12 Best Altra Running Shoes Reviewed


Altra is a brand name that has become synonymous with two essential things, simplicity and quality. This is the perfect brand if you are looking for a running shoe that will feel as though you are running barefoot while still providing the necessary protection.

A zero drop shoe isn’t an aspect unique to this brand, but Altra shoes are designed a bit differently than your average zero drop. The specialized toe box is made to be extra wide, beyond the necessity of comfort. This extremely wide space allows the foot to have extra grip, stability, and control. And this is just one part of what make Altra such great running shoes.

Another thing that brings Altra so much praise as among the barefoot running community is its lightweight and soft design. Many runners love having the freedom of full movement of their foot without the risks that come with wearing an under padded or unprotective shoe.

Our list is a selection of the best of what Altra has to offer; a difficult task from a company with a such high standards of quality. Don’t worry though. It was hard for us but we are confident it will be easy for you, since no matter what you choose from this list you will end up with a reliable running shoe.

Last Updated: May 26, 2018
By Mark Smith:

This brand seems to have a fairly decent release schedule, which gives us a chance to really have a good look at their new stuff when it comes out. Check out our updated guide, which includes a few new zero drop options from Altra 6/3/18 Runnerclick is inclined to stay ahead of the curve of brands that innovate as often as Altra, so we have added reviews for their Superior 3.5, King MT, and Escalante as well as updating our review criteria for our readership.

Altra One 2.5
  • Altra One 2.5
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fabric/Synthetic
  • Price: See Here
Altra Superior 3.5
  • Altra Superior 3.5
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High quality
  • Price: See Here
Altra One 3
  • Altra One 3
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Price: See Here

12 Best Altra Running Shoes



1. Altra One 2.5

These are built for speed, and are great for road running. From beginning to finish line, you’ll be able to keep up good speed and experience a lot of comfort. The cushioning in these shoes is particularly noticeable, which results in a very powerful toe-off with a good spring. The midsole has omni-directional movement and great flexibility, which responds to the natural shape and movement of your feet. They are particularly lightweight at only 6.8 ounces, which makes all the difference if you’re looking for speed, particularly over long distances.
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Generally, these are very comfortable and offer a lot of spring and bounce. They are very stable and provide good consistency for long-distance running, so you should experience no pain or foot fatigue. However, it is worth noting that a small amount of users have reported problems with comfort, which is unusual for Astra shoes.

These have about average durability for an Astra shoe and are of ery good quality.

Again, these are fairly pricey, but the unique design and comfort does justify the cost.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Built for speed.
  • Very good cushioning.
  • The shoes have a particularly flexible range of motion and adapt to the natural movement of the foot.
  • These seem to have some sizing problems on occasion.
  • Small pieces of stone and gravel can often get stuck in the soles.

2. Altra Superior 3.5

The Superior 3.5 from Altra is exactly what its name promises: superior. A solid and reliable shoe that is designed for high performance. The Superior 3.5 is a flexible breathable shoe that will have you pushing yourself to your limits. The Superior comes with all of the best Altra high points as well. A wide and unique toe box for enhanced performance and grip. Comfortable and well cushioned padding to keep your foot in its most natural position. And a rock guard to make sure to keep your foot safe from possible injury.
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The Altra Superior 3.5’s design is held to the same high standards of comfort as the brand does all their other shoes, with its specialized and well padded sole. The Superior 3.5 also comes with special features to promote trail stability, such as its sturdy rock plate.

The Superior 3.5 comes highly praised for the quality of the materials of its construction as well as its design. A small note that some had issues with the shoe laces, so if you experience problems after you pick up your pair it may be worth looking into some lace replacements.

These shoes cost the same as your average pair of Altra running shoes. Consider what you would be paying this same cost for another pair of Altra and factor in that the Superior 3.5 come highly praised for their over quality and you got one amazing deal on an excellent pair of shoes.
  • Provides good arch support

  • Fit well
  • Open toe box
  • High qualilty 
  • Well cushioned 
  • Rock guard
  • Laces may be of low quality 

Altra One V3

As some of you may remember, Altra is one of this brands that launched the zero drop shoes. This kind of shoes is specially dedicated to those runners who want to increase the speed and want to push their limits. The outsole feels very lightweight but it's still sturdy enough.A-bound midsole material is extremely comfortable and it's also combined with traditional EVA foam. Runners appreciated the breathability of the shoes, thanks to the open design, the air flow was provided. when it comes to responsiveness of the shoes, runners can really feel the ground. While many other zero drop running shoes don't provide any cushioning, these are a little bit extraordinary. These shoes are the perfect choice if you're looking for something on the road or concrete, the trail is a bad idea.
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Comfort/ Stability
If you're a big fan of cushioning, this model may be nor for you but it still provides some cushioning. The midsole is well cushioned for absorbing the shock more effectively. These are zero drop running shoes so they don't have any additional stability features.

