10 Best Injinji Socks Tested & Compared


Injinji socks allow your feet to splay naturally and move naturally while providing good breathability. If you’re seeking a sock designed to enhance your run and provide a comfortable experience for your feet, then definitely check out Injinji.

This brand creates socks through weaving together a blend of durable and comfortable fibers and these fibers will not absorb moisture, this means that skin moisture passes up through the synthetic weave away from the skin and can naturally dissipate. The sock design follows the anatomy of the foot and puts material between the toes which further prevents an accumulation of sweat between the toes, this serves to bring down the opportunity for bacteria growth leading to infections and also acts as a cushion to prevent blistering. Innovative sock tech designed strategically into the sock gives cushion factor where it is most needed.

Last Updated: April 20, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

We have added the Injinji Mens Original new version and we will continue to add to and expand your choices for the best socks. Our criteria to review and identify the top options will make an interesting and informative read for you. In our FAQs section, we give advice by answering helpful questions.

Run Lightweight Coolmax Xtra
  • Run Lightweight Coolmax Xtra
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Cool & Dry
  • Price: See Here
Run Lightweight 2.0 No Show
  • Run Lightweight 2.0 No Show
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft
  • Price: See Here
Run Midweight Mini Crew
  • Run Midweight Mini Crew
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Cushioned
  • Price: See Here

11 Best Injinji Socks


1. Run Lightweight No Show Coolmax Xtra

These do pretty much what the title says – they’re designed for freedom, a lightweight fit, a cooling feel and a low-cut appearance. If you want all – or any – of these things, then these are a great bet. They come in a number of aesthetic designs for the fashion-conscious soul and they’re designed to prevent blistering.
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These offer increased heel to toe stretch, which is good if you have longer or narrower feet, and if you value a lot of toe splay and stretch. These also offer decent compression and a snug fit. They have a heel tab to prevent slippage and they are really soft and comfortable. You won’t find any chafing here and you get all the freedom you need. They also provide a decent amount of stability which is nice if you’re seeking support.

As you’d expect, there are no issues at all with either quality or durability.

These run about average for Injinji socks.
  • Great at wicking sweat
  • Very lightweight
  • Decent compression and support
  • Nice aesthetic designs
  • Suitable for long and narrow feet
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Offer come stability
  • In truth, nothing!

2. Run Lightweight 2.0 No Show

Again, these are built for breathability and moisture wicking, and are great at keeping you cool. They have a mesh top to maximize ventilation and have a thin, minimalistic design for natural foot movement. They also have a heel tab to prevent chafing.
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These socks have a great fit, and they’re soft, comfortable and breathable. The performance factor is great in these, and they offer decent stability for something so lightweight. If you’re accustomed to blistering, these really should eliminate any problems you might have ever had. If you want something minimal and comfortable, these are for you.

A very small amount of users have experienced durability issues, but these seems to be very rare. These are otherwise of fantastic quality and you can really feel it on a run.

Pricier than some of the socks on this list.
  • Very lightweight and minimal
  • Soft, comofortable and breathable
  • Very good at preventing blisters
  • Very nice moisture wicking
  • Effective heel tab
  • A little pricey, even for this list
  • A tiny amount of durability issues, though this is highly rare

3. Run Midweight Mini Crew

The Run Midweight Mini Crew come in at a midweight level, so they’re a heavier and durable and perfect for those seeking something slightly more solid and sturdy. They are built to protect against blistering and hotspots and give plenty of cushioning. If you’re seeking durable and plush sock, these are an excellent bet.
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Theses socks have a lot of padding on the heel, so if you like a little extra support in this area, or if you’re prone to being heavy on your heels, these could be perfect for you. They also have added metatarsal support, which might be a dealbreaker for some. They are very good for long runs given their support and cushioning and they are excellent at fighting blisters. If you looking for something that is lightweight and allows for a lot of natural foot movement, these might not be for you.

The sole on these can wear a little quicker than some might like, though the durability is by no means terrible. The quality, like all of the entries on this list, is overall excellent.

