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When you decide that you would like to buy a juicer, ensure that the one that you would buy at the end of the day is the right one for you. Some of the beverages that we make using this appliance help to cleanse our bodies of impurities. The cleansing capability of some of the juices is good for the improved health and performance of an athlete or any person engaging in any kind of sporting activity. Other types of beverages extracted from fruits and vegetables would help you to lose excess calories leaving you fit, healthy and in a good state to do well in your training and other competitions. If you intend on using juices as part of your daily dieting then it would be important that you buy this type of equipment. The primary season why you are visiting this site at this particular moment is so that you could gain some insights that could assist you to select the best quality appliance. On the same note, you may have purchased one of such products at some point in your life but you were not satisfied by its quality or it did not satisfy your expectations.

Omega J8006
  • Omega J8006
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Incredible versatility
  • Price: See Here
Hamilton Beach
  • Hamilton Beach
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Additional pulp bin
  • Price: See Here
  • Cuisinart
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Price: See Here

Whatever the reasons may be for you to visit this webpage, what is important is that the information contained in this review would assist you to find what your soul desires. You should be informed of the different ways these items work and the qualities that an individual should expect from any design he or she buys from the market. The guidelines provided in this review would help you to learn extensively about different types of juicers that are found on the market and how they work. Although the information provides here may seem to you like a summary of all that you should know about these products, every detail in this article would go a long way in enabling you to narrow your search for that one product that you have always dreamed about all your life. You would be able to choose the right type of appliance and one that has the right features that would be in line with your meticulous needs.


10 Best Juicers


1. Omega J8006

This design is multifunctional since it can be used on different products such as leafy greens, wheatgrass, fruits, and vegetables. With this item in your possession, you would be in a better position of transforming nuts into nut butter, you can grind coffee as you see fit, mince herbs and garlic, grind spices, extrude pasta, make frozen desserts as well as baby food, and you could also whip up products such as milk within the shortest time possible. The machine automatically separates pulp from the actual juice to allow for a continuous juicing process. It is quite an operation machine with four feet that are integrated to help stabilize it more so when it is in use. The other overwhelming advantage of this specific product is that it is easy to assemble, clean and operate.
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Omega Power

The Omega J8006 is fitted with a very powerful motor that helps in enhancing the performance of the machine when it is being used. This results in a product that is more energy efficient and will save time during the juicing process.

Longer Lasting Juices

This equipment uses a low speed of roughly 80 RPMs that would create a reduced heat accumulation, resulting in minimal oxidation process that would eventually lead to healthy enzymes found in the final product for a long lasting vigorous drink that would be useful to any athlete.

Cost and Value

This affordable juicer offers the consumer a 15-year warranty that would cover issues to do with how it performs. The warranty mostly covers the parts of the equipment such as the body and motor. The juices that are extracted using this particular type of machine are very healthy and delicious at that. This equipment would harvest almost every nutrient that would be found in the fruit or vegetable that you squeeze. Just a few pieces of vegetables, fruits, wheatgrass or leafy greens would be sufficient to provide you with the greatest taste, more juice, and more nutrients when you use this particular machine.

It is easy to assemble, clean and operate

It has a very powerful motor that increases its efficiency

It produces more juice from very little produce

Can be used to extra juice from different farm products

It extracts long lasting juices

It has a 15-year warranty which guarantees the consumer good quality


It breaks down after a few uses

2. Hamilton Beach

Since you would have very little time to spare when you want to take part in a rigorous exercising activity in preparation for an upcoming competition, you would require something that would work to your advantage to top up the nutrients you would require in the body for a healthy living and an enhanced performance. This electrical device is just what you require. It comes with an additional pulp bin. Therefore, you would not have to stop the machine at routine intervals to empty the pulp bin before you continue the process. This helps you same time and effort.
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Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Cutter

With this equipment, you would be able to generate a smooth drink in a matter of seconds with a variety of fruits that it can strain to get the most nutritious liquid out of them.


The latches play an important role in fitting the lid of the juicer securely into place. This helps in keeping the contents of the appliance intact to avoid any leakages.

