Best Nike Trackies Reviewed


In this article, we take a look at the best Nike trackies. When running, you have many options to choose from, with shorts, trackies, leggings, tights and more. In this article, we consider any long-legged baggy trousers, which typically includes trackies and sweatpants. Most of these garments are sold as menswear, but largely only because most running bottoms for women are tighter. But if you’re a female who is seeking something loose, these will work equally well for you as long as you consider this factor when choosing a size.

Nike Libero Tech Knit
  • Nike Libero Tech Knit
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Articulated Design + Relaxed Fit
  • Price: See Here
Nike Striker 2 Pants
  • Nike Striker 2 Pants
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Inner Drawstring/Elastic Waist
  • Price: See Here
Nike Academy Tech Pants
  • Nike Academy Tech Pants
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Dri-FIT 100% Polyester
  • Price: See Here

So if you want your whole legs covered and you’re keen to grab something by Nike, this list will have something you’ll like. Read on!

1. Nike Libero Tech Knit

1. Nike Libero Tech Knit
These slim fit pants come with good moisture wicking technology, Dri-FIT design and a lightweight structure. They have an elastic waistband which is great for flexibility and slipping in and out quickly, and mesh for added breathability. They are made with 100% polyester and offer a nice, light, comfortable run. They unfortunately don’t have pockets, which may not suit you if you like to carry a phone or a music player while you exercise.
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They are a very comfortable slim fit, and offer an enjoyable run and a comfy feel. The lightweight technology is great and the breathable and light material will keep you cool in the hottest of runs. They are a little thinner than some people may like, but this is a worthwhile sacrifice if you want to avoid sticky and sweaty legs.

The slim design looks really good and they have a nice sleek aesthetic. They look good, but they only come in two colour options, which might not be ideal for fashion aficionados!

These are the closest you’ll get to a bargain option. Nike is of course a more expensive brand than some other options, but their products are quality, durable and comfy. That said, if you’re looking to save money while still buying the best, these might be the option for you!
  • Good flexibility with a lightweight design and an elastic waistband.
  • They will keep you cool and dry.
  • Nice slim design.
  • Good aesthetic.
  • Decent price point compared to others on this list.
  • They don’t have pockets.
  • The material might be a little too thin for some people.
  • Not many designs to choose from.

2. Nike Striker 2

2. Nike Striker 2
These are 100% polyester and they come in five different colour designs, all of which are dark shades. They have an elastic waist with an inner drawstring, side pockets a back pocket with Velcro closure and a smart subtle design. They have fantastic stretch and flexibility and are very cool, even in the sweatiest of runs. They offer a good fit and have a good lightweight feel.
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They are very soft and lightweight and offer a nice, cool, comfortable run. They are designed with drying technology to avoid too much sweat and saturation. However, it is worth noting that the sweat wicking technology is not as effective here as with other Nike trackies – so if this is your priority, it might perhaps be best to look elsewhere. Otherwise, they offer a good level of comfort and should ensure a good exercise experience!

They look smart and fashionable and have a subtle design with a small logo and a thin seam down the side. Like all Nike products, they are fashionable despite being designed for exercise. They come in five different varieties, all of which are dark. If you’re looking for something bright to make a statement, you won’t find it here, but they look good! A small amount of users have found that the leg on these are slightly short, which you might want to consider if you have long legs.

These are slightly expensive, but only to a small degree.
  • Nice dark subtle design.
  • A few designs to choose from.
  • Pockets for carrying things while you run.
  • They are lightweight and comfortable.
  • They are particularly flexible, which is great.
  • Not brilliant with sweat, so those who sweat a lot may not like these.
  • The fit is a little short for people with long legs.
  • All of the available designs are dark in colour.

3. Nike KO 3.0

3. Nike KO 3.0
These sweatpants are a good option if you’re looking to run in cold conditions and you want something to keep your legs nice and toasty. Despite this, they will still keep you cool with very good breathability and flexibility, while the sweat wicking technology will stop you from getting to sweaty, even with the added thickness. They have a relaxed fit and are fairly baggy. The design is not restrictive, which can sometimes be the case with sweatpants. These are 80% cotton and 20% polyester, with ankle bungees for a better fit.
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These are really light and offer great flexibility and breathability. They are particularly soft, which is great for comfort, and the fleece-lined insides feel good and keep you warm. They technology of the pants means that they’re pretty effective at keeping you warm without making you sweat, which is of course a useful combination. They’re not as bulky as other sweatpants and they offer a good fit with elasticated waist and cuffs.

