8 Best Supplements For Runners Reviewed & Tested


Those who have a strong passion for running are always looking for newer and more effective ways to enhance their performance, health and endurance. A good pair of running shoes, reasonable training methods, healthy diet and necessary supplements for your body are some key factors for getting and staying on target. In this article, we will take a look at some good supplements for runners which will keep your body going. In order to meet various demands, the supplement market is full with a variety of different products. So, knowing which ones are right for you is where you should start.

It is especially important for runners to make sure you’re getting enough vitamins, nutrients and minerals.  Eating a balanced diet is a good start, but sometimes, adding supplements can help fill in the holes.  Supplements are generally safe, but it is best to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements.


Iron deficiency turns up more commonly in women. But, there are some studies reported that show runners, both men and women, are more inclined to have iron deficiency. Iron plays an important role in providing oxygen to the muscles; improved VO2max, which can promote performance.

A main symptom of Iron deficiency is feeling consistently and unusually tired.  It goes without saying that fatigue can have a negative impact on a running by making even easy runs more difficult than usual. A blood test will show whether or not you are low in iron, which if you are, taking a supplement might be an option.  Taking ferrous sulfate can help.  However, keep in mind that an overabundance of iron in the body can damage your cells and tissues.


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Calcium is important for healthy bone density. Low calcium has been shown to lead to osteoporosis, resulting in a lot of the common pains experienced in running. Therefore, this is not simple issue. Generally most people can easily to get enough calcium through their daily diets.  Additionally, several studies have claimed that taking calcium supplements may actually increase your chances of having heart problems, like heart attacks.

Although you do not need to have calcium supplements, a vitamin D supplement might be a better option.  Vitamin D helps your body absorb the calcium in the food your eat, and it is also a good way to strengthen your bones, which helps to prevent fractures or breaks. .


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Caffeine is a popularly used supplement in sports because of its big benefits, even many athletes depend on it. This supplement enhances alertness and sharpness, enhances the body’s ability to turn fat into energy and increases motor skills coordination and quickens reactions. Additionally, caffeine also decreases the feel of over effort, which increases a runners self-perceived stamina. When it’s used in combination with carbohydrates, caffeine is also good for post-running recovery.

Caffeine is absorbed quickly, and its effects can be long lasting. So, you should have caffeine supplement right before or while running.  For dosage, it is recommended to take 550 milligrams per day, which is equivalent to approximately 40 ounces, or five cups, of coffee.

Its side effects such as water-electrolyte imbalances, hyperthermia and reduced heat tolerance may be a concern when using this supplement; however, exercise can help work against those effects.


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Protein (whey protein)

Protein is necessary to our functioning and livelihood.  It is a very important part in the body’s maintenance and regulation processes. For starters, it adds the proteins that are depleted during a run and builds lean muscle tissue, which aids in muscle recovery.  If your body’s protein level is low, you may tire easily.

Most people can get enough protein in daily diets, but runners have higher protein needs. They can get many benefits from protein supplements.  Take a protein supplement before a run or post-workout is both ideal. In this, whey protein is the better way to use because it’s absorbed more easily and quickly.

For most runners, a suitable amount is about 40 to 60 grams of whey protein per day.


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Creatine- amino acid provides benefits to runners. Creatine has ability to help repair and grow muscle. It is especially used for those who often take part in intense workouts like running, because it negates inflammation and cell damage.

When taken on a daily basis,  Creatine supplements may decrease submaximal VO2 level which maximizes your body’s O2 use while running.  By improving your heart rate, your rate of perspiration, and water distribution, it can also help you run longer and more efficiently in hard conditions.

You should use Creatine supplements in two phases. In the “loading phase” – about five days, which is aimed to provide desired Creatine levels for your body, you should use approximately 20 grams each day. After that phase is the maintenance phase, during which you just need only five grams daily.

The most advantageous time to take a Creatine supplement is upon finishing a workout.


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Fatty fish oils

We all know the real benefit of Fatty fish oils. However, large part of the population do not eat enough oily fish that means they are deficient in omega 3 – fatty acids found in fish oil, which helps to reduce inflammation, muscle soreness and strengthen joint flexibility. Because our body can’t produce these vital essential fats itself, we have to get these from food such as oily fish, seeds or nuts. Additionally, Krill Oil is considered as the source of omega 3 essential fats which are free from pollutants.


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Mega multivitamins

No matter how fine you are, and you always believe that you have enough vitamins in your meals. Mega multivitamins supplement is really necessary because your body always requires vitamins and minerals continuously to run efficiently and longer. In fact, Most of these vitamins can be delivered from a well healthy diet – however, due to natural conditions as well as polluted problems of our environment, many of the nutrients are not exist in the soil, and in the foods.

For other reasons, when you do exercise or run, the body loses many minerals via sweat therefore, the demand for nutrients is greatly increased. A body does not have enough nutrients will be easy to infection and cannot perform optimally. Besides, you should choose multivitamins which have high levels of antioxidants in order to against free radicals presenting when you run which are known to damage our body’s organs and tissues.


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Finally, we all know the important role of water in our life. Water is considered as super supplement for runners. just  provide your body with around 8 glasses or 2 liters of water each day, you can’t imagine that this can support to promote cardiovascular health, keep your body cool, supplement lost water by sweating during running, and help your muscles as well as joints work well.


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Some runners said that they still run without any supplements. I can’t deny that, however, if your body can be supplemented enough with the above supplements, it will make certain that your health as well as running will be improved considerably.

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