Best Enell Sports Bras Tested In-Depth


If you are blessed with a substantial figure and want to log the miles like you’re A-cup pals, consider trying Enell bras, designed for you by a woman with the same challenges you face.

This niche product enables women with large busts to enjoy the healthy, active lives advocated by healthcare professionals and enjoyed by millions of women in the United States alone. Becoming fully active can be life-changing, enabling busty women to enjoy the benefits of exercise from increased energy to improved power and conditioning. As an added bonus, the Enell sports bras are sporty in design and color, further integrating full-figure women into the athletic flock.

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By Maja Beier:

This update brings some newly asked questions in our FAQ that we hope will provide you with enough information before purchasing your perfect Enell Sports Bra. We hope that our list, criteria and FAQ section will help you to find the best product. Have you got your Enell bra already? How does it work? Let us know in the comments below!

Our Top 3 Picks

Ennel Lite
  • Ennel Lite
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Supportive Everyday Bra
  • Price: See Here
Enell Sport
  • Enell Sport
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fashionable & Supportive
  • Price: See Here
Enell High Impact
  • Enell High Impact
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High Impact Activities Bra
  • Price: See Here
Last Updated:
By Maja Beier:

This update brings some newly asked questions in our FAQ that we hope will provide you with enough information before purchasing your perfect Enell Sports Bra. We hope that our list, criteria and FAQ section will help you to find the best product. Have you got your Enell bra already? How does it work? Let us know in the comments below!

The Best Enell Sports Bras

Enell Lite

Enell Lite
Enell Lite is the less active sister of the Enell sports bra. Offered in lingerie colors, white, gold, pink and black, this is clearly a bra rather than a bra top. Still offering the support needed by full-figure gals, the Enell Lite is designed for everyday wear and light exercise.
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Ease of Use
Many women do not find the bra easy to use initially. Its advantageous design means that you cannot put it on as you would every other bra in the world and this discourages some users. However, like many other skills you have learned from writing your name to using Excel, once you learn it, you own the skill and its difficulty or difference becomes transparent.

Special Features
The Lite bra is the everyday or low-impact Enell release. This is in almost every way, a smaller bra, though maintaining the elevating standards of her sporty sister.

The Lite bra is nearly as modest in the front as the sports version as that height is essential for managing the bulk and weight of larger breasts. However, the back of this bra is considerable lower cut, making for a more comfortable fit.

The standard Enell sports bra includes extensive cross-supporting bands in the back, which are not present in the Lite bra. The underarm bands are more flexible and the stabilizing pressure employed in the sports bra to inhibit bouncing is substantially reduced in the Lite, resulting in a more natural silhouette.

Enell bras are expensive, but provide excellent value for the investment. These are durable bras and many women wear them while swimming, though this does compromise the longevity of the product.
  • Excellent support
  • Good color selections
  • Appropriate smaller profile than the sports model
  • Comfortable
  • Daily wear
  • Price
  • Not machine washable/dryable
  • Must learn Enell sizing conventions for proper size selection

Enell Sport

Enell Sport
The Enell Sport bra has been hailed by large-busted women from Oprah to Olympic athletes. Many women who have tried wearing multiple bras at a time to prevent bounce find that a single Enell bra is an upgrade and will not return to their old methods.
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Ease of Use
Many women do not find the bra easy to use initially. Its advantageous design means that you cannot put it on as you would every other bra in the world and this discourages some users.

Special Features
The special features is the impressive support these provide the full-figure gal. The trendy colors available are an added bonus.

Enell sizing is unique. Study the measuring process and order the size indicated by your dimensions. Many women find that they have to try several sizes before finding the correct one. Your retailer may not have the color you want in stock, but can order it, or you can order it direct from Enell when you are confident of the size.

The bras have very little give so users report feeling that they are too tight until they exercise in them and realize their value.

Some users find that the distinctive lines that show through lighter fabrics are distracting or undesirable. Enell acknowledges this difficulty and had investigated alternative designs and composition to eliminate the problem.  However, thus far all alternatives sacrifice support, which Enell will not consider.

