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The Pilates ring helps athletes to build their physique and find their center when exercising. This product has many names: exercise ring, fitness ring, fitness circle, and to the majority of athletes that use this equipment during their training sessions, the magic circle. The magic circle provides you with secondary support during your workout sessions. Ideally, once you are able to properly operate it, it becomes easy to do the usual drills even without the equipment. Nevertheless, one thing that makes most consumers prefer this particular product is that it is affordable and lightweight, making it less tedious to use at different points during your training sessions.

Nayoya Wellness
  • Nayoya Wellness
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Price: See Here
  • Prosource
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great for rehabilitation
  • Price: See Here
  • Yogalo
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Price: See Here

This product can be used in a variety of ways during practice and has developed into renowned training aids to athletes as well as individuals who love to stay fit. This review will provide you with an idea of the different types of Pilates rings that you could choose from and the criteria you could adopt when striving to make a selection of these types of products. There are ten different types discussed in this article to help narrow your search for the appropriate product.


10 Best Pilates Rings


1. Nayoya Wellness

This product comes with numerous benefits for you as a consumer. It would enable you to exercise your thighs, abs, legs, and even the arms. This brand would help strengthen your mobility and posture in ways that other designs would not be able to meet such needs.
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4-inch grip diameter

The outer part of the ring, as well as its interior, is padded to improve grasp. You would comfortably exercise your thighs, arms, and chest whenever you please once you buy this product. Its wide diameter makes it useful in various ways to the consumer.

Extra Accessory

When you buy this brand, you would also be provided with an additional nylon pouch that you could use to carry it around with ease and great convenience. You do not have to worry about a space for carrying your ring when you travel.

Cost and Value

This particular design is padded on the outer and inner surface to provide you with the highest level of comfort and convenience, unlike other traditional designs that only had padding on the outer part. It is versatile and can be used for countless exercising routines.

It is versatile

It offers the best resistance for the greatest experience during training

It has non-slip foam padding for convenience

It is acquired with a carrying pouch for easy storage and transportation


The device would crack under intense pressure

2. Prosource

If you have never used the Prosource design then you need to understand that this is a very good equipment for rehabilitation purposes. It would not only help you exercise your muscles but would also help take your mind off the stressful events of the day. This tool is best for the first time users who would like to slowly build up their strength overtime in preparation for the more demanding exercising routines that you would be required to carry out in days to come.
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Padded Handles

The handles on this Prosource product are cushioned with soft material. This works beautifully to improve comfort during use as well as the user's grip and general safety.

Durable Design

It is constructed with sturdy steel and cushioned with a durable rubber material for an improved performance. It would be able to withstand the greatest level of pressure and heavy uses to meet your exercising requirements for the longest duration.

Cost and Value

A tool that would help you to work on your body fitness has never been so much affordable. This having been stated, you can never put a price on your health and body fitness. Regardless of the price at which you would buy such types of gadgets, what counts is the progress you would be able to make with the equipment. This item would help you improve balance and posture while improving your flexibility in ways that you would have never thought possible.

It offers a gentle resistance that would allow you an improved exercising routine for different exercising drills for the legs, arms and other key areas of your body.

It is durable

Padded handles improve comfort during use and safety

It is a good rehabilitation tool


It is too flimsy

It does not offer much resistance as other consumers may wish for

3. Yogalo

With the Yogalo Pilate design, you would be able to enhance your flexibility while strengthening your body muscles. This tool makes the workout sessions a fun activity. It also enhances your effectiveness during the training sessions.
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360-Degree Grip Foam Padded Handles

The design of this product would enable you to effectively exercise your outer and inner thigh muscles. This is enabled by the convenient and surprisingly comfortable foam padded handle that offers a 360-degree grip.

Quality Material

It is made of fiberglass to provide the consumer with good resistance when practicing. Even with the amount of pressure exerted on its structure it would steel take back its original shape after the exercises are completed to provide you with a long-lasting use. The product has been tested and approved as a proper work out tool.

Cost and Value

This item may be slightly overpriced though its value makes it worth buying. It would enable you to enjoy a full body workout at your own convenience. You would be able to exercise your chest, arms, hips, thighs, and glutes. It is considered more effective and handy in any kind of situation. It would aid you in attaining your fitness goals within the shortest duration possible.

