Best Bone Conduction Headphones Reviewed & Rated for Quality


Bone conduction involves the transmission of sound through the vibration of energy sent through the cheekbones or jawbones. Sound waves bypass the outer and middle ear and spare the eardrum of the work of transmitting sound to deal directly with the inner ear. This technology has been around for a while to assist individuals who have suffered a hearing loss. Those with impaired hearing can greatly benefit from this technology. A good example of the hearing impaired is Beethoven, who used the technology to listen to music. Therefore, this concept is not new and can have several benefits when applied to exercise or training.

Phaiser BHS-530
  • Phaiser BHS-530
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Water-resistant nanocoating
  • Price: See Here
Mpow Cheetah
  • Mpow Cheetah
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Rich listening experience
  • Price: See Here
Aftershokz Sportz
  • Aftershokz Sportz
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Price: See Here

Nowadays, fitness enthusiasts need to listen to music when they are working out to make the training session more enjoyable or reduce the physical and mental pain associated with physical activity. The technology has also been applied to sports headphones to help entertain sportsmen and women during their workout routines. In particular, it has been very helpful in keeping the runners and jogging enthusiasts entertained while they hit the road or pound the pavement to reach their fitness goals. Regardless, the devices come in handy to help make your journey to fitness as interesting and as entertaining as possible. However, the challenge often comes when choosing the right headset for the job. Below are top 10 bone conduction headphones reviewed for quality to help runners and athletes make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right gear and equipment to help them achieve their fitness results faster.


10 Best Bone Conduction Headphones


1. Phaiser BHS-530

Runners know that having earbuds attached to their ears can be annoying especially when hitting the pavement, as they can fall and out and even get lost. They can also slip out when you are sweaty. If you are fed up with such an experience, then it is time to reconsider your sources of music when running. The Phaiser BHS-530 will remain wrapped around your head when running.
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Lifetime Sweatproof

Wearing your buds and running when it is hot could ruin then or cause them to fall off due to sweat. However, this headset features a water-resistant nanocoating to help protect them from being damaged by sweat.

Hands-Free Calling

You no longer have to interrupt your normal routine because your phone rang. All you have to do is switch between music and calls without much difficulty. Just one push of a button can save you much time.

Cost and Value

Working out while listening to music has been made much easier, thanks to the sweatproof type that remain attached to the ear even when the athlete is sweating. They also enable hands-free calling to limit phone interference when running. All these come at a modest cost.

Lifetime sweatproof to avoid dropping

Allows hands-free calling and easy switching from music to calls

Stable wireless Bluetooth connection

Surprisingly comfortable to wear when running


The mic lacks good audio clarity

They may feel lose or tight around the head

2. Mpow Cheetah

Runners know the importance of pure wireless sound, which is what you get by investing in this pair. Athletes can enjoy uncompromised audio quality when jogging. In fact, music lovers will enjoy the rich sound and listening experience while training or hitting the pavement. They provide a perfect fit to allow the athlete to focus on the workout and less on falling earbuds, as there are none.
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Never Falling Out

The stylish behind-the-ear design makes it fit perfectly behind the head to provide a memorable jogging experience. You can run, jog and even go biking but they will not fall out like earbuds.

Hi-Fi Quality

Users get to enjoy the Hi-Fi audio quality and stereo music. They can also enjoy quality calls through the mic. You no longer have to pause running to attend to a phone call.

Cost and Value

If you are looking for a no-lag voice when jogging and listening to your favorite music playlist, then you should try this product. In addition, it is highly affordable and you can get one for a few dollars.

The behind-the-ear design ensures stability to avoid falling out when running

Provides exceptional listening experience

Long battery life to last 8 hours of playtime

Universal Bluetooth compatibility


The battery life may deteriorate over time

May take longer to charge

3. AfterShokz Trekz

This comfortable and lightweight wireless stereo pair is the safest alternative to conventional sports earbuds. This open ear design delivers premium-quality music play. Users can also enjoy crystal-clear calling for a quality conversation. Manufactured with athletes and runners in mind, this sweatproof design is secure and allows users to hear their surroundings when training. The Bluetooth connectivity allows easy connection with your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
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Designed For Long Wear

Trekz titanium wraparound headbands ensure comfort when worn for an extended period, thanks to their flexibility and lightweight. The long battery life allows users to enjoy uninterrupted music for as long as six hours and the comfort fit is unmatched.

