Best Sleep Trackers Reviewed & Rated for Quality


If you are a runner, cyclist, or fitness enthusiast, you probably already know that sleep is a very important aspect of health. Most runners are concerned about their sleep quality and duration, as this largely affects health and performance. Monitoring how you sleep can help you have access to vital information about your sleep patterns and sleep quality. With a comprehensive data analysis, you can be able to make critical decisions about your sleep, including how to improve it. There are so many sleep trackers on the market that it often gets overwhelming when confronted with the task to choose the best one for the job. Most of these devices have been designed to functions almost the same way, with some minor variations from one device to another. Some can monitor the heart rate while others may only be capable of tracking the sleep quality data and display SMS and call notifications on the smartphone. Regardless, it is important to consider what you intend to do with the device before investing your money in it. Below is a list of top 10 best brands available reviewed for quality.

Fitbit Flex 2
  • Fitbit Flex 2
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Automatic exercise recognition
  • Price: See Here
Fitbit Alta
  • Fitbit Alta
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Slim wristband design
  • Price: See Here
  • Letsfit
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Customized clock face
  • Price: See Here

Everybody loves to exercise; it keeps the body healthy and helps to relieve stress. Others exercise to participate in and win competitions. No matter your reason for exercise, it is important to have enough sleep. However, the quality of sleep is as important as the activity itself. Most people do not have uninterrupted high-quality sleep throughout the night. In fact, several others have trouble falling and remaining asleep, as most of them are constantly distracted by bad dreams, sweating, and several other reasons. As an athlete, you need to have high-quality sleep to relax your body and muscles and enable you to perform better in your sports endeavors. Even nutritionists and physical therapists recommend a good night’s sleep to help achieve good overall health and improve overall well-being.


10 Best Sleep Trackers


1. Fitbit Flex 2

The Fitbit Flex 2 features SmartTrack auto exercise recognition with the ability to automatically track physical activity such as sports, running, and even aerobic workouts. This tracker is great for runners and jogging enthusiasts who would like to keep track of their physical activity and make better health and fitness decisions. The Fitbit app allows runners to view their exercise summaries whenever they want to.
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All-Day Activity Tracking

The app recognizes that there are several events that occur during a typical day. It will help you stay informed of the calories burned, distance covered, steps, and time spent when active. The stats displayed will help you stay motivated.

Auto-Sleep Tracking

You will automatically keep track of the duration you have slept, including sleep quality. The bedtime reminder and sleep goals help you to develop good habits as a runner or fitness maniac, allowing you to wake up peacefully via a silent alarm.

Cost and Value

The gadget is also swim proof and will allow you to dive into the water without worrying about potential damage. Besides tracking your active minutes and displaying useful stats, the app will help you stay motivated. The price is quite affordable.

Automatically inform you of activities like running and aerobic workouts

Keeps records of calories burned and distance covered

Bedtime reminder to help develop good habits



The synching feature may develop problems over time

May not retain the charge for longer after a while

2. Fitbit Alta

This product features one of the slimmest design fitness wristbands ever made in the fitness industry. It also features interchangeable accessory bands to helps athletes to personalize their looks. The long battery life that could last up to a week eliminates the need to constantly recharge, allowing runners to focus on their fitness goals. The tap display allows easy access to stats.
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Monitor Resting Heart Rate

Athletes know that running and exercising can impact the resulting resting rate, which could effectively determine cardiovascular health. You can have an overview of how physical activity affects your overall resting rate.

Long Life Battery

A single recharge could last you up to a week, making it easier to set and focus on fitness goals. Take your mind off your tracker and focus on what needs to be done by charging your battery once and forgetting about it for the next 7 days.

Cost and Value

The bright OLED tap display allows the display of important stats through a single tap. Even phone notifications can be viewed on the display. In addition, the battery life lasts about one week. The wristband is pocket-friendly.

One-tap display to give access to phone notifications

A long battery life of one week

Resting heart rate monitoring

Interchangeable bands for a personalized look


The steps tracking may not be accurate

Subtle vibration may lead to missed calls

3. LetsFit

This device only needs your smartphone to serve you better. Data is displayed on the bright OLED screen. It allows athletes to customize their clock face to match their individual taste and preference. Runners can also be notified of incoming calls via the bright screen. From silent alarms to reminders, users can make use of this device’s superior features to derive real value.
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Heart Rate Monitoring

The device performs real-time heart rate monitoring, including the resting heart rate, to provide accurate heart health data. Athletes and runners can be able to adjust their exercise intensity to achieve better results.

