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Running, jogging, or performing virtually any form of exercise can be a highly demanding and energy-draining exercise that could leave athletes deprived of their energy stores. For athletes who stick to keto diets, following these diets is never an easy task. Trying to choose some good protein bars is also not an easy thing, as every manufacturer makes their products differently. Regardless, keto bars have been rising in popularity in the recent times and many athletes who stick to a keto diet have been increasingly considering them. Understanding what you need in a food item can make it easier to select the right one. It is also important to match what you are looking for with your dietary requirements to ensure so that your body can get the most of what you consume.

  • Quest
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  • Tasty and sweet
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  • Zenwise
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • All-natural ingredients
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Atlas Bar
  • Atlas Bar
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  • Excellent muscle recovery
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Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle mass as an athlete, you should be able to know how the food items you consume help you achieve your health and fitness goals. A good protein diet can help in the speedy recovery of broken-down muscle fibers to enable you to resume your training and accomplish the fitness goals you have set for yourself. However, with the overwhelming number of products produced by manufacturers on the market today, athletes often get confused when choosing the right one to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Below is a list of the top 10 best keto bars reviewed for quality.


10 Best Keto Bars


1. Quest

The Quest Company ensures that people can consume whatever they want without having to constantly worry about the ingredients getting into the body. The Quest Bar is tasty and sweet, with more than 15 g of protein and 4g net carbs. If you are an athlete looking to supplement his or her diet on the go without feeling guilty or having to worry about the ingredients used to make the snack, then this bar is for you.
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High-Protein, Low-Carb

Whey protein isolates and milk make up the general composition of this high-energy bar. They will help to remove extra fat from the bars while maintaining the high number of protein needed by your muscles.

Contains Allulose

This is a rare form of sugar that does not metabolize in the athlete’s bloodstream. While it has a taste and texture similar to sugar, the amount of calories per gram remains very low at 0.4.

Cost and Value

The high-protein, low-carb bar is great for athletes looking to maintain high-protein intake while regulating their carbohydrate consumption. It also contains a rare sugar that maintains a low amount of calories per gram. It only costs a few dollars.

A perfect high-protein, low-carb diet for runners

Contains a rare sugar that contributes about 0.4 calories per gram

Comes in three delicious flavors

Very nutritious and irresistibly sweet


Can be a bit dry

Some people feel it has a chalky taste

2. Zenwise

This snack has been passionately formulated with precision in mind. The healthy keto-crave bars are great for sustaining the athlete’s ketogenic diet anywhere. They are also great-tasting and all-natural with no added sugar, color, flavor or artificial preservatives. If you are an athlete looking to maintain your energy levels before your morning runs, then you should include the Keto-Crave bars in your regular diet.
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Supports Macronutrient Intake

The Keto-Crave formula features 16g fat, 8g fiber, and 5g net-carbs, making it the perfect formula for men and women looking to sustain their high fat, low carb diet.

Perfect for All Keto Dieters

This energy bar is perfect for all ketogenic dieters, whether you are just starting out or have been keto dieting for longer. It provides an alternative nutrition and can help support any ketogenic dieter.

Cost and Value

This can be a great nutrition formula for both beginner and advanced keto dieter athletes looking to sustain their high-fat, low-carb diets. Runners can take it at any time of the day. It is quite affordable.

Keto dieters will find this a healthy snack

Meets all of the athlete’s ketone needs

On-the-go energy for athletes looking to supplement their energy needs

Supports weight loss


Can be a bit greasy

Not all athletes will like the flavor

3. MariGold

This protein bar boasts cold-processed whey isolate obtained from grass-fed cows. These cows are often hormone-free and their by-products are used to produce organic chocolate with natural French vanilla flavor. The final product also contains milk whey, L-Glutamine, organic coconut, organic grass-fed ghee, and pink salt among others. Other ingredients include ginger, cinnamon, and peppermint flavor. This is great for runners looking to have a healthy snack option to supplement their regular diet.
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Premium Ingredients

The bar is made from milk whey obtained from grass-fed cows to ensure it is all-natural. Other premium ingredients include coconut, ginger, and cinnamon. Athletes can be assured of premium quality.


This product is great for athletes allergic to gluten, soy, and casein. It is also hormone-free and grain-free, making it ideal for virtually all athletes. The ingredients have been ethnically sourced to maintain the production of high-quality products.