Quality/ Durability
There are many elements in these shoes that make them very durable. Starting from the blown rubber material in the outsole that provides a very durable ride. The foam is also very firm and the TPU overlays are not only breathable but durable as well.

If we had to describe the price of these shoes in one word, excellent would be a good word. It's really cool that you can get these shoes for less than 60 dollars and enjoy the comfortable ride without any fast wearing out.

Surprisingly lightweight

FootShape forefoot allows room for proper toe splay

Zero drop platform

No-sew overlay on upper adds to the shoe's durability


Not cheap

4. Altra Lone Peak 2.5

These minimal shoes promote speed and stability – and like all of Altra’s shoes, their design is conducive to good running form. These are great for trail running, and have been designed for the toughest of terrain, but they’re also a pretty good all-rounder. The great technology protects your feet from rocky ground, and promotes sturdiness on all terrain, while the outsole provides excellent traction both downhill and uphill. The design also increases ankle stability, which should avoid injury regardless of where you run.
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These are very comfortable shoes and ensure good protection when running. Unless you are running on insanely rocky terrain, these should offer all of the comfort and stability that you need.

These are about as durable as any other Altra shoe – they do wear a little quickly, but the quality is excellent while it lasts.

Again, these come at a price, but the quality does justify the outlay.
  • These shoes are very well suited to the real shape of the foot, so provide great comfort and excellent stability.
  • These are perfect for the vast majority of trail running on effective on most terrains.
  • They have a gaiter attachment.
  • Great traction.
  • These do wear quickly, especially on very rocky terrain.
  • The instep is a little shallow for people with particularly wide feet.

Altra Instinct 4.0

Altra returns to its original last on the Altra Instinct 4 while maintaining the new stack height of 25mm. This means the shoe will still feel like the original model with the way it fits, but is tailored to comfort on long distance runs. It is versatile in it’s use and can be used for gym workouts as well. The Instinct is advertised to have moderate cushioning, and with that in mind, is not the lightest shoe weighing in at 10 ounces. Albeit, due to their the qualities this shoe offers, the price is not bad. Consumers enjoy the aesthetic look of the shoe as well, stating that Altra has upped their game on this front.
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With a more spacious toe box than most brands, those who have wider feet find the Instinct to be very comfortable. The Zero Drop and Foot Shape technology encourage natural positioning of the foot to increase stability.


The durability of these shoes are not the best, they tend to wear out in the heel quickly. However, for the price, they are of relatively good quality.


For what the shoe has to offer, the cost is reasonable.

Multifaceted: Can be used for long miles on the road as well as gym workouts

They look better than previous versions

Larger toe box, more suitable for wide feet

More bang for the buck: an all-around shoe at a reasonable price


Moderate cushioning makes for a slightly heavier shoe

Tends to run a half size too small

Altra Intuition 4.0

The Altra Intuition 4 provides similar qualities to its male counterpart, the Altra Instinct 4, in terms of comfort, stability, and cost. The decoupled heel is a new feature and noted to evenly distribute the weight instead of most of it falling on the toe. Other new features include revamped upper mesh to provide breathability and a rubber toe cap to provide extra protection.

The Intuition has moderate amount of cushioning and a stack height of 25mm, yet is lighter than the Instinct weighing in at 7.6 ounces. A difference in customer reviews between the Intuition and the Instinct is that the Intuition does not seem to have as much negative feedback on wear and tear in the heel. However, like the Instinct, the Intuition run small and it is recommended to purchase it a half size larger than your regular shoe size.
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The feedback on the comfort and stability of this shoe is significant, consumers are especially pleased with the return to the original last that was seen in the first models.


Unlike the Instinct, the Intuition is reported to last longer than most shoes. Quality is good as well.

