyzes low frequencies and amplifies them. CVC noise-canceling technology is also present, working alongside the memory foam ear tips to help buyers completely tune the world out.

The only issue that buyers have encountered is that this set's microphone isn't quite up to par. They've claimed that they have to hold it up against their mouths in order for it to work properly.


Just like several other wireless headsets made by Anker, the Soundbuds Curve relies on Bluetooth version 4.1 to be fully functional. Any compatible iPhone or Android smartphone can easily be paired with this set, and the standard 33-foot wireless range is also available.

This set is also very easy to connect with the buyer's phone since it's all ready to pair as soon as it's first charged up. They only have to go into their phone's Bluetooth settings and select its name in order for it to be in working condition.

Most reviewers appear to be quite satisfied with how well its overall connectivity holds up. Although some have pointed out that its cord's lack of sturdiness will gradually affect this feature over time.


A number of different factors allow the Soundbuds Curve to provide buyers with very comfortable wear, starting off with its lightweight build. The entire set weighs only 0.8 oz. so it will never cause fatigue at any point throughout the day.

The hooks that fit behind the ears are successfully created to be secure yet non-irritating. The same goes for the soft ear wings, which fit behind the ear tips to help this set stay in place even during intense training sessions. And, of course, four different sizes of memory foam tips are provided to ensure that everyone has a comfortable fit and noise-canceling sound quality.

Even though the cord would potentially cause problems, Anker has offered buyers a few tools to ensure that it stays out of the way. A cinch is already attached for a better fit behind the head, and a shirt clip is also included to keep it from becoming caught on a passing object.


One of the Soundbuds Curve's most distinctive features is its pair of large hooks, which attach behind the ear for greater security. Buyers also appreciate the unique design of its ear tips and ear wings, as they ensure a comfortable and stable fit. The Anker name is also prominently featured in white lettering on the face of each earbud.

This set is only available in all black, which doesn't seem to be an issue for reviewers. Although many headsets are now available in several different color options, black always seems to be the go-to choice for most buyers.


The Soundbuds Curve seems to be a little inconsistent when it comes to its level of durability. Its IPX7 water rating is backed up perfectly by a specialized water-resistant shell and internal nano-coating. Thanks to both of these features, buyers are able to use this set in all types of weather without having to worry about potential damage.

However, several reviewers have complained about the wire that runs between each earbud. They claim that it starts to tear after a very short period of time, causing issues with sound quality and connectivity. While this set's travel case might help to some extent, it's still bound to happen after some time.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Most reviewers find the Soundbuds Curve to be a very easy headset to set up and use. It's ready to pair with a mobile device once it's taken out of the packaging and fully charged. Buyers only have to go to their phone's Bluetooth settings and select this headset in order to finally put it to use.

Any controls that the buyers will need are readily available on the remote control unit on the righthand side. Volume controls are on either end, which can also be used to skip songs, while the middle button can answer and end calls.

However, there are some qualities that make this set a little challenging for some. Several buyers claim that this set's microphone is surprisingly weak, which is inconvenient for calls and voice commands. And, of course, its overall lack of durability will only make things worse over time.
Power Source

Power Source

The Soundbuds Curve comes with its own micro USB cable for easy and efficient charging. It connects to the headset's remote unit and can then be plugged into the buyer's laptop or a connector for an electrical outlet. Those who are always on the move can also use a portable charger for even greater convenience.

Another incredible selling point for this set is its incredibly long battery life, even when compared to similar models that are more expensive. After charging for only 90 minutes, it provides 18 hours of playtime. Buyers can also charge for ten minutes to get a full hour of use.

The only downside that some have pointed out is that it doesn't come with any power-saving features.


With everything that the Soundbuds Curve has to offer, what makes it even better is the fact that it's so affordable. It can be found on Amazon and Walmart, and through several listings on eBay, for anywhere between $21 and $27.

Based on ratings and reviews, it's clear that most buyers find this set to be an incredible bargain. It offers incredible sound quality, comfortable wear, a surprisingly long battery life, and it holds up surprisingly well against the elements. Its versatile usage means that buyers can get way more than what they paid for.

Of course, not everyone seems to share this opinion. Several reviewers are not happy with how this set's cord holds up, and others claim that its microphone is very weak. While they didn't spend as much as they would with other brands, they're still disappointed at the fact that they wasted money.
Key Features

Key Features

-AptX High-Resolution Music
-CVC Noise-Canceling Technology
-BassUp Technology
-IPX7 Water Rating
-Water-Resistant Shell
-Internal Nano-Coating
-Silicone EarWings and EarTips
-Speed Cinch and Shirt Clip
-18-Hour Battery Life
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Even though it's not considered the best selling item, especially when compared to many other wireless headsets, Anker's Soundbuds Curve headphones can still prove to be an incredibly useful accessory. Whether the buyer lives a very active lifestyle or just wants an easier calling and music-listening experience, they should definitely consider this easy-to-use set. And the fact that its price tag is so affordable, set at no more than $27, makes it an amazing bargain.

The combination of hooks, ear wings, and ear tips in various sizes creates comfortable yet very secure wear even through some intense workouts. The cord and three-button remote make it an easy model to use, even for those who are still not used to Bluetooth headsets. A wide range of specialized technologies are packed into each earbud to ensure the best sound quality and connectivity possible, and its water-resistant coatings allow it to be fully functional in all types of weather.

As is the case with all headsets, there still are a few aspects that concern buyers, such as reports of a weak microphone or an overall lack of durability. Those who are more than a little concerned about these responses can easily perform additional research and find similar sets that are made by Anker or a few other comparable brands. Yet the majority of its reviews seem to speak for themselves, showing that most buyers are more than happy that they've chosen this model for their daily lives.