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When men hit the age of 30, their testosterone levels start to drop, and this tends to affect their overall performance. The T-hormone is a powerful male sex hormone that is responsible for sex drive and other important functions of the body. A deficiency of this hormone could leave undesirable effects on the individual. As an athlete, you probably know the importance of having high T-levels in the body; it could help you perform better, boost stamina, provide more energy and boost mood and overall health. However, there is a natural way to boost your T-levels without consuming harmful products that could affect your health. Natural testosterone boosters help to increase your T-levels naturally without leaving any serious undesirable side effects. The supplements work by directly boosting your hormone level, by blocking estrogen, or by preventing the male hormone from being converted into the female hormone estrogen.

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At the age of 30s and 40s, men are persuaded by several adverts to take testosterone hormones to solve all of their hormone-related problems, including deteriorating performance and wasting muscle mass. If you are an athlete who has attained this age and experiencing dwindling performance, lack of motivation, and loss of muscle mass, you should probably consider investing in a good testosterone booster supplement to help you regain your youth. The challenge, however, is that there are too many brands on the market to choose the right one. When shopping for your ideal testosterone booster, there are certain aspects to consider, including the ability to boost performance, stamina, and strength, while increasing libido, building muscle mass and burning fat. Not all supplements work the same way. If you are confused about what to choose, below are the top 10 best testosterone boosters reviewed for quality.


10 Best Testosterone Boosters


1. Prime Test

If you would like to regain your youth strength and stamina, then you may want to try this product. It has proven effective against lost or low testosterone. Men suffer declines of testosterone as soon as they reach the age of 30 years. While this may not be instantly noticed, the age of 36 is often characterized by poor sexual performance, probably due to low stamina. This natural supplement could help restore your manhood.
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Build Stronger, Leaner Muscles

This natural supplement could help naturally boost your male hormone levels. To begin with, some athletes may melt away some of the belly fat that is causing them to lack confidence in themselves.

Optimized Physical Performance

Having low levels of this hormone often results in lack of energy or strength. To perform better and demonstrate sufficient stamina, you may want to consume this product. It also helps to restore your manhood as an athlete.

Cost and Value

Whether you are intending to build stronger, leaner muscles or regain your youthful days by boosting your male hormone, this formula will help you achieve more than you could ever imagine. The price is also affordable.

Boosts energy and strength

Revitalizes and restores manhood

Boosts mood and confidence

Improves performance in the bedroom and on the pitch as a runner


May cause stomach upset

Some people may experience leg cramps

2. Superior Labs

This product delivers substantial or noticeable increases in energy. Runners will experience increased stamina and better mood. If you are a gym frequenter, then you will also notice increased performance when using the treadmill. This supplement will also help you recover faster and sleep better. Users of TEST WORx have reported increased mental clarity, allowing them to focus on tasks they are performing.
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The product is made in the U.S. under strict FDA and cGMP guidelines and in FDA-approved facilities. The products are also free of heavy metals and pesticides. They are also free from allergens and users can be confident they are consuming safe products.

Pure and Potent

The TEST WORx contains no magnesium stearate, sodium dioxide, or titanium dioxide. There is also no presence of other artificial fillers. Industrial metals can be a pollutant.

Cost and Value

The product has been designed and manufactured in the U.S. in FDA-approved facilities. It is also cGMP-certified and users can use them freely without worrying about safety. For only a few dollars, users can boost their energy levels and increased their performance.

Helps to boost energy and stamina

Free of heavy metals

Ingredients have been clinically-proven to work on humans

Made in FDA-approved U.S. facilities


May bring the feeling of lethargy

May keep you awake at night

3. Evlution Nutrition

Through its EVL TEST, the company has been able to provide the next-generation training amplifier with numerous fitness and health benefits. This concept also helps in speedy recovery and bodybuilders have used it to take their training to another level. This product is good for runners who want to take their training to the next level by boosting the level of the male hormone in their body.
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Improved Quality of Sleep

Those who have been using this product have reported an increase in sleep quality. This could help athletes and runners to recover faster or rest properly before their next workout. Grueling workouts can get the best of you and leave you feeling lethargic, but with this supplement, you could change all that and be on the training ground the next day.

