ASICS GT 2000 10

Gather round, overpronating friends, and let me fill you in on the ASICS GT 2000 10!

This stability shoe delivers excellent support and comfort that helps to even out your gait cycle that removes pressure off of your joints and also provides high-end cushioning that feels as if you are running on a cloud.

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Pros & Cons
FlyteFoam Propel is nice and snappy
LITETRUSS™ provides added stability on the medial side of the foot
Gel heel cushioning is great for heel strikers
AHAR rubber outsole is incredibly durable
Great for nice and easy tempo runs as well as long-distance running
Very comfortable upper
The padded upper runs a little too hot
Limited color options
Key Features
Key Features

This stability shoe really shines in the construction of the midsole. If you need a little extra cushioning and support, the dual-density midsole of the ASICS GT 2000 10 really delivers on a few different fronts.

It is composed of a top layer of Asic’s proprietary FLYTEFOAM Propel that provides ample cushioning that you can feel with every step. What’s great about this super comfy midsole is that it is also reinforced with gel padding on the heel counter that is great for heavy heel-strikers.

The gel technology in the heel provides an extra boost of plush cushioning to mitigate the impact you make with the ground under your feet.

What I also love about the design of this midsole is that it provides a firmer layer of cushioning beneath the FLYTEFOAM.

This dense layer of cushioning helps to keep your gait cycle nice and bright, which is ideal on those days that you want to pick up the pace.

While it’s a shoe that is designed for overpronators, the dual-density midsole is ideal for long-distance running as well as agility work.

For added medial support (I’m looking at you, fellow overpronators), it boasts a LITETRUSS™ system that helps to even out your gait cycle.

As your feet start to shift inward, the LITETRUSS™ works to push back against your feet to generate a nice and even gait cycle that removes pressure from your knees and joints.


The outsole of the ASICS GT 2000 10 provides runners with that perfect balance between durability and flexibility. It is composed of AHAR rubber that is built to last hundreds of miles without showing much overall wear and tear.

Instead of utilizing a full-length rubber outsole that is stiff and heavy, ASICS instead only utilizes this high-abrasion rubber in high-impact areas. It boasts flex grooves on the forefoot to boost agility and small flex grooves towards the tip of the toes for nimble and snappy toe-offs.

I also love that the outsole of this design has exposed EVA foam on the arches and on the center portion of the heel. This unique design helps to reduce the overall weight of the shoe by a great deal, and also prevents the shoe from becoming too bottom-heavy.

By keeping the outsole of the shoe durable yet lightweight, it helps runners seamlessly move through their gait cycle without a lot of heavy and unforgiving rubber weighing them down.


What I love most about this upper is that it is incredibly lightweight, and contours to the shape of your foot like a second skin. It is composed of an engineered mesh with plenty of ventilation to help move hot air up and away from your feet.

It also boasts a seamless design that reduces the risk of rubbing and irritating the skin on the top of your feet. It has a simple yet effective cage system with flatlock laces that help you to achieve that perfectly locked-down fit.

If you love to wrap your feet in 360 degrees of plush comfort, the design of this upper really hits the mark. The heel collar comes equipped with maximum cushioning that feels lightweight and easy.

It contours to the shape of your heel and Achilles tendon to provide maximum comfort that will not cause blisters to your heels, even on those first initial break-in runs. It also has a nice and plush tongue that feels like a fluffy pillow on the top of your feet.

It’s important to note that all of this plush padding feels great on long or short runs, but it can become a little hot. You will need to decide what is more important to you: maximum breathability, or plush cushioning?


The ASICS GT 2000 10 has done something unique. It has built a stability running shoe that also appeals to runners that hate stability running shoes.

How does it achieve this impossible feat of a very wide appeal? By providing stability features that don’t actually feel like stability features.

Often, these styles of shoes are bogged down with stiff and sometimes uncomfortable features like guide rails, high stack heights, and rockers that work great for overpronators but don’t appeal to neutral runners.

This design, however, works to correct pronation issues with subtle design features in the nice and cushioned midsole that don’t feel like stability features.

While it’s geared more for runners with pronation issues (or heavier runners that need a lot of extra support), advanced neutral runners have taken a liking to this shoe as well due to its insanely comfortable yet snappy ride.

Overall, I would recommend this shoe to just about anyone that loves plush cushioning and a responsive ride. If you overpronate, the design of this midsole helps to naturally guide your stride into a nice and easy gait cycle.

If you are carrying a bit of extra weight, the high-performance and plush midsole reduces the impact on the ground.

If you are training for a marathon, the insanely durable outsole and the nice and snappy ride will get you excited to lace up those running shoes!


I combed through quite a few reviews and found no issues with the overall fit of this shoe. Overall, runners found that this shoe runs true to size.

If you are a size 9 in previous ASICS running shoes, the same can be said for the GT 2000 10. If you are new to ASICS, be sure to take ample measurements of your feet and compare your measurements to their sizing chart to ensure that you get the perfect size for your feet.

What’s great about the design of this shoe is that it boasts a nice and stretchy upper that contours to the unique shape of your foot.

With a seamless design, it works to stretch over the unique shape of your foot and provides excellent lockdown which means that it won’t shift around on your foot as you train.


While this design isn’t the most affordable running shoe out there on the market, it is fairly affordable when compared to similar high-end running shoes. When you take into consideration the advanced features in the midsole, outsole, and plush upper, I feel that this design is well worth every penny.

Also, the highly durable outsole that is built to conquer well over 500 miles makes this design an excellent overall value.
Comparisons to Previous Versions
The changes made to the ASICS GT 2000 10 when compared to the GT 2000 9 are pretty significant. At face value, the newest design in the GT 2000 lineup is sleeker, more modern, and a lot less boxy.

The previous design of this shoe was pretty thick and clunky, and only really appealed to runners that needed the maximum amount of support and stability.

One of the biggest changes made to this design is that ASICS dropped the Guidance Trussic System and replaced it with a more modern LITETRUSS design.

The Guidance Trussic System is great for overpronators, but it felt a little too stiff and heavy. The addition of the LITETRUSS technology helps to keep your feet stable, but it is so subtle that neutral runners love running in this shoe as well.

ASICS also dropped the FlyteFoam Lyte midsole cushioning in the midsole and replaced it with FlyteFoam Propel, and it completely changed the performance of this shoe.

While the GT 2000 9 was highly cushioned and supportive, it wasn’t very snappy and responsive. FlyteFoam Propel is super soft, yet it offers a more energy return when compared to previous designs.

Overall, the GT 2000 10 is more responsive, lightweight, streamlined, and versatile when compared to the GT 2000 9.
It’s rare that a stability shoe appeals to advanced neutral runners, but the sleek and modern design of this running shoe performs like a highly cushioned neutral trainer without being bogged down with heavy stability features such as guidance rails.

Runners love this shoe because it boasts a timeless style, provides a massive amount of cushioning, and boasts an insanely durable outsole that is ready to conquer the road ahead.

Whether you are dipping your toes into the running pool or training for a marathon, the ASICS GT 2000 10 really delivers on all fronts.

It’s a perfect running shoe for those that suffer from pronation issues, those that are heavy strikers, or for runners that simply need something supportive and durable when training for a race.

If you love ample cushioning that still delivers a snappy and responsive ride, the ASICS GT 2000 10 is worth checking out!
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