Phone Notifications

The bright OLED screen displays phone call records and message notifications with the caller identification. You can read the contents of the message sent to you without touching your smartphone.

Cost and Value

Whether you are running or walking, this gadget can help you record all of your physical activities and display them on the screen. Runners can never miss a call, thanks to the call and SMS notification on the display screen. It is also cost-effective.

Real-time automatic heart rate monitoring

Monitors multiple sports, including running and walking

Call and SMS notifications

The wrist sense feature lights up the screen to show time at a glance


The heart rate may not be very accurate

Navigating the app may be tedious for some athletes

4. moreFit

4. moreFit
This device provides an easy way to track your steps and distance on a regular basis. Runners can also record the calories burned and determine active minutes. In addition, sleep monitoring is enabled automatically and users can tell their sleep quality based on the analysis of the relevant data. With just a 1-2 hour charging, the device could last 7 days.
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Easy to Charge

The built-in USB charge makes it easy to charge the device. In addition, it takes a relatively shorter time of 1-2 hours to attain a full charge that would last 7 days.

Automatic Sleep Monitoring

The app provides a comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data to help the runner make more informed sleep decisions. The device will automatically monitor sleeping data and provide actionable statistics.

Cost and Value

Users can access sleep quality data on the app and use the detailed analysis to make sleep decisions. The built-in USB charge function allows users to charge their devices faster. It is also highly affordable.

Automatic sleep monitoring

Ensures athletes do not miss important phone notifications

Fast charge time of 1-2 hours

Interchangeable colorful bands


The use of soap to clean the band may cause the soap to be trapped beneath it and irritate the skin

May not accurately record steps

5. Beautyrest

5. Beautyrest
If you are an athlete looking to transform your simplistic sleeping area into a smart bed, then you might want to invest in this device. Fitted with a powerful processor and state-of-the-art, highly accurate sensors to back the intuitive app, users can integrate the device seamlessly with their bed to leave them feeling free and comfortable. Nighttime activity can be monitored at virtually all stages to provide actionable intelligence.
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Precise Behavior Monitoring

Whether you want to monitor your heart rate or respiration, body movements, REM cycles or interruptions, this device will help you with that. You will be able to monitor your light and deep sleeping patterns as well.

Powerful, Smart Data Synthesis

With this powerful recording device, runners can be able to record the sleeping patterns and even two sleepers separately. They can then sync to the intuitive app for further action.

Cost and Value

From monitoring heart rate and respiration to synching to the intuitive app, the device allows runners to achieve so much more while doing little. In addition, the price is quite affordable.

Helps to monitor heart rate and respiration

Allows powerful data synthesis

Users do not have to wear anything

Can monitor two sleepers concurrently


May not accurately know when you are sleeping

Does not accurately record movements

6. Motiv Ring

6. Motiv Ring
Track your sleep and fitness on a 24-hour basis by wearing one of these sleek design wristbands. A typical wristband from Motiv Ring combines form and function to deliver real value. It features one of the slimmest designs and feels very comfortable to wear. In fact, you won’t even notice it’s there. However, despite the sleek design and slim appearance, it doesn’t let its size affect its functionality. Whether you want to track sleep, heart rate or any other activity, this device is highly reliable and will help you monitor your physical activity stress-free.
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Super Sleek Design

While most wristbands are generally slim, this device boasts one of the slimmest designs amongst wearables. In fact, you will consider other alternatives as clunky and uncomfortable once you start wearing this high-tech sleep tracking device. It is also wrapped in a sturdy titanium shell to make it super durable. It is surprisingly stylish and any runner would feel fashionable when wearing it. Users can also enjoy the waterproof feature that gives them the freedom to wear the wristband under light rain conditions.

Daily Health Snapshot

The device leverages the Motiv app to display useful personalized daily activity. Data about your resting heart rate and sleep activity is easily displayed for you to see and make the necessary adjustments to achieve the desired heart rate. The “cards” display allows runners to tap onto them for more information. For instance, a tap reveals distance covered, calories burned, and steps, allowing users to make more informed decisions.

