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Everybody wants to look good and have brilliant, radiant skin.  Especially when that skin is on your face, it is the first physical impression anyone you meet gets.  There are many ways to improve skin texture and brightness. Drinking enough water to keep your cells hydrated is definitely something you should be doing.  Eating tons of fruits and veggies to get those antioxidants in is another sure-fire way to help support the health of your body. Topicals, creams, and lotions can help hydrate your skin and exfoliating can slough off those dead cells which do nothing but dull your appearance and increase the intensity of fine lines and wrinkles.

SKEDERM Snail Jellyimg
  • SKEDERM Snail Jelly
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Regenerates healthy tissue
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GLAMGLOW Gravitymud
  • GLAMGLOW Gravitymud
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Gain toned contours
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Biore Charcoalimg
  • Biore Charcoal
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Deep cleaning product
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You could make an appointment with a dermatologist for some prescription drugs or medical peels, but that can definitely hurt the wallet and may not be as feasible an option for most people.  There are a plethora of facial masks available on the market that you can give a try for literally anything you could want. Dull skin, dry skin, acne, rosacea, uneven tone, wrinkles, sculpting and firming, you name it and you bet there are plenty of masks on the market for you to choose from.

Adding one of these treatments in regularly to your beauty routine can greatly support and enhance the health and appearance of your skin.  When you are looking for your perfect product, you should be thinking about the ingredients, reviews validating effectiveness, what you want to accomplish, and your budget.  Armed with a goal you can try and find your perfect treatment, and turn your home into your own personal spa.


10 Best Facemasks


1. SKEDERM Snail Jelly

For powerful hydration and regeneration of healthy tissues repairing your skin, SKEDERM Snail Jelly uses snail secretion filtrate. Full of enough slime to saturate your skin with healing goodness that will provide you with soft, and supple feel.
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Snail secretion filtrate

Used for years upon years in South Korea, snail secretion filtrate (SSF) has tremendous hydrating and regenerative properties that are well suited for your enhancing your beauty regimen. If you suffer from acne, rosacea, tissue repair, scars, razor bumps or want some anti-aging support, this ingredient works hard to help with all of these irritations.


This ingredient is excellent at retaining water in a way that mimics how your natural skin would operate. So, it only makes sense that this is a perfect water delivery vessel for the skin to keep it plumped and smooth.

Cost and Value

All skin types can benefit from this product. The SSF is made up of hyaluronic and glycolic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, antimicrobial peptides in addition to natural extracts. The ingredients are spot on and they work together to help keep your skin’s moisture boosted as well as improve elasticity.

Snail Secretion Filtrate (SSF)

Suitable for all skin types

Hydrogel helps retain moisture

Great for skin repair from many common irritations including acne, rosacea

Keep on face for 15-20 minutes

Regenerative and repairing formula to keep your complexion bright


Could take moisture away from the face if left on too long

There are many ingredients

2. GLAMGLOW Gravity Mud

If firming and lifting is your thing, this is a product you should take a look at. GLAMGLOW Gravity Mud is a peel-off mask that was formulated to help skin gain toned contours. It will tighten and lift for nice definition in your face.
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Silver Face

This mask will dry swiftly onto your face and it will provide a hold that will not allow movement while you are using it. You may think that is a bad thing, but it is not. It is how you know it has gotten to work and how it provides it’s firming benefits. A side note is that once it dries it has this beautiful pearly, silver look to it which can make for a great selfie.


This product will absolutely have your face glowing after you use it. You will notice that it will feel and look tighter as well as feel incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. While you are wearing it, you get to enjoy a very pleasant fragrance with the mixture of Teaoxi Marshmallow and licorice leaf.

Cost and Value

This is one of the major favorites as far as brands go. It is one of the funniest looking masks to wear, but also in a weird beautiful way. You just have to try it for yourself. And try it you should because you can feel it working and you will just the right results once you peel it off. And the smell is incredibly enjoyable.