Enell bras are expensive, but provide excellent value for the investment. In addition to the comfort and support they offer, Enell offers a variety of sporty, fashionable colors. Bras for C+ cups are rarely fun, but Enell is the exception, further adding to its value. Offered colors are: pink, red, white, black, blue, green and ecru.
  • Support, support, support
  • Fashion
  • Unique design
  • Not machine washable/dryable
  • They take some getting used to

Enell High Impact

Enell High Impact
This bra will be your favorite. It was especially designed for high impact sports. This bra is a mix of Nylon and Spandex. This compression design will make your breast stay in place.
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Ease of Use

Some bras have complicated design and sometimes it’s hard to put them on. The problem may appears also when you want to put off your bras. You don’t need to worry about it with this Enell product. It’s very easy in use. It has front hook end eye closure to make it easier for you to put it on. A piece of cake!

Special features

As we’ve said before, it provides a big amount of support for comfortable wearing. Special straps that are not stretch, they reduce the bouncing which is very annoying during running. This bra has also big impact on your shoulders- they’re less fatigued.
This bra was design to keep you cool during your run, it can really manage the moisture and don’t feel hot all the time. The material is very soft in touch and it looks very good. This bra has excellent, a little shiny material that of course is high quality material. There are 7 colors available. We totally fall in love with Pink one- it’s very cute. There are 8 sizes available and even if you have bery big chest, you can still find your size.


For this bra, you will need to spend more than 60 dollars. We know that women need also other sport clothes and spending 60 dollars on the bra may be a little challenge but we think that this bra is totally worth it. And there are no obstacles to search for this one on sales!

It’s easy in use

There’s little to no bouncing



If you are petite but have big chest, this one may not work for you

Enell Maximum Control

Enell Maximum Control
Another excellent Enell choice is there Maximum Control Wire-Free sports bra. This is the top choice for women who partake in high-intensity workouts and who seek maximum support and comfort for their workouts.
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Ease of Use
This bra is perfect for high impact activities because it provides you with the proper support you need. You fasten in the front and can adjust the bra to fit you perfectly.

Special Features
This bra is wire free but still provides comfortable and optimal support during your workouts. The moisture wicking material it is made will prevent your bra from obtaining any odors from your workouts.

This bra is average price for Enell sports bras and is well worth the price given the excellent support it provides.
  • Perfect for high intensity workouts 
  • Snug fit 
  • Wire free
  • Made of moisture wicking material to prevent odor from developing 
  • Several color options
  • High cost for some 
  • a little complicated to get on at first 

About the Design

The initial goal was to bust the bounce. However, once you secure the bust, you must transfer bust support to the back and shoulders, a very big job. Simple bra straps or thin spandex supports were not equal to this requirement. Consequently, Enell bras have wide, comfortable straps, a substantial back support, and a wideband foundation.

Enell also discovered that many larger-busted women have difficulty pulling sports bras over their heads or fastening them behind their backs. Enell bras close in the front with a series of strong hook-and-eye closures to fully cover and support.

Enell constructs their bras of a nylon/Lycra spandex blend to support their delicate cargo. Beyond that, the bras are fabricated with Naturexx, a compression material that wicks moisture away from the skin for a more comfortable garment.

There are no inside seams to cause chafing and the body of the bra and straps do not stretch; this innovative construction specifically prevents bounce.

They manufacture these support garments with a double layer of fabric in the lower front for additional support and a special crisscross support in the back.

A dedicated athlete in college, the founder of Enell, Renelle Braaten, refused to let her large bust stop her from participating in sports. Working with her mother and eventually with professional seamstresses and designers, she created a sports bra for athletic, C+ cup women that actually holds the chest in place without causing back or shoulder pain. She also created a companion daily use bra for light exercise or normal activities.

The big deal is in the design. Through research and trial and error, using the founder, Renelle Braaten, as the proto-tester, Enell created a garment that secures the bust. Many women attest that they experience almost no breast bouncing when they exercise wearing Enell bras, even running marathons did not cause chafing or bouncing.

