10 Best Coffee Beans Tested & Fully Compared


Choosing the best coffee beans that would satisfy your tastes and preferences is often difficult. It is often confusing to choose between the varieties of coffee bean varieties that are currently being sold in the market. As such, you have to be very careful not to end up with poor quality coffee beans that you may acquire at an overpriced price just because you may have no knowledge of what good coffee beans look like. This review will highlight ten examples of the most renowned coffee beans that you could choose from when making your selection. If you need good coffee, make sure you take your time to make the best selection.

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Death Wish Organic
  • Death Wish Organic
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Twice as much caffeine
  • Price: See Here
Lavazza Super Crema
  • Lavazza Super Crema
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Blended & roasted in Italy
  • Price: See Here
Koffee Kult Dark
  • Koffee Kult Dark
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Smooth taste
  • Price: See Here


You need exceptional tools if you wish to produce the finest cup of coffee. However, even with the best coffee-making machine, you would not be able to produce a good drink if you buy stale or low-quality brewing beans. You should devote a good portion of your time if you wish to make a good choice for quality brands. Choosing the best coffee beans is more or else similar to the process of shopping for quality wine. Before you go out shopping for a coffee brand, there are a few basic facts that you would have to be aware of in order to make a proper choice even if it might be the very first time you plan to buy them. Some of the factors that you would need to consider when shopping for the right beans include the taste and aroma of the coffee you intend to buy, how it is grown and processed, the brand type, where it is grown and the degree to which they have been roasted. Having some of these considerations in mind would enable you to make the best choice for coffee beans so that the quality you buy meet your desires. At the end of the day, the type of brand you would choose would determine the quality and flavor of the coffee you would brew.


10 Best Coffee Beans


1. Death Wish Organic

If you wish to stay awake longer then this is the type of coffee to buy. These coffee beans have twice as much caffeine as the caffeine quantity that you would find in your average coffee. They are definitely professionally roasted to provide the consumer with a bold and smooth brew.
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Certified Coffee

You need to value the fact that the USDA has certified these coffee beans. This means that when you buy them, you are guaranteed a quality product that is processed with great expertise.

Boosts Performance

These coffee beans have an intense flavor and exceptional aroma that helps in enhancing the consumer’s energy. This coffee would be exceptional for an athlete who would require a good amount of energy during training and when taking part in the competitions. These coffee beans have the correct quantities of caffeine that you would require to stay strong and bold.

Cost and Value

This is a risk-free purchase because once you buy the coffee beans and you are not satisfied with the quality of the beans, you will get your money back in full with no questions asked.

It boosts your energy levels thus increasing performance

It would act as a good kick-start for the day so that you could stay awake for the good part of the day to help you complete the activities you had planned for the day.


The product is costly as compared to other cheaper brands

2. Lavazza Super Crema

The fine ground Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans are best to be used on the espresso coffee-making machine while the coarse ground coffee options would be best when used to prepare coffee on the drip coffee making machine. The type of beans you would buy from the market would solely depend on the kind of coffee making machine that you have.
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These coffee beans have elements of almonds, honey and dried fruit that give the coffee brewed from these coffee beans a unique aroma and taste.


The mild and creamy state of the coffee beans is derived from the blend of different types of coffee beans from diverse regions such as the Arabica coffee varieties obtained from Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Cost and Value

You could use these excellent coffee beans in preparing tasty lattes and cappuccinos. These coffee beans are of great value as they are a blend of different unique coffee bean varieties. It brews good coffee when used on the espresso machine. Nevertheless, before you buy these coffee beans make sure they are still fresh by making sure that they are not passed the expiry date.

It is a unique blend of different single origin coffee varieties

It is reasonably priced

It is blended and roasted in Italy thus allowing the local residents of Italy to enjoy the original taste of coffee. It has elements of almonds, dried fruits and honey to add to the taste of the coffee.


There is a lack of consistency in the quality of the coffee

3. Koffee Kult Dark

The Koffee Kult Dark brand is derived from pure quality Arabica coffee beans. The producers guarantee the consumers the greatest satisfaction. Otherwise, you would be given your money back in full.
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Dark Roast

These dark roasted coffee beans guarantee the consumers, fresh coffee. The beans are packaged immediately after being roasted to retain their freshness. This is such that when you brew your coffee you would enjoy the unique flavor of the coffee.