Around average for this list, which is relatively expensive but absolutely worth it.
  • If you want maximum cushion, these have it.
  • Metatarsal support
  • Great at fighting blisters
  • Fight blisters brilliantly
  • A great midweight choice
  • Brilliant cushion on the heel
  • Those seeking something super lightweight and breathable might not like these.
  • The sole can wear a little quickly.

4. Run Original Weight No Show

Another no show option here which is a popular style choice for runners. Again, these are good for battling both sweatiness and blisters. They have a moderate weight and moderately cushioned, making them a good choice for something general and reliable.
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These socks stay up well thanks to the tab, and do everything that – from reading this list – you might have come to expect from Injiniji. They wick sweat well and prevent chafing and blisters. And of course, they feel good. Where some might not like these is that they’re a compromise between cushion and lightweight, so they don’t specialize in either of these things. That said, they’re a comfy sock.

A couple of people have reported that these aren’t as consistent and reliable as others in this list in terms of fit and feel. However, otherwise they are great quality and durability.

These are a little pricier than some others on this list, but only marginally so.
  • These are good if you want something that does a bit of everything
  • Wick sweat well
  • Good resistance against blisters and chafing
  • A good midweight option
  • These don’t specialize in any one thing, such as weight or bounce.
  • A little pricier than some others

5. Liner Crew NuWool Socks

The Liner Crew NuWool socks go higher up the leg which is great if you’re looking for more comfort, warmth and a little more support. Again, these are great against blisters and chafing with great breathability. These are made from merino wool which is a great material for preventing odors.
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These are of course best for trail runs thanks to their support and thick lining. They do the job very well, and offer everything you’d expect from Injinji. They’re super comfortable and work well as a liner sock or as your sole sock.

No quality or durability issues at all here, with great performance and longevity.

Considering their relative size, these are surprisingly low cost.
  • Great for trail runners
  • Top comfort
  • Excellent at wicking sweat
  • Provide decent warmth
  • No blisters or chafing
  • Crafted from merino wool


  • These are more niche than some others on this list.

6. Run Lightweight Mini Crew

These are a good option if you want something lightweight and small with a good ankle fit. Again, they’re good at preventing blisters and chafing and they’re super lightweight and minimal. They’re best suited for short runs given their stick-to-skin design.
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If you wear snug shoes, these are a good option, as they stick to the skin and don’t rub at all. If you like a barefoot feel with the support of an actual sock, these are a very good option. They’re very comfortable and breathable and they don’t stretch much.

Because of their lightweight design, they may wear a little quicker than some others on this list, but their durability is still decent. The sizing can occasionally be a little off, but they are otherwise great.

These are around an average price for this list.
  • Very lightweight and minimal
  • Good breathability
  • Stick well to the skin
  • Prevent chafing and blisters well
  • Sizing is occasionally a little off
  • Not the greatest durability, though still decent

7. Trail Midweight Mini Crew

If you’re a trail runner, these are a brilliant option. The Trail Midweight Mini Crew has a mesh top lock and a double cuff which both prevent against sweatiness and debris. They stick in place very well, and they’re designed to offer the fluidity and flexibility needed for a proper trail run.
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As you’ve come to expect from this list, these are super comfortable. Their performance is good for trail running, with a really well thought out fit. They beat hot spots and chafing, so you won’t get any blisters. They provide a little bit of compression. Their support is good for something this unobtrusive.

There seem to be no durability issues here!

These are marginally pricier than some others here, but they’re worth it considering their special trail-based design.
  • Great for trail runners
  • Keep out debris very well
  • Prevent chafing and blisters
  • Provide good support
  • Feel good against the skin
  • Slightly pricey, but worth it
  • A small amount of users have experienced discomfort, but this is very rare.

8. Liner Crew

This liner sock is designed to go under another another sock, so if you’re looking for something simple to wick sweat and keep you friction-free, these are a good option. They can’t be worn alone but they make for a great base layer. They go a little higher up the leg than most others on this list.
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Really lightweight, great at wicking sweat, fantastic comfort and a lovely feel against the skin. These are only suitable if you’re looking for a base layer.

