10 Best Running Tights reviewed & Tested


It’s always a good idea to have more than 1 pair of running tights. However, buying the best one may not be the most simple task. There are special criteria that the tights need to fulfill to be named the best. We always emphasize that it’s the fit which is more important. We know that many our readers have limited budget that’s why we try to put on our list products in a different range of prices. On our list, you can find tights for different kinds of weather. When we make a research that the tight are appropriate for the particular season and for example if the product isn’t appropriate for very warm days, we mention it in our review.

Compression. Put on a good pair of tights, notice the gentle compression and the second skin feeling. The compression gives support and the tights provide warmth.

Circulation is improved and this serves to stave off fatigue, an improved circulation means that unwanted waste-material is carried away from muscle tissue and aids to improve performance. The effect of compression enables effective muscle activity and allows higher performance.

Warmth is a much-appreciated benefit, cold air is kept out and sweat is wicked away from the skin surface and certain brand tights are designed with strategically designed in mesh panels to promote an effective ventilative flow of air.

Comfort and skin protection results from the design of tights and the high-quality materials used for making them, the tights FIT the body and are seam free to prevent irritation

Last Updated: May 24, 2018
By Brian Price:

We're constantly researching to provide you the best options for runners. Check out what's new on our list, including more from CW-X and Skins.

  • CompressionZ
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 4-way stretchable fabric
  • Price: See Here
CW-X Stabilyx Tights
  • CW-X Stabilyx Tights
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Coolmax fabric
  • Price: See Here
Champion Absolute Leggings
  • Champion Absolute Leggings
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 4-way Power Flex
  • Price: See Here


10 Best Running Tights


CompressionZ Women's Leggings

CompressionZ Women’s Women’s leggings are some of the best running tights for women because they’re designed by a company that actually specializes in compression clothing of all types. This is clear in their effect on recovery time. You can’t go wrong with CompressionZ when it comes to style and price – they’re available in a ton of patterns and colors from neutrals to bright colors and wild patterns. Let us show you why it’s worth to buy it.
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CompressionZ Women's Leggings are made from polyester and spandex . These tights provide enough compression. Some buyers said that they give so much compression that they don’t need to use knee sleeves or calf sleeves. This may really have big impact on your performance. While running, there may be too much of muscle motion and this may lead to injuries. You also waist your energy when there’s too much muscle motion. Why compression is so important? It makes faster for muscles to recover and it prevent from muscle fatigue. Despite the fact that these are compression Leggings, they are also very stretchy and that boost the comfort. You won’t need to think about chafing or skin irritation with this product. Don’t worry about the washing, it retains the shape. These tights will make you feel great and look great. There are 5 sizes available.

Restrict excessive muscle motion, reducing expelled energy

Less pain during and after running

Improved blood circulation due to the right amount of compression

4-way stretchable fabric for flexibility and comfort

Fast sweat-wicking fabric halts growth of bacteria and irritation

100% money-back guarantee

They’re quiet warm despite being so lightweight


Run small, especially around the waist

Many women complained about the sizing problems

CW-X Women's Stabilyx Tights

If we’re being honest, this is just one of many CW-X styles that is top rated. This is one of the most go-to brands when it comes to running tights – they could form their own list on their own! These Stabilyx tights are available in fun patterns like constellation print as well as clean black styles for the more minimalist fashionista. Many buers said that these are the best running tights on the market. When it comes to high-tech clothing, CW-X really knows what they’re doing. Let us how you more!
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It’s 80% Polyester and 20% Polyurethane. Excellent support for your knees, calf and hip. Coolmax fabric keeps your body dry all the time. They are flexible enough to do the other sport like yoga.They fit extremely tight and many women recommend to order one size up. They’re thick but the material is breathable enough to provide comfort and you won’t melt in these tights. These tight will make you look like an athlete even if you’re not. They give a lot of stability for the joints and they can really relieve the pain. They will stay with you for a long time as long as you wash them carefully and air dry them on order to prevent heat damage. They don’t slip. With these tights, you will recover quicker. They help to minimize the pain, soreness after the race.