The Criteria Used When Choosing The Best Enell Running Bras


Choosing the appropriate size is a big deal- if you wear the wrong size, you don’t feel comfortable so it’s a waste of money. If your bra is too tight, you may experience chaffing which is really unpleasant feeling. The next problem is choosing the appropriate size of the cap. Wearing too big cap won’t give enough support and it’s very uncomfortable. It can be very difficult as many women are between sizes. Problems also appear when your one breast is larger than the other. Scientists proved that most of us wear the wrong bra size. It’s not only our fault because our body is changing all the time. If we run or practice other sports, our muscles grow, even when we lose weight the size changes. Every producer has its own official size guide. You need to visit the brand’s site and find it. Remember also that avoiding measuring and buying the same size like in a normal bra is a big mistake.

Feeling comfortable is great

This is why you normal running bra isn’t enough when it comes to high impact sports- you need much more stability and comfort during running. Can you imagine that there’s instant bouncing while running- this is a real nightmare especially for those who have bigger sized chests. Big breast means big support. It will be also much better for your back to have a special sports bra which gives additional stability. Chaffing is also one of the biggest enemies while running. The best way to find the best bra is to personalize it a little bit. If you know that you live in a hot area, think about good moisture and sweat-wicking material.

High quality means high durability

How many times did you have this feeling that you liked the product look, color, design but you weren’t happy with the quality of the material and the product didn’t seem to be very durable? This is a very common problem, manufacturers pay too much attention to the look but they forget about quality. You shouldn’t much worry about if you plan to buy Enell products as they have high-quality products. Many buyers often ask how many years will the product last? Well, it’s quite hard to answer this question as it really depends on how much you use it.

If you run regularly, we can make sure that 2 years will be maximum. And even if the quality of the product is very high, many products may be a little less supportive but it’s a visible difference. There are even people who expect their bra to last 5 or 6 years. Let’s be honest, the new products on the market will appear and we will want to try something new. Durable product means that it doesn’t change its shape even after many washes, it doesn’t die and there’s no problem with stretching out. The even high-quality product won’t be durable if you don’t take care of it so always read the manufacturer’s instruction before use.


Other Important Factors To Consider

During our research, we came to the point that all the points above are not everything that needs to be considered. Here are some more points for evaluation. They may seem less important for some of you but for us, they’re still crucial.

Fashionable look and color

If we said that fashion isn’t important in running world, we would lie. There is a growing tendency in our running community to search for products which are not only comfortable but they also need to look great on you. It happens even when it comes to buying a sports bra. It’s said that when you wear nice looking clothes, you are more motivated and you improve your running performance. Enell offers a really simple design but we really love it. Shiny material and cute look can make your breasts will look amazing and you won’t need to worry that your bra is too small.

We really appreciate that these brands offer bras that can be also used for everyday activities. They’re so supportive and they will look good undershirt or any other clothes. There are many colors to choose from. Many popular brands offer only boring colors like white and black. Enell offers many different colors- more lively ones like red or blue but they still have more classical options. If you have big breasts, you may have problems finding the bra that is large and supportive enough and has a nice look at the same time. Remember that every size has the right to wear beautiful bras.

Bigger size means bigger price?

It’s high time to consider one of the aspects that most of us don’t like to consider- price. We hate the feeling when we find something extraordinary and very comfortable but the price is too high for our budget. When it comes to bras, they can be a little bit pricey. Products that we have chosen are a little bit pricey. However, if someone asked us whether they’re worth it, we would say yes. People have a tendency to look for as cheap products as possible. Of course, there are products that are cheap and they’re great but in most cases, cheap products tend to be low-quality products.

Investing in a good running bra is a really great idea. Even if you pay more than 50 dollars, think about the comfort. We would prefer to save some money rather than buy something that won’t be durable and won’t provide enough comfort. If you have big breasts, you need support. Without this, you won’t enjoy your running performance. If your sports bra doesn’t give you enough support while running it will make you feel like you’re wearing the normal one for a running. Don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars more and enjoy the high-quality product for a long time. It’s not true that bigger sized bras are more expensive but very often supportive design and material are worth every dollar.

Where should I search for my bra?

The last question is where to find your best bra. The most popular options are: visiting the store, looking on popular shopping sites or just simply ordering on the brand’s official site. The last option is the safest as you know that you will get an original bra. On the Internet, there are many people that sell fake bras so be careful about it. How about going to the store? It can be really helpful for people who are between sizes. You can try on your bra and decide.