Fresh Beans

You would never find oil elements of the beans regardless of how long the coffee beans would stay on the store shelves. As long as the coffee beans are not past their expiry date, you would not have to worry about ending up with stale coffee beans when you buy the dark roast beans.

Cost and Value

These coffee beans have been rated the best coffee beans that would guarantee the consumer a smooth and strong bold flavored coffee cup. It is low on acidic content and would not leave you with a bitter aftertaste. If you desire quality then this is the type of coffee beans to buy.

It is fresh quality


Unique flavor and smooth taste


The product is costly and customers have opted for other brands

4. Kicking Horse Coffee

4. Kicking Horse Coffee
Kicking Horse has coffee that has a spicy, smooth and seductive taste. The coffee beans are roasted in Canada but originate from South America, Central America, and Indonesia. If you desire for quality then this is the type of product to buy.
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Well Refined

The coffee beans brew very delicious coffee. It has a smooth finish and enables the consumer to derive a chocolate taste from consuming his or her coffee.

Reduced Acidity

These coffee beans have minimal quantities of acidic content, which makes the coffee brewed from the beans less harmful to your health. Kicking Horse Coffee is one of the best coffee beans you could ever buy. Just make sure that the coffee beans you buy are still fresh.

Cost and Value

In as much as this particular coffee brand may be regarded as highly priced, the truth is that the value of having this coffee beans with you outweighs the thought of the coffee beans being costly compared to the different coffee bean varieties that are presently available in the market.

It has low acidic content

Delicious with a smooth feel

Brews delightful tasting coffee


It is expensive

Poor quality packaging if you considered its high price

5. Cafe Don Pablo

5. Cafe Don Pablo
2LB Cafe Don beans are a blend of different single origins including the Guatemala coffee, Colombia coffee, and Brazil coffee to give it a unique outstanding taste.
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Reduced Acidity

These coffee beans have minimal quantities of acidic content, which makes the coffee tolerant to consumers’ health. You would be able to keep yourself awake with no fear of the coffee harming your body.

Rich Flavour

It is processed from a combination of different single origin coffee beans including Colombia coffee, Guatemala coffee and Brazilian coffee to give it a unique rich flavor that leaves the coffee lovers with the urge for more coffee every time.

Cost and Value

These coffee beans are derived from Arabica Coffee making them natural without any forms of modification like the GMO brands. These coffee beans are roasted in small quantities at a time to guarantee their freshness even when you use the coffee beans to brew coffee. These coffee beans would give you value for your money as long as you ensure that every time you use the coffee beans they are in a good and fresh condition.

It has reduced acidic content

It is a rich blend of Brazil coffee, Guatemala coffee, and Colombia coffee.

It has an exceptional taste, it is well packed and it is always delivered on time if you buy online.

It is reasonably priced


The taste of the coffee varies with every order of coffee beans thus inconsistency in the quality of the coffee beans

6. Peet's Coffee

6. Peet's Coffee
This exceptional coffee bean brand would leave you wondering the techniques that were used in processing them to enable you to acquire quality-brewed coffee. The batches of beans roasted for this brand have unique tastes that consumers would be able to distinguish with the first sip of every cup of coffee.
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Arabica Coffee Beans

These coffee beans are derived from quality Arabica beans. The raw beans are grown in the high altitude areas within the United States. In this regions, the plant matures gradually, allowing them to become denser thus increasing the flavor of the coffee beans. This is so that when they are used in brewing coffee they would produce a strong unique taste and aroma that would leave a majority of consumers with the need for more coffee.

Quality Beans

The producers of these coffee beans have always strived for excellence by coming up with quality products that enable consumers to brew wonderful coffee. For this brand, the freshness of the coffee beans is prioritized because fresh ones would guarantee better tasting coffee for the consumers.

Cost and Value

Peet’s Coffee beans exist in varieties such as single origin coffee beans, blended coffee beans, medium roasted coffee beans and lightly roasted coffee beans amongst numerous other options. If you have never taken coffee in your life, it is important that you try out the different categories of Peet’s Coffee beans to find the coffee bean that works well for you. Further, these coffee beans are reasonably priced for some consumers.

