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It is never fun to be cold. Extreme cold weather can cause irreparable damage to our health. Jackets designed with down on the interior have extraordinary insulating properties. Down is light in weight and fluffy with pockets that would hold air to help create a barrier between your body and the cold weather in the outside environment. The main disadvantage of acquiring a jacket designed with down material is that the moment the jacket becomes wet; it loses its insulating properties thus exposing you to the cold.

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When it comes to your health, you can never settle for less. This is because if you buy a poor quality cold weather jacket you would not be able to withstand the extreme cold weather. You may even end up suffering from pneumonia. A good quality puffy jacket would enable you to stay active even in the coldest of climates. A puffer jacket is of exceptional functionality and quite versatile. The puffy jackets are designed in such a way that they would be able to keep you warm, provide you with a fashion sense and most of all enable the consumer to move about with much ease and great convenience.

Nonetheless, you do not have to worry about the ordeal of having to go through a wide range of puffy jackets that are currently being sold in the market because in this review you would find 10 carefully selected varieties of puffy jackets that would enable you to make a quick easy selection of a suitable jacket. The jackets outlined below have been selected because of their exceptional attributes and the fact that they would be within the budget of a majority of consumers. Even with the suggestions provides below, consumers are still required to consider the characteristics they would value in a warm jacket carefully before making a purchase.


10 Best Puffy Jackets


1. Orolay

Orolay women’s jacket is designed in the United States. The length of this jacket design makes it a fashionable wear for women with different body sizes and shapes. The jacket leaves consumers looking splendid with almost every type of outfit.
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The jacket is made of polyester material that has a density that is 60 percent more than the density of other jackets that are available on the market. The high-density polyester material makes this jacket warmer than any other average jacket and windproof. Therefore, the consumer is guaranteed protection from the strong winds and chilly weather.


Other than working to come up with jacket deals that would help keep the consumers warm and protected, the producers of this jacket brand always strive to ensure that they come up with designs that appeal to the woman’s fashion sense. The manufacturers ensure that all the products that go out of their premises to the market are bound to satisfy the tastes and preferences of different consumers. For this particular brand, quality and customer satisfaction is key, in any kind of situation.

Cost and Value

This affordable winter jacket is available in a variety of sizes and designs. The distinctive designs of the jacket provide consumers with a variety of options to choose from. Women are able to make a selection for the jacket that works for them best or the design that would look good on them and at the same time keep them warm and protected from strong winds.

Protective and waterproof

Warm and guarantees comfort and maximum protection from both cold and rain


Has a warm hood

Good pocket space for storage and carrying light items in the pocket


Although okay, the manufacturers need to improve the breathability of this jacket. Alternatively, consumers could use the frontal zip to regulate their body temperature.

2. Wantdo

The lining and outer shell of Wantdo Women’s jacket is designed with pure nylon material. The jacket is insulated with 90% down material to provide consumers with maximum warmth during the cold season.
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Lightweight Material

The ultra lightweight of this jacket makes it easy to package and transport easily. The lightweight design also makes this jacket a comfortable wear when you are running or jogging during the cold season. Moreover, the jacket does not restrict you in any way when carrying out the activities of the day.

Attached Hood

The attached hood is an added advantage to consumers who buy this type of puffy jacket. With the hood, you are guaranteed to be warm and completely protected from the rain.

Cost and Value

At its price and value, I could say this jacket is a must-have if you wish to continue your training activities during the winter season. The side zip pockets on the jacket are deep enough to enable you to keep some of the valuable items that you would carry along when outdoors such as your phone and keys. The jacket has a water resistant coating that would help keep you safe from the rain. The hem of the jacket and its cuffs are fitted with a stretchy material that ensures that the jacket fits well and that you are adequately protected from the cold.