It is travel-friendly

It has a durable design

It has well-padded handles that enhance grip and comfort

It would enable you to exercise your body muscles in the most proficient manner


It would break with a few uses if not used as instructed by the manufacturers

4. Stamina

4. Stamina
The Stamina design has a 14.75-inch diameter that makes it suitable for people of all body sizes and heights to use it in their exercises. It has a professional design, adequate padding and it is nonporous to provide you with proper service throughout the period you would use it. This product would help improve your flexibility for the highest level of performance during your routine training exercises and during the actual competitions. It is designed with the intent of assisting the final consumer to enhance the strength of the inner and outer thigh. You would also be in a better position of building strength on the arms and chest area when you use it over some duration after making the purchase.
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Steel Core Ring

The steel material used to construct the ring assures you of the durability of the product. It has additional cushioning molded on the sides for an improved comfort and good grip when the ring is in use.

Designed for Versatility

This particular design can be used for a variety of training routines and it would provide you with the highest level of flexibility and ease of use throughout your life as an athlete.

Cost and Value

One thing that makes this product worth buying is that it allows the final consumer a 90-day period within which you could return the item for a replacement or a full refund of your money with no questions asked. This product is safe to use making it a very reliable resource to have during your practicing sessions. At its price, I could say that this would not be a bad investment on your part.

It has a comfortable grip with very soft padding

It is designed to resist moisture accumulation around the parts that you would handle during training

It has a durable construction

It offers good resistance for the best training experience

It offers quicker improvements to your body stamina

Professional grade


A few consumers have complained about the pad falling off on several occasions

5. Yoga Evo

5. Yoga Evo
Any athlete who desires body fitness at a fast rate should buy this particular product. With this product, you would be able to enjoy countless benefits ranging from the fact that you would be able to shape your thighs, build body strength, sculpt your arms, and generally improve your health.
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Ergonomic and Comfortable

It is fitted with soft padding on either side to allow you the freedom to use the equipment for different types of exercising activities. The padding enhances grip and comfort for the best experience ever.


You would be able to enjoy this product for a lengthened time. This item is designed with EVA material that provides you with the greatest level of elasticity or flexibility. It would not crack under pressure thus guaranteeing you the greatest duration of use.

Cost and Value

Though it is slightly overpriced, this product would enhance your workout experience due to its outstanding resistance quality. You can easily travel with this product to any place you desire because of its lightweight and flat design.

It is durable

It is portable

It is ergonomic and very comfortable to use

Offers adequate resistance for the best exercising experience


There are not as strong as most designs used in gym classes

6. JBM International

6. JBM International
This design is made with very durable materials. One thing that makes this product the best is the level of resistance that it provides on the inner and outer thighs during practice sessions. This helps in ensuring that you develop the muscles on the legs for improved performance during the actual competitions and training. With this product, you would not have to worry about the product losing shape or resistance after prolonged uses.
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Superior Design

This ring is made of a strong fiberglass material. It is 13 inches in diameter and has a soft padding on both sides of the ring that helps in enhancing comfort for the consumer and grip during use.

High Tension

This device has been constructed with durable materials that would provide you with the highest resistance for the longest time. Its steel construction guarantees you durability.

Cost and Value

At its reasonable price, this product comes with great convenience for the consumer. The soft padding material, as well as its lightweight, makes it very handy during training sessions. It would never slip at the time of use.

It has a design that makes it easy to use and comfortable

It is made of durable steel for prolonged use

It offers high resistance for the best outcome during training

It is a rather costly brand


It arrives without instructions on how it can be used thus making it difficult for the beginners to use it efficiently.

7. PharMeDoc

7. PharMeDoc
The PharMeDoc is 14 inches in diameter. It works with great proficiency to help you exercise your upper, middle and lower parts of the body in readiness for the activities that you are supposed to undertake the following day.
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Dual Pads

The pads on the ring are well balanced to provide the user with the much-desired level of stability during use. As a result, you would be able to work on your body muscles longer with the greatest level of resistance provided by the equipment.

Non-slip Coating

The coating on either side of the ring plays a very vital role in preventing uncontrolled sweating that may interfere with your routine. You would be able to enjoy a good training session due to the outstanding grip provided by the cushioned padding on the sides of the equipment.

Cost and Value

The ring’s design makes it easy to travel with as it is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry. Regardless of the distance to be covered, you would be able to comfortably travel with your favorite exercising gear. If you want a reasonably priced product that would meet your exercising desires, this would be a good choice to start with. Besides, the fact that the manufacturers offer their consumers a lifetime warranty for the product is sufficient reason to indicate that the item is made of very high-quality materials that would make it a very useful resource for the longest period.

Lifetime warranty

Easy to pack and travel with at your own convenience

Lightweight and easy to handle

Non-slip coating on the handling parts for an improved grip during use

The pads are well balanced for an improved level of stability when it is in use

It offers a good resistance for a good workout experience


Slightly overpriced compared to other brands that are presently being sold on the market


The STOTT Pilates ring has a portable design. It can be used for countless exercising routines as would be instructed by your trainer if you have one. This product has every quality that you may desire out of a magic circle.
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12-inch and 14-inch Diameter Designs

It is available in 12 inch and 14-inch diameters to suit the divergent needs of the final consumers. It is sold in a variety of color designs to meet the unique tastes and preferences of different consumers.