The cost is the same as the men’s version, and similarly, provides great qualities at a reasonable price

Decoupled heel distributes weight evenly.

Better breathability in upper mesh.

Extra protection from rubber toe cap.


Like most of Altra’s shoes, the Intuition runs small. Make sure to purchase a half size larger

5. Olympus 1.5

Another option for trail runners, these offer an attachment point for gaiters and have a trail-specific rubber outsole. EVA foam cushions against the elements and the typical Altra technology means that your runs become more natural and more comfortable over time. The sole lug placement works to increase traction, decrease the time of your uphill climbs and ensure stable descents. They offer a very comfortable fit, which is great on rocky terrain.
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These are a very comfortable pair of shoes, and the excellent soles provide a lot of stability regardless of the terrain. They offer very stable runs even in the most uneven of landscapes.

Like other Altra shoes, these do wear more quickly than other brands due to the unique technology but they are very high quality.

For Altra shoes, these are actually a very reasonable price, so they’re perfect for cash-conscious shoppers. If you’re a trail-runner seeking a bargain, these are for you.
  • They offer great protection in all terrains.
  • Very good for ascents and descents.
  • Good traction.
  • Very reasonable price compared to other Altra shoes.
  • The shoelaces are a little weak.
  • Slightly less arch support than other models.

Altra Torin 3.0

If you're looking for shoes from Altra and you need a lot of cushioning, these shoes may appeal to you. It's hard to find zero drop shoe with such big amount of cushioning. this is the third version of this product and there have been some updates. One of them is boosting the breathability of the shoes, which was a problem in previous versions. the outsole was also a little bit redesigned and now it's much more flexible. these shoes are neutral and will work the best while running on the road. See the other features of these!
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Comfort/ Stability
All the Torin shoes were reviewed as very comfortable and Torin 3.0 version isn't an exception. The great shock absorption thanks to the thick cushioning in the midsole. Like in many other Altra models, their A bound cushioning combined with EVA cushioning provide a comfortable ride. The shoes provide a lot of stability, the platform is stable and the upper along with lacing make your feet more stable.
When it comes to this model, Torin is known from long lifespan. Many users praised the shoes for being very durable even on moderate trails. Some users also said that the upper is much thicker and more durable than in the previous model and it doesn't affect the weight of the shoes, they still remain lightweight.

Cost or Value
These shoes were released in 2017 so now their price is a little bit lower. You can get them for about90 dollars. This price for very versatile shoes is really fair. According to the reviewers, the shoes will last for a long time so the price is even more attractive. The price also depends on the size as users reported.



Fairly priced 


some users had problems with choosing the appropriate size

7. Altra Paradigm

These are a neutral road running shoes and offer stability and support while being very lightweight. They are very cushioning but still have the wide toe box, which can sometimes be a difficult combination to find. The shape of the shoe is designed to complement the natural curve and movement of the foot, which avoids pronation and, over time, improves posture and run performance. These are very highly padded and have a very cushioned insole. The quick drying mesh ensures that the shoes don’t stay wet for very long.
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This is one of the major plus points here. The shoes are very comfy and their build means that they are particularly stable. Many customers, especially those prone to pronation, have reported that over time, the shoes have reduced post-run pain, which makes things very comfortable in the long run.

Some customers have claimed that these shoes are not as durable as other Altra models. If you’re looking to make durability a priority, perhaps you should look elsewhere.

Like lots of Altra’s shoes, these are expensive, but this is pretty par for the course in this category. Altra specialise in unique, flatly-designed shoes, so you’re not going to find any particularly cheap shoes here, though they are worth the investment.
  • Great for road running.
  • If you find that you’re susceptible to injury or pronation, these might help.
  • The cushioning on these is really excellent.
  • Like most of Altra’s offerings, these are on the expensive side.
  • The durability is pretty poor.

Altra Impulse Flash

This shoe offers nice style, good foot support, and nice functional comfort and these are nice features to find in a well-designed stability shoe. Designed for road running and giving enough support for the arch, we see a good light-weight shoe which is capable of giving sound foot support.

When it comes to sizing, try on a size a half size bigger to see if the FIT works for you. 

Some runners have taken the shoe for trail runs and were happy with its performance, a lot of cushion comfort and the shoe comfortably FITs runners with wider feet, though when you try the shoe, think about sizing and go for trying a half size larger.  Feedback from runners demonstrates appreciation for the comfortable toe-box design, lots of space for flexing your toes.

