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Best Running Apparel Reviewed

last updated Feb 21, 2019
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By Sarah Coryell:

New changes coming your way! For this update, we added three new products for you- a jacket, shorts, and shoes! We added the Marmot Lightweight Jacket, the Soffe Men's Running Shorts, and the ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes!

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Expert Interviews & Opinions

Lina Brendle
Trail and Obstacle Race Runner

1st place at Artenara Trail

1st place at Trail del Norte

1st place at Ibiza Trail Marathon

1st place at Lo Natural Extremo

1st place at Fortius Race

2nd place at Tri R Natural

When choosing running apparel, firstly I think about what I will use it for. For example, if I want the clothes for a OCR (obstacle course race) I use short leggings and a sports bra because I know its easier to pass obstacles on bare skin than with too much textile which could make you slip. When it comes to trail running, I really try to feel as comfortable as possible wearing breathable t-shirts and leggings that dry quickly and stay in place for the whole run - I also use a cap because it protects me from the sun shining in my eyes.


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