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You’re out on a great bicycle ride when it happens.  You never thought it would happen to you, but here you are, stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and no way to fix it.  Don’t let this happen to you!

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best bicycle pumps, and highly recommend keeping one in your vehicle while you ride, or better yet, get a compact one that attaches to the frame.  Some of the products on our list come with patch kits so just about no matter what happens, you’ll never be stuck in the woods again.

Last Updated: September 6, 2018
By EJ Callanan:

In this update we bring you the latest and greatest bicycle pumps to keep you rolling. We've redordered the list to reflect the most current reviews and changes in the market, and added tips to help you choose the right pump for you.

Vibrelli Performance Bike
  • Vibrelli Performance Bike
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Convenient
  • Price: See Here
Vibrelli Mini
  • Vibrelli Mini
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Compact
  • Price: See Here
Schwinn 5 in 1
  • Schwinn 5 in 1
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Sturdy
  • Price: See Here

A pump is an important accessory to carry along when going on any journey because you can never be certain of when you may need to refill your tire after patching it up or in case the pressure in the tire reduces below the required standard. Subsequently, the accessory you select should be designed with materials that will make it last for years. The ease with which you could find a suitable product is largely dependent on your personal needs as an athlete. If you are a devoted cyclist who plans to go biking frequently, some of the factors that you would be required to consider when buying a suitable pump include the compactness of the device and its weight. A suitable bicycle tire pump should be lightweight and compact in order to provide sufficient air and consistent pumping. However, for the occasional cyclists, it is not mandatory to acquire a pump that is characterized by all the important features that make it a great accessory to have. With such information in mind, you would be in a better position of making an informed decision when picking an ideal product for you or for a friend. The following is a list of reputable brands that would enable you to make the right choice.


10 Best Bike Pumps


1. Vibrelli Performance Bike

The Vibrelli Performance is small and lightweight thus making it easy to carry on your bike or on your person when cycling. The fact that it offers convenience and a pressure of up to 120 psi makes it one of the most preferred brands.
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When you buy this particular product, there is no need of changing the valve on your bike tire before you can effectively add pressure to the tire. It can be used on both Schrader valves and Presta valves.


Vibrelli provides a pressure of up to 120 psi. You can easily switch this pump from high volume to high-pressure if need be thus making it a convenient resource to use in any kind of situation.

Cost and Value

The gadget fits perfectly on the valve opening to lock the valve opening automatically so that there are no leaks when pumping pressure into the tire. The pump comes with a bracket you can use to mount the accessory onto your bike when riding. An additional strap holds it firmly on the bicycle frame. Additional accessories include a puncture kit that will let you fix punctured tires quickly and efficiently. Therefore, if you need a quality product at an affordable price, this is the best choice.

Comes with a puncture kit

Fits perfectly on both Presta valves and Schrader valves

Comes with a mounting bracket you can use to carry it on the bicycle frame


The lever breaks after a few uses

The maximum pressure you could achieve is just 70 psi

The mounting bracket does not hold as expected thus you risk losing your pump on the way when it is attached to the frame of the bicycle

2. Vibrelli Mini

The Vibrelli Mini is compatible with bicycle tires fitted with all kinds of valves. Therefore, you will not need to change the valve when you need to use it on a different bicycle with a different valve.
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Fits perfectly on the valve

This pump fits firmly on the valve to prevent air leaks when in use.

Additional accessory

This product comes with a mounting bracket you can use to secure it firmly on the frame so that you do not need to leave it behind on the pretext that you do not have anywhere to carry it.

Cost and Value

It is very convenient as it comes with a puncture kit you can use to repair your bicycle tire in case the tube is punctured. This pump is very convenient thus making it worth every penny

Comes with a puncture kit

Can be used on tires with Presta valves or with Schrader valves

Fits firmly on the valves to prevent leaks


Comes in a range of styles and prices which may be overwhelming to new buyers

4. Schwinn 5 in 1

4. Schwinn 5 in 1
This pump is integrated with two heads, which enables it to pump bicycles with Presta valves and the ones with Schrader valves. It comes with an air needle that you could use to pump balls, pool floats and other sporting goods that require air.
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Effective Gauge

The gauge is easy to read. The pressure of this model goes to up to 140 psi making it a high performing product.