TEAOXI Marshmallow and Licorice Leaf

Tightening and lifting

Mud treatment

Peel off

Can reduce smile lines

Will become tingly and warm when it goes to work

Will make your pores look smaller


Could make sensitive skin red

Try just a small dot to begin to test and see if it will cause stinging

3. Elizavecca Milky Piggy

Clean out all the gunk in your pores and remove the ickiness for a fresher, cleaner complexion. Elizavecca Milky Piggy uses carbonated water and mud to extract the clogging materials that are in your pores and cause you to break out.
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Carbonated water and mud aren’t the only thing this product contains. Other vegetable based ingredients such as green tea and pomegranate rounds out the formulation. Add some charcoal powder extract and you have a nice combination for a deep cleansing treatment.

Gets in deep

Charcoal is known to have strong absorptive qualities and is widely used to help clean and clear congested pores. It has a pulling power that cleans up all the extra abundant sebum and dirt your body accumulates throughout the day. In addition, it also rids your face of any extra makeup that you may have left behind after an initial cleanse. The carbonated water then goes in and messages those cleaned out pores to keep your face feeling fresh and soft.

Cost and Value

Say goodbye to those nasty blackheads, this mask will make like magic and poof, they are gone. The fresh, clean feeling after use is invigorating. The bubbling on your face will make you feel like it is really getting in there and doing some massive cleaning.

This will start to bubble after 5 minutes

Deep cleansing

Carbonated water and charcoal powder

Made with natural plant extracts

Reduces sebum on overly oily skin

Smoothness that can last for a couple days


Best used after you thoroughly clean your face first

Glue like texture

4. Biore Charcoal

4.  Biore Charcoal
Biore is particularly known for creating products that clean out clogged pores. The Biore Charcoal mask is just another example of signature beauty products that are aimed at deep cleaning. This is a self-heating masks that you can feel heat up on your skin.
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Recognized as the best

In 2015 Allure Magazine recognized this product as the best and awarded it the Best of Beauty Award for that year. In a category with so much competition, to be given a top award by a leading beauty magazine is a huge deal.

Tough on junk

This product is super tough on the junk that clogs your pores. It can provide you with over 2.5 more power in removing the build-up that gets into our pores than your average cleanser. It gets in there deep and extracts out all those impurities that are irritating your skin.

Cost and Value

This is recognized by leaders in the industry as having quality ingredients and acting effectively. It is made by a company made famous for cleaning out pores. Thoroughly tested, it should give you a fresh feel with a nice warming effect that gets to work immediately.

Uses 2-3 times weekly

Self-heating, it heats on contact with water

Charcoal pulls out impurities

Dermatologist tested, oil-free and hypoallergenic

Awarded Best of Beauty Award in 2015 by Allure Magazine

Rinse off with water, the mask doesn’t harden or dry


Should have a couple more masks for the money

Can be messy

5. Fresh Black Tea

5.  Fresh Black Tea
If you are someone who likes to get their treatments in while you sleep, this product could be your best friend. Fresh Black Tea will boost your skin’s hydration and help firm your skin as you wear it overnight.
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Night time is when our body rests and makes repairs. This product syncs with the body’s natural repairing process and helps boost it to stop the free radical damage. It will help increase firmness and elasticity in your skin for a younger, more youthful appearance when you wake up.


This treatment will also ensure that your fine lines and wrinkles are addressed by using a hyaluronic acid that will keep those moisture molecules retained so you can have softer, more hydrated skin. This will give you a fresh and healthy looking, better-defined complexion.

Cost and Value

Formulated with a wonderful smell, this therapy will provide all the youthful firming to your skin that you’d want. Used overnight, it is easily integrated into your beauty routine.

Firming and hydrating

Overnight treatment

Black tea ferment, black tea extract, blackberry leaf extract

Discourages free radical damage

Belle de Nuit extract balances skin

Quick delivery

Smooth and silkiness in texture



Not the best for acne-prone or oily skin

6. ORIGINS Clear Improvement

6.  ORIGINS Clear Improvement
If your skin is acne prone, oily and has blackheads, this is a great option to try . Origins clear improvement uses the popular ingredient charcoal to clean out pores. You can smooth it over your face and allow it to start working, then simply rinse off when done.
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Clear Complexion

Use this treatment every couple of days and within little time you will see an improvement in your inflamed, red, skin. Blackheads will take a hit and become less and less and those red acne bumps will become smaller and less widespread.