Boosts Testosterone Levels

A drop in hormone levels could significantly affect your stamina and performance. However, consuming the Evlution could help restore your manhood and leave you feeling youthful once again.

Cost and Value

If you are experiencing a drop in your performance due to lack of motivation or stamina, you need to try the Evlution to help you reverse the entire process. In addition, it is quite affordable.

Enhances performance and speed up recovery

Boosts stamina and strength

Ideal for runners who are also into bodybuilding

Supports optimal sleep


May cause headaches

Some users may experience anxiety

4. ZMA

4. ZMA
The ZMA adopted its name from zinc and magnesium, which constitute a larger percentage of the supplement. It also contains vitamin B6 and can be very effective in boosting muscle strength and size. Intense weight trainers know the importance of recovery, which the supplement has perfected. For runners and athletes in general, ZMA can be very effective in improving sleep.
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Enhance Endurance

Training can be a very taxing and tiring activity. If you have noticed a drop in your performance, using this supplement could help make you run faster and boost your endurance levels.

Patented Blend

This product is ideally a mixture of zinc and magnesium. Vitamin B6 has also been included in the mixture to help with detoxification. Athletes could benefit significantly from the zinc and magnesium in the package.

Cost and Value

Users of this product have reported increased muscle strength. If you are a runner looking to run and heal faster in case of injury, ZMA boosts muscle strength and speeds up recovery. In addition, the cost is quite modest.

Boosts testosterone levels

Promotes muscle strength in elite athletes

Promotes growth and healing

Gives you restful sleep


May cause headaches

May keep you awake at night

5. Testo Xplode

5. Testo Xplode
This supplement from Prime Labs is designed for runners and high-performing athletes. Ingredients are known to improve muscle gain, boost performance and improve overall health. Ingredients such as the Horny Goat Weed will tap into the athlete body’s unleashed potential to deliver maximum output. From increased energy to improved confidence to deliver an outstanding performance in the gym, this supplement has got you covered from multiple perspectives.
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Fortified Stamina

By the age of 30, men often start to experience deteriorated energy and performance due to diminishing testosterone levels. However, this supplement will boost this hormone and take you back to your youthful days, with enhanced stamina.

Promotes Energy and Strength

The supplement will give you the energy boost you need to perform better as an athlete. It enables you to run faster and lift heavier in the gym if you are a bodybuilder.

Cost and Value

Indeed Testo Xplode helps to support overall health, including muscle gain and athletic performance. It will also improve performance in the gym. For a few tens of dollars, this supplement could change your performance as an athlete.

Promotes fat loss

Fortifies stamina

Boost energy and strength

Helps improve circulation


Some users may experience mood swings

May result in increased facial hair

6. Tribulus Terrestris

6. Tribulus Terrestris
This product is a testosterone booster and an estrogen blocker. Whether you are looking to build lean muscle fast or burn fat and acquire the ripped body you have always dreamed of, this supplement could be the ultimate solution. It has been commended for supporting male sexual health. The supplement also increases mental focus and clarity, allowing you to concentrate on your workout.
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10X More Potent

The extra dose of this supplement is 1500mg or 10 times more potent than most other ingredients, particularly where the Tribulus amount is 150mg. Users experience increased stamina and energy.

Male Sexual Enhancer

If you have been experiencing deteriorating sexual performance, the natural herb could lift your T-levels and enhance your performance in the bedroom. It will also boost your overall mood as an athlete and enable you to perform better.

Cost and Value

The high potency level makes the supplement more ideal than most other products in the same category. It will also help to break training plateaus to achieve your fitness goals.

