Best Running Pants Reviewed


Even though its summer that doesn’t mean you should completely eliminate pants from your workout wardrobe. So, if you are looking for the best running pants currently available this summer than you’ve come to the right place.

Running clothes are essential for the avid runner or athlete. When you wear the appropriate attire you are more comfortable, can move freely, and perform optimally.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you won’t need a good pair of running pants. Depending on where you live, the temperature may drop dramatically for your evening runs—and its still rains in the summer, so they are definitely a necessity.

One challenge consumers face when it comes to selecting a pair of running pants is the sheer number of options. Like so many things the market for these type of pants has become saturated these days.

Last Updated: May 27, 2018
By Giselle Killebrew:

Our most current update brings several new options we are sure you are going to love. Now that it’s summer you need running pant options that will keep you cool and dry during your runs. Our most current list provides you with the best of the best to choose from.

  • CompressionZ
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Excellent breathability
  • Price: See Here
Nike Dri-fit Otc65
  • Nike Dri-fit Otc65
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Moisture wicking Dri-Fit
  • Price: See Here
NIKE Power Essential
  • NIKE Power Essential
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Zippered pocket
  • Price: See Here


11 Best Running Pants



1. CompressionZ High Waisted Women's Leggings

These leggings are a top choice for women--they're affordable, comfortable, and breathable. These compression tights are made of spandex and moisture-wicking material that will keep you cool and dry.
  • Comfortable 
  • Comes in some style options 
  • Breathable
  • Stretchy
  • Affordable
  • Runs small

2. Nike Men’s Dri-fit Otc65

Sticking with Nike for a moment, another pair of pants worth mentioning is the Oct65 Tracks. These are a great option for runners who like a slim pair of pants but are not a fan of wearing tights. They also have a cool bit of trivia behind their name. Otc stands for Oregon Track Club and 65 for 1965 the year it was founded. These are old school jogging pants with new school performance. With quick drying, Dri-Fit fabric and a tailored cut these pants are a great ally at the track.
  • Features Nike’s flagship Dri-FIT fabric, which  wicks sweat away leaving your skin dry and comfortable
  • The construction/cut of of these track pants is designed to maintain your freedom of movement
  • They run a bit loose through the thigh and more tightly in the knee ankle area — making sure there isn’t excess fabric flapping around
  • Zippers at the leg hems offer easy on and off over shoes and custom ventilation when you need it.
  • Pocket has vapor barrier so it’s okay for electronics
  • Inseam runs long

3. NIKE Women's Power Essential Dri-FIT Running Crops

These Nike are made of high quality material and can function as a running pant as well as an all around exercise pant--from yoga to cycling. They are highly comfortable and amde of Dri-Fit material--and come with a zippered back pocket that is also waterproof.
  • Breathable 
  • Comfortable
  • Sleek design 
  • Zippered storage pocket 
  • On the pricier side 

4. Nike Zonal Strength Men's Running Tights

4. Nike Zonal Strength Men's Running Tights
These men's Nike running tights are an awesome pick throughout the entire the year. They are highly breathable, stretchy, and comfortable. They are made of polyester and spandex--making them lightweight. These are compression pants so they have a tight fit--however they do have a drawstring if you want to tighten them up. They also have a small zippered storage pocket on the back.
  • Zippered pocket
  • Breathable 
  • Comfortable 
  • Has a drawstring
  • reflective 
  • A bit expensive

5. Asics Aptitude 2

Anima Sana in Corpore Sano or sound mind in a sound body or ASICS (to use the well known acronym), is one of our favorite brands. And their Aptitude 2 Run Pants are unquestionably one of their best products. These are a great medium pair of running trousers for moderate temperatures. They have a semi-fitted tapered design that fits tightly in some places and has slack in others. Comfortable, high performing and durable for the long haul — turn leave it to ASICS to produce premium quality running pants.
  • Made from 87% Polyester 13% Spandex, a strong  and smooth stretch fabric
  • Two ergonomic side-seam zippers
  • Has gripper elastic at the leg opening, snug fit
  • Hydrology fabric construction
  • The waist seems a little tight for some