Cost and Value

Even with the high price at which you would buy this product, its value makes it worth every cent. It has a large size feed chute that can accommodate a handful of kale, a whole apple fruit or a peeled orange. This saves you the trouble of having to cut the fruits in pieces before juicing them.

It is acquired with an extra pulp bin that helps save time and effort

800 watts of power

It has very powerful cutters that would transform your product into a smooth drink within the shortest period.

The latches help lock the lid in place for efficiency

It can be used to juice a variety of vegetables and fruits in a matter of seconds


It has no warranty

3. Breville

It is fitted with a wide 3-inch feeder chute that would enable the consumer to generate 8oz of juice that is more or else similar to a glass of juice in less than ten seconds, which is vital for a runner who needs quick preparation. Its design would enable you to extra more juice and vitamins from different fruits and vegetables when compared to other designs that are currently available on the market.
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850-watt Dual Speed Motor

The motor increases the efficiency of the cutting steel disc to provide you with quick results. What's even better is that these results are just as accurate as a slower juicer, meaning no efficiency or quality is lost in the process.

Overload Protection LED

It has a warning light that would help caution you in case you put more than what the machine can handle or if you happen to use the machine for the wrong purpose.

Cost and Value

This reasonably priced appliance has an extensive pulp collection point that would give you an easy time operating the machine allowing you to extract more juice. Its parts can be cleaned conveniently in the dishwasher. The equipment is acquired with a brush that you could use in the cleaning process. It has a year warranty.

One-year warranty

The wide feeder chute makes it easy to produce a cup of juice within 5 seconds

The powerful and dual speed motor increases the machine’s efficiency

The overload protection LED would help guard against the unsafe or wrong use of the equipment

Its parts can be cleaned safely in the dishwasher


The cleaning process for the equipment is time consuming even with the cleaning materials provided

4. Cuisinart

4. Cuisinart
This brand is fitted with a reamer that can easily be adjusted and three settings that the consumer can use to get the kind of result that he or she desires from the machine including the high, medium, and low setting. You would set your appliances at different levels depending on the type of vegetable or fruit that you would want to be juiced. The high setting is often used with farm produce that may be difficult to chop and squeeze out its juice.
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Auto-reversing Function

This feature developed as part of this gadget’s design would enable you to acquire the most juice and nutrients out of your selected farm produce.

Stainless Steel Design

This product has a well-polished stain design that makes it easy to clean and maintain. Its materials are free from harmful chemicals that may pose harm to your health when you use it over the years.

Cost and Value

This logically priced product comes with an extra long snap up spout that would not only prevent dripping but it would also have room for more glasses. The fact that it is easy to clean and proficient should be sufficient reason for any sound minded athlete to buy one to use in producing the healthy juices that he or she would need during workouts.

It does not drip

It is designed with stainless steel material that makes it easy to clean

It can be adjusted at three levels, low setting, medium setting, and a high setting.

The auto reverse feature enables proper processing of fruits and vegetables


Poor customer service such that the consumer would not acquire the help that he or she desires in case of a malfunction before the three-year warranty elapse

5. Breville 800JEXL

5. Breville 800JEXL
This Breville brand would provide you with a commercial level kind of performance in as much as you would be able to use it at your own convenience within your kitchen. It is operated with 1000 watts of power and it would allow the consumer to choose between two different speeds depending on the fruit or vegetable that is in use including the 6500 RPM, and 13000 RPM. You would be able to juice both hard and soft ingredients whenever you see fit.
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Die-cast Steel Housing

It is made of titanium plated cutting disks and a stainless micromesh filter that would improve your efficiency and enable you to harvest the most nutrients out of your vegetables and fruits.

3-inch Feed Tube

The feeding tube of the juicer has room for whole vegetables and fruits for improved efficiency. The countless filtering pores that are found on this device would help you get a smooth outcome from the fruits and vegetables you would squeeze with the appliance.

Cost and Value

This considerable priced product comes with many benefits for the consumer. For instance, the parts of the machine can proficiently be cleaned in the washing machine. It has a juice jug with a capacity of 1.1 quarts and a pulp container that is 3.2 quarts in capacity. This would help you produce more juice without worrying about the pulp container being filled with residue before you could complete the juicing process. For the best performance and quality nutrition for the athlete, this is a product worth buying.