Cost and Value

The variety pack features 12 bars with 6 flavors to appeal to everyone’s preference. The low net-carb diet contains no added sugar. With premium-quality ingredients, you can be sure that you are consuming a healthy snack option. It is also pocket-friendly.

Comes in a variety pack of 6 flavors

A low-carb diet with no sugar

Made from ethically-sourced high-quality ingredients

High-fiber content per serving


The cost can be a bit higher than the average energy bar

Can be a little sticky

4. Atlas Bar

4. Atlas Bar
Himalayan pink salt, grass-fed whey, and organic coconut oil are some of the main ingredients used to make this energy bar. This high-protein food is great for athletes looking to add more protein to their diet and help in the muscle recovery process after a tiring workout or running session. It is also filled with the fuel you need to sprint uphill without suffering a muscle breakdown.
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Grass Fed Whey

The ingredients used to make the bar are sourced from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. These cows are properly fed and pasture-raised to ensure their by-product is as natural as possible.

Powerful Nutrition

Packed with essential nutrients, this snack can be great for shortening the recovery period after a tiring or a highly-demanding workout. It will help your muscles to recover faster after a taxing jogging session.

Cost and Value

With nutrient-dense ingredients obtained from grass-fed cows and high-protein content, the food item provides high nutritional content to help support faster recovery. It also contains low sugar and is quite affordable.

Made of high-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients

High in protein but low in sugar

Contains no junk, no soy, no sugar and no gluten

Helps to recover faster after a workout


Some athletes may not like the taste

Can have a nasty aftertaste

5. ChocoPerfection

5. ChocoPerfection
Just as the name suggests, this chocolate snack has been made to perfection. It is regarded as the “best tasting sugar-free chocolate” for a reason. Since plant fibers have been used as ChocoPerfection sweeteners, the choco bar tends to have a very low glycemic index of 0. A single 50g bar contains 14 grams of dietary fiber and 2 grams of net carbs.
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ChocoPerfection Package

The product features a ChocoPerfection package containing two 10g Dark Mint, one 50g Dark Raspberry, one 50g Dark Almond, and one 50g Milk bar. This offers the ultimate nutritional package that athletes need.

Supports Weight Loss

If you are a jogging enthusiast looking to get fit without adding some extra weight, then this healthy food option might be good for you. In fact, the low-carb diet plan will help you lose weight.

Cost and Value

The ChocoPerfection bar is purely crafted to supply the essential nutrients needed to support the athlete’s performance. It guarantees satisfaction and is great for all keto-dieting athletes. In addition, the price is quite modest.

Contains all-natural ingredients with no sugar

The package features mint, raspberry, milk, almond and dark chocolate bars

Uses a low-carb diet plan to support weight loss

A low net-carb diet and a perfect keto diet


May cause gastrointestinal distress

Some people may suffer stomach discomfort

6. Stoka Nutrition

6. Stoka Nutrition
This fulfilling sugar-free bar will make a perfect snack for virtually all athletes looking to have a sweet and crunchy snack bar to supplement their regular diets. It includes all-natural ingredients in a single bar to assure the athletes that they are consuming food that is good for their health. Stoka Bars are designed and made in the U.S. and have been tested and certified to be non-GMO.
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Keto Approved

Stoka Nutrition Bars are keto-approved to contain 9 grams of protein and 4 grams of net carbs. The snack bar is the perfect high-protein, low-carb diet for athletes looking to add more energy while maintaining a healthy weight.


The keto bar is gluten-free, soy-free, whey-free, and non-GMO. You do not have to worry if you are allergic to any of the above-listed elements and consuming the snack.

Cost and Value

If you are looking to add some energy to your workout routine or evening runs without worrying about your allergies, this keto bar could just be what you need to jump-start your training. It is also highly affordable.

A high-protein, low-carb diet

All-natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives

Certified non-GMO

Contains no whey, no soy, and no gluten


The bars are way too hard

Not all athletes find the taste appealing

7. Amrita Protein

7. Amrita Protein
These high-protein, high-energy bars are founded on a journey to find allergy-friendly foods that are good for people with autism. This formula is very great for the recovery of athletes after a long and tiring workout or jogging session. Amrita Health Foods are committed to designing and creating a superfood bar based on all-natural plant ingredients. The foods have also undergone minimal processing to ensure they remain raw snacks.
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Fuel for Athletes

You will love these highly-nutritious energy bars if you are active and regularly engage in sports. They are highly recommended for runners and athletes who want to replenish their energy levels. You can take it as a pre or post-workout snack.