Origins is a trusted beauty manufacturer that provides top tier products. It is a highly accredited company with an expert history. Founded in 1990, it offers over 25 years of knowledge, testing, and production. It is a brand that falls under the Estee Lauder Company.

Cost and Value

This product will help clear up many of your imperfections right away. It can help your skin feel healthy and light. Made from a trusted and credible company which is known for making high quality and highly effective products. The shipping time is also pleasing.

Easy on sensitive skin

Clay mask

Use for 10-15 minutes

Deep cleans pores

Active charcoal


Can sting a bit when you first put it on

Isn’t best used for brown spots

7. VASSOUL Black Mask

7.  VASSOUL Black Mask
If your skin concerns are enlarged pores, blackheads, anti-aging, fine lines, blemishes, oily skin and “strawberry nose,” VASSOUL Black Mask is formulated for all of these issues. It will pull all the rubbish on your face and effectively clean the dirt and grime from your skin.
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Here is a treatment that works and operates in a unique way. You paint it on your face and let it set. Once it sets, it gets to work and when it's done it makes itself into an elastic mask that you peel off of your face.

Active ingredients

Not only will you feel this treatment work but when you take it off you will actually see the results. The buildup in your pores will be extracted and have a physical appearance on the peeled off pieces. It is amazing to see how much gunk is in your skin but you’ll feel great knowing you got rid of it.

Cost and Value

This is the product that will clean out your pores and refresh your face. It will add firmness to your skin and add a brightness to dull complexions. It evens out tones and will leave you feeling lighter and looking like you glisten.

Deep cleansing facial

Smoothes and moisturizes skin

Improves blood circulation

Provides youthful appearance

Easy to use

Dries and peels off


Can cause a little pinch of pain when removing

Better for blackheads than painful blemishes

8. Dr. Jart Soothing Hydra Solution

8.  Dr. Jart Soothing Hydra Solution
Dr. Jart Soothing Hydra Solution makes a fully formed mask that is drenched in a hydrating solution. You put it on your face, lay back and allow it to start penetrating your skin to plump and moisturize.
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Won’t irritate sensitive skin

This is one of the finest sheet options you are going to find. It works for almost every skin type. If you are a person who has sensitive skin and has to be picky on what you put on, you might not have any problems with this treatment.

Lots of serum

The packaging includes a lot of extra serum to keep this product saturated in moisture. The extra serum left in the packaging can easily be scooped up with your hands and spread all over your face and neck for additional benefits.

Cost and Value

If your skin becomes dry, irritated or blotchy especially if you tend to wear more makeup, this product will help refine and restore the plump moisture you may have lost. There is so much serum included you can manually spread it wherever your dry patches show up.

Sheet style

Intense moisture

Easy on the skin, doesn’t cause irritation


Nice herbal smell

Package has excess serum for an added bonus to use all over your body


Has alcohol

Packaging could be improved

9. TONYMOLY I’m Real Avocado

9.  TONYMOLY I’m Real Avocado
In as little as 20 minutes you can replenish your tired, dull and dry skin by using TONYMOLY I’m Real Avocado. Pre-made in sheet form, it is easy as open the package and lay on the face. Then relax and enjoy the penetration.
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Natural ingredients blended with enriched essences will deeply penetrate your skin to provide supple moistness. Designed with a three-layer pulp sheet, it is full of nutrients and replenishing power for dull, dry skin.


This is a fairly young company, formed in 2006 and based in Seoul. It is not only a leader for Korean beauty products but it has gained notoriety abroad as well. They are highly recognizable with their colorful and fun packaging.

Cost and Value

The company has a fun and vibrant culture. They make a wide variety of options to soothe many skin conditions. For millennials who love avocados and hip businesses, this is the best of both.

Avocado extract

Microemulsion-based essence refreshes the skin and brightens the complexion

The hip company a leading Korean beauty and international brand

Absorbs nicely into the skin

3-layer pulp sheet

Many options for many skin concerns


Strong fragrance

The serum can be drippy

10. FARMACY Honey Potion

10.  FARMACY Honey Potion
Gain a more youthful appearance with the use of FARMACY Honey Potion. Using the healing power that only nature provides, this company makes use of what occurs in the living environment to make a very astute product.
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Sustainable ingredients

The honey is sourced from the farm that is located in upstate New York. These happy and very healthy bees make some of the highest quality honey. Studies have shown that using this product provided for smooth skin and a more youthful look.