Patented CW-X Support Web stabilizes knee and hip joints

Compression allows for increased circulation, minimizing lactic acid build up and pain

Flash logos for nighttime visibility

Flatseam construction is non-irritating and comfortable

Key pocket is very useful

Coolmax stretch fabric wicks away moisture


Some women said that the tights are a little bit too long

They’re expensive

2XU Women's Compression Tights

It’s almost unreal how popular these leggings are, and they come in many modest neutral colors and patterns that will match with any colors. You can choose from 5 sizes and they litteraly can stay with you for years. Make your running adventure more comfortable with these tights. They’re so comfortable you could wear them to sleep, too! See, why 2XU Women's Compression Tights are worth buying.
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These tights are made in US and are lycra-blend. These tight give 360 degree pressure to protect the muscles and many others part of your legs. Your muscles will be less fatigued after running session. You will also observe increased circulation of the blood which let you to perform better and also you will be able to recover faster. You won’t have problems with bacteria as these tights are antibacterial. You will also be protected against the Sun- this product has SPF 50 sun protection. It’s not only for running- you can use it for multiple sports such as cycling, climbing, winter sports, water sports or juts for Gym use. It helps to improve muscle’s endurance and strength. These tights are adored as there are about 10 sizes so it’s easy to find very comfortable tights. Tights give a lot of flexibility so you have full range of movement. They have cool design and are easy to put on and take off. Remember that if you need something warmer, there is thermal version of these running tights.

They are very durable

They’re very soft in touch and comfortable

They retain the original shape even after many washes


Some buyers said that these tights are too thin and they expose too much

They are pricey

Nike Women's Power Essential Running Tight

Nike is well known for high quality products and that’s why Nike running tights appear on our list. They will be excellent not only for running but also for many other sports including yoga, cycling or just exercising at the gym, they provide comfort. If you want a snug fit, read more about this fantastic tights.
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In this case, simple design is a key to success. Fabric is stretchy enough to give full range of motion but at the same time, you get a lot of support. This is a blend of Polyester and Spandex and you can wash it in the washing machine. Special Dri-Fit technology keeps your skin dry while running. Comparing to the other products, Nike Tights have wide waistband for comfortable fit without chaffing or skin irritation. Your level of safety will be higher because of reflective elements in the tights. There is also one pocket with a zip. As we said it before, these tights have typical, simple design. There aren’t any imprints, only the logo of Nike. There are 5 coloristic versions of the tights- from black to light blue. They are a little bit cheaper than the previous products but it doesn’t affect their quality. They’re highly ranked in customer’s reviews. They will be excellent for women, there are 6 sizes available. The tights are durable and material doesn’t weaken after washing.

They don’t ride down

They’re breathable enough to run in high temperatures

Classical, simple design makes you want to wear it for everyday activities

Buyers said that you can put small phone in the back pocket


There may be problems with choosing appropriate size

CW-X Women's Pro Running Tights

Here we go with one more product for women from CW-X. This company is the boss when it comes to high-quality running tights and it’s not the last time it appears on our list. This product is especially dedicated to the runners and it will give you all you need. Click to see more about these running tights.
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CW-X Women's Pro Running Tights are a blend of Polyester and Polyurethane. They have special support web and it provides more support for muscles. These tights also give a lot of protection and support for hip and knee joint. It really increases the fatigue of the muscles and as a result, you have more power to perform better. You don’t need to worry about wet skin anymore- the same as with the previous CW-X product, there’s Coolmax fabric that keeps moisture away from your skin. You can wash it in the machine but don’t use heat to dry it. There’s also reflective logo to make you more visible on the street. Waistband may be a little too tight at first bud don’t give up, it will loosen. As they give a big amount of support, it means that they’re also good for recovery.
Despite there are only two colors available, you will definitely fell in love with Rainbow-black color. You can choose from 4 sizes. Buyers really praised these tights for durability. You need to check size carefully as some buyers have problem with choosing good size.