Wide Base

The wide plastic base increases its stability making this product easy to use. It has a well-designed handle that provides a proper grip when in use thus enabling you to exert the power you may need to fill your tire.

Cost and Value

It is compact, sturdy and effective. This model is everything that anyone would desire. You would not need any additional attachments to pump any tire. For the convenient price at which it is being sold on the market, it's a good choice.

It is compact, sturdy and effective

The wide plastic base increases its stability making it easy to use

Can be used on tires with the Presta valve and tires fitted with the Schrader valve


It is not easy to fit on the bike valves. Therefore, close to 80% of the time, you will have air leaking from the tubes as you pump

3. Pro Bike Tools

3. Pro Bike Tools
The Pro Bike Tools adds pressure quickly and accurately because it has a gauge that let's you measure the quantity of pressure you are feeding into your tire.
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It has a durable, lightweight and compact design that makes it everything someone who loves great convenience would desire. It is made of a strong aluminum alloy material. It fits tightly on the valves thus not allowing any leaks when it is being used.

Quick Pumping Power

It boasts of an oversized piston that makes it peak faster to maximum pressure with up to 30 % less effort in pumping as compared to similar models of its kind. This is through its 120 psi pumping bar that is complemented by optimum compactness of the valve.

Cost and Value

The bracket used to mount the pump on the bicycle frame secures your pump safely when not being used so that you will not need to buy another pump after losing the one you recently purchased. This helps consumers save a great deal of money that would be diverted to buying a new pump to replace the one lost. Besides, this product is of exceptional quality.

It is lightweight, compact and durable

It pumps quickly

Has a fastened thread-on valve that guarantees tight sealed valves to minimize lost pressure during pumping


Slightly costly when compared to other mini models of its kind

5. BV Bicycle Ergonomic

5. BV Bicycle Ergonomic
This bike pump is designed with two openings that fit tires with the Presta valve as well as tires fitted with Schrader valve. All you need to do is to switch between the two valve designs depending on the tire you are adding pressure to. This bike pump is effective with no air leaks.
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Inflation Speed

This pump has a maximum pressure of 160 psi. It has a long hose that is fitted with a 360-degree pivot that makes it easy for consumers to add pressure to their bike tires. You will not strain when using this particular bike pump because it is conveniently made to provide you with the greatest level of comfort.

Large Accurate Gauge

This pump has an elaborate gauge that is easy to read. Therefore, it is easy to set the bike pump to a pressure level that is suitable for your bike tire thus enabling you to prolong its lifespan.

Cost and Value

This bike pump has a very comfortable handle and its barrel is made of aluminum material to make it last for years while being used. This is a risk-free purchase with a 1-year warranty within which you can ask for a replacement, and it has a 30- day, money back policy if you are not pleased with the quality of this product.

One-year warranty

It has an accurate gauge that enables you to feed the right quantity of air pressure into the tire

It has a twin valve design making it fit to be used on tires with Presta valves and Schrader valves


Its barrel is tall and large is size thus requiring twice as much effort to pump a single tire compared to other ergonomic bike pumps of the same size.

The markings on the gauge are incorrect

6. AerGun X-1000

6. AerGun X-1000
One thing that makes this pump outstanding is that it has the best pump head you could ever wish for. The pump head on this bike pump makes it easy to use because it does not require any switching or adapters and in other cases, there is no need to fiddle with the pump. The pump is fitted with a convenient pressure release valve that enables consumers to remove pressure from the tires in preparation for different types of training exercises depending on the terrain you intend to ride. This pump is also durable, something that makes it worth every penny.
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This bike pump provides consumers with the greatest level of performance. Its pressure goes to up to 160 psi. You will be able to feel the powerful state of the pump with every stroke. The pump has an additional needle you could use when pumping balls and pool toys.

