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Best Dog Breeds to go on runs with

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Best Dog Breeds to go on runs with Best Dog Breeds to go on runs with www.runnerclick.com

People get pets for a range of reasons, it’s been scientifically proven that pets make us healthier and happier. Dogs, in particular, can assist in lowering stress levels and social isolation. But here’s something you don’t hear about – it makes you a known face in the neighborhood and creates friendships. Taking my dog for a jog around the neighbourhood, I’ve learnt some great little shortcuts for driving later and not to mention the friendships!

Depending on your lifestyle, a four-legged friend could certainly assist in your general well-being or intensive training schedules. If you’re the person to occasionally miss a day or two and are looking for more motivation, nothing motivates a human than a dog chewing their furniture.

Here is a list of the best dogs for jogging

Australian Cattle Dog

Do you like to run multiple times a day?

An Australian Cattle Dog is best for you.

These dogs are highly energetic and intelligent. They need to be exercised not only every day but multiple times a day. Used for their herding abilities, they are protective and loyal to their owners. Australian Cattle Dogs are easy to train and respond well to training regimes. These dogs enjoy wild terrains.

Want to mix it up with some extra activities? This bred is great for swimming, jogging, hiking, running and rollerblading.

Exercise requirement: 3 hours / day



I like short distance, slow runs and with some sprints


If you enjoy going for walks and doing some sprints or quick interval training, this would be ideal for you. These dogs can run at a pace over 30km/h! Initially used for smelling out rabbits and other animals for hunting, this bred can handle warmer weathers and has a moderate-high energy level.

Additional activities to do with this dog: walking, jogging

Exercise requirement: 1 hour / day


I like to run short distances at a moderate speed

It you’re someone who likes hiking, a change of scenery or some wild terrain and does their run at 40-60% capacity, this may just be for you. This athletic dog can hit speeds of 40km/h

Additional activities to do with this dog: jogging, hiking

Exercise requirement: 1 hour / day


I like short distances at a fast pace; I want to be the next Usain Bolt

Whilst Greyhounds are associated with racing surprisingly this dog does not do well in the heat so if you live in a tropical area, this isn’t the dog for you as they are prone to overheating. This amazing bred can hit a maximum of 70 km/h therefore, if you’re looking at beating Usain Bolt this is how fast you need to be! This bred is more relaxed in terms of required exercise, so if you feel like only going for a walk or perhaps have strained a muscle or two and don’t want to do any intense exercise this may be more suitable. A Greyhound could also be best suited for someone who is looking to get into running.

Additional activities to do with this dog: jogging, walking

Exercise requirement: 1 hour / day


I prefer long, slow runs; cross country running

This bred originally would perform highly demanding physical work for hunters. These dogs won’t just do with a short walk around the block, this bred easily puts on weight which could lead to health issues later on. Labrador’s get some decent speed of up to 25 km/h and have quite the stamina to cover longer distances.

Activities for this bred: hiking, jogging, swimming, running

Daily exercise requirements: 1 hours / day



I hope to be the next Alan Webb; long, steady runs

These are intelligently bred and were originally used for long journeys. Short walks around the block won’t be sufficient for this bred. Mind you, this dog is quite strong so training is critical. This type of dog is ideal for someone who enjoys a mix of scenery from the beach to park to suburbia jogs.  They are capable of keeping a steady pace for hours

Activities for this bred: jogging

Daily exercise requirements: 1 -2 hours/day



Rhodesian Ridgebacks

I want to be the next Alan Webb but live in warmer climates; Long, steady runs (warm clients)

This bred has been used as hunters, unlike the Beagle, the Ridgebacks would position their prey into an area leaving them unable to escape and call out to their hunters. Commonly these days they are used as guard dogs; they are very active and are quite large dogs therefore, obedience training is critical.

Activities for this breed: bush walking, jogging

Daily exercise requirements: 1-2 hours / day


I like long runs but live in a cold climate

If you’re looking for a dog to run with that’s capable of quick speeds and endurance the Husky might be just for you. Having one will mean a lot of maintenance, the shedding is always there; sometimes a little and then sometimes a lot. But if you live in a colder climate, enjoy running long distances and keep at a faster pace you’ll forget all about the shedding! Before thinking to get one we recommend you to read our guide to increase your endurance and speed.

Additional activities you may both like: cross-country running, hiking.

Daily exercise requirement: 1 hour/day

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