They only come in two colours, but both of these look good. They have a nice design and don’t look too bulky or big, as some sweatpants often can. The elasticated cuffs and waist offer a good fit and make the sweatpants look good on people of any shape. A couple of users have reported that the sizes run slightly small, though this doesn’t seem to be a recurring issue.

These are marginally on the expensive side, but only slightly so, so don’t let that deter you.
  • Great for keeping warm while simultaneously avoiding sweat.
  • Elasticated waistband and cuffs.
  • Very breathable, flexible and lightweight, which is unusual for sweatpants.
  • Nice and comfortable fleece-lined insides.
  • They look good.
  • The sizes can occasionally run a little short.
  • Be careful when you wash them – if you don’t follow the given instructions, they may shrink a little.

4. Nike Academy Tech

4. Nike Academy Tech
Although these are sold and marketed as soccer pants, they are of course suitable for running – and they are a great option for runners of any description! They are 100% polyester, come with moisture wicking technology to keep you cool and dry, and have zipped hems, which mean you can slip in and out of them quickly and easily. They also come with a stretch waist and interior draw cord, which ensures a snug, comfy and flexible fit. They have a tapered design and a soft feel along with the convenience of zippered pockets.
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These are made with great material, so offer all of the comfort you would expect from a Nike product. The tapered design means that they are tighter than you may be accustomed to, but this actually increases flexibility and comfort. That said, if you like something baggier, you can buy a size up. Many users have commented on the comfort of the fit. Because of their design, they will keep you dry and cool in all conditions, but also offer a decent amount of insulation in cold weather.

The slim design looks really good, so they are certainly an inspired option if you’re a fashion-conscious soul. All of the available designs are pretty subtle, but the small differences give a decent amount of options. If you do like something slightly baggier or if you have large legs, you could buy a size up, particularly as some users have claimed that these are a little too tight for their needs.

These are around an average price for this list.
  • The design is really great – they look very fashionable.
  • The nice tight design gives a very comfy fit.
  • They are lightweight and won’t make you too warm.
  • Offer nice flexibility.
  • Considering how effective and fashionable these are, the price point is pretty good.
  • Maybe too tight for some.
  • If you’re not keen to wear something ‘trendy’, you might want something less shapely.

5. Nike OTC65 Dri-FIT Running

5. Nike OTC65 Dri-FIT Running
As you might have come to expect from this list, these offer great Dri-FIT technology to keep your legs nice and dry, which is useful for comfort. They have a tapered fit which gives good flexibility and comfort, while the elasticated waistband makes the fit custom for whoever may wear them. They have a zippered pocket at the back and zippers at the leg hems, so you can quickly get in and out of them – and get extra ventilation if you need it!
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The tapered design is comfy and offers tightness. They don’t have a fleecy inside, which means that these are better in slightly warmer conditions. This also means that they’re very light, which is of course great for ensuring a comfortable exercising experience. They are very breathable.

They look really good and have a nice slim design, which is of course pretty fashionable right now. They only come in two designs, so they don’t offer much choice, but both designs looks smart and suave. The fit looks good and they’re good quality, as you’d expect.

These are slightly pricey, but they are around what you’d expect from a Nike product. They will last a while and this in itself makes them a worthwhile purchase!
  • Nice aesthetic design with tapered fit.
  • These are very comfortable.
  • The technology will keep you cool and dry.
  • Particularly lightweight.
  • Work very well in warm conditions.
  • Zippered pocket and zippered leg hems.
  • Not many colours to choose from.
  • Not suited to cold conditions.
  • A little pricier than some other options on this list, though they are absolutely worth the outlay.

6. Nike Track Tight

6. Nike Track Tight
These are the best option on this list, though they do offer many of the same features as some of the rest. As you’ve discovered, many of the pants on this list are tapered and come with moisture wicking technology. These offer both of these features along with zippered pockets and an elasticised waistband. They work well in cold weather and are very soft and comfortable.
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These are very comfortable and offer a nice soft feel. They have a tight, tapered snug fit, and the elasticated waistband helps them to adapt to anyone, regardless of body shape or type. They might be a little tight if you have larger legs, in which case you can simply order a size up. These are very warm despite their breathability, which makes them an excellent choice for colder conditions. The material is of high quality and this shows in the fit and feel.