We also really recommend this option who have one breast bigger than the other. You can also search for shop assistant’s help. Shopping in the store is also great because you see the product in reality. Remember that things can look much different than in the picture online. So buying online is bad? Of course, it’s not. There’s biggest chance to find products on sale and save some money. You just need to check the chart sizes very carefully and measure yourself. To be honest, the choice is yours. If you want to have a bra without leaving your home, use the Internet but if you want to really personalize your bra, go to the store.



Q: Why do I need to wear sport/running bra? Isn’t a normal bra enough?

A: We were asked many times why you need to wear a sports bra for running. Why normal bra isn’t enough. Here are some reasons why it’s better to wear a sports bra for running.

• They provide much more comfort than a normal running bra. Bouncing is the worst thing for women with large breasts while running. You feel very uncomfortable and you even feel pain. With a running bra, there is much less tension on the shoulder and your back doesn’t hurt so much. A sports bra gives you a big amount support and a normal bra isn’t able to give you enough of it.
• They help you to fight the breast pain. We’re not talking only about the pain during running but also after it. There is less movement of the breast so there’s not so much pain. Remember that even if you wear a sports bra or normal bra and you still have breast pain, you should see the doctor.
• You feel more confident in your body. We know that large chest draws attention but many women complain that they also experience nasty stares that are really unpleasant. With a sports bra, you will feel very well and you will look nice.
• Sports bra are also advised after injury as they give much more firm support and protection.

Q: How can I fit my bra from Enell?

A: It’s very easy to do. To get a perfect fit you need to measure yourself. Start with measuring your bust. You need to have your normal bra on. It can’t be a sports bra, just a normal one. You need to find the fullest part of the bust and measure it. Then it’s time for rib. The best way is to measure it under the breasts. Then all you need to do is check the Enell sizing chart and it’s done.

Q: How can I take care of my bra?

A: Taking care of the bra is very important as it has an impact on the durability. Here are some care tips.
• You can wash it in the machine but the only gentle cycle is recommended, the water must be cold. You can also wash your product in hands. Don’t use any softeners because they can damage the material. Enell has also special soap for washing so you can order it too.
• This spandex doesn’t like very much heat so heat dryer will be a bad idea.
• Hang dry

Q: What does it mean that my bra fits me?

A: It means that is comfortable enough for you to enjoy your running performance. You should feel that it’s tight enough- it should be much tighter than the normal bra as a sports bra gives more compression. Of course, it can’t be also too tight or else you won’t be able to breathe. Your breasts should be fully placed in the caps and if they’re out, it means that the bra is too small. Make sure also that your bra isn’t too loose- if it is, you won’t get enough support and compression. If the chaffing appears, you should adjust the tightness because it really hurts your skin.

Q. How much support do I need?

A: There are different aspects to look at when picking the right sports bra just for you. What type of activity will you be doing and how much support do you need? The two guidelines are:
• The bigger cup size you use, in your everyday bra, the more support you need in your sports bra
• The faster the movements and the higher the activity level, the more support you need.
So if you’re horseback riding/running/dancing with high intensity, you will need more support than if you’re doing yoga or weightlifting.
All sports bras can be divided into three groups: Light Support, Medium Support, and High Support
• High Support is recommended for activities like Running, Team sports, Dancing and Horseback Riding
• Medium Support is recommended for activities like Crossfit, Fitness, Spinning, Rowing, and Cycling
• Light Support is recommended for activities like Walking, Yoga, Pilates, Golfing, Fitness and Weightlifting

Q: What size should I pick?

A: Usually the size of bra you would use in your everyday life, will be accurate to the sports bra you will be using as well. Although, if you want a sports bra that fits as well as possible, we advise you to take these guidelines into account:
• The size of the bra has huge importance in how much support it will provide. So if you want a sports bra with a lot of support, you should go after the ones with a specific cup size and width (Fx. 34B or 36A).
• Sports bras with general clothing sizes (Small, Medium, Large) often gives less support, because they are covering a lot of different sizes. 

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