The components used in the structure of the shoe feel light but though we might question durability for a lightly structured shoe, to date no major issues have emerged. In fact, the shoe performance capability has tempted runners to use it on both roads and trail surfaces, though keep in mind the shoe is designed for road surfaces.

The upper has breathability combined with fair performing wick-ability.

A good solid easy to use lacing system which holds securely and a comfortable built-in protective shoe tongue.

When it comes to design in reflective tech, just a glance at the shoe speaks volumes, very visible and the visibility is built into the shoe to be uniquely stylish, this is proving to be popular with runners.

If you fancy trying a different style of shoe, this could be what you"re looking for.

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Given the level of cushion built into the shoe, shock impact is minimum and comfort is very adequate, the shoe clearly gives good stability.


A few runners have thought about durability because the shoe has such a light-weight construction. However, to date, no serious feedback has emerged about durability in short-term use and it could be that lightweight can be durable if the construction is done with light high-quality materials.


The price reflects a nice investment in a shoe which offers good differences.

Very good reflective tech

Good stability shoe

Very good cushion

Spacious toe box


Some runners prefer a less boxy toe-box.

Some runners have questioned the level of breathability for the shoe, this question is minimal and not the majority

Sizing, try a larger size for FIT when you go to the sports store.

11. Altra Escalante

Altra Escalante are a great representation of all the strengths of this brand. This shoe is lightweight, keeping in line with the running on air sort of sensation that Altra often has attributed to their shoes. The shoes fit well, and promises to protect your feet from the dangers of running in the outdoors, such as rough trail conditions and rocks. The Escalante have a wide and responsive toe box, allowing a runner to properly and naturally grip the trail with each step, increasing the runners overall stability. The Escalante is perfect if you are looking for a well rounded example of Altra shoe that provides a little of everything there is to love about the brand.
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The Escalante’s wearers report the shoe is incredibly comfortable, wearing very light and responsive and protecting their feet from obstacles that may cause discomfort or injury.

The only mark against the Altra Escalante is that wearers say the shoe feels flimsy or like it wouldn’t last very long. Now those who have owned this shoe for a long time report its endurance, but if being uncertain about the shoes capabilities of lasting then you may dislike this about the Escalante.

These shoes cost about average from the Altra brand. So a little higher but nothing too expensive. Altra does deliver in terms of product quality and performance, making this price well worth it.
  • Very protective
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible and soft construction
  • Responsive
  • Fits well
  • Shoes do not feel durable 

12. Altra King MT

The Altra King MT are the shoes for you if you are looking to dominate the most challenging of rugged trails. This shoe is made with a resilient soul to prevent injury from stepping on to something jagged, and that sole is additionally reinforced by a rock plate. Despite having a rock plate the King MT still manages to keep itself lightweight. These shoes also dry quickly in the event that they become wet as well as drain quickly if they happen to become submerged. This Altra shoe isn’t all protection from the outside, it is very supportive as well, which can be very helpful for long term pain and injury prevention.
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The King MT is a very stable shoe, supporting its wearers even through the roughest terrain. This shoe also continues Altra dependable pattern of comfortable and well padded shoes. A small issue of note is that wearers found this shoe to have a narrow sole. So perhaps be wary if you have an especially wide foot.

This is a shoe that will endure. The King MT is made to resist rough terrain as well as rocks and other debris. It is made strong. It will wear well and last for a worthwhile amount of time.

The Altra King MT is slightly lower in cost than your average shoe from this brand. This is a real bargain when you consider that the Altra King MT is just as reliable as other Altra shoes and you can get the King at a more affordable price.
  • Powerful grip
  • Resilient sole
  • Rock guard
  • Lightweight
  • Dry fast and drains well
  • Supportive
  • Pain relief and prevention
  • Narrow sole

Generally, Altras are also somewhat expensive, but they are typically worth the price.

The Altra technology means that many of Altras offerings have the same plus points and the same occasional negatives. Here, we look at the best running shoes Altra has to offer and the slight differences which set them apart from one another.

The Criteria Used In Our Search For The Best Altra Running Shoes


The brand Altra and the concept of “Zero Drop” design go hand and hand. Allowing your feet to rest more naturally in the shoe with its specially constructed cushioning, Altra makes for the perfect shoe for reducing  pain and avoiding injuries to your feet and joints by minimizing the amount of stress they endure during a long run. But Altra is far from a one trick pony.