This company uses valuable science and technology merged with sustainable farming and ingredients to formulate some of the most natural and organic products. They manufacture highly powerful and clean beauty care products that you can feel good about wearing.

Cost and Value

The results are fast acting and long lasting. This company is responsible and engaged, they are one of the few manufacturers out there that practice the sustainable formulation with their farm-to-skincare practices. The ingredients are high quality and sourced straight from the farm.

Honey sourced from a farm in New York

Provides a warming sensation when massaged into the skin

Has a texture that becomes smooth and creamy

Echinacea GreenEnvy helps boost collagen production

Moisturizes and provides a youthful appearance

Comes with an applicator to keep your hands from getting sticky



May cause breakouts in acne prone skin

You will never find that one magic product that will completely treat and heal all of your skin woes.  However, with a solid cleansing plan, good nutrition, enough water, and plenty of rest, you can find products that provide you with daily or multi-day benefits.  You can surely find help with acne, or tone, with texture and dryness or with fine lines and wrinkles. When you need that little bit of extra, a facial mask can have what you are looking for to give your appearance an upgrade and a nice refresher.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Face Masks


High-quality ingredients that won’t irritate or harm your skin is so very important.  If you are someone who has sensitive skin, it is most critical to read the ingredient list to ensure nothing in the formulations will cause your skin to become damaged or pained.  If you are someone who has combination skin and also has acne issues, you may want to ensure the mask that also hydrates won’t inflame your acne or block your pores. There are options for maximizing tone, but sometimes brighteners can be powerful and cause blotchiness.  

Beauty science is, like any science, always progressing forward and learning new and innovative ways to address the common issues we face.  Researchers are always on the lookout for the most powerful ingredients, antioxidants that are also clean and safe. With respect to anti-aging products, there is no denying that companies whose formulations allow for individuals to achieve a more youthful look without surgery or other invasive and expensive procedures will bring in the big bucks.


Not every product works the same way for everyone.  Not every product works for everyone, some products will skimp on the ingredient quality and not only be mostly ineffective but also can cause inflammation, redness, blotchiness, or pain.  Reading reviews on the drugs to get an idea of what the side effects people report having and if there is a good amount of people verifying that the product is effective. You can get a real-time understanding regarding how quick the product works as well as how long it lasts.

Your goals

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? What is or what are your main concerns that you want to try to alleviate.  You might have acne and be looking for products that can help you with it. You’d be wanting your treatment to have some proven, active ingredients that you know work.  Clay, Sulfur, Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Tea Tree oil, these are all ingredients that would be beneficial in an acne-fighting formulation.  The same goes for other issues, wrinkles, for instance, you want formulations rich in antioxidants. Acai oil, Alpha-lipoic acid, green tea extract, retinol, coenzyme Q10, and caffeine would be some of the ingredients you’d want to have because these are known to replenish and plump the skin.


Beauty products can be expensive.  When you are consistently using them in your routine, the costs can add up.  Even over-the-counter products can be just as costly as prescriptions. This alone may be a determining factor in which product you choose to purchase.   Look for deals, coupons and sales to help boost your monetary flexibility when you can.

Other Important Factors to Consider

As with anything that has to do with our health, being proactive is extremely important and can be invaluable.  Regarding the skin, wearing an appropriate SPF at all times, even when it is cold or when it is cloudy you still need to put on that sunscreen. Make sure you get just the right amount on so you are fully protected. By applying two coats instead of one, you will ensure you are good to go. Also don’t just think SPF should only be used on the face.  Your neck, decolletage, and hands are also constantly exposed to the elements. They need SPF too because they will also wrinkle with excess exposure and be prone to cancer. Keeping your skin moisturized after cleansing or wearing a mask is something you should always do no matter if your skin is oily or dry. It helps keep the dry patches away and it assists with elasticity.  

If you wear makeup, going to bed with makeup is a serious no-no.  Completely remove your makeup before bed and following with a toner to keep pores clean and tight will also help.  The other thing to understand is that your skincare changes with your age. What you do in your 20s is will differ from what you do in your 30s and when you have more mature skin your issues and concerns will be much different.  You will have to approach your makeup and your skincare routine in a different way. Even though this is a simple fact of life, it is completely doable and there are expert products made for everyone at every stage of their lives.