Healthy Snack Option

If you are allergic to gluten, soy or dairy, this snack is perfect for you. It is allergy-friendly and has been made with no soy, no dairy, and no gluten. Therefore, you can eat it with the much-needed peace of mind.

Cost and Value

The all-natural ingredients food is designed for athletes who are allergic to soy, gluten or dairy and contains high energy to help fuel the muscles to propel the runner. The foods are also quite affordable.

Allergy-friendly for those allergic to gluten, soy or dairy

Helps athletes to recover faster

Comprises 70% organic ingredients

Minimally processed to maintain freshness


Can have a rancid smell and taste

Appears to contain more sugar


Consumers can get all the information about what is inside on the product label because the company is confident about its nutritional formula. A quick look at the package reveals all of the ingredients the consumers should expect inside. Being in the egg business, the company believes that this protein bar makes good use of egg whites. The protein is easily absorbed into the body and consumers can enjoy cholesterol-free snacks.
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Egg Whites

Protein is different and this brand focuses on egg whites to deliver value. The protein is cholesterol-free and easily absorbed into the body, as the body fails to easily process other less complete forms of protein.


RXBAR is also made of superfoods such as nuts that form a part of the main ingredients. Almonds, peanuts, and cashews also make up the nutritional components of the formula.

Cost and Value

The protein contained in the bar is quite superior and RXBAR snacks make great superfoods. Whether you are looking to add cholesterol-free protein, nuts, or dates, this snack could be the perfect food option.

Made of simple, organic ingredients

Combines egg whites, nuts, and dates to form complete foods

So delicious and nutritious that even kid runners and athletes would love them

All-natural ingredients: no gluten, no sugars, no preservatives, and no soy


Can be as hard as a rock

Can be too sweet for some athletes


Invented by athlete Manuel for athletes, NEOH candy bar is guaranteed to appeal to not only the taste buds of runners but also the goals of virtually all athletes. The inventor came up with the idea after realizing that he craved for a sweet and satisfying snack after playing soccer. He then decided to make a protein bar that would have a great taste and contain essential nutrients required by the body of the typical athlete.
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The Crossbar

The snack packs the incredible taste of a candy into a deliciously nutritious protein bar to appeal to your taste buds without you feeling guilty about it. With 8 grams of protein, 2 grams of net carb, and a gram of sugar, it is the perfect bar for athletes.

1 Gram Sugar

NEOH is dedicated to fighting sugar and demonstrates this through a great-tasting protein bar that packs only one gram of sugar. The bar is uniquely sweetened using maltitol, xylitol, and erythritol.

Cost and Value

The deliciously nutritious bar is loaded with 8 grams of protein to facilitate muscle repair when muscle fibers are broken down after a high-intensity workout like sprinting. The bar is also highly affordable.

Packs a great-tasting candy bar into a deliciously nutritious protein bar

8 grams of rock-solid muscle-building protein

Contains a unique blend of sweeteners

Low glycemic index


Can be odd-tasting

May cause digestive issues

10. KetoBrownie

10. KetoBrownie
If you like the taste of a brownie, this product will delight your taste buds while ensuring you remain in ketosis. You will get sufficient, healthy protein and fats. They are great for runners and athletes who want low net-carb diets for ketogenic dieting purposes. Dieters also get 50% of their total daily fiber requirement. In addition, all of the flavors are gluten-free.
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Low Net-Carbs

This Keto Brownie boasts low-net carb content and a serving of fiber, forming a healthy option for low-carb dieters. Monk Fruit Extract is used to sweeten each brownie. Athletes will find it appealing to the taste buds.

On-the-go Snack

This food option can be a great on-the-go snack for runners and athletes who want pre-, post- or intra-workout snacks for their exercise routines. Many have used it as a convenient breakfast snack to fuel their morning runs.

Cost and Value

These snacks are great-tasting and can be great treats especially if you are looking for a low-carb food option to supplement your diet. It is also a great on-the-go snack to provide athletes with energy for running. It is quite affordable as well.