Great compression especially around knee and calf

There is a key pocket to store keys

Flat seam construction

Highly rated on comfort

They are said to be very nice for cold weather


They are a little expensive

CompressionZ Men's Pants

This brand really own the heart of buyers as it’s one of the top selling brands. These tights are great product providing great fit and good compression. It won’t be a lie if we tell that these are one of our favorites. Expand to see why it’s worth to buy these tights.
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These tights are one of the most comfortable tights. If you have good size, fitting is perfect. Don’t forget that these are compression pants so they give you a lot. You can recover from the workout very fast and it will be much easier than with normal pants. Your blood flow is increased and it makes you feel warmer. They really support your muscles and they protect both muscles and joints. These also increase the efficiency of your muscles and you can perform longer and better. They’re really helpful when it comes to reducing swelling or pain during workout. They’re made from material that is anti itchy. These tight offer also a high level of breathability. This product is very durable and after many washes, it will retain the same shape. Manufacturer describes these pants as the product that can be worn even as a base layer for jeans. You have a full range of movement despite the tight compression. The material is very durable and it’s also anti bacterial. These pants will be perfect for summer and they will keep you cool in high temperatures but they will be also great for winter. Suitable for runners, cyclists, athletes or even office workers. It has special 4 way stretch technology. There are 8 colors available- you can find classical colors like black or white but you can also found more lively ones like orange or green.

High quality material that’s not see-through

They don’t slip

Snug fit but still comfortable

Nice design


They're expensive

CW-X endurance generator

You may think right now that we're totally in love with the stuff from CWX brand. It's all because they have really good running tights so it's not a problem to pick 3 of their best products on our list. these tights were made especially for us runners, to provide us the most comfortable wear and a lot of support. Check out more about these!
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Thanks to the flat seam construction, none of the reviewers didn't have any skin irritation or abrasion. The bulky seams aren't a problem anymore.
There's a lot of support for the lower back. Abdominals, hips, and back are the areas where the inner floating provides more stability and also the power. Runners were also really satisfied with the support in the calf area. the tights effectively reduce the workload. While wearing these, you can really feel the support in the knee and the muscles and joints provide even more firm stabilization to the knee. these are made of the blend of polyester and spandex, two materials wick the moisture very well and carry it to the outside. While wearing these, some runners experienced overheating, this was one of the main issues. The tights feature UPF 50+ protection to protect you from the harmful sun Rays along with UVB and UVA protection. The tights are double reinforced with drawcord. Runners really praised the quality and durability of the product. You can use it for a long time and it retains the original shape. Most runners didn't have a problem with choosing the best size but be aware that these are compression tights and for some people, they were too tight.

Provide a lot of compression support 

Great for stabilizing the knees

The tights have very attractive design

Made of high-quality material


This is a product that is definitely on the more expensive side

For some users, the tights get too hot

Skins DNAmic Long Tights

Next tights on our list are DNAmic Long Tights from Skins. These are also the next compression tights on our list with many different features. Users were really attracted by the breathability and high-quality materials. There are also many colors to choose from. However, we didn't put the tights on the list because of the attractive design and colors. If you want to know, check them out!
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If you want to increase the endurance performance and make your muscles less fatigued, compression tights will be perfect. The tights provide very tight fit, they wrap the leg so there's better circulation and there's also more oxygen provided to the muscles. Thanks to the reducing of blood lactate building up, you can recover much faster and enhance your performance. The moisture wicking material wicks moisture away and boosts its evaporation. the tights are made of nylon and elastane so the material is lightweight and breathable enough to provide a comfortable ride without sweating too much.
When it comes to the price, you need to expect that you will need to pay a little more for this product but it's still worth it. The compression is tight and for some users, it was too tight in the hip area. the tights are available in more than 8 colors. The tights are made to last for a long time, no durability issues.