Cost and Value

The stylish and super lightweight design allows runners to wear the device and enjoy the freedom as if it is not there. It is fashionable and will leave users feeling trendy. You can dip yourself in water or dive up to 165 feet without worrying about water damage. In addition, all important health data is displayed in the daily feed. The device is highly affordable as well.

The super sleek design makes it comfortable to wear

Waterproof up to 165ft

Daily health snapshot

Made of a durable titanium shell


The ring may be too small or may not accommodate all sizes of fingers

The battery life may not be long-lasting

7. Chianruey

7. Chianruey
The device features multi-sport mode and a larger display that surpasses the average devices in the same category. The weather display synchronizes with your phone to show important information about the weather. It shows when the weather is rainy, sunny or cloudy. Runners can be able to monitor their heart rate by wearing the wristband. In addition, the device is waterproof and allows a stress-free swimming and showering life.
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IP68 WaterProof

An excellent feature that allows you to carry your workout in harsh conditions when it is raining and even go swimming with it on. This encourages monitoring of your vitals without worrying about the mechanism being spoilt.

USB Charger and App Support

You do not need to worry about its charging system as you just plug it in when the battery is low to continue enjoying the features. Also, with its App support feature, you can download fitness programs to help you improve your running experience

Cost and Value

Runners can swim and shower without worrying about water damage. The large clear display screen will display essential information about your heart rate. It also shows weather information on the display screen, thanks to the sync features that allows the gadget and your smartphone to show similar information.

Multiple sport tracking

Waterproof to allow stress-free swimming and showering

Monitors heart rate

Synchronized weather display


No instructions manual

Can be challenging to operate if you have large fingers

8. runme

8. runme
With 14-sport modes, this device allows runners to track a wide range of sporting activities, including calories burned, distance, and steps. It also allows real-time heart rate monitoring to provide accurate data that can be used to improve heart health. The auto-sleep monitor keeps track of the runner’s sleep duration and provides a consistent and detailed analysis of sleep quality.
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Auto-Sleep Monitor

Athletes will be able to know the duration they have been sleeping. With a comprehensive analysis, runners can tell their sleep quality based on the relevant data. In addition, this information is consistently monitored.

Smart Notifications

The device can track and display accurate information on the user’s smartphone. You can use it to view Facebook and Twitter data, including SMS. The message can also be deleted from the device without touching your phone.

Cost and Value

If you want to monitor your sleep duration and gain access to sleep quality data, then you should get this device. It also features real-time heart rate monitoring to allow runners to improve their heart health. The price is modest.

Continuous daily activity tracking

Automatic real-time heart rate monitoring

Displays phone notifications on screen

Automatically tracks sleep duration


The app may not synchronize from time to time

Sometimes the UI does not respond fast enough

9. Emfit QS

9. Emfit QS
This device provides an accurate recording of useful data about sleep without necessarily having contact. Professional triathletes and runners have used it to accurately record critical data regarding their sleep patterns. The recording is performed automatically without the need for a phone. All you have to do is have it installed under your mattress (away from obstructions) and wait for accurate reports.
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Accurate Analysis

Accurately analyze recovery and sleep quality without much stress. Users can also get heart rate variability and data throughout the night to help them make sleeping decisions, such as how long to sleep.


Athletes do not have to wear this device in order to record behavior. The recording also happens without the need for any phone operation, thanks to the Ferro-electret sensors.

Cost and Value

Users can be able to keep records of light and deep sleep stages stress-free. It also works without having to be worn like most other devices that perform the same function. The price is affordable as well.

Sleep quality and stress analysis

Heart rate variability throughout the whole night

Monitors light and deep sleep stages

No need to wear and works automatically


Tracks sleep time from the moment you lie in bed

Sleep data may not be accurate

10. Wesoo

10. Wesoo
The super lightweight and ultra-thin design provides great convenience and can be worn around the wrist for longer. With more color options to change the color of wristbands to match personal style and preference, athletes can wear colors that represent their mood at one particular time. It is very easy to stay fashionable with these bands. The app is also compatible for iPhone and Android devices.
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Monitor Sleep Quality

You will be able to automatically monitor how you sleep to ensure you get the best quality sleep. With access to sleep data, athletes can know their health condition.

IPX7 Waterproof

The waterproof design allows you to wear the device and wash with it on your wrist. However, note that this level of waterproofing does not allow diving or swimming.

