Best Essential Oils Reviewed & Rated for Quality


There are countless uses of essential oils: clearing blocks airways, relieving stress, relaxing the body and mind, massage, and more. This has been made possible because of the several different blends that contain different ingredients that work in conjunction with one another to achieve overall wellness. There is a growing popularity of these blends. The interest in the products has been largely pointed to the numerous benefits attributed to using them. Through extraction, it is possible to obtain some of the most beneficial ingredients from these plants to make products that boost the overall wellness of athletes and other individuals.

Healing Solutions
  • Healing Solutions
  • 4.8 out of 5
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  • High-quality blends
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Sun Organics
  • Sun Organics
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • No chemical additives
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Aura Cacia
  • Aura Cacia
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Pure botanical ingredients
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For centuries, these products have been known for their benefits, including the ability to improve physical, mental and emotional health. Some have even helped athletes to perform better by speeding up recovery from cold and flu while others have had a physically relaxing effect by working on fatigued muscles to provide the physical relief needed to allow the athlete to focus on various tasks. Some of these products work in several different ways depending on the ingredients used by the manufacturing companies. With so many of these products on the market, the user often gets confused when choosing the best one for the job. Below are the top 10 best essential oils reviewed for quality.


10 Best Essential Oils


1. Healing Solutions

The company has put a lot of effort into ensuring that runners have access to high-quality products that can be very effective against various ailments. They have consistently produced superior quality brands that set the pace in the niche. This product includes superior blends set to appeal to the user’s smell sensors. The Breathe Blend features scents such as tea tree, peppermint, lemon, cardamom, pine, and laurel leaf. However, there are five other blends.
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6 Best Blends

The company boasts 6 top blends with therapeutic effects. These blends include good sleep, head relief, stress relief, health shield, muscle relief, and breathe. This gives users a wide range of choice to help match their situation.

Superior Experience

The blends appeal to a wide range of audiences and are guaranteed to impress even if you are new to diffusers. You will find yourself switching to Healing Solutions blends in the long run.

Cost and Value

The product features several unique blends to appeal to different smell receptors. Healing Solutions products are also backed by a full money back guarantee to assure users of quality. The price is also affordable.

Contains 6 unique therapeutic blends

One of the best smelling blends on the market

Made in FDA-registered facilities

Different varieties for blending/ pairing


Some users may not like the smell

Some blends may result in side effects like coughs

2. Sun Organic

The Sun Organic Peppermint is based on superior sourced ingredients to retain the product’s purity. It is way more effective than standard non-pure alternatives. The ingredients are harvested from their origin to transfer the nutrients to the final product without any distortion. The final product is alcohol-free, with no additives or preservatives. If you are an athlete looking for pure health, you might want to add this to your collection of supplements.
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Superior-Sourced/ Harvested Ingredients

The company prides in making pure products that are superior-sourced from the origin. The high-quality products are 100% and will help to maintain wellness. It contains no chemical additives and is alcohol-free.

Improves Mood

If you are experiencing low energy levels or feel fatigued after a high-intensity workout, you could use the product to get rid of fatigue and boost your overall mood. It works by clearing the mind and re-energizing the body.

Cost and Value

Whether aromatherapy and relaxation or bath and massage work for you, this blend contains what the body needs to feel energetic and relaxed. The ingredients are nature-sourced and contain no alcohol or additives. It is highly affordable.

Ingredients are harvested from the source

Contain no dangerous chemical additives

Helps to boost moods

Improves energy levels


May smell contrary to expectations

The smell of smell may differ slightly from that on the product label

3. North American

North American Herb &Spice’s relentless dedication and commitment to alcohol- and chemical-free extraction have resulted in a pure grade P73 Oreganol with a unique natural blend that is fit for human consumption. The blend is made from wildly-grown edible Oregano. They natural mineral-rich soils on which the species are grown help to produce a high-quality ingredient to make superior blends.
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Rich in Minerals

The Oreganol P73 obtains its minerals from the soil on which it is grown. The minerals include zinc, magnesium, and calcium, which are all useful for the body.

No Pesticides

The blend is free of harsh chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. Users can consume the product knowing that they are 100% safe. All products are subjected to quality control checks to assure the consumer of quality.