The one downfall here is that these only come in black. That said, the black design looks very good, and they have a nice shape. They look like good quality and they are fairly fashionable. The zippered pockets are subtle and the Nike logo is further down the leg than on other pants.

These are slightly pricier than some other options on this list, but only marginally so. They are definitely worth the outlay.
  • Nice tapered fit.
  • Zippered pockets.
  • They have a really nice aesthetic.
  • Good breathability.
  • Great in cold conditions.
  • Only one design to choose from.
  • If you have large legs, you might want to buy a size up.

From this list, there is sure to be something great for you. If you’re looking for the best Nike trackies, you have them here. Cover those legs, pump those muscles and run your heart out! Before you go, check out what we looked for when making our selections:


Here’s What We Looked For When Choosing The Best Nike Trackies:


The Essential Nike Trackies

There is perhaps no other piece of running apparel more versatile than the track pant. It doesn’t really matter if you’re running in the winter or summer, if you’re a male or female, novice or seasoned and conditioned. The track pant always has a place in you running gear repertoire. Combine this iconic piece of running apparel with Nike’s ability to produce high tech materials and design modern fits, and you have a new take a contemporary piece of clothing. These aren’t you father’s track pants; Nike has released incredible updates that feature good looking slim designs that still give you all the flexibility you need for running or aerobic exercises. There’s also much more than aesthetically pleasing lines, Nike’s Dri-FIT material works wonders as it wicks away moisture and keeps you nice and dry. We have gone through countless feedback and real world reviews to bring you the best of the best, let’s take a look at some of the considerations we made when compiling our buying guide.


Performance That Nike Is Known For

The very first quality that we looked for was performance. Nike has been a trusted name among the running community for generations, and we made sure to listen to what everyday runners had to say about their running pants. Feedback shows that today’s active population does more than just run. There are new aerobic workouts, fitness regimens, and techniques that require all running apparel to work harder than ever before. The Nike’s found on our buying guide all make the grade and have been put through their paces, they were the top recommendations with testers that require more from their running gear.


The Materials Matter

Knowing what material the pants are constructed from will tell you what you can expect from them. Nike offers proprietary fabrics that can offer runners a great combination of breathability, moisture wicking technology and wind protection. Nike has several international patents on their fabric compositions and blends. We also listened to feedback from users about the material’s important qualities such as heat retention, ventilation, and overall comfort. Listing which materials are found on the running pants will give our readers the information they need to make a great choice for them.


The Nike Fit

The company has a solid track record for providing a new spin to classic styles, and they didn’t fall short when designing the track pants found on our list. There are great options that offer a variety of different styles that all look very modern with flattering lines and smooth edges. We understand how difficult finding the right fit on a pair of track pants can be. If you select a pair that is too big, the pants will become troublesome as you run and feel bulky and heavy. Likewise, if you select a pair that is too small, you will have limited flexibility and an uncomfortable experience. Finding that welcoming middle ground is something that you will not have to worry about with the well-known Nike fit; no matter your size and fit requirement, they have you covered.


Options For Different Climates

We know our readers come from a large variety of running environments and climates, so we made sure to provide something for everyone when making our selection. If you run in hot and humid climate, we have solid selections that are lightweight and breezy thanks to Nike’s highly breathable material. In addition, moisture wicking technology can make those hot runs a much more pleasant experience. For our cold weather athletes, we have selections that are among the warmest on the market. Nike deals with low temperatures by providing smarter material blends and added thickness where it matters most. If you’ve run in the cold, then you know how welcoming a warm and toasty fleece lining can be during your outdoor excursion.


Features That Fit In With An Active Lifestyle

Some athletic companies don’t really know how to add quality features to their products. Nike is not one of those companies. In fact, they are the best at adding features that fit in with an active, healthy lifestyle. Velcro pockets, elasticated cuffs and waistbands, zippered leg hems, and flexible sewing techniques are just a few of the features that are found on the track pants offered from the Swoosh brand. Having all the conveniences of being able to go from your morning run to your local coffee shop without having a wardrobe change can make these track pants a great addition to your gear.



Important Things to Consider When Selecting Your Nike Trackies.

As you can see, we made sure to give you a list of options that is based on quality, function and performance, with the signature look still intact. It’s important that you make a selection that makes sense for your purposes, and we want you to choose a pair of track pants that you can be happy with. Below you will find some personal factors to take into consideration when making your choice.