Baleaf Men's Outdoor Thermal Cycling Running Tights ( Men)

Belaf is the next new name on our list but you will definitely like their running tights. These tights have really interesting design and they really draw attention. These tights are also the first product that is thermal- as the title implies, they will be good for even very cold winter. Let’s check how cool they are.
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When it comes to material, it’s like the same as for most tights- blend of Polyester and Spandex. This means that this is very stretchy material. It is also breathable even though it’s excellent for winters as it’s thick enough. We want to stress that they’re not good for runners who search for compression tights but it doesn’t mean they don’t give compression. There’s soft fleece inside to provide more warmth and comfort. These tights are the next product with reflective elements for better visibility. They are perfect for running, cycling skiing and many different winter sports. It really depends on you but most runners prefer to use it only during the colder days. As we’ve said before, they have great design. These tights have leg zippers- this makes you look much more stylish and more elegant. There’s also one pocket at the back and it has a zip so it’s much safer. This is the next product with a really nice price, you will pay less than 40 dollars for a pair and you can often find them on sale.

Great quality thermal tights for low price

They’re really warm

Fashionable look


Issues with choosing the best size

2XU Men's Compression Tights

We had 2XU Women’s Compression Tights so now it’s time for 2XU Men's Compression Tights. These are described as all around general sport performance so running isn’t the only option. If you want firm compression for better performance and you like the X design, you need to check what more these tights can give to you.
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It’s a blend of Nylon and Elastane so no surprises here. It gives great compression for the muscles. It reduces vibrations and you have more energy to run- your muscles are less fatigued. It prevents from many injuries and there’s blood flow increased so muscles recovery faster. It has SPF sun protection.
Material used here is anti bacterial so you don’t need to worry about the odor. It’s very breathable, perfect even in high temperatures. There are 5 sizes available. There are two colors to choose from- black tights/ silver logo or black tights/ black logo. Despite being compression tights, you won’t have problem with putting them on. They are moisture wicking so it’s easier to stay dry during the run. They are really praised for making the silhouette thinner and they have unusual look. We know that this brand offers quiet expensive products- it’s about 45 dollars you need to spend on the one pair. However, they’re totally worth it and they will stay with you for a long period of time.

They don’t stretch out after washing

Keeps your legs warm during the winter

They’re solid and comfortable


The problem with size appeared many times


The Criteria That We’ve Used For Evaluation Of Best Running Tights

Which material will be the best?

First of all, think about the material. This is a very important part of the clothing and has a big impact. One of the most popular materials is cotton. This material is very breathable and very soft in touch. However, it has also disadvantages – it may stretch out after a period of time so it changes the shape.

Nylon or Spandex is better when it comes to keeping the same shape. They can also be useful as they’re moisture-wicking. They dry very quickly and they are machine washable in most cases.

There are many other materials you can find. Remember that there are also fabrics that need to be washed in hands. Some materials have a tendency to fade in the wash, some even tend to stretch out after washing. Some materials deal better with bacteria so they will be good for people who sweat a lot. The choice is yours.

Size is the key

Size, size and then one more time size. You won’t enjoy any running clothes if the size is inappropriate. Your tights should be tight enough and if they’re too loose, they won’t provide enough compression. Here comes the next question- what does tight enough mean? During our researched, we discovered that many buyers sometimes complain about tights being too tight. At first, if your tights are too tight, they will leave a trace on your waistline and you will experience chaffing. When it comes to compression tights, don’t be surprised that you may not be able to put it on at first. Compression means tightness. Every brand has its own sizing guide.

We know that most sizing charts are similar but it’s really worth to check it. The size is one of the most problematic things when choosing tights. If you look for a product on the Internet, we really advise you to read 3 or 4 reviews about the sizing. Sometimes buyers recommend choosing one size up or down. When you think of buying compression tights, many people choose one size up but it really depends on the brand and product.
You need also to look for tight which aren’t too short as it can be a really unpleasant experience to run with too short tights in the winter and it looks ridiculous rather than cool.

