10 Best Pepper Sprays For Self Defense Compared


Pepper sprays for runners may seem like more of a precaution rather than a necessity, but like the old cliché goes: “better to be safe than sorry.”

It may be hard to shop for a product that, hopefully, you will never have to use. Carrying pepper spray is about peace of mind and being able to do any activity, not just running, with a sense of security. In an instance that you would have to use pepper spray, it will not only keep you safe but ensures the safety of others.

Many sprays contain UV chemicals or dyes to mark the aggressor for future apprehension or to draw the attention of other people. Below is a list of various styles and intensities of pepper spray to not only suit the need but the comfort level of the runner.

Last Updated: May 10, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

We regularly update and expand your choices and today we have added Streetwise, a mean pepper spray. We research comparatively to find the best choices for you, read the section covering review criteria to see what we look for. In the FAQs, you get very good advisory answers in response to questions from the public.

Sabre 3-in-1
  • Sabre 3-in-1
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Maximum Strength Formula
  • Price: See Here
Stonshi Compact
  • Stonshi Compact
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 4 to 6 feet Range
  • Price: See Here
Pepper Shot Bundle
  • Pepper Shot Bundle
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 4 Pack Combo Set
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Pepper Sprays For Self Defense


1. Sabre Red Gel

The Sabre Red pepper gel spray has enough strength to keep your jog stress-free and your well being safe. Starting with the adjustable hand strap, this pepper spray supports users who want to have it with them during physically active circumstances. This hand strap is essential for the runner who wants to have their spray in their hands at all times; securely. The Sabre Red Gel is considered “police strength” and without doubt one of the strongest pepper sprays on the market. It can make anyone cry.
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High Quality Strength
Considered to be one of the strongest brands in the industry, the SABRE RED has superior spray strength. The materials used in the SABRE RED spray contain so it do some needed damage for sure if you are in a bad situation. If you were to ask "what is the best pepper spray" then this would be our pick.

Convenient to the Runner
The Velcro adjustable hand strap makes it easy to hold the SABRE RED pepper spray in your hand so that you can conduct an effective run. It’s easy to dispense this material so in the case of emergency it will be of good use.

This Sabre pepper spray review is in not biased because of the reasonable low price, but it is ranked 1st because of the the great value for money. The RED pepper spray is at a good price, and since it doesn’t destroy your bank account, you will be able to easily purchase new canisters when your product runs out.
  • Hand strap makes the SABRE RED extremely accessible; ready to disburse upon command
  • Holding the pepper spray seems natural thanks to the compact size
  • Only Shoots about eight feet

2. Sabre 3-in-1 Compact

The Sabre 3-in-1 is one of the most effective pepper sprays in the would and can bring even the strongest of attackers to their knees. This particular version, the 3-in-1 spray; can spray thirty-five bursts for up to a ten-foot range, and holds maximum strength. SABRE is a brand that is trusted by law enforcement and other consumers throughout the nation, so needless to say, you should be safe if you have this pepper spray on hand.
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Maximum Protection
There are several pepper spray solutions on the market, but none are stronger than SABRE products. Each canister comes with a four-year shelf life so you can get the most out of your pepper spray. This high quality spray formula has a tear gas mix to encourage facial burning and UV marking dye that is extremely helpful when attempting to identify the suspect.

In addition, the SABRE 3-in-1-pepper spray has a very concentrated, powerful stream that prevents blowback when you disburse the spray. This feature is very significant because it protects the user from a very common problem in users.

Easy Accessibility
This pepper spray is more user friendly compared to others. The SABRE 3-in-1-pepper spray comes with a clip that can be used by those who don’t have a keychain to clip onto but still want that extra protection. There is also a lock that prevents accidental discharge; something that could be dangerous to the user or others.

Based off of the brand and abilities of this item, it is safe to say that you get your “bang for your buck.” For an inexpensive price, you can get a high quality product that will protect you from attackers and its’ own after effects.
  • Free Training Video
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Buyers claimed that they didn’t have as many sprays as advertised by SABRE

3. Stonshi Compact

The Stonshi pepper spray looks like a standard spray but has a great kick to it. The ½ ounce will be able to distribute around five-nine bursts that could protect you from harm. Spraying within four –six feet, it could take as long as thirty-five minutes for the affects of this pepper spray to wear off, which should give you enough time to remove yourself from the situation.
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Convenient Size
The compact size of the Stonshi pepper spray makes it easy to carry and hold in your hand. Whether you are running, walking, or any other physical activity, the small size of this pepper spray keeps it light and subtle.

In order to use this item, you need to twist the red lever and push down. This system is great because you need to twist the top to spray anything, otherwise you won’t have to worry about accidentally discharging pepper spray.