Cost and Value

Whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete, you can easily monitor your day-to-day activities such as steps and distance. The waterproof design also makes it worry-free to use when washing. It is highly affordable as well.

Easily syncs with the smartphone app

Waterproof design to prevent the entry of water while washing

Wide compatibility with iPhone and Android phones

Accurate activity monitoring


The band may not be very durable

The screen is not clearly visible in bright sunlight

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Sleep Trackers

The overwhelming number of sleep trackers being sold on the market today makes it even more important to take your time to do more research before settling on one that would represent good value for money. Some of these trackers can be integrated with apps to provide comprehensive data analyses and help the runner make certain adjustments to lifestyle to achieve better outcomes. The importance of sleep in the overall quality of life cannot be overlooked. Studies have shown that the average person spends a third of his or her entire life sleeping. This translates to about 8 hours a day. Apparently, sleep has numerous healing effects that could benefit the body in imaginable ways. Despite being taken for granted by many people, sleep has consistently proven its ability to improve the overall quality of life. Therefore, if you are going to improve the way you sleep, then you better have a way to track it and make adjustments for improvement whenever you can. Below are the criteria for evaluating the best sleep trackers.

Wearable versus Non-Wearable

Runners, athletes and other active individuals know the importance of monitoring. Apparently, resting is a very important part of physical activity. Exercise enthusiasts understand that sleeping helps to rest the body to perform better the following day. The body also needs a little motivation to stay active. One of the wearable devices could be all you need to improve your sleeping pattern and boost your performance as an athlete. With the increasing number of wearable devices hitting the market on an annual basis, staying abreast of the latest technology and technological advancements and products on the market could help you select the best device for your fitness goals. Wearable devices are worn, usually on the wrist or finger, to enable them to perform their function of tracking important sleep data. In contrast, non-wearable devices do not need to be placed on the wrist or finger to record vital data. Most non-wearable sleep trackers are placed on the bed, particularly beneath the mattress, to help obtain the relevant information needed to analyze the quality of activity. If you prefer to wear something on your wrist when sleeping to help you feel like you are actually tracking this activity, then you could get one of the numerous wearables sold on the market today. There are several brands that come with several different colored bands to appeal to the different individual taste and preference. In contrast, if you prefer to leave your wrists free while you rest, you could get one of the non-wearable devices that you could place beneath the mattress to help with the tracking of sleep data. It is all a matter of preference. Non-wearables work without requiring actual contact with the athlete’s body, as the measuring strip is placed beneath the mattress. The highly-sensitive compression sensor helps to take readings for further analysis. Runners get vital information such as the breathing and heart rate as well as other critical pieces of information such as recovery efficiency. The downside is that if the runner sleeps with a partner the data could be distorted when the partner rolls over the measuring strip.


Once you understand how these devices work, you can begin to determine whether they are reliable. During monitoring, the device strives to detect the breathing rate and rhythm, heart rhythm, muscle activity, and light and deep sleep. Analysts are able to use the comprehensive data to identify possible sleep disorders. With the numerous devices available on the market today, it often gets difficult when it comes to choosing the right one. Considering the reliability of the device can help to determine whether the gadget is worth investing in. A reliable device can accurately monitor human rest cycles as well. Some take measurements as soon as you lie in bed even before you fall asleep. This can provide inaccurate data about sleep patterns, as it records sleep from the time you lie in bed rather than from the time you actually fall asleep. It is important to select the most accurate device to help capture accurate data that you can take action upon to improve your sleep quality and ultimately enhance overall health. Some devices are more accurate than others and could provide you with more accurate data. Take your time to evaluate suitable alternatives before making the ultimate purchase decision. If the data captured is wrong then the athlete is more likely to act on inaccurate information, which could mean making adjustments that are not in line with your health and fitness goals.


Currently, the market is flooded with different designs of these devices to appeal to a wider audience. While many people do not consider this characteristic, it plays a very important role in selecting the right gadget. The design is critical because it determines how comfortable you will feel when wearing the device. For instance, if you have decided to go with wearable devices, then you should pick a design you will feel comfortable sleeping with on your wrist. The element of comfort is particularly important when you intend to spend most of your time with it on your wrist. You cannot wear an uncomfortable wristband and expect to have it on you the whole day and night. Some runners never want to take the gadget off once they wear it on their wrists. Therefore, take your time to ensure that it feels very comfortable around your wrist. In fact, it should be made of a soft material to avoid causing skin irritation when used over an extended period of time. You can easily tell whether a tracker feels comfortable to wear based on online reviews. On the other hand, the issue of comfort is not very much considered when shopping for non-wearable devices.