Quality Sound

If you are looking for a premium audio experience, this innovative pair will give you just that. It features PremiumPitch technology-rich base and wide dynamic range. In addition, the LeakSlayer technology minimizes natural sound leakage. You’ll find the best quality audio.

Cost and Value

This product ensures the ears remain aware of what is happening in the surrounding, especially during long-term wear. It also allows Bluetooth connectivity to enable wireless music streaming during workouts. In addition, the pair is highly affordable.

Ensures maximum situational awareness

Bluetooth connectivity to pair with Bluetooth-enabled devices

Comfort fit for long-term wear

Delivers premium audio experience

A long battery life to last six hours or more


Other people nearby can hear the music from the headset

May not work as well with phone call communication

4. Aftershokz Bluez 2S

4. Aftershokz Bluez 2S
This award-winning brand offers reliable wireless connectivity to facilitate listening to music without inhibiting situational awareness. The sound quality is shockingly great and the product will guide all mini vibrations to penetrate the cheekbones to reach the inner ears. Since they are extremely lightweight, they will feel comfortable to wear all day long. You can safely tune in to music while staying in touch with the real world.
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Premium Pitch

If you are looking for premium stereo sound guaranteed by patented dual suspension transducers, then you might want to try these wraparound headphones. The sound range is dynamic and the user can enjoy more bass.

Dual Microphones

The dual microphones allow clear communication. Users can receive calls and maintain a conversation even in a noisy environment. They can be great for hands-free phone calls.

Cost and Value

The patented dual suspension transducers provide high-quality stereo sound to facilitate clear communication and phone conversations even in noisy environments. The cost is affordable.

Allows wireless music streaming

Direct sound wave transmission to reach the cochlea

Adds more bass to enhance the overall sound quality

Repeals rain and sweat


Can be a bit large for smaller heads

The mic quality may not be great

5. AfterShokz Sportz

5. AfterShokz Sportz
They are lightweight and feel comfortable around the head. They are safer than the conventional earphone and can be great for sports. Users can enjoy high-quality music play for durations of up to 12 hours. For crystal-clear calling, users should invest in one of this pair. They are specially designed to meet the needs and expectations of the beginner and advanced athletes.
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Full Situational Awareness

Designers understand that awareness is key and should be given a high priority when it comes to sports gear and equipment. You will still be a part of the world around you when listening to music and jogging.

Bud-free Listening

They make bud-listening a thing of the past. You will no longer have to worry about sore ears because they leave them free to listen to the surrounding. The comfort is unmatched.

Cost and Value

Once you are introduced to bud-free listening you will never go back to covering your ears again. The product is safe for the ears and will deliver high-quality music. The price is modest as well.

Sweat and moisture repellent

Offers 12 hours of uninterrupted listening

Lightweight, flexible headband

Premium-quality audio experience


Can be too small for extra-large heads

May not produce much bass

6. Vidonn F1 Titanium

6. Vidonn F1 Titanium
These are specially designed for training: hiking, running, jogging and biking. You can go running or mountain climbing without worrying about them falling off your head and ears. They will enable you to hear what goes on in your immediate surrounding while supplying you with unlimited entertainment. The best part about wearing these is the reduction in potential danger. In addition, the sound quality is also exceptional.
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Flexible Titanium Design

The backbone is made of titanium alloy for durability while retaining softness for maximum comfort fit. You will feel very comfortable wearing some of them because that will wrap around your head for a comfort fit.

IP55 Waterproof Grade

The training environment is characterized by water, moisture, and sweat. However, wearing these allows you to enjoy the sport you are taking part in without worrying about the rain or sweat damaging them.

Cost and Value

This headset is very comfortable to wear and will allow the sportsman or sportswoman to run or jog freely without worrying about the headset coming off the head. They are also very affordable and can be obtained for a few dollars.