The Stonshi pepper spray is priced above average. While most likely affordable to most people, there are other sprays out there that are more suitable for running at cheaper prices.
  • Safety valve will prevent any accidental discharge
  • Spray isn’t bulky
  • Some users say it is hard to discharge spray

4. Fox Labs Mean Green

The Fox Labs Mean Green is a notoriously potent variety of pepper spray, some of the strongest stuff available on the market. The wide distribution pattern of this pepper spray means you do not have to extremely accurate or necessarily all that close to incapacitate the aggressor. The can also has a large store of uses, guaranteeing the peace of mind that you won’t run out during an emergency.
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Fox Labs has a reputation for being a uniquely strong variety of pepper spray, some saying that its effects lasted for several days once administered. The Mean Green chemical mixture also contains a difficult to remove green dye, hence the name, which makes the aggressor easy identify.

The Fox Labs Mean Green comes in a compact size that is convenient for pocket storage. It does not, come with a strap like some varieties of spray, although one is available separately for purchase. So it is probably best suited for runners who often wear clothing or a means to carry the can.

This pepper spray has a moderate cost, but Fox Labs Mean Green is often praised for its extreme effectiveness, which makes it more than worth the price.
  • Compact size
  • Wide spray
  • Bright green dye for identification purposes
  • Extremely potent
  • Lasts for an extended duration
  • May have some range issues

5. Mace Jogger

The Mace Jogger Model is specifically designed for the runner looking for protection. The Mace pepper spray has an elastic strap that closes with Velcro for a snug fit around the hand. The spray canister comes in an eighteen-gram unit that sprays about eight-twelve feet. The spray will last after roughly ten, one second bursts, so if you use it often, it is likely you will be refilling fast.
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Comfortable Design
The elastic hand strap combined with a Velcro seal makes the life of a runner that much easier. Having that accessory helps the user hold onto the pepper spray securely. In addition to the hand strap, this pepper spray comes with a small link chain that could connect to a keychain.

The Mace Jogger pepper spray comes with a safety cap that will ensure you that you won’t accidently let off your pepper spray in your hand while running or walking.

The Mace Jogger Model is priced somewhat higher than the average pepper spray. Item is worth consideration, but not have enough value in the long term.
  • Hand strap provides snug fit
  • Safety cap keeps you safe from accidentally spraying yourself
  • Ten bursts is too little

6. Mace Pepper Gel

Mace is a name that has become synonymous with self defense and the Magnum Pepper Gel is another quality product from this brand. This pepper spray comes in a conveniently sized can that fits in the palm of your hand. It also comes equipped with a securing clip for ease of access and storage while running. The Magnum Pepper Gel additionally provides a flashlight as an accessory to the can, to both provide a means to brighten unsafe dark areas as well as a means to ward off an aggressor.
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The Mace Magnum Pepper Gel is not a traditional spray. Instead the gel is a focused stream rather than a conical spray. Which differentiates itself from other varieties of pepper spray in two significant ways. Firstly the can will spray directly in the direction in which you aim it, rather than a general area. Secondly, blow back from air movement and wind is minimized and the sprayer needs not worry about accidentally spraying themselves.

Safety Cap
Mace has fitted their Magnum Pepper Gel with a specialized cap to ensure the users safety. Specifically designed to prevent accidental spray during transport or storage. While it is worth noting that some purchasers also did notice some issues with small amounts of leakage, but not accidental discharge.

The Mace Magnum Pepper Gel affordable while still delivering a lot as a high quality product.
  • Low cost
  • Flashlight attachment
  • Safety trigger
  • Effective at close range
  • Extreme accuracy 
  • Fits in hand
  • security clip
  • Some leakage issues
  • Small experation window 

7. Little Viper

This pepper spray bracelet is light, and easily accessible. The “Little Viper” pepper spray is perfect for the runner who doesn’t want to be held down with the additional weight that other bulky pepper sprays have. The wristband is very thin has a low profile design that won’t make it very obvious that you are jogging with pepper spray attached to your wrist. Instead of being inconvenienced by a large can of pepper spray in your pocket, you can simply wear this on your wrist and stay protected.
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One characteristic that stands out in this wristband is the silicon material. You can wear this item exclusively for running outside or in your everyday routine. The wristband is also adjustable, so you have the option of how tight or loose you wear it.

Easy Accessibility
The small size of the “Little Viper” pepper spray bracelet makes it easy to get to in the event of an emergency. Unlike other pepper sprays that tend to be bulky and uncomfortable, this pepper spray bracelet looks like any other bracelet and is easy to carry around.