Provides consumers with a variety of tastes depending on how it is brewed

The beans are derived from high-quality Arabica coffee beans that guarantee a unique sweet taste to your coffee

The coffee derived from the product have a great relaxing aroma


There is a reduced time frame between the manufacturing date and the expiry date which makes the coffee difficult to use for a prolonged duration before it expires

To some consumers, these coffee beans may be slightly overpriced.

7. Starbucks Caffe Verona

7. Starbucks Caffe Verona
Caffe Verona coffee is rich with a dark cocoa quality. It is well balanced to provide you with the quality you would desire in your best-brewed coffee. The coffee beans are dark roasted to provide the consumer with a bold taste with every sip of the cup.
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20-Ounce Bags

Every package of the Starbucks Caffe coffee bag contains 20-ounces of coffee beans. The measured quantities in the package make them much easy to use because you will not have to measure the quantities in every pack as the quantities are indicated on the pack.

Available in a Variety of Roast Categories

Depending on your taste and preference, you would be able to choose between the different varieties such as the medium roasted beans, blonde roasted coffee beans, and the Dark roasted coffee beans.

Cost and Value

These coffee beans are quite affordable yet they provide consumers with the value that they would yearn for in their coffee. If you make a good selection for the coffee beans that work well for you then, you would discover that the Starbucks Caffe coffee brand is a product to reckon with. The quality of these coffee beans would leave you wondering where you have been all this while not to realize that such types of coffee beans exist.

Quite affordable

Exist in a variety of options to choose from

Highly rated coffee that is loved by everyone


You have to grind the coffee beans before brewing coffee

8. AmazonFresh Organic

8. AmazonFresh Organic
AmazonFresh Organic coffee beans are usually packed immediately after they are roasted to retain the freshness of the brand thus guaranteeing the exceptional quality of a cup of coffee brewed with these coffee beans. With a low acid content, it is an exotic breed with pure arabica coffee from Peru.
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Roasted with Great Expertise

The coffee beans are roasted skillfully to unlock their flavor and aroma. These coffee beans are processed in such a way that the consumer would be able to enjoy every sip of the cup of coffee prepared using this packet of coffee beans.

Pure Arabica coffee

This coffee is derived from pure Arabica coffee beans grown in Peru.

Cost and value

This is an exceptional coffee for individuals who battle with heartburn. This coffee has a variety of blends and contains reduced quantities of acidic content to make the coffee tolerant to individuals with heartburn condition. Moreover, it also has a very good aroma to make you feel good about yourself after taking a cup of coffee. The medication quality of the coffee is what makes this coffee worth buying given its considerate price.

Best for heartburn conditions

Reasonably priced

It has a splendid aroma in which case you can use a few pieces of the coffee beans to keep your house refreshed


It is not good when used on the AeroPress machine

Poor quality control by the producers and sellers hence there are times you would get good coffee and other times end up with poor quality coffee.

9. Real Good Coffee

9. Real Good Coffee
Just as the name suggests, these coffee beans would enable you to brew good coffee. This is such that even if you stopped taking coffee for one reason or another you would be more than willing to start drinking coffee again once you have a taste of the coffee brewed from the brand. The coffee beans for the Real Good Coffee are lightly roasted to give your coffee a smooth taste that would enable you to start your morning rejuvenated or when needed.
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This coffee is derived from a blend of the Arabica coffee beans that are obtained from South America and Central America where they are grown, harvested and packaged in a responsible manner. Most of the beans are roasted in Seattle, America before being packaged for distribution.

Highly Rated Lightly Roasted Beans

These coffee beans guarantee you quality. In fact, due to the good quality standard of these coffee beans, a good percentage of coffee lovers from different parts of the universe prefer this brand to several other renowned brands that are currently being sold on the market. Coffee brewed using these beans has always provided consumers with the taste they desire from their coffee.

Cost and Value

If you desire quality without bothering about the cost of the coffee beans that you buy then this is the coffee beans to buy at any given point in time. This is really good coffee that would enable you to start your morning revived and energized. This is the kind of drink people who lead an active lifestyle such as athletes would need to take every morning before starting the day’s activities.