Cost and Value

The Oreganol P73 is great for athletes looking to add some more zinc, calcium, and magnesium minerals into their body for the benefit of their overall health. It is also free from pesticides and other harsh chemicals and you can have it for a few bucks.

Rich in minerals: magnesium, zinc, and calcium

No pesticides, no herbicides, and no chemicals

Great for everyday use

Alcohol-free extraction


May taste very diluted

The smell can be unpleasant

4. Aura Cacia

4. Aura Cacia
All the products from the company are natural with no pesticides and herbicides. Aura Cacia strongly believes in wellness inspired by nature. The pure botanical ingredients ensure that wellness is maintained and well-being improved without introducing chemicals that may harm the body. The company has been able to achieve this by maintaining mutually supportive relationships with farmers and local communities.
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Nature Sourced

Aura Cacia is proud of sourcing its ingredients from the origin. This ensures that the purity of the products is not tampered with. The pure botanical ingredients help to improve the overall well-being.

Aromatherapy Benefits

Inhaling the fumes from Aura Cacia’s superior quality blends is associated with numerous therapeutic benefits. The product could help to relieve emotional stress and boost your mood.

Cost and Value

The aromatherapy benefits of the product could help the athlete to get rid of coughs and colds. You will be able to feel re-energized after a massage session using this oil. Moreover, the price is quite affordable.

Four versatile blends at a fair price

Brings true aromatherapy benefits

Ingredients are obtained from the source

Helps to relieve emotional stress


The smell may be awful for some users

Sides effects may include headaches

5. Young Living

5. Young Living
Young Living allows you to experience a moment of pure bliss through the powerful lavender that has been passionately extracted from farm-grown plants. The lavender will help to bring out the best in any runner looking to take his sprinting and jogging to another level. In fact, you could realize improved performance with the everyday use of this blend. If you are conscious of what goes into your body, don’t worry because the lavender contains all-natural ingredients.
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Recommended for Skin and Beauty

The lavender has been commended for the good job it is doing on the skin. Whether you are having cuts from equipment injury or bruises from falls, using this product could soothe and even cleanse some of those cuts.


Lavender is ideally an adaptogen and could support your body and mind when adapting to various imbalances, including stress. If your training is causing you too much stress, the lavender could help you to quickly adapt to stressful situations and avoid stretching the body too much.

Cost and Value

The lavender from Young Living is perfect for the runner looking to improve the skin by soothing and cleansing cuts and bruises sustained during training. It could help you to have a more beautiful skin. It is also great for any athletes looking to improve the way they adapt to stress.

Great for the skin and can be used to enhance the beauty

Helps to soothe skin irritations

Can be used for cleansing common cuts

Supports the body to quickly adapt to imbalances

Great for winding down before bedtime

Can help to support stamina, thanks to its balancing properties


May seem watery or diluted

The lavender scent may not be sharp enough

6. Artizen

6. Artizen
Whether you are having a problem with your respiratory function or just need to recover quickly from a disturbing cold or flu, the Artizen can help you achieve the relief that you so much desire. Change of seasons can present serious challenges, especially if your immune is not as strong as it should be. It can help to open blocked pathways so that you can breathe well.
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A Set of Scents

The Artizen boasts a set of scents that may include tea tree, peppermint, sweet orange, lavender, eucalyptus, cedarwood, lemon, rosemary, robbers, frankincense, and good sleep blend. You won’t miss a favorite from all these scents and blends.

14-Bottle Set

The blends come in a 14-bottle set with different scents to ensure you enjoy using the blends until you are relieved of your breathing difficulties. The high-quality blends of 5ml have proven effective against fighting allergies.

Cost and Value

If you are looking for a diffuser with a wide range of scents to appeal to your nose while helping to relieve your body of cold and flu, you might want to try the Artizen. The set is cost-effective.

Comes in a set of several different scents

High-quality ingredients

No dangerous chemicals

Provides near-instant relief


Some users may find some scents smelling like chemicals

Some bottles may leak while in transit

7. Natrogix

7. Natrogix
The Natrogix Bliss is a top quality product that could help runners to relief their cold and flu. If you have been having persistent coughs and are unable to resume training normally, the Natrogix Bliss could help to speed up your recovery. The nine 10 ml bottles contain all the useful blends to enhance your experience with diffusers. This could help to strengthen your immune system.
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Supports Endocrine System

Besides strengthening your immune, the blends could also improve your endocrine system. Hormones would be transported more effectively to other parts of the body where they need to be used. You will also benefit from an improved immune system to help you fight microbes.