Altra also revolutionized the way runner utilized the toe boxes of their shoes. Many shoe utilize toe boxes that were wide set for comfort and pointed to continue the shape and design of the shoe, Altra created toe box with a more natural shape to optimize the control of the runner as well as minimize issues with bunions, neuromas and plantar fasciitis.

With all of these benefits and then some it is certainly a challenge to narrow down the best of the best from such an impactful brand. Below is our detailed criteria and how we went about selecting the best Altra running shoes for our list.


Altra believes that the human foot is an “anatomical masterpiece” and that the shoes you put on should be specialized and specifically designed for the purpose you need them to serve. Altra offers shoes in the following categories: Neutral, Guidance, Trail Running, and Everyday and each one is designed to suit the needs and demands of their purpose.

Knowing what you will need your shoes for is important but Altra produces reliable shoes for all sorts of needs. So if you find yourself uncertain what takes priority know that you are choosing a shoe that will be able to perform under most circumstances.


Altra shoes are often meant to help a runner enjoy the great outdoors comfortably by offering a variety of options such as rock plates, additional padding, and even waterproofing to help with wet conditionsKnowing what you will be up against, and, in turn, knowing what your Altra shoe is capable of is essential to optimize your running experience.


Altra is not just about performance when it comes to design, they appreciate that a runner enjoying how their shoe looks is important as well. So their shoe designers also work to keep the Altra brand modern and sleek in appearance.

Your Foot Type

Choosing the exact shoe for your type of foot is especially important with Altra since they specially shape their shoes for a natural foot. Meaning that aspects of your own foot that you hadn’t considered previously when buying shoes are now relevant. Especially if you want to reduce risk of injury and pain.

Consider your pronation and the type of support you would need from a shoe. If your ankle rolls inward (over-pronate) or outward(under-pronate)can lead to injury. A shoe with the right type of support will reinforce the ankle to stop the runner from faltering and injuring themselves. Additional support may also be needed if you have atypical arches.

Altra has designs with a variety of supports available. Any sort of foot type you may have there is likely a shoe on this list that will be able to help you. But when you are making this choice it is still important for you to consider your specific needs. Getting a shoe without the support where you need it, or even the wrong type of support, can lead to some extremely hindering pain and long term injuries.


Q: What is pronation?

A: Pronation is the way your foot rolls after it hits the ground in order to distribute the force of impact.  Individuals can be neutral pronators, over-pronators or under-pronators.  Excessive pronation can cause injury but can be prevented by choosing a shoe that helps prevent it.  These shoes are cold stability or motion control shoes. Neutral pronators require no additional support.  Knowing your pronation will greatly help you find a running shoe that suits your particular foot type.

Q: Can I wear Altra Zero Drop shoes if I have flat feet?

A: While flat feet pose some challenges, Altra shoes easily offset them in time by strengthening the feet. The lines Provision and Provisioness are great to give the necessary support to your flat feet while strengthening them so that even run you take makes it easier and more comfortable.

Q: How wide are your shoes?

A: The FootShape technology takes your running to another level if you have wide feet. They offer toe boxes that are much wider than the average shoe without feeling loose or sloppy. Altra shoes can be worn without the removable footbeds, that’s in case you need some extra width to accommodate up to 4E width feet.

Q: Do Altra provide assistance for buying the perfect shoes for me?

A: Yes, they do. Their specialized team will help you choose the right shoes depending on your running behavior and your unique feet. They even teach running technique classes in most of their stores. They also launched the Learn to Run Initiative, to help runners run better and healthier. Take advantage of it!

Q: If I have never used Zero Drop shoes before, should I still buy Altra shoes?

A: Altra recommends a short transition process.  This may take a few days or a few weeks.  Those who are not used to a Zero Drop platform may experience some calf tightness during this time. As your feet and calves get stronger, it will become easier and more comfortable to run at this drop.  But no worries, Altra created a transition guide you can use to make the healthiest transition. You can find all of the details in the stores, on their website, and in a booklet which they include with their footwear as well.

We really hope that this buying guide was helpful to your search. Remember, there is a wide variety of shoes to choose from. The trick is to weigh your needs and practical uses to find the best possible pair for you.

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