Spring Steel Ring

The structure of the ring is designed in such a way that it would be able to withstand continued strenuous use. High intense usage of these types of products would no longer be a point of concern for you as long as you buy yourself this particular design.

Cost and Value

It is designed with adequate padding both on the interior and on the exterior. The cushioning helps to enhance comfort during use. It also enables the consumer to have a good grip of the equipment during use for greater convenience and safety. The handles are padded with environmentally friendly materials that would guarantee comfort while conserving the environment at the same time. This product has everything you would hope for in good exercising equipment, regardless of the high price at which you would be required to pay in order to acquire this product.

It provides the much-needed level of resistance during workouts

It has a lightweight construction that makes it easy to handle

It is well padded on the inside and outer part for improved grasp thus making it easy and comfortable to handle

It is an exceptional traveling choice

It is a good choice for the beginners


It is a bit difficult to store up

9. Incline Fit

9. Incline Fit
Without thinking about the cost of this product, you would learn more about the benefits that accrue with having this exercising tool once you buy it. The few people who have used this design at different points in their lives would attest to its value and convenience qualities that you would also enjoy once you buy one.
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This product is fitted with soft padding on the outer and inner segments to help enhance your level of comfort and grip when you use the item for different exercising routines.

Good Resistance

You would experience the much-needed degree of resistance with this brand thus enabling you to exercise your muscles in the best way possible. You would be able to regain your body fitness within a very short time frame if this exercising tool is used in the correct way as instructed by the manufacturers.

Cost and Value

For its price, this would be a very convenient tool to have in your possession at all times. An athlete should always stay fit. Therefore, a proper exercising tool would be an indispensable requirement in ensuring that you keep your muscles used to strenuous exercises and competitions.

It is durable

Offers sufficient resistance for a good exercising experience

It is well padded on the inside part and outer part for the highest level of comfort and good grip

Quite affordable


It may arrive with slight flaws in its design but that is something that would easily be rectified once you return it for a quick replacement.

10. Seryo

10. Seryo
Other than the fact that this product is considerably priced when you compare it to other brands that are currently being sold on the market, it is made of durable steel. The rubber padding is soft and able to withstand any harsh use by the consumer.
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The diameter of the ring makes this design easy to use while offering you the highest level of resistance for the best outcome during your training sessions.

Special Design

This device has two foam pads on both sides that help prevent the part of the body in contact with the ring from slipping. This feature on the ring makes it safe to use at all times.

Cost and Value

This affordable design would be a perfect purchase for any person who would need a tool to enhance muscular strength, enhance your level of endurance in harsh situations, improve body awareness, and help you develop a good posture. The ring would aid you to exercise your entire body including the lower, middle and upper segment of the body. However, you should ensure with your routine drills on a daily basis to avoid uneven muscle exercising tendencies.

It is designed with a soft and durable rubber for improved comfort and lifespan of the equipment

It is easy to use

It offers a strong resistance

It is safe to use due to the non-slip padding

It is good for exercising the entire body


Some consumers may consider this product slightly overpriced

Staying fit or having good body fitness definitely comes at a price. In such a case, you would be required to retain good exercising routines and at the same time have the proper tools that would aid you in attaining your fitness goals. Amongst the tools that you would require is the Pilates ring. However, you will have to make a proper choice when it comes to selecting the best quality design that would fit your needs. Fortunately, the criteria outlined below would go a long way in helping you to pick what would be the best brand for you. You no longer have to worry about going through the countless options available on the market in order to arrive at the one you desire. Generally, you can never put a price on your health or fitness for that matter. Therefore, you should always go for high-quality equipment if you have ventured into the world of athletics.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Pilate Rings

The most reasonable place to start when you wish to buy a suitable Pilates Ring is by liaising with your training instructor to find out what he or she knows to be the best quality design for you. You could also test one that is available in the market, or perhaps in the training center, to find out the type that would meet your needs. On the day that you would decide to shop for one, ensure that you purchase it from a physical location. You will be in a better position of trying out the device to find out how it feels on your hands or if it fits your requirements. Alternatively, you could buy this product through an online platform and ensure that the design that you purchase has a good warranty or return period. This way, you would be able to get a quick replacement in cases whereby the one that you would have bought does not meet your individual training needs.