These socks don’t have the same durability as some others on this list, but that’s the only real fault here – the comfort is otherwise great.

These are marginally cheaper than some others on this list, but that’s to be expected given their relatively simple design.
  • Great if you’re looking for a good base layer sock
  • Friction-free to prevent blisters and chafing
  • Very lightweight
  • Not the best durability

9. Run Original Weight No Show XtraLife

The Injinji Run Original Weight No Show XtraLife socks are built with a focus on durability and are the original weight, which makes them a good balance of light weight and support. Like all Injinji socks, they are sweat wicking and prevent blisters, so if you want something mid-weight to keep your toes separated and your feet comfy, these are a decent option.
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The material feels great against the skin, and their mid-weight design provides decent cushion with a plush feel. this sock is what a good basic Injinji can do – improve your runs and beat any of the annoying side effects of running such as chafing or blisters. Because of their weight, they’re suitable for both long and short runs. They’re not as stretchy as some other Injinji offerings, which might be off-putting to some.

There seem to be no durability issues here, and the quality is of course everything you would expect from Injinji.

A little pricier than others on this list, which is a shame given that they don’t specialize in any one particular thing. That said, they’re of course worth the outlay.
  • Good midweight option
  • Will keep you cool and comfortable
  • Splay the toes well
  • A little pricier than perhaps they should be
  • Aren’t as stretchy as other Injinjis

10. 2.0 Compression Over the Calf

The 2.0 Compression Over the Calf socks are a great compression sock and fit over the calf. If you’re looking for something long and compressive from Injinji, this is it. They minimize muscle soreness and provide support to prevent further aches and pains. They also improve circulation and offer the no-blister, toe-splaying features seen in all of Injinji socks.
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These socks have a lovely padded heel which not only feels good, but aids recovery. This feature also helps with downhill running, which is especially handy if you like to hit the trails. Over long distances, you’ll definitely feel the difference in your muscles, as they provide support and muscle recovery. Some stated they were a little to tight, so runners might want to go up one size.

Some reviewers stated that they lacked durability. However, they are sweat wicking, chafe-resistance, compressive and supportive, making these high quality.

These are pricey, but they’re absolutely worth the expense.
  • Good sweat wicking
  • Excellent compression and support
  • Aid recovery and prevent future soreness
  • Improve circulation
  • Great toe-splaying despite the added features
  • Pricey
  • Not the best in terms of durability
  • A little too tight for some users

Injinji Men's Run Original

This is the newer sock model.

This sock is marketed as the run-original and the weight is moderate inline with the weight of everyday casual socks. A moderate amount of cushion factor and the sock is suggested for users to wear as their first Injinji sock while they get used to the sock features and performance.

If you are looking to explore and try out this sock brand to see how it works for you, this is the sock which you start with.
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This sock slides easily into place around the foot and between the toes, the stretch factor in the materials lets you easily put it on and once the sock is on it adjusts comfortably to the shape of your foot. The toe p[ods designed into the sock are correctly anatomically lined up to ensure secure protective FIT. 

Strategic designing into the socks through selective materials will ensure these socks do not create hot spots or cause blisters. The material construction ensures breathability for the foot so that moisture retention is greatly minimized.


Not surprising that the material offers durability when we see a weave of three synthetic fibers none of which has a capability to absorb moisture and we all know that synthetic fibers have a long durability span. The socks are made of Lycra, Nylon, and polyester.


Nice socks, good performance, nice price.

Anatomically designed to FIT

Three durable synthetics fibers weaved together


No hot spots and no blistering


No cons that could cause concern


Our Criteria For Reviewing The Best Injinji Socks.

For our review, we wanted to be sure that runners get the best and most up to date choice on offer, to ensure you get the best we looked at:

Comfort, Performance, Quality, Durability, and cost.

Comfort is very important when choosing the best socks for running and comfort will be down to your own individual needs. We noted that the concept of comfort in a good pair of socks is broad.