The value for the “Little Viper” pepper spray wristband falls in the average range. It isn’t necessarily expensive, but there are cheaper pepper sprays in the market. Nevertheless, if you want a defense weapon that can offer you comfort and peace of mind while jogging, you should definitely look at this product before making a final decision.
  • Lightweight silicon wristband makes carrying pepper spray subtle
  • Water resistant
  • Pepper Spray Canister can only spray up to three feet

8. Police Magnum

The Police Magnum has police strength, which means it will be legitimately effective during an encounter. This item has a strong resemblance to authentic police spray, which is consistently used to apprehend people who don’t comply with law enforcement. Having a spray with that effect can help you just in case of an attacker and for that reason one of the best pepper sprays to carry.
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The Police Magnum pepper spray is meant to last you a substantial amount of time. Basically, you just need to apply it to your key chain and you should be ready to go. With a four-year shelf life, you have plenty of time to have an effective pepper spray on hand.

Preventing accidental discharge of your pepper spray is a necessity for all brands. The Police Magnum pepper spray has a safety top that will lock the spray and make sure nothing gets discharged unwarranted.

You get what you pay for in the Police Magnum brand. You can definitely purchase this pepper spray for a low price.
  • Safety top keeps you free of any accidental discharge of your pepper spray
  • UV dye can be used to identify attacker
  • Buyers claim that this item is not effective

9. The Wrist Saver

The Wrist Saver pepper spray will keep your hands free so you can comfortably run without holding onto anything. Using a ½ ounce container of pepper spray, you can clear your mind and safely get your cardio in, hands free. The Wrist Saver pepper spray contains a formula made with materials extracted from cayenne peppers; creating an overwhelming burning sensation on anything that it comes in contact with. Such a strong spray will hinder any attacker and ultimately set you free from any danger. The wrist holder proves this pepper spray to be easily accessible and convenient to the runner.
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Strong Product
The pepper spray made with cayenne peppers has the ability to choke and disable the individual who receives the spray. In order to be effective, you must disburse this spray within ten feet of the individual and let off at least ten bursts in order to safely get away.

Using the wrist strap, you can easily store your pepper spray without having to hold it in your hands while running. Having a hands-free experience will make things so much easier on the runner and ultimately keep them as safe as possible while out in areas where attacks may happen more frequently. In addition to providing a holding space, the wrist strap has a LED light that will give you the ability to see what’s in front of you, even in the darkest spaces within a mile.

Having hands free pepper spray with an LED light is extremely helpful for the runner who likes to exercise at night. This item is priced relatively cheap based on what you are receiving in exchange.
  • Spray is extremely strong
  • LED light illuminates up to one mile in front of you
  • Spray doesn’t have enough distance

10. UDAP Jogger Fogger

The UDAP Jogger Fogger is another spray alternative on this list. This chemical self defense aid comes in the form of a fog which effects through not only eyes but also inhalation causing burning in the nose and throat. While in this form it can be used to deter multiple assailants at once or used without a large concern in regards to accuracy. It is, however, a type of pepper spray that is more likely to have blow back issues for the user.
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Ease of use
The Jogger Fogger is designed for ease of access while running. They come with a hand strap that allows for ready use. The trade off is the can is a little larger than average which may make it a bit difficult to pocket.

Trail Use
The Jogger Fogger is more meant to be utilized while trail running. The fog meant as a general deterrent for an animal rather than a human, where a focused spray may be more appropriate. While it is always better to use non-aggravating tactics, animals aren’t attacking you maliciously after all, this self defense spray is comforting to have on hand when venturing out into the wild.

The UDAP Jogger Fogger is a quality product for a lower to moderate price on its own, but an even better deal since the hand strap, which is normally sold separately, is included at no extra charge.
  • Comes with a hand strap
  • Effects breathing as well as sight
  • Powerful deternet 
  • Holds more than pocket pepper spray
  • Long lasting effect
  • May be too large for pocket
  • More prone to being manipulated by the wind

Streetwise 18 Pepper Spray

The 1/4 oz pepper spray is cased in a sturdy leather pouch and has a key ring attached which means you can carry it all the time with you, wherever your keys go, your protection goes with you.

This is an ideal self-defense product which can protect you or people out with you. The spray is easily capable of temporarily incapacitating an attacker for up to about 45 minutes without causing any permanent long-lasting harm.

For UK buyers you can get from Amazon.com
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High-Quality Strength

This spray has a high potency and will bring down an attacker for around forty-five minutes before the attacker starts to recover. The heat and contact level of the spray is 123,000-SHU which makes the heat impact forty-six percent hotter than many other pepper sprays.

Convenient to the Runner

Very easy and convenient to carry, the spray comes in a can which is cased in a durable leather coat and includes a key ring which means you can carry it all the time with your keys.


Nice price for a personal defense product

Incapacitate an attacker for forty-five minutes.

High heat level

Nice leather case

Keyring attached



Difficult to obtain for UK buyers

The Criteria Used When Searching For The Best Pepper Sprays

Finding the best pepper spray isn’t very easy for many runners. That’s why we’re working hard to provide the best products and help our readers to choose the best one for them. Here are the sources that we’ve used while searching for the best products.