It is delicious and energizing

It is made from pure Arabica coffee with no additives or preservatives that are present in some coffee beans

It can be used in almost every coffee machine including the espresso machine, Aeropress machine and the drip machine amongst different other types of coffee machines


It is costly

The coffee beans are advertised as medium roast though they are dark roasted which is not a bad thing. However, consumers need to be well informed of the actual product they are buying

10. Café de Loja

10. Café de Loja
The Café de Loja coffee beans brand has been rated as one of the best coffee bean brands loved by consumers. The brand is available as both a medium roast and dark roast coffee beans to provide consumers with a variety of options to choose from.
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Complex Flavor

The coffee beans are derived from pure Arabica coffee beans. It has a likable fruity flavor.

Suitable for all Coffee Making Machines

These coffee beans work perfectly when used on all coffee machines. This allows consumers with different brewing machines to enjoy their unique coffee once they buy these outstanding coffee beans in their fresh condition.

Cost and Value

You will not regret buying these coffee beans before the producers ascertain to consistency in the quality of the coffee beans so that you would get the same taste with every purchase you make. Besides, the coffee brewed using these coffee beans do not leave you with a bitter aftertaste when you are done with your cup of coffee.

Perfectly roasted beans that bring out the natural flavors of the beans

Coffee brewed from the beans does not leave a bitter aftertaste

You are guaranteed fresh coffee beans

You are guaranteed a consistent flavor, unlike other coffee bean flavors

The coffee keeps you relaxed with great energy


It is a much costlier brand


Criteria for Selecting the Best Coffee Beans

The first important question that you need to ask yourself when shopping for suitable coffee beans is the manner in which you intend to brew your drink. You should be aware of the technique you intend to use in extracting your coffee beans before you make a purchase. The other important factor that you would be required to consider in such a case is if you plan to add milk to the drink. It is important that you consider your brewing method because the type of coffee beans that would be suitable for a French Press coffee may not be suitable when used on the espresso machine. People who use special coffee for the first time would often be confused about why they may not be getting the flavors they opted for by taking the coffee. Consumers would also develop doubts about the brand they buy when they fail to get the flavors they were told to expect in the coffee they buy. Such disappointments would often leave individuals frustrated and with regrets. People would wonder why they had to do all the cleaning of the machine yet the coffee still tastes burnt. Some people would even regret why they spent a great deal of cash to acquire a coffee machine. You are bound to experience such forms of disappointments if you do not make the right selection for your coffee beans. If you buy the right coffee beans and prepare your coffee in the right manner, you would most definitely enjoy the taste of the coffee you buy. Choosing the right coffee beans equals an excellent drink made. The quality of the coffee beans would be judged by the taste of the drink once it is brewed.

Roasting Date

When buying coffee beans from any place you may decide to get your product from, make sure that you check the roasting date indicated on the bag label. You would most probably come across the roasting date and the expiry date both indicated on the coffee bag. Despite what you might think, the truth is that coffee beans are perishable products. Coffee beans would transform in chemistry when they react to heat, moisture, and oxygen. It comes a time when coffee beans go stale and that is where the expiration date notion applies. You would only be able to extract the contents of your coffee beans to acquire the actual taste of the drink when the beans are still fresh. Some of the elements extracted from coffee beans include sugar, aromatic oils and solubles. Good Coffee beans are the ones used within the first three weeks after the coffee beans have been roasted which in this case would be the manufacturing date. You should never buy a bag of coffee beans that do not have details about the manufacturing date and the expiry date labeled on the bag. Ideally, checking for the manufacturing date as well as the expiry date of the coffee beans is the most important criteria when it comes to selecting the best coffee beans. Doing so would enable you to know if the coffee is still fresh to provide you with the right flavor.