The snack tastes great

Portable and can be used on-the-go

Comes in a variety of flavors

A low net-carb diet


The aftertaste can be sour

May cause stomach upset

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Keto Bars

Adhering to a strict diet is often challenging for many people, including runners, joggers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. However, it is not completely unachievable, as all that an athlete needs is to have good health and fitness goals and a plan to achieve them. Whether you are looking to supplement your meal or for a suitable replacement, a protein bar or snack can be a good choice. There are several aspects to consider selecting a snack to help supplement your diet plan, which can be a bit overwhelming. The numerous manufacturers putting their products on the shelves do not make it any easier either. Therefore, it is upon the athlete or consumer to do his or her own research and determine which product meets the minimum requirements as far as quality and value are concerned.

When the products are so many, it often becomes challenging when narrowing them down to pick the best one for the intended purpose. Exercising is not an easy task that anybody can do. However, with the help of the right food and equipment, athletes with the right attitude can easily accomplish their tasks and achieve their health and fitness goals. For instance, running often takes a lot of energy from the athlete. How fast you replenish your energy stores greatly determines how fast you perform your exercise tasks. If you are going to sprint, you need to ensure that your muscles have enough fuel to propel you forward faster than the average athlete. You should also be in a position to recover faster in case you sustain a muscle injury. Below are the criteria for evaluating the best keto bars.

Grass Fed Whey

When it comes to matters of health, many athletes take the content of what they consume seriously. Similarly, you should not pay any less attention to the ingredients used to make your ideal snack. You should consider whether you are buying grass-fed whey as the base ingredient. If you are getting something else, you need to evaluate whether whatever it is inconsistent with your health and fitness goals. While it may also be a matter of personal preference, you should strongly consider your health when shopping for a food item to help supplement your main diet. If you are looking for a meal replacement, it is advisable to always consider healthy food options to ensure you remain healthy and strong to perform better every time. Some healthy bar snack options include those made from whey protein from New Zealand’s grass-fed cows that have been certified to be hormone-free. As much as you are looking for whey to help grow your muscles, you need to seriously consider whether the product has been obtained from naturally-fed animals, as some animals are fed on artificial or less healthy food options.


This is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when selecting pre- or post-workout snacks. As a beginner or advanced athlete, your health comes first. What you consume is directly correlated with your output. To better understand this concept, it is important to evaluate some of the ingredients used to make the product. When it comes to health, all-natural ingredients are always considered the best, as they are free of any artificial sweeteners or preservatives that may be used to improve their taste and extend their shelf life. Most athletes would prefer 100% organic food items to artificially sweetened products. Fully organic food products mean that no chemicals have been used in the manufacturing process. Consumers have grown to increasingly rely on organic foods to help maintain a long, healthy lifestyle free of disease. Ingredients with chemicals and additives have been associated with numerous lifestyle diseases, including diabetes and hypertension. If you are going to train and maintain a healthy body weight, you should refrain from consuming processed sugars that could raise your appetite and leave you feeling hungry most of the time. Fortunately, most manufacturers have ensured that their products are largely organic to help restore consumer confidence in their product offering.

Package Size

While not many athletes consider this aspect, it plays a critical role in the value you receive from your ideal keto bar. For instance, the number of bars you receive in each package for a given price determines whether you are getting good value for money. Some products may seem expensive, but they contain so many bars worth the price. For instance, a $20 snack with only two bars is considered more expensive than a $50 snack with 12 bars of the same weight. The first option implies that each bar retails at $10 while the latter means each costs about $ 4.17, especially if the products are perfect substitutes. Having an idea of what is contained in the product package can help you make a good purchase decision as far as snacks are concerned. Instead of just looking at the price and deciding which is more expensive than the other, it is important to pay close attention to the actual contents of the product package. If you are trying to lose weight, gain muscles, or stay healthy, knowing how much you are getting from a product package can help you make more informed decisions.

Gluten Free

While some athletes and runners might consider this a personal preference, others regard it as a health concern. The health of the athlete is crucial because it largely determines performance and success. Your performance as an athlete can be largely affected if you are allergic to certain ingredients or elements in a food item. There is every snack for virtually all kinds of cravings, even if you are craving for something crunchy or creamy. Whether you are looking for candy or crunchy snacks, it is always recommended to consider healthier food options. There are several gluten-free snacks if you are allergic to gluten or are trying to adhere to a gluten-free diet. The recent explosion of gluten-free food items designed for the athletes with celiac disease makes it much easier to adhere to a diet that would not raise gluten sensitivity. You can easily slip such snacks into your gym bag and head straight to your training area. Regardless, always ensure that you consider gluten-free food and snack options if you are gluten-sensitive or -allergic, as this could help you avoid unnecessary health complications. Most manufacturers provide sufficient information on their product label to help you make the best decision as far as food items are concerned.