It has two speeds that you could play around with for maximum efficiency

Its blades are made of titanium plate and its filters are made of stainless steel material that would guarantee the durability of this product.

It has a very powerful motor that is run with 1000 watts power for the best performance

It has a large pulp container that would minimize the frequency with which you would be required to empty it for continued use

It is easy to clean

It is fast and well made


The filter basket wears out after a few years of use and it might be difficult to find a replacement

After a few years of use, the equipment starts leaking every time you use it leaving you with a messy workspace.

6. SKG

6. SKG
The SKG brand would enable you to extract the most nutrients out of your chosen fruit or vegetable. The beverage derived from this machine would taste fresh and better. Moreover, the juices would last longer allowing the consumer to use the machine at intervals with great convenience. You would be able to allocate more of your time training rather than processing a healthy drink every day.
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Wide Chute Opening

This feature enables the consumer to fit in large farm produce at a time and it would not clog easily regardless of the quantity of produce added to the feeder. This helps to minimize the amount of time spent in preparation and the time you would spend cleaning the machine afterward.

High Juice Yield

The valve and the strainer base provide a conserved space during the juicing process that prevents oxidation. Its motor is powerful enough to squeeze out the juice found in vegetables and fruits within the shortest time thus efficiency.

Cost and Value

Despite how much it is sold on the market, this product is everything that you would require to lead a healthier lifestyle as an athlete. It is ascribed a two-year warranty that covers all the parts of the machine as well as an extra 10-year warranty cover for the main body and motor. Such policies are indicative of the exceptional quality of this device.

2-year warranty as well as an extended 10-year warranty for the motor and main body

It is made of a durable stainless steel material

Produces more juice with minimal oxidation

A wide feeder that can accommodate more farm produce


It is costly

7. Tribest Slowstar

7. Tribest Slowstar
The Tribest Slowstar has a speed of roughly 47 RPM that gives it a slow action to help you take out the best quality juice. The juice would be fresh due to the low oxidation when it is processed.
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Dual Blade

This feature makes the juicing process much easy and fast, regardless of whether you are a first time user or if you have used these devices for years.

Mincing Attachment

This extra feature on the gadget makes it easy for you to slice farm produce before you blend them. This is just one way that the Tribest demonstrates efficiency in the way that it operates.

Cost and Value

Its powerful motors would make work easier for you. You would extract more juice in the shortest time yet it is available at an affordable price.

Comes with a mincing attachment

Powerful motor improves its performance

Dual blade for efficiency

Juicing cap that regulates the flow to easily switch from one holder to another without unnecessary spills


It is costly

8. Argus Le

8. Argus Le
This brand operates at a minimal speed, which would mean that it does not heat up and it experiences a reduced level of oxidation during use. It would only take you a few seconds to generate a good proportion of juice with this type of domestic device. Every athlete would find this commodity very useful.
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Higher Yield System

This equipment is designed in such a way that the squeezing element, cutting blade, as well as the extracting element are situated in a single part of the machine. Therefore, the juice that would be generated using this appliance would retain the most proportion of enzymes, vitamins, nutrition, unlike other brands that you would shop for from the market.

Easy to Assemble and Clean

This type has a very simple design that makes it easy to assemble and clean. Besides, you would acquire this product with a user manual that would guide every step of the way in assembling and dismantling the equipment when necessary.

Cost and Value

This high-quality appliance is priceless. This is because it can be used to process different types of farm produce including kale, carrot, celery, oranges, leafy greens, apples among other vegetables and fruits. It has a thirty day trial period within which you would be able to find out if its functions are in line with what you would desire in your juicer if not you could return it for a refund or replacement.

It is multifunctional

Offers a 30 day trial period

It is easy to assemble

It is easy to clean

It is highly efficient and would produce high yield


Limited warranty

9. Omega Juicers

9. Omega Juicers
Omega Juicers are designed to have low speeds to provide you with the best performance and quality produce that has the highest amount of nutrients. For a runner, this is one of the best brands since it keeps your nutrition at a high level and guarantees fast juicing for your pre-workout gains.
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Powerful Motor

The motor rotates at a speed of 43 revolutions for every minute, which is more than the speed of most juicers. This would provide you with a quality output within the shortest period.