Battery Life

This is another important feature even though many people overlook it. If you are an advanced runner, you probably know the importance of having a fitness tracking device that could last you a whole week without having to recharge. Similarly, sleep trackers should have a long-lasting battery to allow you to focus less on the battery and more on your fitness goals. That way you can stress less and achieve more. Apparently, not all these devices have the same battery life; some are more long-lasting than others. Others can last for a day or less. If you want to be spending less time charging your device and more time planning your training, then you need to invest in a device that would retain the charge for longer. For instance, a device that can last for two days or more after a full charge allows you enough time to plan your next workout. They are also very useful in situations where you have to be away from a reliable power outlet but still have to maintain training and exercise. On the other hand, you may have simply forgotten to charge your device the previous night but still expect it to serve you. You don’t want the battery of your device dying in the middle of your sleep simply because you never charged it like you do on a daily basis. The longer it can retain power the better because it will give you the freedom you need to focus on other aspects of your life. Rechargeable batteries are more common these days and can be very convenient. Regardless, always consider alternatives with longer-lasting battery power.

Advanced Tracking

It is understandable that you are purchasing the sleep tracker to help track your sleep patterns. However, this device could give you more value than you could ever imagine. The more aspects of your health the device can track the better, as the data monitored are often related to other aspects of life. For instance, while some of these devices can track the runner’s heart health and analyze the data using a dedicated app, others do not have such features. All these features help athletes to have a more comprehensive overview of their health data. However, the functionalities you choose will depend on your priorities as an individual. Devices with more advanced tracking capabilities usually cost more, but they will provide you with more data than you probably need. In addition, the more advanced functionalities may include resting heart rate and the ability to identify different environmental factors hindering the athlete from enjoying a good night’s sleep.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are sleep trackers?

A: These are technology devices that help to monitor sleeping patterns to determine the quality of sleep. They may also be used to track other important health information such as heart rate and resting heart rate.

Q: Are sleep trackers reliable?

A: Many people have been concerned whether these devices are reliable. Well, one has to have a rough idea of how they work before deciding whether they are reliable or not. They have been fitted with sensors that detect the breathing rate and other important data that can be analyzed to provide the right information needed to make lifestyle adjustments and improve overall health.

Q: What features should I consider in a sleep tracker?

A: While many people look for almost the same features in such a device, some people want more than the basic ones. The features to consider depending on your fitness goals as an athlete. If you need more advanced functionality then you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket. However, some of the basic features include light and deep sleep monitoring, breathing rate or rhythm monitoring, sleep duration, active minutes, and more. Other features such as heart rate monitoring and rest heart rate tracking are also available depending on the device you have selected. You may also want to consider the battery life if you wouldn’t like to recharge your device often, as a battery life of two or more days allow you to focus on other more important tasks.

Q: Between wearable and non-wearable sleep trackers, which is better?

A: Wearable devices are worn on the wrist or finger to help track vital data while non-wearable devices do not need any contact with the athlete to track sleep patterns. Non-wearables are often placed under the mattress to track and transmit data wirelessly to a personal computer or smartphone. These may transmit large volumes of data for analysis and interpretation. On the other hand, wearables have to be worn on the wrist or fingers to track and transmit sleep and other vital data for further analysis. The option you pick will depend on your needs and goals, as they have some differing features.

Q: How much do sleep trackers cost?

A: The cost largely depends on the features and functionality offered by the device. Non-wearable devices tend to cost more than wearables. Regardless, they have become more affordable these days due to lower production costs, thanks to advanced technologies. You can find one going for a few dollars, although others may cost up to a few hundred dollars. It all depends on your needs and requirements.

Q: Where can I find a good sleep tracker?

A: Some stores that sell technology gadgets tend to stock these devices. You can visit your nearest smartphone dealer to inquire more about these devices. However, if you don’t have the time, you may consider visiting online retailers or merchants for a wide range of product selection. Just ensure that you are dealing with a reputable e-commerce platform before ordering your device.


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