Quality product Mix

The brand is perfect because it contains almost all the needed essential oils to help you as an athlete to achieve maximum results. Moreover, they are harvested from the best regions that produce the best 9 essential oils.

Cost and Value

Helps to boost the immune system and enable the athlete to resume training as soon as possible. The blends will also help to keep certain disease-causing micro-organisms away. For a small price of a few dollars, the Natrogix Bliss could be yours.

9 therapeutic grade blends

Amber bottles protect blends against UV rays and light

All-natural ingredients, no herbicides, and no pesticides

Made in FDA-certified facilities


May smell like chemicals to some users

Few users may experience headaches

8. Breathe Essential

8. Breathe Essential
The Breathe Essential from the Prime Natural company is best for aromatherapy, including congestion relief, cold, headache, cough, and even allergy relief. It is an excellent blend that helps to soothe airways and enhance breathing. If you are experiencing allergies that are causing stuffiness and congestion, the natural blend could be all you need to make all that go away. Fight back airborne bacteria by adding this breathe blend to your collection of microbe fighters.
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Enhances Breathing

Change of seasons can result in congestion and stuffiness. If you are a victim of airborne bacteria, you are likely to experience breathing difficulties. However, this blend could help you fight bacteria and improve your breathing.

Improves Respiratory Function

If you are hit hard by colds and flu, this blend can be very effective against coughs and even sinusitis. The natural ingredients contained in the product act as anti-allergenic and antiseptic. They also encourage the release of toxins to bring ultimate relief.

Cost and Value

This is great for runners who have been hit by terrible flu or cold and want to recover quickly before they resume training. It is also effective against allergies and germs that cause respiratory issues. The cost is quite modest.

Effective against stuffiness and congestion

Fights germs and allergies

Speeds up recovery from cold and cough

Anti-allergenic too block infection


May cause headaches

May cause stomach drowsiness

9. Sky Organics

9. Sky Organics
The company boasts of trying to obtain the products from their origin. This ensures that all products are top quality. This is the best way to ensure all the nutrients and vitamins from the soil are transferred to you as the consumer. Sky Organics products are also 100% organic. In fact, they are referred to as USDA organic to ensure you feel confident about the products you are consuming.
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This is the most common use of this product. You can inhale it to enjoy all the benefits, as the aroma evaporates when added to a diffuser to permeate the space and bring therapeutic effects.


The blends can also be used for massage to bring physical and mental relief. If you’ve had a long day and are feeling exhausted to the core, you could benefit from the unique massage experience to make you feel re-energized.

Cost and Value

Sky Organic products are intercepted at the source to ensure they retain their purity. They are great for massages to help relax the mind and body. Runners have used them to regain their energy after an exhausting workout session, thanks to the unique massage experience.

Can be used for massages

The great aroma evaporates and permeates your space

Steam-diluted to preserve nutrients

Relieves tension and emotional stress


Some users may not like the smell

It can be a little diluted

10. URbeauty

10. URbeauty
The URbeauty makes several different multipurpose essential oils that could help you feel re-energized when are feeling exhausted after a long, tiring day. Having a busy day can literally squeeze the energy out of you. However, adding a few drops of URbeauty lavender to your bathwater could help to get rid of fatigue. The eucalyptus blend could also drive away mosquitoes and help you to sleep in peace.
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Drives Away Fatigue

If you are feeling exhausted after going through a really busy day, adding a few drops of lavender to your bathwater could help to get rid of the fatigue. It is the best way to feel re-energized almost instantly.

Keeps the Mosquito Away

If you constantly attract mosquitoes when you are sleeping, the eucalyptus blend could change your experience overnight. It could help to repel the mosquitoes and leave you sleeping in peace.

Cost and Value

If you are a runner battling fatigue at the end of the day, you could try the URbeauty to change your experience. You will feel more energized after adding it to your bathwater. The price is quite affordable.