6. Saucony Omni LX Tights

Tights are such an important piece of clothing for runners we’ve got an entire post about it here(insert link). But there are so many good running tights we thought we’d squeeze a few more onto our pants list. The Saucony Omni LX tights are special in that the fit like a second skin, and while many products claim this, Saucony delivers. These tights have a basic black base but come with multiple color stripe options that makes them stand out without going over the top. Stay warm, dry and comfortable in Saucony’s premiere tight offering.
  • Crafted chafe-free seams down the length of the legs ensures a good air seal
  • Reflective trims on the front and back, be seen at night
  • Has a handy zippered back storage pouch (waterproof) for easy and secure storage
  • Zippers at leg openings help for an easy on/off
  • Has a snug, adjustable fit, plus an interior draw cord
  • Sizing is a bit off

7. Under Armour Launch

A good pick for slightly warmer weather or as warm ups that you strip off once its game time, the Launch Run pants from Under Armour are meshy and extremely comfortable. These pants are ultralight with mesh panels providing a superior level of ventilation compared with most bottoms. These are also extremely versatile. We’ve found them to so comfortable as to qualify as good lounge wear around the house. Overall these pants are an excellent choice.
  • Stretch-woven fabric delivers fantastic range of motion
  • Airy mesh panels are ultra-durable & deliver great breathability
  • 4-way stretch material construction
  • Moisture transport system wicks sweat and is quick drying
  • The pockets don't seem to hold much

ASICS Thermopolis

When the temperatures are low, it’s good to have in your wardrobe a pair of warmer running pants. These pants from ASICS will provide big amount of warmth and will keep you comfortable. The fabric is a mix of polyester and spandex( but definitely more polyester). Because of good fabric and providing warmth, these pants are suitable for most type of weathers for running. If you need to adjust the feet, there’s drawcord waistband. Two zippered pockets at the front are also very useful. There aren’t any colors to choose from, only one. ASICS is a brand that provides high quality products so the price is relatively high but it’s a good investment. There’s also wider choice of sizes comparing to other brands. This brand has sizes from small to XX large.Reviewers really appreciated the reflective logo on the pants. It will definitely help you to be safer especially during running in the evening or at night.

They keep you warm during the run

They have slimmer fit than most athletic pants but they’re not too tight



8. CompressionZ Men's Compression Pants

8. CompressionZ Men's Compression Pants
These pants are an excellent option for all runners--from short to long distance runners. They provide compression that shortens recovery time and increases your blood circulation.They're stretch and not too tight--and will keep you comfortable throughout your entire run. These pants will boost your performance and keep you dry, thanks to their quick dry design.
  • Made of high quality material 
  • Not see through
  • Stretchy 
  • Comfortable 
  • Breathable 
  • Reduce muscle fatigue 
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Flexible 
  • Quick dry design 
  • Multiple color options 
  • A bit pricey

9. Adidas Performance Tiro 17

Another option that excels in cold conditions is the Tiro 15 from adidas. A thin layer of Climacool microfiber does a surprisingly solid job of keeping your legs warm. These pants also do not feel bulky which is often times the trade off for added warmth. They also have zippered ankles which allows for a nice degree of flexibility. Built to cross train, these pants can handle plyometrics, crossfit, soccer and any run you want to throw at them. Highly recommended.
  • The front sip pockets enable to keep essential things
  • These are ventilated pants with special climacool technology
  • Good price for the quality

They run very slim so it may be hard to find the good size

Champion Open Bottom jersey Pants

Champion is the next brand on our list. They offer athletic apparel and workout clothes of course. There are many different pants on the market that are comfortable but many people forget about the weight of the product. Lightweight pants are incredibly comfortable. These cotton jersey pants provides a lot of airflow. The waistband has also adjustable fit. They will be perfect for every season in the year. There are also side pockets where you can store your keys and etc. There are 4 different color options so you can match them to the rest of your running outfit. The are 6 sizes to choose from.