Great for keeping you warm during cold times of the year

This jacket is a great fit for individuals with larger bodies

This item is made from lightweight materials


The jacket requires consistent dry cleaning

A few minor control issues that could easily be remedied by the manufacturers

3. Tommy Hilfiger

3. Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger winter jacket is made of pure nylon material, which makes it an easy wash when you use a washing machine. The soft lightweight material also makes it comfortable and easily transported or stored.
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Side-entry Hand Pockets

The side pockets on this jacket are very convenient in that the pockets allow the consumer to keep his or her hands warm while outdoors in the chilly environment. The zipped pockets are also a convenient storage location for your valuables such as keys, wallets, and phones.

Comfortable Wear

This jacket is designed with a convenient zipper at the front that you could easily close when it is cold and open when you need to remove the jacket or during times that you would need aeration during training. The jacket has a soft padding on the interior, which increases comfort for the consumer while providing sufficient warmth when it is cold.

Cost and Value

This jacket is available in numerous designs and prices to meet the needs of different consumers with restrictive budgets. One thing that you need to be aware of as a consumer is that you would get the value of what you pay for. Therefore, make sure you buy what would serve your needs accordingly without worrying about the price at which you would be required to buy it. The standing collar on this jacket provides additional warmth and comfort on the neck area.

Acquired with a drawstring bag for carrying the jacket

Standing collar provides more warmth and comfort

Down feather internal coating enhances comfort and warmth

Reasonably priced


Feathers keep popping out with consistent use

4. Hawke & Co

4. Hawke & Co
This thick-layered puffer jacket is designed with a standing padded collar that provides the consumer with warmth and great comfort in the neck area. In addition, the front zip closure on the jacket protects your body from the strong cold winds.
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You can easily fold the jacket to store it inside one of the jacket pockets to make it easy to carry.

Protective Material

Whether you would be exercising in the cold winter season or sailing in the sea, this jacket is well insulated to guard off strong winds while providing you with the warmth you need in chilly weather.

Cost and Value

Compared to several other different types of puffy jackets that are currently available in the market, this particular jacket is reasonably priced for the consumer. The jacket can easily be packed into one of its pockets for easy transport once the climate warms up so that you would no longer need the jacket.

A well standing padded collar that provides warmth to the neck area

It can be squeezed and packed into one of the pockets of the jacket to easy transportation

The sturdy nylon material of the jacket guarantees the jacket’s durability

It is lightweight thus a convenient and comfortable wear


Designed with a thin fabric that is prone to snags

It is not breathable like most viable puffy jackets available on the market

5. Dickies

5. Dickies
If you purchase Dickies Men's jacket, you are guaranteed quality and great satisfaction. This is because consumers who are not satisfied with the Dickies’ product that they buy are allowed to return the less satisfactory product for a replacement. In other cases, consumers are refunded their money in full if they are not satisfied with the quality of the jacket they buy.
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Handwarmer Pockets

In an extremely cold weather, you could fit your hands in the pockets of the jacket to stay warm. Even if you would wear gloves, the jacket pockets would provide additional warmth and comfort.


This jacket is made of a pure polyester material that not only assures you of the durability of the jacket but it also guarantees you protection against the rain.

Cost and Value

If you want a reasonably priced puffy jacket that would provide you with the warmth and comfort that, you would desire then this is the type of jacket to buy. Moreover, the jacket is made with a water-resistant material that helps in protecting consumers from the rain and the dire consequences of snowy weather. Therefore, quality is guaranteed.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you could return it for a replacement or a refund

It is machine washable

It is comfortable and warm

Water-resistant and comfortably protects against the rain

Handwarmer pockets


It is only water repellant and not waterproof as advertised.


This jacket has a zip closure at the front and a warm hood that helps keep the cold out when used during winter. The elasticity of the jacket cuffs make this jacket a comfortable wear and it helps keep the arms warm by not allowing the cold chill from penetrating through the cuff areas.
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Quality Material

This jacket is designed with high-quality materials that guarantee the durability of the jacket. The lining and exterior shell of the jacket are made of pure nylon material. The insulation part of the jacket is constructed with 100% polyester material while the fillings comprise of 10% feather and 90% White Duck Down.