Easy-to-read Gauge

The gauge provides precise readings that are easy to understand. It is made of a steel barrel that guarantees its durability. The pump can work perfectly with all kinds of bikes.

Cost and Value

Most consumers who have used this product have appreciated its value over the years. Therefore, you could buy this pump with plenty of confidence knowing that it has a lifetime warranty.

It has a gauge that is easy to read

It is made of quality materials that will last a lifetime if maintained properly

It is sturdy with high power and pressure thus great performance


Its price varies depending on what you are looking for

7. Kitbest

7. Kitbest
The pump barrel is made of an ultra-durable aluminum alloy material that is easy to carry. The pump is small enough to fit perfectly on your bike bag. With this bike pump, you would be able to deal with a flat tire anytime and anywhere.
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Lightweight with Additional Accessories

This bike pump is almost weightless and it comes with additional components such as a gas needle for your sports balls, a mounting bracket you can use to fit the pump on the bike frame and a repair kit to help fix your tire when necessary.

Easy to Use

This pump has a dual action pumping mechanism that enables you to pump your bike tire with ease. This is a convenient resource to carry when cycling.

Cost and Value

With this bike pump, you will never be left stranded in case of a flat tire. Punctured tires can easily be repaired with the repair kit that comes with the pump. Moreover, there is little risk involved with buying this bike pump. This is because you could get a replacement for the faulty pump or get your money back in full within the first 5 years after buying it.

5 years replacement or money back guarantee

It is easy to use with a dual action pumping system

Lightweight thus easy to carry and it comes with a repair kit


It has a capability of only 70 psi

8. BoG Products

This bike pump is easy to use and is a great value that offers convenience for the consumer. It is fitted with two ends on the hosepipe that can be used on both bikes with Presta valve and Schrader valves.
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It is designed with a steel alloy that will last for years of use. Moreover, this makes sure that it does not break easily.

Easy to use

It is easy to use and inflates the bike tires quickly with a hose that is double ended to increase pumping capacity

Cost and Value

It has a large and easy to read pressure gauge that is fitted close to the handle of the bike pump making it easy to read. There is little risk involved in buying this particular bike pump because it has a lifetime warranty policy. If it fails, you would get a replacement as soon as possible once you contact the sellers.

Lifetime warranty

Well designed with a strong alloy material thus durable

Easy to use on bikes with all types of valves


It is difficult to get the handle down once the pressure of the pump reaches 60 psi

9. DOKO-IN Mini

9. DOKO-IN Mini
With the Doko-In Mini bike pump, you can refill you tire in the shortest time possible. This bike pump has a psi of roughly 210. This bike pump is easy to use and very comfortable, as you require very little effort to refill your bike tires.
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Pressure Release Button

When you buy this bike pump, you would not expose yourself to the risk of having to deal with blown out tubes since the pressure release button enables you to relieve the bike tire of excess air pressure. You will be able to release excess pressure even with the pump still fitted on the tire valve. Just press the red button on the pump.


With this bike pump, you would be able to switch easily between different valve types at you own convenience. This helps you retain the good state of the valves.

Cost and Value

The pump has a bracket that you can use in mounting the pump securely on the bike frame regardless of the distance you cycle. It is lightweight and durable, which makes it a good investment for athletes who love quality products that are sold at a good price.

It is designed with quality aluminum material

It is fitted with a unique pressure release button that prevents tire bursts

Can easily be switched to be used with all types of tire valves

It has a secure bracket mount to secure it perfectly on the bike frame


It has a poor grip to the valve thus requiring you to use your hands to hold the air in

10. Mini Floor

10. Mini Floor
This high-performance product enables you to inflate your tire in the shortest time possible. The largely sized piston is what delivers high power and pressure when pumping. It goes to up to 120 psi.
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The handle provides a good grip and pushing power when in use. It has a foot peg made of steel which increases the stability, making the product easy and comfortable to use.