The weight of the product was appreciated by many users

The material is very soft in touch and comfortable for longer runs

Good price for the quality


The sizing is tricky

When it comes to the material of your running pants, it’s wise to choose something synthetic. Sure an old pair of sweats (a la Jr High) will work, but you will likely end up bogged down with a wet pair of pants. Synthetic materials work to wick moisture away from your body, this keeps sweat from accumulating near the surface of your skin thus helping you stay dry and warm when you run. Polyester and Spandex are two of the most common materials running pants are made from. Both of them feature moisture-wicking properties.

Although this list is by no means comprehensive, we do believe it is the cream of the crop. Some great cold weather pants, some tights, some soft shells, some mesh some gender specific options, some classics and some unique technology — it’s all here. At the end of the day we know there is a good deal of subjectivity in play here, but we hope this is a useful informational resource. Motivating yourself to run in the cold months can sometimes be as simple as a reliable pair of running pants.

What We Looked At When Choosing The Best Running Pants

When faced with a hard decision to pick something as dear to you as a running pants adrenaline kicks in ,the dos and dont’s stream in,in this situation there is no taking it slow you have to make the right decision that will not only suit you in the long run but make you look nice and sexy! any running cloth needs to meet the requirement of the user but pants are something else they have and must stand out and that is why buying them needs a lot of consideration.

The pants will make you confident and comfortable that can be seen from the outside. We believe it also brings out your personality from within that is why we had to pick the best that there was in the market do not get us wrong we do not mean the best we actually mean the very best that has been tested and reviewed so no doubts in these you can trust and bet your money on, we not only provide a solution but we give you a lifetime of  running with a smile on your face,a weekend pant to walk in. Check out the factors we had to put in place to arrive to our best.

Material Used

The material of any cloth is always the first that comes in mind when going to look for any clothing for any activity even sleeping is believed to do with silk better than any other. Well, that is not different when faced with the choice of selecting the best running pants, the best material for running should be one that can wick out moisture to leave you feeling cool and dry remember the pants can cause chaffing too if they have a bad seaming structure this should also be considered.

The best materials that are always used in any running cloth are the Polyester and Spandex as they are moisture wicking fabric. When going to get your pants in the market ensure that the material you get will work for you and do not fall prey to style or price in this matter. The material you will portray the confidence you have within and can also act as a motivator.


Where material is concerned durability comes to play and never fails to come with quality who sometimes invites cost,so yeah durability is a factor that will not ignored.when you get the right material that will mean you can be sure of the durability.No one likes spending money on one thing each and every time you go shopping you have to remember that you need to shop for a particular thing and that is why most people prefer going for expensive which will guarantee a life time use or something close to that.for running pants the stress you undergo to get the right one is enough and we do not think it is fair to subject anyone to something like that again,we also advise our runners that you need to take good care of your running clothes as they can reflect with that ion how long the can serve you once you wash them as required use them as required the longer they will be able to be of use too.


Having to put on any thing that doesn’t fit is a nightmare,for instance if you are on the field running and suddenly your pants give way to the ground not only will it be humiliating but also you might fall and get hurt,to avoid all the based misfortune why not go for the one that suits you right,one that can fit you just perfect .For pants do not go for ones that will tight you much you need to get one with a snug fit as this will be the best for you to avoid friction and all the chaffing,also go for pants that have laces in their waist as this can be adjusted to the required fit giving you the perfect feel that you need.Running tights need to be the most comfortable things one as this will motivate you to do great in all your activities.