Altitude, Topography, Climate, and Processing

In cases whereby individuals take their coffee with milk, it may be difficult for the consumer to tell the difference between wet-processed coffee beans and the dry processed ones. Adding milk to coffee dilutes some of the attributes that you may notice when you take pure coffee. However, the coffee lovers would be able to tell the difference even if milk is added to the coffee. Nevertheless, the conditions in which the coffee is grown and the procedure used in processing the coffee beans would greatly affect the quality of the coffee beans you would buy from the market. The ideal growing conditions for good quality coffee would be a location with good shade, a high altitude area. The shade may be as a result of the cloud cover or natural mist occurring in the area the coffee is growing. For instance, Arabica coffee grows best in an area with an altitude of more than 1000 meters. In the high altitude areas, the rainforest in such locations helps in providing the coffee trees with protection from the strong winds. When the forest leaves drop on the ground, they provide mulch that would help improve the quality of coffee to add to the coffee beans’ taste when used in brewing coffee. Coffee picked when ripe and juicy produce the best coffee when processed. Considering, the four factors outlined above would enable you to choose the type of coffee beans that would meet your needs whether it is washed coffee or the naturally processed coffee.


Blended coffee is usually a mixture of several different types of single origin coffee beans that are put together to create one unique coffee bean flavor while the single origin coffee beans are the ones acquired from a single estate. The single origin beans have a unique taste that is not overbalanced or complex, unlike blended coffee that has a complex profile. Blended coffee creates a unique receptive experience for the consumer; it is heavy and cuts better with milk. Depending on the type of coffee beans that you desire, you would be able to distinguish between the different types of brands by looking at the labeling on the bags.

Level of Roasting

The taste of the coffee is dependent on the degree to which the coffee beans you intend to buy are roasted during the time of preparation. Most coffee beans today are medium roasted. Medium roasted coffee beans are considered most suitable when used on the espresso machine. However, depending on the type of machine that you use in brewing your coffee, you may need the lightly roasted beans instead.


Question: Where can I buy fresh coffee beans?

Answer: You would be able to buy your coffee beans from the nearby retail stores in your area or even from the supermarkets. Online shopping platforms are also important places you could shop for your fresh beans. Whenever you shop for the coffee beans and fail to spot the roasting date on the packaging make sure that you ask the person who may be attending to your needs to show you where the roasting date has been outlined. If you are not, able to figure out when the coffee beans were roasted even after inquiring from the supermarket or shop attendants do not buy the bag of coffee beans. Being oblivious of the roasting date for your beans would leave you confused. The coffee in the bag that has not been labeled may brew a drink that would taste stale. Ideally, buying coffee beans from the roasters in your local area would increase your chances of buying fresh coffee beans. If in any case, you decide to make your purchase online, make sure that you buy your coffee beans from a reputable establishment that you trust and one that you are familiar with. If possible, you should buy your coffee beans from an organization that roasts its beans within their premises, as this would enable the establishment to have better control of the quality of the roasted coffee beans. Organizations that deal in specialty coffee are most likely to provide you with quality fresh beans.

Question: When we compare the blended coffee beans and the single origin coffee beans, which coffee brand could be considered the best option?

Answer: Honestly speaking both of these coffee types are exceptional choices for all people including individuals who may have developed the longing to take coffee for the first time in their lives. The blended coffee beans would enable you to come up with complex coffee that would guarantee consumers a variety of tastes. However, single origin coffee would enable a consumer to enjoy a unique original taste of coffee. Even with this being the case, what would determine whether you would go for the blended coffee beans or the single origin coffee beans would all depend on your taste and preference as a consumer. Overall, both types of coffee bean brands are exceptional choices for the consumer as long as they are acquired fresh or processed and grown in the right conditions.

Question: What are the differences between a lightly roasted coffee bean and a medium roasted coffee bean?

Answer: The differences between these two types of coffee beans lies in the fact that while medium roasted coffee beans would be best used on an espresso machine the lightly roasted coffee beans are usually prepared with the filter machine. Just make sure that you buy the right coffee beans for your machine if you wish to enjoy the unique taste of your brewed cup.

Question: Is it best to buy the coffee beans that would provide you with the chocolate flavor or the fruit flavor?

Answer: Whether the coffee beans provide you with a fruit flavor or chocolate flavor, how you would love your drink, would be dependent on what you love about your coffee. However, everyone loves the chocolate flavor. On the same note, you would be able to acquire coffee beans that would provide you with both flavors it would be better for you. You would be able to experience a unique sensation while taking a drink that has the combined taste of fruit and chocolate.


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