A Review of ANTIDOT Premium Footwear Freshener Spray

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An in depth review of ANTIDOT Premium Footwear Freshener Spray by SolScience A Review of ANTIDOT Premium Footwear Freshener Spray www.runnerclick.com

As a mom of four, I have seen, heard, and smelled many things. And as children get older, stinky feet just come with the package.  Not to mention, I am a daily runner that relies heavily on just a pair or two of shoes and I run them through the gamut as I tread through water crossings or out in the rain on hot days.  So, I’ll take my lumps and admit that it’s not just my children that can create smelly shoes.  Well, when I heard about a product that could help pave the way for a more pleasantly fragranced environment, I figured, “Why not check it out?”

Enter ANTIDOT Solscience premium fragrance footwear freshener spray.

A quick shake and 3-5 pumps in each shoe promises to rid us of these unwanted odors. I gathered a pair of each of my children’s shoes – plus two of my own – for this experiment. Now, while the product website does encourage washing shoes beforehand, it also says the spray is intended for freshening up as well, so that is how I proceeded.


My first impression was that the spray smelled too fruity to really make a dent in any serious odors. After the suggested wait period of 5-7 minutes, the shoes smelled fruitier but I still got notes of sweat. So I left the shoes out and waited. I gave it an hour. The smells seemed to mingle and I wasn’t entirely hopeful at this point that the fruit smell would dissipate and that it wasn’t just acting as cover up. I gave it a day, and the residue of the rich sweet odor was fading but also noticed that the original stinky feet smell had faded. Two days later (yes, I left them proudly displayed and lined up in my living room for that long), the faint smell was fresh and not overwhelming and the distasteful smell seemed to be only a remnant. Success!

EXCEPT this was true for all of the shoes – but one pair. I tried to determine the cause as to why this particular size 3 girls’ high top sneaker was still carrying over more of its original sweaty smell when the others had clearly benefitted from the spray. Upon inspection of the insole fabrics, I found it to be mostly comprised of what felt like a polyester material. The rest were traditional synthetic uppers with standard breathable material in and out. So this high top, being the only shoe in the bunch with this particular fabric created an environment for bad odors to stick around.

As a sidenote, this spray is considered safe all materials but that extra care should be used on suede as it may darken the color. So in the spirit of running, I persisted. I gave the shoe another dose of spray but after a few minutes realized that there isn’t much I can do to save this one… And as my daughter’s favorite shoe, I couldn’t deny her the chance to wear them again so I relinquished them to her feeling a little disappointed that I could not cure that ill…But it’s ok. We will get used to these stinky kicks sticking around until they’re outgrown…which could be in 5 minutes.


Made with purified water, cationic surfactant, and fragrance, the ANTIDOT spray delivers a serious pump to even the most loved kicks. In case you are wondering, cationic surfactants tend to be man-made and can be soaps or detergents. Their job is to break down substances and their germicidal nature makes them useful for topical antiseptics and hand sanitizers.


This ANTIDOT spray is “Astropunch” scented. I admit that it did seem odd to introduce a fruity scent into the mix of sweaty and smelly shoes. And at first, I was convinced it would stay as sweet as the initial pumps but after a few hours, the stronger fragrance dissipated and later, I found it to be pleasant and not too syrupy and the shoe less offensively smelly.


This spray is marketed with a bit of a higher price tag for my taste, especially as it really is only 2 oz of spray. Keeping in mind that the spray does seem to work without excessive use, it could last a good amount of time, and it might make a valuable ally for some of my stinky feet runner friends.  I’m too compelled to use it on all the stinky shoes in my house and I fear, while it would be money well spent, it would also be gone pretty quickly.  The company indicates, even with daily use, this spray should last up to 3 months.

Key Features

  • Available in other fun fragrances like Astropunch, Cool Watermelon and Future Fresh, and even a seasonal, Kandy Kane.
  • When used daily, 1 bottle last up to 3 months.
  • Safe on all fabrics/materials

Bottom Line

The kid in me liked the scent a lot. It reminded me of fruity cereals or fruit punch candies which interestingly, is exactly how it is marketed by SolScience. I liked that it seemed to help alleviate the less pleasant sweaty smells of childhood and playing in puddles.  And though the spray is pretty concentrated as it is sold in 2oz bottles, but the price is too much to confidently say it is worth it for me.  But if you have a couple extra bucks laying around and you need help keeping your running shoe rotation smelling fresh, then the ANTIDOT footwear fragrance freshener spray is worth a try.