With so many different products to choose from, it often becomes cumbersome when selecting the best one that stands out from the rest. If all the factors are considered, the decision becomes even more complex. Just as with any other food product out there, keto bars come in several different flavors. If you are like many athletes, you probably have a favorite flavor you choose every time you want to eat snacks. Whether you prefer vanilla, peppermint, or raspberry flavor, the decision to select the most preferred flavor lies with you. You may also opt for dark chocolate if you are a fan of the flavor, but remember that the flavor you choose will greatly determine whether you will enjoy your snack enough to want to take it each time you go jogging. There is no need to buy a food item that you do not enjoy eating because of flavor. However, some keto bars come in several different flavors to ensure the runner or athlete gets a well-balanced nutrient composition to help support various body functions. Just ensure that you make the right decision and pick a favor or variety of flavors you will always enjoy eating before, during, or after your runs or training sessions.


Healthy snacks have demonstrated to be of use in every way. From providing sufficient energy that helps to propel the athletes forward to helping maintain a healthy body weight, protein bars and snacks have been very instrumental in ensuring athletes achieve their health and fitness goals. When it comes to keto bars, protein bars and snacks in general, it is advisable to always consider non-GMO alternatives if you want to maintain a long, healthy life. GMO products are often loaded with chemicals and additives that can be a threat to the athlete’s health. With the recent rise in GMO foods and products, people should be more careful when shopping for food products. Since your health is your number one priority because you cannot succeed at anything without good health, you should carefully scrutinize every product before buying and consuming it. You can always ask a friend to recommend a non-GMO keto snack they have used and can trust, but you can also do some research on your own to help you select a product that matches your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a ketogenic diet?

A: This is a high-fat, low-carb diet to put the body in a ketosis metabolic rate. It is very ideal for the athletes who want to cut down their carb intake while increasing their fat consumption.

Q: What foods do I consume when on a ketogenic diet?

A: There are several healthy foods to eat when adhering to this kind of diet, including coconut oil, eggs, plain Greek yogurt, avocados, cheese, poultry, meat, low-carb vegetables, and seafood.

Q: What is the best keto bar?

A: There are several different products of this nature sold on the market today. While many manufacturers have put in a lot of effort to ensure that their product contains all the essential nutrients as expected by consumers, not all are made of the same ingredients. The best ones are all-natural or organic and contain no added sugar, no preservatives, and no coloring. They are also allergy-friendly and can be consumed by athletes who are allergic to a variety of elements or substances, including gluten, soy, and dairy. Therefore, if you are allergic to any ingredient, element or substance, it is important to ensure that it has not been used to make your ideal snack. The best one is also non-GMO and made of grass-fed whey. Regardless, the ideal diet should be low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Most traditional bars tend to be high in carbohydrates, and consuming such might get any athlete out of his or her ketosis.

Q: How much does a typical keto bar cost?

A: The cost often varies depending on the ingredients and contents of the food item. Different manufacturers also place different prices on their products depending on perceived value. However, for a few dollars, you could get your ideal snack. Some are rich in animal protein while others are largely plant-based. Regardless, the cost will largely depend on the ingredients used as well as the size of the product package.

Q: Why are keto bars good for athletes?

A: If you are an athlete on a ketosis diet, then these bars are ideal for you. The high-protein, low-carb diet helps to maintain the overall health of the athlete. They are high in energy and could help to fuel the muscles during a workout. They make the perfect pre- and post-workout snacks but can also be consumed during a workout session. Therefore, if you need protein to help build your muscles and enable you to run faster, adding a few of these bars to your normal diet can be very helpful. The protein also helps to recover faster after a muscle injury, thereby allowing you to resume your training as soon as possible.

Q: Where can I get a ketosis bar?

A: These products can be obtained from most physical stores around you; convenience stores, chain stores, and even departmental stores. You can also buy from several online retailers that sell products on popular e-commerce websites. However, just ensure that you do not confuse them with the traditional protein bars that are high in carbs, as you could easily fall out of ketosis. You can go through the product description page of each product to read about the relevant features before picking the best one that could help you achieve your fitness goals easily.


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