Helps to drive away fatigue

Can be used for massage

Helps to boost energy levels

Can be used to remove the bad smell


May cause headaches if inhaled

The smell can be overwhelming

Whether you are a seasoned user or new to these products, you should understand how they could help you to live a better, healthier life. Not everyone is looking for the same benefits from these blends. The products have been growing in popularity, and there must be a good reason for that. Besides helping users to relieve the physical pain of the muscles, they have been very effective at boosting the mood of the athlete and improving the immune system to help keep away the disease-causing bacteria. These blends have numerous physical, mental, and emotional value, but the individual user has to understand what he or she is looking for to benefit fully from these products.

Many manufacturers and companies have ventured into making essential oils. As a result, there are so many of these products on the market that the user is often overwhelmed when shopping for the best one to use. If you are new to them, don’t just go buy whatever you can get your hands on. It is advisable to take your time and familiarize yourself with some of the most recognized brands on the market. You also need to know some less popular brands that are very effective as well. This requires that you have a rough idea of what you are intending to achieve from using the product.

Criteria Used for Choosing the Best Essential Oils

Users should also get to know some of the main ingredients used, including how each one of them benefits the body. Once that is clear, you can start examining other features that could also be significant. Regardless, don’t let the variety blind or confuse you. Understanding how they work is a critical aspect of using these products. For instance, while some are inhaled through the nose, others are applied to the skin or ingested via the mouth. In addition, all of the above-mentioned pathways also have variations in regards to how they could help the body. For instance, applying a product to the skin is ordinarily expected to help care for various skin conditions such as bruises, abrasions, and cuts. With that in mind, below is how to evaluate and choose the best essential oils.


This is a very important factor to consider when selecting the best product to use. Not all manufacturers do their due diligence to ensure their products are of the highest quality possible. Using only the best quality ingredients is a tiring and expensive task. This is a risk that not all companies are willing to take. A lot goes into obtaining the pure form of a plant. However, if a company obtains the highest quality plants, they are likely to produce the highest-quality products. When it comes to paying for any product, users or consumers want to get value for their money. This literally means you want to get what you pay for. If you part with a lot of money then you expect a lot from the product. For instance, if you paid for a chicken, you expect a chicken and not a crow or goose. There is no way you can pay for a peppermint flavor and get a lemon flavor. Similarly, if you pay for lavender, the product manufacturer should deliver lavender. This is what it means by purity.

Some users and consumers often complain of getting a blend with a smell of something they did not see listed on the product label. Therefore, when shopping for your ideal product, always pay attention to the purity so that you do not get a blend of what you did not bargain for. Consider manufacturers who perform quality tests on their products to ensure consistency when it comes to quality. Some of the tests may include the GC/MS (gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) test. From the test, you can be able to determine the components of the product you are buying. This GC/MS together with any other testing methods assure the user of consistency in quality. If you only consume products that have been subject quality tests to guarantee consistency, you will be sure to get what you paid for. Purity is very important in virtually all the products that we consume, not just supplements.

Indigenous Plants & Ingredients

These products are made from plant-based ingredients. If the product you want to buy is made in the lab or from lab chemicals and solutions, then it might not be what you need; it will have a synthetic fragrance, and everything else will be synthetic. The product must come from a true plant. Some of the best quality blends and products are sourced from their origin or native location. This quality also tends to affect purity. Fortunately, most products from top brands and manufacturers are sourced from their origins to ensure they retain purity throughout the processing cycle. These are often small farms from various locations across the world. If possible, you might want to consider products from a manufacturer that works directly with small communities of farmers from small villages across the world. Companies that work with middlemen may not have the same quality products because some middlemen tend to mix the raw ingredients with other materials that alter the purity and quality of the product. While they may do this often to increase their profit margins, this ultimately affects the quality of the final product and even its effectiveness.


Part of making the best decision about picking the best supplement is to understand the pathway used to bring benefits for the user. The supplement is often used in one of the following three ways: through the skin, through the mouth, and through the nose. You need to determine how you are going to use the blend to enjoy its benefits.

Skin: Some of these oils have to be applied to the skin if you are to derive any benefits from them. It goes without saying that these products are used on the skin to enhance beauty or treat skin conditions. Therefore, depending on what you want to achieve with the product, you can choose the blends based on their effect on the skin.