Overall Comfort

Comfort is what helps you  stay in the zone to do all you do in life, and makes you wake up in the morning to go run as you need a healthy and comfortable life,same applies to the running pants put your mind in a case where you get pants that are so tight that you cannot be flexible in them or loose that you have to hold when running all these can be a hindrance in what you want to achieve, when going for tights get the right material that will give the right feel, get the right fit and flexible pants as all these attributes will either make you fail or make you succeed. Also, check the seaming of the inner part of your pants as these will either lead to comfort or discomfort.

Moisture wicking ability

This comes with the material ,once you get the right material then you have no worry within you when running,running in pants that do not have a moisture wicking ability can lead to odor  and much worse can lead to discomfort.ever seen a runner whose pants are all drawn because of sweat not only does it look embarrassing but it also makes one feel bad about their sweating,well sweating is natural and should  not at any point be controlled by anyone. Having the right material can help on such a situation especially if you are a sweaty person. It feels well to sweat and still remains cool and dry,that is what polyester and spandex material does to you, they take your sweating problem away and give you a fresh non odor look all can go from the trail straight to the stores and back home without having to watch your back.

Type of sporting activity

The type of sporting activity you do will determine the type of pants you want,this will also determine the length of the pants and the tightness of it,if you are into running only then you will need one that has a right height that can protect you from the sun and perhaps dust of the trails,if you are on yoga you will need one that has a nice fit that will make you flexible and sometimes you will not need a material that is all moisture wicking as you do not sweat a lot. Running  just like cycling involves a lot of activities that revolve around the lower side of the body.


Other Important Factors Worth Thinking About

When you get the right pants for running put your hands in the air and say “I did it” because you came through, having to bear the burden of going to look for one is difficult. They are plenty in the market place and stores, you have to put down some factors in order to get the best there is. We have been able to go through some of the major factors to consider and here we put some other factors that you might want to look into as well. When you get the best out there it is not only your joy but ours too as we would want running to go beyond the horizons and it starts by you and I.


With the rise in fashion and design, everyone wants a piece of that in all they do. Running is fun and what if we add a little details to boost our confidence if you can have the best running pants that you could be able to go anywhere with it even on weekends. The design of the running pants matters to as you will want to stand out as you run too,I mean not like you run to attract attention but what if you actually just attract attention, everyone wants to be asked where they bought a certain thing and that is when you know you are on the winning team. The style of  your pants actually matter and can act as a motivator get one that interests you. You can also get a nice one customized with your running phrases on it as your motivator too.


In the world of running, you will come to realize that you need to be more careful than you even think.Cyclist have sirens or bells tied to their bicycles for safety what do you as a runner have? Well, you might not have thought of it, but serious runners would want to think about that going forward and that is where reflective items come to life. You are our responsibility and we would like to put it that way in everything that we have to offer to you. So this should not come in as a surprise. If you are a runner who likes running in low visibility area then this applies to you most you will need to put on something that can make you noticeable something that can make a crazy driver see you coming or ahead.have this in mind anytime you are looking for good running pants.




Q: How often should I wash my pants?

Washing your pants is one way of taking care of it and the more careful you are with it the more long lasting it will be saving you the crazy trips looking for another. We recommend to wash after 2- 3 wears depending on how sweaty you are, you might be a clean freak and get scared at this point if that is the case then you need to have a number of the pants to avoid over using one and over washing which will shorten its life span.

Q: How long would it take me to get a new pair of pants?

This is entirely on your maintenance level of the pants you posses. Get the right washing procedure right everything and you might have to visit the store 3 times in a year to get the pants this is also subject to how you many you have. It might be lesser times. Pants that are used daily and washed frequently are likely to wear and tear faster.

Q: Are pants better than tights? and why?

Tights are prone to run faster compared to pants and also pants are warmer than tights too the list can go on and on but still this depends on you as a person. Preference and choice.

Q: Which Color of tights are best for running in low light areas?

You will want to go for the brightly colored ones especially the luminous ones they tend to show a lot when in the low lit areas and are best for running in the said areas, most of them are in Orange, green and yellow among other colors.


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