The best quality Pilates ring would help you to retain the fabulous posture or attain the exceptional body you have always longed for while ensuring that you stay fit. Most consumers prefer this particular exercising equipment because of its versatility. This equipment would enable you to achieve some of your training goals such as muscle straightening, muscle toning, and muscle stretching. The common theme about these items is that they can be stored away conveniently. You can keep it in your favorite storage bag or hang it on the hook. The following are some of the details that you would be required to pay attention to when shopping for a Pilates ring.


The best quality designed Pilates Ring is one that is padded both on the outside and the inside part. The older versions only had padding on the outside. However, most designs that are being constructed today have a good padding on the inside part and the exterior: something that makes them vital elements in different situations. The padding makes the devices much more comfortable and convenient to use.

Portability vs. Durability

These pieces of equipment are quite easy to travel with. They are light in weight and would take up minimal storage space. This is because you could lay them flat in your luggage at the time of transportation. For those who would require a versatile design,  the metal ring would be the suitable choice for you. You would be able to use the metal ring in a number of ways as instructed by the experts to exercise your muscles.


Most Pilates Rings today are designed with flexible metal materials. Nevertheless, the ones that are made of rubber material are considered much softer than the metal rings and they do not offer much resistance. If you opt for a muscular challenge, then neither the rubber design nor the one made of light metal would provide you with the kind of test you would wish for. The versions outlined above would only be good for individuals who yearn for body placement with very mild resistance experienced in the process.


Overall, these products usually go for the price range of 15-200 dollars. The difference in cost of this product would vary based on a number of factors such as the brand of the product, its construction, and the accessories that you would acquire alongside this product at the point of purchase. For example, the ones that would be attained with training DVDs or guidelines would cost you much more than the brands that would be acquired without the additional accessory. However, you should not buy this item just because it is cheap; low-priced designs often crash with the slightest pressure exerted on them. It would be best for you to save your money rather than spend it on a cheap design that would only last you a few days of use before you would be required to purchase another one.

Construction and Design

What material is it made of?

Most training experts would recommend that you go for rings made of a flexible metal material or heavy-duty material as opposed to the rubber rings. After a few uses of the rubber design, it would no longer provide you with the level of resistance that you would hope for in such kinds of exercising gadgets. This means it would only serve your needs for a few workout sessions. Nevertheless, the ones that are designed with fiberglass, heavy duty plastic or metal would be able to withstand a good proportion of pressure. Even with this being the case, if you would be using these devices for the very first time then you should ensure that you buy yourself the rubber design since they do not offer much resistance when exercising.

How wide is it?

These products are usually available in the range of 13-16 inches in diameter. You would choose the diameter of the ring based on your body size. People with big body sizes are often advised to buy designs with more than 14 inches in diameter for the best outcome. Those with smaller bodies are encouraged to buy the designs that have a diameter of 14 inches and below. The taller you are the more you would need a ring that has a wider diameter to suit your needs and vice versa.

Performance and Ease of Use


In order to attain the highest level of comfort, it is vital that you evaluate the type of grip that you would be subjected to when using the ring. For easy handling of the equipment, the ring should be well padded to provide you with the softest grip you desire. For the greatest convenience, this is one of the most important factors that you would be required to consider when making a selection. It would equally important to look at the strategic points the pads are situated on the ring. You would be in a much better position of performing the more complicated exercising routines when you buy a ring that is padded on both the inside and outside part.


How easy it would be to maintain such training gears would largely depend on the type of material used to construct the ring. Nevertheless, for the majority of designs that you would come across, you would discover that most of them are easy to clean. Regardless of the make that you buy, ensure that you clean this equipment after every use. The cleaning helps in ensuring that you do not transfer dirt or germs from one user to another or from one training session to another.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a magic circle?

A: This is a round structure commonly made of flexible materials such as rubber or soft metal. It is usually 13 inches in diameter and fitted with a soft padding on either side. When in use the gadget offers moderate or gentle resistance allowing you to stretch to exercise your arms for improved strength and fitness. The device would enable you to know the muscles that are in use during an exercising session. The equipment is designed to provide just the right amount of resistance that would help you exercise your muscles. You should use it accordingly by not over-pressing it together.

Q: How much resistance do you need with a Pilates Ring?

A: The ring is usually designed with a very flexible material. While some designs would be made with complete rubber material, other designs that are made of metal would provide you with more of a challenge, especially if you are someone who yearns for much stronger muscles. The lighter ring would only be perfect for you if you were an athlete who desires mild resistance and more body placement during your exercising sessions.

Q: Why should I buy a Pilates Ring?

A: These gadgets would play a very important role in helping you to exercise your muscles at different points in time. Besides, the tool would be much easy to travel with because of its lightweight. The product would take up very little space in whichever place it would be stored. However, if you desire a Pilates Ring that could be used for assorted functions then the regular metal ring would be the most reasonable choice for you.




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