Nose: While some oils are applied to the skin, others need to be inhaled through the nose to help improve your condition or health. For instance, if you are battling a cold, flu, or other respiratory ailments, you can choose the one you can inhale to provide the much-needed relief. Allergies may cause stuffiness and congestion. Similarly, airborne bacteria or the transition from one season to another often shocks the body and results in a cold and a cough. However, inhaling some of these blends could help your body to fight back against allergies and disease-causing pathogens. Others will help the respiratory function by fostering clear breathing or soothing airways. Moreover, they are often warm scented to ease the irritation and the potential inflammation that could cause swelling and ultimately block the airways. Similarly, the steam inhalation option allows the user to add a few drops to hot water and inhale the steam or take deep breaths while covering the head with a towel. Other options allow the user to inhale directly from the user’s hand or diffuse in the room by placing a few drops on the bed sheet. Therefore, if you want speedy recovery from a cold or flu, you should consider inhalable options that could bring the desired relief.

Mouth: Some of these supplements benefit the body if taken internally. This ideally means the user has to ingest it through the mouth to realize its benefits. If you are an athlete and have suffered a number of respiratory ailments then you probably know some of the remedies may include gargling a solution made up of different ingredients to help relieve sore throats. Often, you have to spit the solution out instead of swallowing. Some of these blends are also specifically designed for that function. If you are suffering from tonsillitis, for instance, you might want to look for a solution that you can gargle to help make you feel better. On the other hand, some have to be taken by the mouth to reach the gut for them to work. This can also be effective against various stomach issues, including bloating, flatulence, acid reflux, and improve the general functionality of the stomach and gut so that you can enjoy a smoother digestion process. However, you might have to discuss with your doctor before taking oral medications with supplements because they might cause allergies and other conditions. Similarly, ingesting too much oil is associated with stomach upset and other serious health issues such as kidney and liver damage. This is just to say that it is recommended to consult your doctor if you plan on using the supplement over an extended period of time. This is to ensure you are on the safe side and can use it without experiencing any potentially damaging side effects. You should also know that the general interaction of essential oils with various medications may cause some adverse reactions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are essential oils?

A: These are extracts from farm-based plants and herbs grown by small farmers from various places across the world. They provide effective relief against a cough, a cold, and allergies. They have been linked to several health benefits and healing effects without experiencing the nasty side effects common with medication. Athletes and other individuals often use them for their therapeutic properties, as they can rid individuals of their numerous ailments.

Q: How are essential oils used?

A: They enjoy a wide range of application, including ingestion by mouth, applying to the skin, and inhaling of fumes. You can also use them to massage your skin, body, or muscles and improve the blood circulation. Inhalation may also involve using the supplements with diffusers as diluted or concentrated forms. The diffusers allow the blends to evaporate and release the scents into the atmosphere. Mixing them with water solutions could also make simple sprays to freshen the room, increase awareness or focus, and boost good feelings or elicit positive moods when you are feeling a little gloomy.

Q: Do essential oils work?

A: The most common use of these products is aromatherapy, which involves inhaling the aromas to stimulate various areas of the limbic system – a part of the brain largely responsible for behaviors, emotions, long-term memory, and sense of smell. They have also proven useful in helping to improve the mental, physical, and emotional well-being. For instance, adding a few drops of some blends in bathwater could help to relieve fatigue after a long, tiring day. You could also smear some on the skin to enhance beauty by giving your skin the radiant look it needs to stay healthy. Others can be used to massage the muscles and joints to bring about a relieving effect.

Q: What is the best essential oil?

A: Many people have asked this question to determine whether one blend or brand is superior to another. Well, the best product varies with individual needs, ingredients, purity, the method of application or use, the origin of the ingredients, and budget among others. Your ideal supplement should be able to meet the health needs that led you into seeking them in the first place. For instance, if you are looking for a supplement to relieve you of a horrible cold, flu, or a cough, your ideal product should do just that. On the other hand, if you are looking to boost your moods and attract positive feelings, the supplement should have the aromatherapy effect to help you achieve your objectives. In addition, it should be affordable because you don’t have to accumulate massive amounts of credit card debt just to get yourself the right essential oils to help you improve your overall wellness.

Q: Where can I get high-quality essential oils?

A: With many players coming into the industry, these products have become readily available. In fact, you can find them on top e-commerce platforms. However, just ensure that you know what you are looking for so that you don’t become overwhelmed by the vast number of options available on the market.


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