The jacket is made with long-lasting polyester and nylon materials. It has a fitting hood made of skin-friendly fabric that guarantees the consumer warmth and comfort. The coating inside the jacket is effective in retaining heat and very comfortable. Generally, the jacket is windproof given its design.

Cost and Value

For the price at which this jacket is sold and when we consider its value, it goes without saying that this jacket is worth buying. The jacket is light in weight and packable. This jacket would be an effective wear because it comes with a packing pouch you use to store the jacket the moment you would not need it anymore. It has deep storage pockets you could keep your valuables such as keys and phones when traveling, walking, jogging or running. The pockets could also be used to warm hands in chilly weather.

It is lightweight and packable

The interior is designed with skin friendly fabric that guarantees you great warmth and comfort

Made of high-quality nylon and polyester material that assures you of the durability of the jacket


Works best for short trips and when used in places that do not experience extremely cold temperatures

7. Outdoor Research

7. Outdoor Research
This jacket comes with zippered pockets that would be safe storage points for valuable items you would carry along when going on a run or taking a stroll in the neighborhood during the cold season.
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The exterior shell of this jacket is designed with pure polyester, its lining is designed with pure nylon material and the insulation part of the jacket is made of Goose Down material to provide the consumer with the warmth and comfort that he or she may desire.

Lightweight and Breathable

This jacket is made of lightweight materials and it has a breathable design that would not leave the consumer sweating uncontrollably without the body having a way of cooling down. The jacket is designed in such a way that excess moisture would easily be discharged from the body, out to the surrounding environment.

Cost and Value

This jacket is available in a variety of sizes and designs to suit the needs of an assortment of consumers. The jackets are also available in different prices to cater to the needs of the rich and the less affluent members of the society. The jacket has a breathable design, which makes it a comfortable wear for the consumer.

Breathable design

Made with lightweight materials thus easy to handle

Zippered hand pockets that would help keep your valuables safe when outdoors


Zipper jams on occasions, which lowers the quality of the jacket

8. Columbia Flash

8. Columbia Flash
Columbia Women’s Flash jacket is designed with a pure polyester material. It is fitted with zippered hand pockets that would enable you to keep your valuables safe when jogging or running more so when it is raining.
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Water Resistant Fabric

This jacket is designed with a waterproof polyester material that helps protect you from the rain while keeping you warm at the same time. This jacket guarantees you safety from adverse climatic conditions.

Jacket Design

The outer shell of the jacket is constructed with pure polyester. The insulation part of the jacket, as well as the jacket’s inner lining, is also designed with pure polyester material that would protect you from extreme climatic conditions.

Cost and Value

The jacket is well reinforced at the stitched points to increase how long you would be able to use the jacket. The water-resistant feature of the jacket is an added advantage. The jacket would protect you from cold weather and keep you dry even in the rainy weather. For its value, you would be willing to spend any amount of money to have this jacket in your possession.

It is a great fit

It would help keep you warm in cold environments

They exist in prominent designs that would enable you to stay in fashion


The manufacturers could do better in terms of the durability of the jacket


This jacket has a thin lightweight design that makes it portable and a convenient, comfortable wear during the cold season. You no longer have to worry about the cold weather when you need to go outdoors jogging, running or to take a stroll around the neighborhood. This warm jacket would help protect you from the strong winds and chilly climate.
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Water Repellent

The outer layer of the jacket is made of a water repellent material that would help keep you dry in the mild rain while ensuring that you stay warm throughout the cold temperatures of the day. The seams of the jacket are well stitched which helps in preventing moisture from going through the jacket via the seams.


The jacket is designed with lightweight materials without compromising the warmth providing capability of the jacket. You would not feel like the jacket you have on is overweighing on your body, given the jacket’s lightweight and you would be able to stay warm and well guarded against strong winds.

Cost and Value

You would acquire this jacket with a matching carrying pouch that you could use as a storage point for the jacket when it is not in use. The jacket has a lightweight design; it is portable and constructed with a breathable structure. Nonetheless, this particular jacket assures consumers of great warmth and the fact that they would comply with every upcoming new fashionable design. For its price, anyone with a money-saving mindset who also values his or her health would buy this jacket for the winter.