High Yield

The design of this Omega juicer helps it generate more juice that is ground to a more palatable quality. Because of this, you can get more juice out of the same amount of fruit then if you were using another juicing product.

Cost and Value

The gentle squeezing capability of this machine would help retain the healthy enzymes in the juice for a healthy kick-start for the day. It can be used with different kinds of fruits and vegetables giving you the freedom of choice to select between a variety of fruits and vegetables.


Retains healthy enzymes and nutrients of the produce extracted

It has a powerful motor for a high efficiency

Has the gentle squeeze feature that minimizes nutrient loss


It is one of the pricier models

10. Super Angel

10. Super Angel
This particular type is an improvement to the older version making it better performing and completely automatic in its operation. Parts of the machine that have been upgraded to improve its performance include the cooling systems, motor, safety sensors, gearbox, as well as the control panels to provide you with the peace of mind and the efficiency that you would desire to help you concentrate on your training more.
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Powerful Motor

It is designed with a high functional motor that would process your vegetables and fruits within the shortest time possible and leave you with pure nutrients attained from the farm produce.

Safety Sensor

The sensor incorporated as part of this equipment helps in regulating the manner in which you use the device. It sounds a warning every time it is operated in the wrong manner to inform consumers that there was something that they were not doing in the right manner.

Cost and Value

Compared to other brands that you would find available on the market, this particular appliance can be considered affordable to the average consumer. The athletes who yearn for types of equipment that they could acquire at a reasonable price and would be able to use for a prolonged period then this is the brand to buy. Besides, it has a 10-year warranty that covers the motor and gears, and 5-year warranty that cover cases of tear and wear. With this in mind, the consumer is assured of the good quality of the appliance at all times. Manufacturers would only provide their consumers with years of warranty coverage in cases whereby they are sure of the durability of the products that they distribute to their target consumers.

Its powerful motor improves performance

Its long-term warranty cover guarantees its durability

It has a safety sensor that would alert you every time you use the equipment in the wrong manner

Extra dry pulp that guarantees maximum juicing


Some consumers may consider this product pricey

Athletes require every nutrient to keep them going with every moment that goes by. Therefore, the type of juicer that you would buy at any point in your life, would determine whether you would be able to get the most out of your favorite fruit or vegetable. Just like any other product, the process of selecting a suitable juicer is a delicate one for every athlete. Just take your time to weigh the options available to you in order to get the best quality item at the end of the day.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Juicers

Before you buy a juicer, you should consider a few important factors. Any wrong choice made at the point of purchase would mean that you might end up spending money on one that you may not use. This would be a complete waste of money, time and effort. If you do not take your time to consider your options carefully, you may also end up with equipment that would only serve a single purpose yet you may desire to use it for numerous other functions. For sufficient nutrition that would help boost your performance in any given act of the day, it is important that you buy a functional brand that would serve you at the time. More so, when you plan to prepare your favorite juice blends on a consistent basis you would be required to acquire a high-quality design with several functional modes that you can interchange as you see fit and depending on the fruit or vegetable, you intend to blend. The appliance you select should have the look and feel that you find viable to you since you would be spending a good proportion of your life with this machine. Other than the fact that you would be required to acquire an appliance that would be easy to clean, you need to also consider the size and weight of your juicer more so when you intend to move it around more often. You should not buy something that would be too heavy for you to move around conveniently if need be. However, the criteria outlined below would assist you in making a proper choice for the best equipment to serve your divergent needs during your training and workouts.


The type of gadget that you would buy in this case would depend on your budget. The prices of the juicers range from one brand to another with some going for as little as 40 dollars apiece. Depending on the price at which these types of equipment are sold on the market, they would elicit different capabilities to serve the divergent needs of consumers. Do not buy this product just because it is able to extra juice from fruits and vegetables ensure that the one that you would acquire is of the best quality. The type you buy should be within your budget.