Defensive range and distance

That’s a very important factor. Runners, especially those running during the day, are able to detect the danger from a long distance. Whenever you see that someone wants to hurt you, you try to protect yourself. I many cases 7 feet is not enough. It’s advisable to search for the products who are able to stop the attacker from a long distance. When it comes to defense, you need to consider two things. First one is how many burst does pepper spray can discharge. It really depends on your needs but the more bursts you have, the safer you are. The second and last thing is a spray formula. It can’t be a cheap spray that won’t stop anyone, it must be good quality spray formula that will let you survive.

Size, shape and weight

Next factor is very crucial especially when it comes to running. Let’s be clear, no one wants to carry a bulky spray because it makes runner feeling really uncomfortable. The size is the next thing that may destroy our happiness of running. While searching for the best product, you should also consider the size. Even if it’s lightweight, it doesn’t mean that the size will be good for running. Some sprays aren’t bulky but they’re more flattened. Shape is the next thing worth considering. Many companies offer another types of canisters for pepper spray. The best advice is to search fot the product who doesn’t really look like a pepper spray – that’s because it’s easier to surprise the attacker.

Easy access and comfort

Discharging of the product is different in every spray. Sometimes you need to push the button, the other time you must do some extra tasks to discharge it. Here comes the question- what about if you accidently discharge it while running? This is why we would recommend buying a product with still easy discharging but not too easy. It’s perfect when they’re special locks discharging. Comfort is a big thing here. You should contemplate whether you really want to carry the spray in your hand. There are some other options like wearing it on the wrist.

There are also special chains that you can match with keys and you don’t have to carry it in your palm. When you decide where you’re going to attach your spray, you should also wonder whether you need additional Velcro Straps to make it easier to adjust the spray. When we’re talking about comfort don’t forget about preventing the blowback.

Other Important Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best


Many people think the most expensive products are the best ones. This isn’t really the truth. There are many types of sprays, some of them are more advanced and they’re not really for runners. You should contemplate which functions are the most important for you. There are many low priced sprays on the market which aren’t worse than their more expensive competitors.

Additional features

This is something that should also be evaluated by a runner. Let’s start with UV marking dye. At first you may think that’s not necessary but actually, it can be really helpful. This dye helps to mark the attacker and this is why it’s easier for the police to find this person. Always make sure if the spray is water resistant.

If you live in an area where weather conditions are quite unpredictable, a water-resistant spray is a must-have. In other cases, it may not work or work very bad. Some sprays have special LED lights. This is perfect for runners who love running in the dark. The light makes it easier to see the attacker and use the spray. Not many sprays have also a function of a special alarm. The sound makes other people aware that they’re in danger and it’s easier for a runner to find help.



Q. How dangerous are the sprays will I permanently injure an attacker?

A:  You won’t cause permanent injury to an attacker, in fact, the word injury is misleading, the aim is to incapacitate an attacker long enough for you to either escape or call the police to arrest him/her/them.  How long the attacker will be incapacitated will depend on how well you use the spray and how strong the spray formula. For example, Streetwise pepper spray will incapacitate an attacker for around 45 minutes, this is more than enough time to call the police to carry out an arrest.

When we talk about incapacitating an attacker instead of causing an injury we need to consider what happens to the attacker. Pepper spray will create a burning sensation to the eyes without causing burn damage, the attacker will be occupied with rubbing his eyes and trying to relieve the burning pain at this time the attacker cannot focus on you. Breathing becomes difficult but in no way will the attacker be unable to breathe.  The pepper spray causes a nasty taste and again the attacker is occupied with dealing with this rather than being focused on the potential victim.

When choosing a pepper spray check on the strength, the heat potential and the effective distance for which the spray can be used in order to stop an attacker. The key point is to stop the attack without causing permanent injury.

Q. I’m afraid that my mother won’t understand how to use the product. How can I help her?

A. Being able to use the pepper spray is a key to safety. Even if you have instruction with your spray, it may not be understood enough by some people. What we would recommend is searching for pepper sprays with a training video. This will make it much easier to use the product.

Q. How long will the product last?

A. There isn’t one simple answer on that question. It depends on the brand and durability. Most sprays are able to work for about two years but there are some products that are more durable and may last even four years.

Q. I had a pepper spray but it didn’t work when it should. How can I test it?

A. You can easily test it. Go outside, check the direction of the wind. It’s very important as you don’t want the spray blowing back because it may hurt you. Push the button for less than 2 seconds.

Having a mini pepper spray on you while outside jogging could help you stay safe. While it isn’t a necessity, and might not happen in certain areas, you are better off being prepared rather than a victim. When looking for a pepper spray that’s best for runners, you want something that fits easy in the hand, particularly with assistance such as an elastic band, and you want something that will effectively hit your target.


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