Make A Selection Based On Your Environment

If you plan to run in a climate that is fairly cold, it’s a good idea to make a selection that offers heat retention and added layers for warmth, like a bonus fleece liner. The best part is that Nike technology is able to keep all the warm options just as flexible and light as the standard versions, so you will barely notice the added protection. Likewise, if you don’t need the protection for temperature, make a selection with higher breathability and a lightweight feel to it. If you live in somewhere that experiences all the seasons, think about getting at least two pairs for yearlong activity.


Look For A Comfortable Waistband

Track pants have become synonymous with comfort and an overall easy to wear fit. When choosing a Nike track pant however, check out what our reviewers had to say about the waistband if this is a particular concern for you. There are some options that are very slim fitting, and as a result have more of a constricting waistband. This can be perfect for those that are looking for a more fitting, slim fit, but if you’re searching for a looser feeling while you workout, you may want to look at a different model.


Intended Activity For The Track Pants

We’ve made selections from the very best Nike track pants that the company has to offer. These selections received the best reviews from several trusted sources. However, what’s important to us is that you find a pair the suits you and your activity. This is why we’ve categorized these reviews into different workouts and activities, in order to allow our readers to have the best options for them. Remember to make a selection for what you plan on doing in these track pants. So if you are looking for a solid pair of gym trainers, take a look at our recommendations for that. If a solid daily runner is more of what you’re looking for, we have options that are a better fit for that type of activity. Different materials allow you to move freely, so we’ve noted the differences between the options in our guide, so think about your activity before deciding which one is for you.


Not Having Pockets Isn’t Necessarily A Bad Thing

While having pockets on your track pants is a great added convenience, and several of the options feature zippered and Velcro pockets, some do not. These options are for “Spartan runners”; the population of enthusiasts that do not carry their phone, mp3 player, or much else with them while they hit the road. There is a certain amount of peace that can be found going for an outdoor run with absolutely nothing on your person. If you haven’t experienced this disconnecting euphoria yet, we invite you to give it a try. Not having pockets on your running pants isn’t just comfortable, it’s a reminder of the importance of unplugging from the hustle and bustle of your day and enjoying something for the health and therapeutic benefits.




We’re confident that by taking some of these factors into consideration when making your choice, you’ll find a pair of Nike Trackies that are perfect for you. Before you get out there, we’ve also compiled some frequently asked questions that commonly arise when searching for their gear.


Q: How do I care for my Nike pants?

A: For the most part, the same way that you would wash your other running apparel. However, there are some selections that have special care instructions, so check the individual product packaging to make sure. There are some that are dry clean only because of their material and they might shrink if you place them in the washing machine.


Q: What exactly is Nike’s Dri-FIT material, and does it really work?

A: Yes, it earned high marks from hundreds of users. Nike’s Dri-Fit material provides excellent ventilation while wicking away any excess moisture. This allows them to use less material and give you a great, lightweight feel. Again, testers have put this material through its paces and it’s a real winner.


Q: I’m planning on layering my running gear when winter comes; any advice?

A: Yes, think about the reasons why you want to layer. With Nike’s fleece lined options, there really isn’t a need to add to the layers. It provides a warm and toasty feeling that doesn’t really need any help from other layers of clothes. Unless it’s a must on your personal preference list, going with a single layer always tends to be the more comfortable option.


Q: Running pants with fleece linings get a bad rap in the running world, I want warmth, but I do not want to be soaking in sweat; any advice?

A: When you’re talking about Nike, you can forget about the bad rap that fleece linings are known for. User feedback was very strong on the materials ability to provide warms and still wick away sweat and remain flexible at the same time. This is thanks in part to a special blend of fibers that compliment each other when it comes to their properties. If warmth is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place!



So there you have it.  We hope the information we provided to you in this guide will help you choose the best Nike Trackies for you!  It’s important to consider all of the factors we included in this guide in order to make the right decision that will fit not only your needs but personal tastes as well.  Nike is a trusted brand with quality products, so we know whichever pair of trackies you choose, you won’t be disappointed.  Happy shopping!


Here are some sources we used while conducting our research

Providing our audience with accurate, relevant and current information is our top priority.  We used a variety of trusted sources, including manufacturers and knowledgeable running enthusiasts, in order to choose our list of the best Nike Trackies as well as provide the additional information in this guide.  The following are the sources we used when writing this guide:


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