Where do you want to buy your tights?

Running tights are available in many stores, you can find it online or you can even visit the manufacturer’s website and order the product there. The question is which option is the best?

There are many products that you can find on websites such as Amazon. However, you must be aware that you need to check all the information carefully, there are a lot of fake products which are less comfortable and are lower quality. While buying a product on the internet, you don’t have the possibility to try on the product. This is bad, especially if you’re between sizes.

You can’t also touch the product, you can’t check whether you like the material or not. It may seem that going to the store will be the best option but this also has some disadvantages. While buying things online, you don’t need to leave your home. When you buy in the store, you need to go there and sometimes, a well-stocked store may be far away from your home. And if it’s far away, you need to spend more money on petrol and etc. You need to calculate which way of shopping will be better for you on your own.


With compression or without compression- this is a question. Have you ever wondered what does compression do? Well, there are many useful things that compression tights do. At first, as the name implies, they give compression. This means that in some cases, you don’t need to buy knee sleeves or calf sleeves as you have your tights. It’s also a boost for circulation and that means they will help you to perform better.

When there’s too many muscles motion, compression tights provide some kind of restriction. It means that you have more energy to run and that’s really great for you. Compression tights also lower your pain during running and as a result, you can run longer. They are very helpful when it comes to protecting the muscles and your muscles are also less fatigued. The tights will also help you to recover faster. As you see, compression tights are a great thing but it’s your choice if you really need them.


The Other Important Factors To Consider

Any extras

When people think about additional features, they get very excited as it makes your clothes more extraordinary and cool. The good questions are whether you really need this features. The most popular feature is the pocket. Most pockets are usually big enough for keys but they’re too small for the phone. There are many runners that don’t like to wear anything in the pockets as it’s very uncomfortable for them.

It depends on you whether you want a pocket or no. You may also consider what type of pocket you need- with or without zip. Pockets with zipping are usually better because it’s less probable that you will lose your keys and etc. The other popular features are reflective logos and elements. They can be very useful if you run in the night. It will be easier for a driver to see you. However, reflective logo or other element isn’t always a must have. If you tend to run in the morning or in the early evening, you won’t need this. Think what additional things you need for your tights but don’t put it above comfort and quality.

Let’s be fashionable

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, every runner wants to look good in their running clothes. Tights are an important part of your running clothes as they expose the silhouette the most and if you choose a good design for you, you will look amazing. Stylish leggings can draw all the attention so you can just put on a white running t-shirt, tights do the job. The key to success is to choose the appropriate design for your body. If you are a little bit overweight, the best option will be to find black tights with white or grey elements on the tights. This will make your legs thinner and you will look super cool. If you want something classic, just choose the tights which are black.

Many buyers choose simple, black running tights as they can use it also for other occasions. As we’ve said before, we really advise people who run in the night, choose the reflective material to be more visible on the roads. All products presented on our list are long but it doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase shorter version. Capri is very popular length among many runners. There are many colors you can choose from but we think that dark colors will be the best ones as they don’t get dirty as fast as light colors. We almost forget about one very important thing. Many buyers complain that sometimes material of the tights is so thin that people can see your underwear. With high quality running tights, it shouldn’t happen to pay attention to it.


How price your tight should be?

During preparation for our top 10, we took price into consideration. The cost may be a decisive factor for many of runners. However, choosing the tights only with a view to saving some money won’t be good. We try to select products that are very high quality and they can even cost more than 70 dollars but we also try to find something cheaper. We won’t lie to you- if you want high-quality tights which will be very comfortable, you need to spend some money on it. Remember that buying tights is an investment and well-made running tights may stay with you for years.

This kind of product should be made from breathable and stretchy material and that’s why the price may seem a little bit high. Sometimes people say that you pay a lot for a logo- it means that the price is higher when the brand has more prestige. Let’s be clear- prestige doesn’t come from anywhere. If you really want to save some money but you still want to find a product that will be cool, try to look for sales. Many brands offer sales at the end of the season or they also really often offer sales on colors which are less popular. It doesn’t really mean that they’re uglier and you can save money and have original color.