This pumping valve can be used on tires fitted with Schrader valves or the ones fitted with Presta valves.

Cost and Value

You would have saved a great deal of cash by buying this product. You would be able to use it for years without needing an alternate pump if you maintain it properly given its exceptional quality.

Has a super fast inflation capability

Compatible with all valves

Has a fastened thread-on valve connection that ensures that there are no air leaks during pumping


Its price varies depending on the quality that you desire

Several different types are available in the market today making it very difficult and confusing for consumers to decide on the equipment that would best serve their needs or the best model to buy. Further, the current ones are designed with features that were not present in the pumps that were used back in the day. You should take your time to select the accessory you desire if you want for your purchase to pay off at the end of the day.  These products are heavily used in the proper maintenance of the tire. Therefore, it is important that the model you select is the right one for you. Take your time to scout for the best option and you’ll get a product that’s right for you.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Bike Pumps


To arrive at the best products, it calls for great patience and adequate research. This is because the current market is flooded with all kinds of bicycle tire inflators that include both genuine pumps as well as the counterfeit models that would not serve your needs for a prolonged duration. You could ask friends and family members about what they think is the best accessory. Alternatively, you could research online resources by going through online reviews on these accessories to help give you an idea of what would be the best for you by getting clues concerning what you are supposed to look for when shopping for a suitable device. However, if you need a suitable accessory that would serve your needs in the best way possible as an athlete then you need to utilize the criteria outlined below when making your selection.


The product that you should buy needs to be small enough to make it easy to carry in your backpack, in your jersey pocket or if possible, the pump should be able to fit on your bike. If you make the mistake of buying a bulky one, you would be forced to leave it at home when you go out training on your bike and you would be greatly inconvenienced if you have a flat tire in a remote location where there may be no possibility of acquiring a replacement. Therefore, if you do not want any disappointments, make sure that the product you buy is portable.

The bicycle accessory you select should work perfectly with all types of bike valves. The common types of valves used in most bike tubes include the Presta valve and the Schrader valve. Schrader valves are more or else similar to the valves found on car tires. However, you would never find the Schrader valve on most e-bikes and hybrid bikes. The Presta valves, on the other hand, are much more slender compared to the Schrader valve. The Presta valves are commonly found on high-end mountain bikes as well as road bikes. The bike wheels on which the Presta valve is fitted are usually light weight and very narrow. With the Presta valve, a screw is used in closing the valve opening to keep the air inside the tube. Therefore, to be on the safe side it is important that you buy a bicycle tire inflator that can work perfectly on both types of valves. This is so that when you bump into a friend in the streets with the flat tire who might need help, you would be able to offer your pump even if the valve on his or her bike is different from the one on yours.


These products are rated in terms of ‘pounds per square inch’ (psi). You should buy a model that will enable you to achieve the capacity you want in the shortest time possible and with minimal effort involved. Road bikes require you to inflate the tires to about 100 psi. Nevertheless, the capacity to which you would be required to inflate your bike tire is highly depended on a range of factors such as the condition of the road you intend to cycle through as well as your weight.  Mountain bikes require as low as 30 psi. The lower pressure gadgets are best suited for lower pressure tires. Ideally, when compared to high-pressure ones, the low-pressure devices would pump the low-pressure tires quickly and efficiently. However, the low-pressure pumps can never be used on road bike tires because their highest capacity is usually at 40 psi. All said it is important to note that the high-pressure pump is the best bicycle tire inflator you can buy. This is because the high-pressure pump can be used on any bike tire size and type.


Most small models do not have a gauge integrated as part of the gadget’s design. However, for the larger ones such as the truck pump or the electronically operated devices, they would most definitely have a gauge. If you must buy a bicycle tire inflator with a gauge, you should make sure that the gauge is easy to read so that you can easily determine if you have achieved the air pressure level that is appropriate for your tire. Most of these products today come with digital gauges that are easy to read. However, these options with the digital gauges are costly. Be it as it may, even with the high cost, this type of equipment is worth every penny. The accessory with a gauge enables you to pump the tires to the correct air pressure which helps in enhancing the durability and performance of your tire and your bicycle in general.