Comfortable to wear and allows you to perform sports freely

Noise canceling

Open ear design to make it safer to listen to music while doing sports

Long battery life for 6 hours of listening to music


May not fit some heads well

The bass may not be ideal for some people


Designed to avoid sending sound through the listener’s inner ear, this headset is quite safe to wear. They are also specially designed to send sound through the athlete’s bones of the skull via vibrations to the cochlea but first through the cheeks. This leaves the eardrums free to collect and transmit sound from the nearby surrounding. They are great for outdoor running or jogging because the wireless music transmission allows the user to listen to his or her favorite music on the smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity.
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Bone Conduction Technology

Vibrations send sounds through the athlete’s cheekbone to reach the inner ears and enjoy cool music. This is a great way to prevent hearing impairment. Staying alert and aware of the surrounding environment helps to avoid danger and stay safe.

Sweat Resistance

The audio equipment resists sweat and rain, thanks to the IP55 waterproof grade design. It is great for outdoor activities like running, jogging, marathon and even cycling. You don’t have to worry about the rain or sweat while training.

Cost and Value

Runners and marathoners can take advantage of the sweat-resistant feature to jog in the rain. It is also great for athletes who would like to preserve their hearing while jogging and listening to music. The price is pocket-friendly as well.

Helps to avoid hearing impairment

Rain and sweat resistant to give the peace of mind athletes need when jogging

Large battery to withstand 6 hours of music

Supports Bluetooth connectivity


Battery life may deteriorate over time

Can be too large for some users

8. Genso Bone Conduction

8. Genso Bone Conduction
Whether you are looking for waterproof or Bluetooth-enabled headphones, this product will enhance your workout experience and entertain you while at it. You don’t have to worry about the safety if your eardrums because they are designed for maximum protection of the eardrum. They are great for running and driving or any other activity that requires maximum situational awareness.
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Designed for Sports

They are great for outdoor activities such as cycling, running, and jogging in the rain. In fact, they can withstand light rainfall without getting damaged. You can also take advantage of the ergonomic design and comfort fit to wrap them around your head while running.

Less Charging Time, Extended Battery Life

With built-in 200mAh lithium battery on each side, they are able to supply sufficient power to play music and receive calls hands-free without worrying about battery life. A 2-hour charge leads to full batteries and this can give you 4 hours of playtime and 10 days of standby time.

Cost and Value

Fitted with two long-lasting batteries on each side to allow extended music play, the athlete can enjoy 4 hours of uninterrupted music. They are designed for outdoor activity and are pocket-friendly as well.

Bluetooth v 5.0 for the fastest wireless file transfer

Prevents hearing impairment common with conventional earphones

Takes 2 hours to achieve a full charge

Features 4 hours of playtime


May not feel comfortable on every head

The mic may not produce quality phone call conversations

9. G1 Bone

9. G1 Bone
Taking good care of the eyes can help you prevent the development of various eye problems over time. Therefore, you should always take any opportunity to protect them from the glaring UV rays of the sun. These polarized sunglasses will relieve your eyes of eye fatigue that could blur your vision while giving you healthy sound transmitted via the bone.
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Protect the Eyes

These sunglasses will protect your eyes against the harmful UV rays. You will experience improved visual clarity. It also eliminates glare common with technology devices and screens.

Smart Touch

It features a capacitive screen touch panel to allow easy control of calls. You can answer and end calls as you wish with much ease. Playing, pausing, forwarding and rewinding music and songs has also been made easier.

Cost and Value

The sunglasses offer two important features in one: eye protection and music. You can help protect your ears and eyes by investing in one of these sunglasses. They are also very affordable.

Can eliminate glare and help protect the eyes

Relieves the eyes of potential eye fatigue

No damage to the eardrum because of bone-to-auditory-nerve transmission

Hands-free calling to minimize accidents while on the road


The lights turn off after a short time

Getting the light to work can be a challenge

10. Softrock

10. Softrock
If you are worried about the potential damage that sound going through your eardrum could cause, then you need to invest in the right vibration transducer to transfer the energy to your cochlea via the cheekbone. You can then use your eardrum for listening to your surroundings and staying informed of what is happening around you.
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Comfortable to Wear

Adopting aeronautical titanium alloy, you will enjoy wearing and using this brand. It is lightweight and produces high-quality undistorted sound. You will also be free to do your favorite sport, whether running or jogging for as long as possible.

Large Battery

It boasts a large battery that takes only 2 hours to charge to full capacity but lasts 6 hours of playtime. Athletes also get to enjoy 10 days of standby time.