Some of the models on offer put emphasis on very thin durable material which is capable of giving a feeling of hardly noticing the sock while it is being worn. We liked this feature because extra thin socks are known to dry out very fast. Once a sock is wet we accept that it won’t completely dry out while running but as near to dry as possible is an important factor for comfort.

Socks constructed from the extra thin material are a good idea and it also depends on which type of running conditions the sock will perform in? If the sock is to be worn while running in excessive wet, muddy, sandy or gritty environments, it can be that additional features will need to be thoughtfully built into the sock. During our review, it was clear that the sock designers had factored in these requirements.

We noted that thin socks often lack cushioning features ( which are often not needed as this comes from the shoe), so it is very important to wear thin socks for the right running conditions and use them with a well-designed shoe to ensure maximum performance from the sock.

We particularly liked to see the engineering of double (dual) layer systems for removing moisture, this works through lifting moisture of the skin into the inner sock layer and up to the out layer which absorbs and then allows moisture to wick away.

Some socks come with impressive padding features which will give more comfort so long as the amount of padding does not negatively impact on the shoe FIT

Toe socks are very interesting because this feature showed us that innovative sock design by separating the toes serves well to prevent blisters and painful skin chaffing between the toes. When moisture sits between the toes of a runner, it will be problematic and the problem will be magnified by the presence of sand or grit. Through the separation of each toe via a comfortable material, protection and comfort greatly enhanced.

In particular, we noticed that cushioned padding for heels gave a degree of stability, good protection while still serving towards a feeling of comfort.

We were impressed to see features which provide foot arch ventilation which in turn lets water drain away while at the same time enabling a flow of air in this region of the foot, this offers more drying out capability.

Interestingly we saw a strong connection between your choice of sock and shoe. If a runner gives selective thought towards the right shoe to work in conjunction with the right choice of a sock, he/she will gain all the important factors such as comfort, stability, protection, and durability.

Socks come in different lengths, below the ankle and different ranges of higher, however, the purpose for the sock serving the foot remained constant but variations for sock performance did range depending on what running conditions the sock is meant to perform in.

We were impressed by the compression range of socks, calf socks are certainly high-performance products, serving towards minimizing soreness for calf muscles while providing ongoing secure support to keep pains and aches at bay. A positive contribution towards assisting good circulation, we particularly liked seeing and we recommend calf socks which are combined with a toe separation which gives the runner all the space she/he wants for splaying toes while getting protection from each separate toe section built into the sock. Nice socks for trails runners and further benefit from this style of sock is to see padding for the heels which gives comfort and stability for downward accents. Calf length socks give good muscle support which in turn aids muscle recovery time and we were impressed to see these features being built into a sock. A word of warning regarding compression socks, before purchasing, try on a pair and consider if the amount of compression designed into the sock means that you might need to buy a size bigger than you usually wear.

We found the need for durability in a sock to be a constant factor because socks are subject to constant wear and we noted that designers had factored in this need along with the weight of the sock.

Throughout the range of socks which we reviewed, we found that the right level of the stretch factor for socks was a constant positive theme.

We looked closely at socks which served as a “sock liner” the designs were interesting and options existed for these socks to be worn on their own or as a liner. Wick ability is a factor with these socks, wick factor is simple but functional and these liners do give more freedom from friction problems. Sock liners offer comfort, they are designed to feel nice against the skin while also giving base layering functionality. When choosing a sock as a liner we advise buyers to consider the durability of the sock.

We looked at other innovative sock features, we liked the socks which are designed for trail runners but can be used for other running, these included socks with mesh designed into the construction, the mesh offering nice wick factor which further offered more dryness and comfort. Really nice features with a high protective level included socks with cuff features for holding the sock securely and preventing grit or other annoying debris from entering into the sock. Though the cuffs gave firm secure holding, the sock materials work to still allow a good flexible stretch and we felt comfortable in reviewing these socks positively.