Before you buy, make sure you evaluate the material used in designing it. Is the model you intend to buy made of plastic or metal material? In such a case, if you want one that would last you years and still serve its intended purpose then the one made of metal would be the best option. The ones made of metal are sturdier than the ones designed with plastic. The barrel, lever, and the valve attachment points should be made of metal if you wish to buy a durable one. Your first priority should always be a  model with metal parts before you could think about different options that are designed with plastic parts.


If maintained in the required manner, these pumps last for years. If you can, ensure that you buy a simple model that you would be able to disassemble on your own when you need to service or replace parts of the pump such as the gaskets and O-rings thus allowing you to properly maintain it all year round. The device you buy should also be easy to use.


Flaws with these products are rare. People who have used these pumps attest to the fact that they have never witnessed any problems with theirs. For this reason, an exceptional bicycle tire pump is one that has a lifetime warranty. Good manufacturers always stand by their products by providing a lifetime warranty so that in case of any errors or flaws with the product they would be able to intervene in the shortest time possible to leave their clients happy and satisfied.


Featured Recommendations

Q: Are there any health risks associated with using a bike pump?

A: Ideally, they are not a health hazard to consumers. What would be considered a threat to individuals’ health is when the pump is too hard to use which is something that may occur if the gadget is not maintained properly. Otherwise, certain bicycle accessories are not in any way a threat to individuals’ health. Nevertheless, people who suffer from arthritis should never buy gadgets that would be hard on their wrist areas. Similarly, individuals who experience back pains should not buy or use ones that would require them to stand when adding pressure to the tire as this may be considered a health hazard. In general, it is important that consumers know what their bodies could do and the things that their bodies could not do before buying one or even putting it to use. Nonetheless, there are bicycle accessories available on the market that could be used in all manner of situations so it is upon you to decide on the model that would suit your interests.

Q: How often should you maintain your bike pump?

A: It is important to maintain your bike pump as often as possible and in accordance with the instructions provided with the manufacturers. This is because you would not wish to have to deal with the nightmare of repairing a faulty gadget or borrowing one because the one that you have is faulty. You would only realize that there is a problem with your purchase when you use it consistently and nothing seems to happen; the tire remains the same. However, such an incident can never be a problem if you properly maintain your product. In addition, most of these gadgets are easy to fix or at least some of them have warranties. Everything said, the only way you would avoid the demerits that surface with a faulty one is by ensuring that you consistently check your bicycle tire inflator for leaks and clogs. Besides, clogs and leaks are maintenance routines that you could deal with on your own to avoid future predicaments. If possible, you could completely dismantle your model for easy cleaning and servicing before you could reassemble it if you could do that.

Q: Is it advisable to buy different pumps for different bicycle designs?

A: If your pocket allows it, it would be very helpful to have an accessory for every type of bicycle you own. It feels much comfortable to use a bicycle pump for a specific tire without mixing the pressure pumps. However, if you could find an effective one that could be used with all bicycles that would be great. Nevertheless, the ones picked for specific bicycles are the most suitable options to buy.

Q: Should I buy a bike pump based on the price at which it is sold on the market?

A: If you intend to buy one that you would travel with frequently, then you should never shop for the accessory based on its price unless you would be looking for something specific. It is undoubted that most pumps are sold at reduced prices. Therefore, it makes no economic sense for you to go for a cheaper one that is made poorly because you wish to save a few dollars. We buy things because of their value and not because of the price at which they are sold. If you wish to rip all the benefits of having a bicycle tire inflator then you should not shop for these products based on their price. Buy a model that has all the qualities that you would wish for or something that is convenient, durable and easy to use regardless of its price.


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