Easy to care for

Provides adequate warmth

It is easy to pack away after use for storage


Not as flexible as most consumers would desire

Runs a bit small so you should watch out for the size that you buy

Some consumers may consider this jacket expensive

10. Helly Hansen

10. Helly Hansen
This wonderful winter jacket has stretchy cuffs that make the jacket an easy fit. The jacket has an appealing outlook it is quite functional for the winter season.
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This jacket is designed with pure polyester material that has a microporous coating that enhances the breathability of the jacket. Excess moisture generated by the body if easily wicked out through the microporous openings of the jacket. This leaves the consumer feeling comfortable and warm always.

Water Repellent

This winter jacket is down insulated; it is water repellent and windproof. For its price, this jacket has everything you would desire in a suitable winter jacket. The jacket is treated with ‘Durable Water Repellency’ (DWR) to provide the consumer with additional protection from extreme climatic conditions.

Cost and Value

This invaluable resource is reasonably priced even with its off-the-chance value. For one, the jacket has an additional layer of protection provided by the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) treatment. It has countless storage pockets on the interior and exterior part of the jacket to help you keep your valuable items.

Durable Water Repellency treatment

Fitted with storage pockets on the exterior and interior to help you store your valuables

It is reasonably priced and of exceptional value (It would give you value for your money)


It is not that cozy but very warm

The current market is flooded with a variety of insulated jackets, which can make it difficult for consumers to decide on what would be the best jacket to use in the cold climatic regions. The first factor that you would need to consider is the material of the puffy jacket you wish to buy. Would you prefer the jackets with synthetic insulation technology or will it be best if you acquired the jackets with the down insulation technology? The second most important factor to consider is the characteristics that you would consider most important in the puffy jacket you wish to buy.

Nevertheless, the contents of this review would play an important role in helping consumers to narrow down their search for the most suitable puffy jacket. The puffy jackets outlined in this review have been tested and approved as suitable jackets to be used in different kinds of situations valued for the unique features that they have as outlined in the review. Hopeful, you would find the contents in this review very helpful in assisting you to find your most desired puffy jacket. Regardless of the activities, you would be involved in or where you live, the suggestions in this review would help you arrive at a suitable jacket that would help keep you warm during the coldest times of the year.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Puffy Jacket


For any activity that you would be carrying out in snowy weather or in extremely cold temperature regions, you would require warm clothes. Whether you plan to go fishing during winter, going on an errand during the winter season or digging your car out of a snow bank, you will never have a better substitute for a puffy jacket. Wearing the right type of puffy jacket would not only help in keeping you warm but also this warm attire would keep you alive during the coldest times of the year. The preeminent criteria for selecting the best outfit is for you to ensure that you buy a well-fitting outwear. Before you buy a puffy, if possible, make sure that you try out the jacket you plan to buy by wearing it and walking around with the jacket to see how comfortable it is on your body. In the following discussions, we would look at some of the criteria that individuals could adopt in their efforts to select the best types of puffy jackets.

Down Vs. Synthetic

For quite some time in the past, cold weather jackets were designed with goose down material. Goose down jackets leveled well and they were designed with outstanding warmth to weight ratio to suit the cold weather needs of consumers. When shopping for the down designed jackets ensure that you check out for the jacket’s material rating as this would enable you to determine the extent to which the warm that you are about to buy would help keep you warm. The better the heat retention capacity of the jacket the more effective the jacket would be in keeping you warm and alive during the most extreme cold weather conditions.

Presently, the advent of synthetic designs has posed a huge threat to the dawn jacket designs that have been in use for quite some time over the past years. However, the puffy jacket that you would select at the end of the day would depend on your needs or the purpose for which you intend to use the jacket. One of the primary reasons why a majority of consumers prefers the synthetic jacket designs to the down jackets is because the synthetic jackets are more breathable than the down jackets. However, the synthetic puffy jacket designs are bulky and less difficult to pack compared to the down designs. Nevertheless, the synthetic jacket designs are able to retain warmth even when they are wet while the down jackets would not insulate your body well from the cold when saturated. However, the new designs of down puffy jackets have an added technology that has made the jackets viable even in wet weather.