Cost and Value

Jogging enthusiasts and runners are free to run without worrying because they can enjoy quality music from this comfort fit design. The battery life is also impressive and the product can be obtained for a few dollars.

Helps to avoid potential hearing impairment

Provides great acoustic experience

Great for jogging and running

Lasts 6 hours when fully charged


May not perfectly fit every head

The bass may not be deep enough for some athletes

Criteria Used in Choosing Best Bone Conduction Headphones

There is a reason these products have been very popular lately, especially among athletes and marathoners. The music industry also recognized this technology as far as making entertainment systems for the fitness industry is concerned. This technology has been used in the health industry for several years but is today incorporated into the music industry to help provide a new, creative and safe way to stay entertained. They can be used for simple music streaming and entertainment, but many people prefer to use them while running, jogging, training, or exercising. Their popularity has hit the sports market because of the claim that they offer equivalent sound quality without blocking the ambient noises, as they leave the whole ear or a part of it open to the outside environment.

Hikers and cyclists have also grown to love these products because of their ability to produce premium-quality on-the-go music without jeopardizing situational awareness. Being on the road carries several risks, and this means athletes have to be aware of their surroundings at all times. This makes the headphones the perfect fit for the job. However, with the unlimited number of these products on the market, it often gets confusing when the user has to choose one that matches his or her fitness goals and music requirements. Below are the criteria for evaluating the best brands available.

Sound Quality

Perhaps one of the most important features to consider when shopping for a headset is sound quality. The main reason for visiting a retail shop to purchase any of these products is to allow you to listen to music while training. Experienced runners know the importance of premium sound quality when running and listening to music. Not only will you be entertained as you work out, but you will also have an easy time doing so. Headsets are known to reduce the physical and mental pain associated with working out. By listening to motivational lyrics you can be able to work harder and achieve faster results. The process will also be a little easier. Therefore, when shopping for your ideal entertainment unit for running, it is probably best to go for premium quality sound so that music quality is not compromised. In addition, quality sound is conducted better into the inner parts of the ear.

While virtually all kinds of such headsets are meant to entertain the user or the athlete when running or performing any other physical activity that requires situational awareness, not all produce the same quality of sound. However, note that no matter how good these headsets are they can never produce the same quality of sound as regular headsets. This can be attributed to the fact that vibrations have to be sent through the jawbone or cheekbone, which can be a very rigid material. This ordinarily requires more energy than that required to send these vibrations through the air and into the inner eardrum. The molecules in hard structures such as bones are strongly bonded together and would, therefore, require more energy to move or cause them to vibrate. High-quality headphones with high-quality sound will allow you to listen to quality music despite the vibrations having to travel through the bones to reach your inner ear.


Technological advancement has made it possible to improve the quality and performance of devices with each new release. Manufacturers continue to produce superior products by leveraging superior technology. Today, it is very common to find sweatproof or water-resistant type among runners, athletes, cyclists, and other fitness enthusiasts. When shopping for such products, it is important to consider whether the sweatproof feature will make all the difference. If you are planning to use them when jogging, you should understand that such an intense activity causes so much sweating and could potentially damage them. Sweat will drip from your head all the way down into your ears and possibly damage your expensive headset. However, water-resistant products are designed to avoid absorbing and soaking into the moisture. Look for products that are made of waterproof/ water resistant materials to prevent water, sweat, and moisture from getting into and damaging them.

The importance of waterproofing cannot be overemphasized. When you are jogging or running you almost always sweat profusely through the pores located all over your body. Even your ears sweat and could get the earpiece soaked in sweat. Similarly, a non-sweat-resistant material can be a great inconvenience. As soon as you sweat, the headphones will start feeling very uncomfortable around your head. If you want to be wearing your favorite headsets around your head for as long as you are jogging, running or hiking, just ensure that they are water resistant. IP55 waterproof grade design is great for virtually all outdoor sporting activities, not just for running and jogging. In fact, you can use them along the beach and will never have to worry when it starts to rain. There are several moisture resistant items to help you enjoy your training session in peace; you just have to know where to look.