Weather makes the difference

While selecting our products, we found many tights that will be awesome for every type of weather. No matter if it’s hot or if it’s a little bit colder, you can still enjoy your running. However, the problems appear when it gets too cold. This is why thermal tights were invented- they provide a lot of warmth but you don’t feel too hot in them. They are made from much thicker material and it’s more focused on providing enough warm to your body. We have a product like this one our list as we wanted to create the list with tights for most seasons.

There’s no problem with finding a thermal version as they’re available online. What about the summer? How to stay cool and boost your performance. Best tights have special technology that wicks moisture and it makes you cooler. The material is very breathable and your skin stays dry all the time even though you’re wearing compression tights. However, if you want something for a really hot day, you should think about the different length of the tights- maybe Capri or shorts. It all really depends on where you live but it’s really worth to have at least one long pair of running tights in your wardrobe.

Who wouldn’t like tights for years?

Running tights that will stay with you for years that’s a dream of every runner. You may even pay a higher price for the product only juts to get durable, comfortable running tights. The durability is something that can be tested before purchase. This is why you should put the quality and comfort above look. Even if the product looks really nice, it doesn’t mean that it will be durable. You must be careful especially if you’re shopping on the Internet. The pictures of the products can be photoshopped only to draw customer’s attention. There are many tricks that are used to make the product look better like for example using a special color of light.



Q.  I wonder why some tights are more expensive than the others?

A. This is a really good question. We stated that we search for products which are more expensive but we also look for products who a little bit cheaper. Here are factors that make the price higher. First one is prestige- many brands have a higher price because they’re very popular and of course they offer high-quality products and they’re on the market for a very long time. The next thing is the material used. Some materials are cheap and still good but there are also more expensive ones. We think that the price depends on where the product is made.

Q. How to take care of the tights and when to buy a new pair?

A. There isn’t one answer to that question. Every manufacturer, for example, has its own washing instructions. We think that you should read them carefully. From our experience, we know that most tights can be washed in the washing machine but cold water is preferred. You might not also use heat dryer to prevent damage. When you see that your product changed its shape or stretched out, it’s high time to buy a new one. Running tights are quite durable but they can provide less compression.

The best running tights aren’t just comfortable. They’re actually designed to increase blood circulation to the muscles, resulting in the decreased lactic acid build-up and a faster, easier recovery post-workout. If you’re looking for a reason to try out compression pants instead of running shorts, this is one of many reasons to do it.

The one thing that you’ll want to pay attention to when buying running tights is the sizing – they can run small, especially if you’re on the modest side! Happy running, biking, rowing, swimming, and more!

Q.  How good is compression from running tights?

A: Running tights FIT like a second skin and they have innovative elasticated qualities, therefore, compression performance is a certainty from running tights and the level of compression serves towards improving the circulation of blood while running. This means more oxygenated blood is feeding energy to the muscles and waste products are being quickly carried away which results in a noticeable drop in muscles fatigue while assisting the muscles to give better performance.

Q.  How good are the aerodynamics from running tights?

A: Running tights are designed to FIT and shape to the leg, they are free from seam constructions, this allows moving air to move over the leg as if it was moving over the natural skin surface. This free-moving flow of air does not meet resistance as it would if a runner were wearing loose baggy running pants. This can cut down running time as your speed will be increased due to good aerodynamics, especially in long-distance marathons.

Q.  Running tights are tight fitting, any chaffing issues?

Chaffing issues with regards to clothing often result from friction from seams, especially if those seams are wet with sweat.  Running tights are designed to be seam free and this means no focused rubbing from a material which will create friction on the skin surface and painful chaffing. Additionally, the tights are constructed from high-quality fabrics which ensure high-performance breathability and ongoing protective wick-ability to ensure the skin remains dry. When your skin is dry it is less susceptible to friction and so chaffing problems are kept at bay.

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