For those who have to deal with discoloration that is often caused by the excess sun exposure but can also be caused by hormones,  you have the ability to use a bleaching topical to help. Hydroquinone can actually stop the discoloration and even reverse it for a better tone.  Go to a professional for higher potency glycolic or salicylic acid peels that will help with any persistent darkness.

Remember, for the most part, less really is more.  Try not to overload your skin with too many products that can cause build up and irritation.  A couple, highly effective products that are appropriate for your age will be just fine. Stay out of the sun as much as possible.  Yes, a tan complexion needs less makeup and adds a natural glow but it is also degrading to your skin and it is dehydrating for it as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should you cleanse your face?

A: The best advice is to do a thorough cleaning two times per day.  Sometimes you may be in a rush and unable to get those two in, so in this case, if you have to pick which time of the day to do it, choose the evening.  So much grime and dirt and sebum accumulate on the face during the day, there is no way to stop that from happening. So when you are getting ready for bed or ending your day, cleaning the day’s wear off is the right way to go.  If you have oily skin, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are good ways to go. For combination skin, you need a bit of help from both sides of the aisle. Creamy cleansers will do you well.

Q: What about moisturizer?

A: Always look for a moisturizer that uses broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.  Try to pick a product that has an SPF of 30 or higher and is formulated with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.  Keep your moisturizer right where you do all your personal cleansing and application of makeup. Keep it handy and get yourself used to put it on first and foremost.  This way you won’t forget about it.

Q: What is there to do about wrinkles across the forehead?

A: You can soften those pesky lines that show up with retinoid creams.  The vitamin A derivative will provide your skin with the necessary building blocks for collagen production.  You can find products that have this ingredient over-the-counter as well as via prescription from your dermatologist.  If you want to get aggressive with it you can get medical injections like Botox. These will stop the nerve impulses that keep the skin from moving and causing the wrinkles in the first place.  With less movement, those wrinkles will start to soften for you and your results could last 3 or more months at a time. If you want to ensure long-lasting results, injections like Restylane that uses hyaluronic acid is a filler that will provide you with 6+ months of results.  To get a treatment only two times per year is fairly easy maintenance.

Q: What is hyaluronic acid?

A: Hyaluronic acid is something that occurs and is made naturally in your body.  The purpose it serves is to ensure your tissues are lubricated and softened. It is not just found in your skin’s tissues, it is also found in your joint fluid as well as in your connective tissues.  There are many factors that can decrease your body’s natural production over time. Factors that mostly relate to lifestyles, such as smoking and a poor diet will cause your body’s production to decrease.  Age is another factor that just naturally degrades your body’s ability to manufacture it. When you use products that contain hyaluronic acid you should take them with vitamin C products to ensure they work at their maximum potential.

Q: How can I stop puffiness?

A: Your lymphatic system could be at the center of your puffy woes.  When fluid builds up in this system, puffiness can sometimes occur.  Yoga, believe it or not, is a good way to help rid that extra fluid but it is not the only thing you can do.  You can try some manual bodywork for drainage. Lymph massage stimulates the flow and discourages blockages. You can learn how to do this yourself, but if that isn’t your M.O., no worries.  A trained and certified massage professional can do it for you. In addition to bodywork, the fluid intake will also help. Water is essential to life and to the proper functioning of all of our body’s systems. It is so important to our diets and is often overlooked.  Make sure to get enough in so you can stay hydrated. With the lymph system, the ability to flow better will come with proper hydration.

Skin brushing is a newer therapy is also a way that you can encourage excellent flowing in the lymph system.  Done just after you wake up and before you jump into the shower, it is best done on dry skin. You can also learn how to do this to yourself effectively. Last, foods that are anti-inflammatory should be prime in your diet and on the menu daily.  Limes, avocados, lemons, sprouts, figs and most vegetables will be what you are looking towards incorporating into your nutrition regime. It is also important that most of these things contain fiber, and fiber is crucial to helping decrease inflammation.  With that, bring on the beans! There are tons of tasty and very healthy lentil and bean dishes that will surely up your fiber intake in a jiffy.


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