Although you would need a warm jacket to use in the cold, the jacket should not make you feel like you are overheating or excessively sweating in an uncontrolled manner to the point of making you feel like it would be best to take off your jacket. The puffy jacket you buy should be able to push out excess moisture to leave you as comfortable as possible. An air permeable puffy jacket would guarantee you good comfort, as they are highly breathable. Balancing between the windproof quality and breathability of the most suitable puffy jacket may be a difficult task. In this case, ensure that you understand what your body needs. If you sweat a lot, investing in a breathable warm jacket would be your best option.


The value of the jacket that you intend to buy is largely dependent on the manner in which you intend to use the puffy jacket. You should make sure that the puffy jacket that you buy is fitted with an exceptional insulating layer, it is able to wick away moisture generated from sweating and one that you would be able to use in different occasions. Despite the price at which you would acquire this type of jacket, your money would be well spent.

Summary of the Best Selection Criteria

Besides looking at the price at which the puffy jacket you intend to buy is sold ensure that you look at other important factors such as the breathability of the jacket, whether it is a proper fit or not, its insulation properties and generally how well the jacket would be able to perform when you need it most.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it better to buy a down or a synthetic puffy jacket with compressibility properties?

A: The compressibility of the jacket would determine how easy it would be to pack and carry your jacket on a journey. The compressibility of the jacket would also enable you to determine how well the jacket would be able to resist any form of damage once it has been compressed. In terms of compressibility, it could be said that down is preferable when compared to the synthetic insulated jackets. A down jacket would retain its features even after it has been compressed, unlike the synthetic insulated jackets. Further, down is very light when you compress it and carry it along at any given point in time.

Q: Do I need a puffy jacket with a hood?

A: Depending on your individual taste and preference, you would find different sets of puffy jackets that have a hood and others that do not have a hood. If by any chance, you decide to go for the puffy jacket that does not have a hood; you would be able to save some money and have with you a lightweight jacket. However, purchasing a hoodless jacket would mean that who would not be able to enjoy extra comfort and warmth that comes with having a jacket fitted with a hood. If you plan to carry out sporting activities during winter, it is advised that you devote the extra cash to ensure that you buy a quality puffy jacket with a hood if you value your health. It would be better if you invest in the jacket with a hood, as it would enable you to stay warmer during the winter season so that you would not be deterred from training just because of a change of weather.

Q: What is important to understand when it comes to the fitness of a puffy jacket?

A: The fitness of any kind of outfit all depends on individuals’ personal preference. The fitness of a jacket would also be determined by additional factors such as the brand and style of the jacket you buy or the one you opt to buy. You should make your selection of a suitable jacket from a selection of jackets that would be presented to you by considering the flexibility of the jacket you are about to buy and the degree of warmth you would be able to enjoy from wearing the jacket. All in all, it is important to note that how well a jacket would fit would depend on the brand of the jacket. Therefore, before you make a purchase ensure that you try out different sizes of jackets to arrive at the jacket that would be a proper fit and worth the money, you would spend in acquiring the jacket.

Q: What do you mean by a hydrophobic puffy jacket?

A: This jacket has been designed with some form of water-resistant technology. An extra coating is placed onto the outer shell of the jacket as well as the insulated part of the jacket to enhance the hydrophobic state of the jacket. Different manufacturers of the cold weather jackets employ different technologies to treat the insulated part of the jacket. Therefore, how well one form of insulation technology would work after treatment would differ from other treatment procedures. Nevertheless, the only way you would be able to test the effectiveness of the hydrophobic technology is by going out with the jacket in the rain to see how well it would be able to protect you from the rain. Online reviews would play an important part in enlightening you about the jackets that have the best hydrophobic technology and this would help narrow your search.

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