Through our review we found that sock designers have given a lot of thought into design for preventing socks from slipping and causing discomfort, the provision of breath-ability and wick-ability, the weight of a sock, how sturdy a sock needs to be for different running conditions, levels of foot protection, cushioning, comfort and a choice of creative materials such as traditional wool and ranging up to state of the art synthetics, ventilation qualities, padding, flexibility, muscle support and allowance for natural movement of the foot.

Not just simply socks, but innovative comfortable technical designs to serve runners in terms of comfort and function.

Cost varied a lot and this is because the types of socks being offered also come in a good range of varieties. Our review found that whichever sock you choose, it will be a good investment and that when you invest in a quality pair of running socks you need to choose a pair that will work in conjunction with your choice of shoe and your particular type of running environment.



Q:  I’m thinking about trying out cotton socks, is this a good choice?

A:  Not a good idea, cotton is great for retaining moisture which is exactly the opposite quality needed in a sock used for running. Wet cotton increases uncomfortably in weight, friction increases and within a short period of time, you can get very painful blistering caused by friction. Modern tech fabrics are noted for wick-ability which serves to keep your feet dryer but cotton is not known for being able to wick away moisture, so when your cotton sock gets wet it stays that way. Cotton is a natural organic material so when it is wet it can become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and you really do not want a combination of skin rashes or blisters with bacteria.

Q:  A bought an expensive pair of compression socks and I really like them but after about 30 minutes of running they start to feel too tight and uncomfortable?

A:  Compression socks are very good for a specific purpose, they can assist blood circulation and give muscle support but you need to ensure that you have the right FIT for you. It sounds like you have a pair of socks which you have chosen as a standard fit for you by comparing them to ordinary socks. remember, if you run long distances your feet will swell, therefore a compression sock will feel tighter, I suggest you buy a pair which is a size bigger for your foot and try them out.

Q:  I do a lot of trail running, can you suggest a good choice of socks for me to try out?

A:  This will depend on which types of trails you run. If there are a lot of bushes, vegetation, dust, grit or sandy surfaces you should look at trying out socks which are higher on the calf or perhaps even up to the knee. This will give you protection from thorny plants, unwanted dirt getting into your sock and as your running, in the wilds, you will also get protection from biting insects.

Q: Choosing a running sock seems a bit confusing, so I simply choose a sock that matches my shoe size?

A: This question does not have a one choice answer, it really depends on the type of running and the conditions, for athletic running you can choose a specific sock, the same applies to trail running and challenging competitive running. If your running long distances and a wet or dry environment, your feet will swell and sock makes tend to factor stretch cap[abilities into socks. If your wearing compression socks and your feet swell, it’s a good idea to wear socks a size bigger. To get a better idea you should read sock reviews for trail running, athletic running or a general review for the best choice of socks.

Q: What are the benefits of socks with a cuff feature?

A: In short, a cuff feature on a sock allows the sock to hold more firmly and stop it slipping. A cuff serves to prevent unwanted things being able to enter through the top of the sock. This gives a feeling of security blended with functional comfort.

Q:  A get blistering and rashes between my toes when I go trail running, can you give me some advice?

A: This could be because your socks are a standard design and you are getting too much moisture between your toes. The solution for you could well be to try a good pair of toe socks, these socks will help prevent moisture buildup between your toes. Read a review on toe socks and choose a pair which you would like to try out.

Q: I have a good choice of socks in my runners kit and I’m thinking if I will benefit from also using sock liners to thicken up my socks for trail running? What do you suggest?

A: This could be an approach which might work out individually for you but if your going trail running you need to think about the seasons.  If your running in cold weather I would suggest some calf or knee length toe socks or socks with some extra thickness. but keep in mind shoe FIT. Certainly, you should consider running socks which give breath-ability- good wick-ability along with cushioning qualities. I suggest you read a review of options for best running socks.


Here are a few great sources

Our aim in this review is to review and produce the best possible options for your choice of Injinji running socks. To do this we looked at other brands to see what features they offer in comparison to Injinji. We looked far and wide while making our comparative review and we trust we have produced the ten best running socks for your consideration.

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