Battery Life

This is also an important feature to consider because the accessories are made of rechargeable batteries to power the device to play music and receive or make phone calls. Most people would not ordinarily consider this factor because they assume that all these devices last for nearly the same time. However, such an assumption is not true, as different rechargeable headsets have different battery life. If you are shopping for a device to help entertain you while to go jogging, you should equally consider how long it will last when fully charged. Jogging sessions often last an hour or less, and a 2-hour battery life could seem sufficient. The disadvantage, however, is that you might want to use it for other purposes other than exercise. For instance, you might want to use them to listen to music while just relaxing at home. You might also want to carry them to listen to your favorite music playlist on your way to your summer vacation, and this might require a longer lasting battery.

Regardless, it is advisable to take your time and select headsets with longer battery life to guarantee uninterrupted music playtime while exercising. 6 hours of playtime should suffice, but some can last longer than others depending on the manufacturer and ampere-hours. Typically, the higher the ampere-hours the longer the battery will likely last. Similarly, the charge time is of equal importance, as some batteries take longer than others to get fully charged. Shorter recharge time means you can have it ready for your routine workout in two hours or less.

Comfort Fit

Another important aspect is how comfortable the headphones fit on your head. Note that you will be wrapping them around your head in readiness for your next workout. Although they are generally similar in size, some will feel a little tighter than others when worn around the head. If you feel comfortable wearing them it means you could focus more on the exercise itself than comfort. Depending on your head size, you should look for headsets that fit perfectly well around your head. Headsets that are too loose could mean having to reposition them every time, and this can be a great distraction. On the other hand, those that are too tight could create feelings of discomfort while wearing them. The athlete should find a balance so that the headphones fit perfectly well to allow maximum concentration on the exercise task at hand. You don’t want to be constantly distracted by loose-fitting headphones, especially when jogging along a busy road.

Different manufacturers design their headsets different to appeal to different audiences. Owing to the varying design, their products are likely to vary slightly in size. Apparently, this can be a little complicated when it comes to choosing the right ones for jogging. If you have the time you could physically visit a local store and personally try to fit the headphones. However, this can be complicated if you are buying from an online store, as you have to rely on the product description to find the right ones. Alternatively, you could ask a relative or friend to recommend the best product they have used. This can make work a little easier. You should make comfort your priority when purchasing your ideal headset because your performance is directly tied to how comfortable you feel while running, jogging or cycling with the headphones on. Just take your time to ensure that you are getting good value for your money.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are bone conduction headphones?

A: These allow you to listen to sound and music through the vibration of the cheekbone or jawbone, as the sound waves bypass the outer and middle ear to reach and stimulate the inner ear. This technology has existed for several decades and has been particularly helpful in assisting those with hearing loss to listen to music and sounds. The technology has since spread to the music and fitness industry to help entertain athletes while they run or train to achieve their fitness goals. They are generally safer than conventional accessories because they do not expose the eardrum to the risk of damage.

Q: I suffer from a hearing loss; will these type work for me?

A: Many people are concerned about whether they could benefit from these devices and yet they have a hearing loss. Well, they have worked for other people with a similar condition. In fact, they were originally meant to help people such a condition to listen to sounds but have since evolved to be used in other industries. As long as one cochlea is still functioning, you could significantly benefit from investing in one of these products.

Q: Can the quality of sound be as good as that of regular headphones?

A: Obviously not. The conduction is poor because it occurs through the bone, which tends to have more solid and compact molecules that can require way more energy to move or vibrate. In addition, failing to get a direct transmission means poor sound quality.

Q: Why do I need these and yet I have regular ones?

A: The essence of investing in any of these is to enable you to listen to music while you jog, run or perform virtually any physical activity. There are several advantages to this, including the fact that your eardrum will be protected from potential damage. In addition, if you value situational awareness and would like to remain alert regarding what goes on in your immediate training environment, then you might want to reconsider your choice.

Q: How much do they cost?

A: Well, the cost may vary from one manufacturer or model to another. The make and model have different features and capabilities to help perform the various functions for which they were designed. However, they are generally more affordable today than ever. For a few dollars, you could get yourself a high-quality pair to allow you to wirelessly stream music when jogging.

Q: Where can I find good bone conduction headphones?

A: There are many places to buy a good pair. From the chain store near you to that well-stocked departmental store that is only a 10- minute drive away, there is no limit to where you could find your ideal music player. However, visiting popular online stores could save you the trouble of having to shop around because you will be able to gain access to countless products. Just ensure that you know what to look in a product before logging onto your computer and beginning your search.


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