You should make sure that you figure out the type of juicer that you would desire before you go out shopping for one. The reason why there is a range in the prices of this particular product is that you would come across designs that process specific fruits or vegetables while other designs would handle any manner of vegetable or fruit perfectly. The only way you would be able to arrive at the brand that would serve your needs better is by knowing the type of juice that you intend to prepare on a regular basis. If you love extracting green juices then you would have to be ready to allocate a good proportion of your money in acquiring the best quality that would meet such a requirement. Generally, like all other products that you would find available on the market, the best designs are the one that would fetch for a higher price. If you want quality then you need to be willing to spend. However, you should be careful not to be duped into buying a low-quality product at a high price in the name of striving for quality.

Cleaning Maintenance

Another important factor that should be considered yet the majority of consumers usually neglect is the ease with which you would be able to clean up your juicer after you use it. A good type is the one that would be easy to clean. Therefore, it would be easier for you to concentrate on the activities of the day as opposed to spending most of your time cleaning the machine.


The machine that you choose should be one that would easy to operate. Currently, the majority of these machines that you would find being sold on the market have a simple on and off switch that makes them easy to use. Other more sophisticated designs have different modes that the consumers can use to get the performance that they desire depending on the type of fruit or vegetable that is being blended. The design with different types of functional modes would be viable to the athlete who likes blending different kinds of fruits and vegetables time and again. The different operational modes enable consumers to attain the nutrients of different types of fruits and vegetables as they please. Any athlete would opt for the highest level of flexibility when it comes to the things that they could blend at different times of the day to give them the energy and nutrition they would require in their training in readiness for the upcoming competitions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best juicer to buy?

A: Presently, the majority of athletes have resolved to juice, as one way through which they could attain great excellence during their workouts while retaining a good health. However, the process of shopping for the most suitable appliance of this type can be cumbersome given the numerous varieties that are offered on the market. Nevertheless, it is important to always remember that there is no such thing as the perfect juicer. This is because your selection of this product is highly dependent on your individual tastes and preferences as well as several other factors that you would learn of when doing your research on this particular appliance. Ideally, the descriptions that you would find on the label of the gadget or its manual would not highlight some of the important details you should know about the equipment that you intend to buy. Some of the details that you should be informed about including how long it would take to prepare your favorite juice, how easy or difficult it would be to clean the juicer as well as whether the device would generate a lot of noise or not. Knowing some of these details would enable you to make the right choice even with the countless varieties that are obtainable from the market. Overall, the machine that you should buy should be easy to operate, one that would add value to the kind of lifestyle that you lead, provide you with quality service, and the overall satisfaction that your purchase was not a total disaster. It would be best if you narrow down your search before going out on a shopping spree for this item. Online research and consulting with friends and family members who may have used such an item at one point in their lives would help you narrow down your search extensively.

Q: What do you do with the pulp?

A: The pulp that is obtained after the juicing process is completed can be used as a food additive for different kinds of meals. For instance, you may use the pulp as part of the ingredients contained in your favorite burger by mixing it with other spices or ingredients depending on what you would like. Alternatively, there are those who would love to freeze the pulp in ice cube trays and later feed them to their dogs as treats. The pulp could also be used in preparing turkey other than making the veggie burgers as discussed earlier. You can use the pulp together with some ground turkey to make patties that you could put back into the freezer for later time usage. What you would do with these substances would all depend on you in terms of your tastes and preferences.

Q: What do you do when your greens are thrown to the pulp catcher before the juice is extracted from the spinach and kales?

A: Worry no more because there is plenty of tricks that you could adapt to help you get the best out of your equipment. In such a case, ensure that before you start the juicing process you pile up the greens with different kinds of juicy fruits such as pears and apples. All you would be required to do is ensure that you add a few slices of the fruit you adore on top of a handful of greens and that would help save you the trouble. The pulp that is attained after the process is complete can be mixed together with some ripe avocados to prepare a delicious guacamole. Alternatively, you could juice your favorite kale or spinach twice in order to get the juice out of the greens more so in cases whereby you rely on the low setting to help make your cocktail or drink.


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