High potency level

Helps to lose extra fat

Speeds up muscle gain

Boosts mood and performance


May cause headaches

Some users may experience stomach upset

7. Universal Stak

7. Universal Stak
Apparently, the hormonal edge separates the weightlifting elite from other gym goers. Testosterone growth is quite vital in the performance of an athlete, as it enables one to lift heavier, run faster or improve endurance. To add strength and size to your muscles, a dosage of Animal Stak might help. It provides a natural way to stay ahead of the game and beat your peers at the competition.
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Powerful Patented Ingredients

This supplement boasts a powerful patented blend of ingredients to help boost performance and maximize effectiveness. You will also get substantial gains to help improve your performance and endurance levels.

Hormone Amplifying Blend

With AgmaPure, AstaPure, and GlycoCarn, this supplement features an unparalleled hormone complex to help support overall performance. If you want to experience strength gains during your runs, you should try the Animal Stak.

Cost and Value

Whether you are looking to take your gym workouts to another level or improve your endurance levels and overall performance, this product will help you achieve your fitness goals faster and more effortlessly.

The patented ingredients deliver the most powerful gains

All-natural and legal formula

Boosts strength and performance

Designed for the weightlifter athlete and runner


May cause headaches

Some people may experience stomach upset after taking the supplement

8. Dr Martin's

8. Dr Martin's
This is ideal for runners who lack energy for the rest of the day. This supplement could be your ultimate savior. The extra-strength herbal blend boasts natural ingredients to help serve multiple functions. Athletes can use this to build muscles and burn fat to enable them to perform better. If you are into herbs and herbal medicine, then this supplement is good for you.
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Improved Productivity

Users will experience increased productivity in the field as well as at work. The increased energy level will help you run faster or work better. It is ideal for runners experiencing deteriorated performance.

Increases Libido

If you have been experiencing a drop in libido and bedroom performance, adding this supplement to your regular diet can be a game changer. You will experience more passionate romance due to increased sex drive.

Cost and Value

Users can be able to boost their productivity by running faster or accomplishing other tasks while feeling energized. As an athlete, you will also experience increased sex drive and passion in bedroom matters. It only costs a few dollars.

Solves the problem of low energy

Boosts mood and stamina

Helps in building muscles and burning fat

Increased libido


Some people may be allergic to the supplement and experience swollen lips

Side effects may include sweating

9. Sheer Strength

9. Sheer Strength
When men turn 30, they start to experience declining testosterone levels. While this might not immediately become apparent, many men find themselves suffering from declining performance. If you are experiencing declining performance even out of the bedroom, this supplement could help you regain muscle strength and performance. You will be able to run faster and perform better once you start using this supplement.
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Rapid Results

Sheer INSTA TEST gives you instant results you can see, feel and enjoy. With more energy from this formula, you will be able to perform better as an athlete. In fact, you should start seeing the results as soon as you start using the Sheer INSTA TEST.

Premium Quality

The product is manufactured in a cGMP-certified and FDA-approved manufacturing facility to assure users of the real value. This guarantees purity and high levels of potency and safety.

Cost and Value

The Sheer INSTA TEST has been manufactured in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility to enhance consumer confidence in the product. Users can be sure that they are consuming high-quality products. It also helps to boost the male T-hormone and enhances athletic performance. If you want to run faster and perform better in other aspects of life, you should consider adding this supplement to your regular diet. The product is also affordable.

Boosts stamina and confidence

The supplement is natural testosterone to support growth and increase performance

Manufactured in a modern, GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility for quality assurance

Provides instant results and boosts performance almost instantly


May cause stomach discomfort

May cause mild to moderate headaches

10. D-Aspartic Acid

10. D-Aspartic Acid
Commonly known as D-AA, this supplement from Nutricost contains amino acid to help in boosting testosterone. If you have been experiencing signs of deteriorated testosterone, such as low energy levels, poor performance and lack of motivation, this supplement could help reverse all that and bring your youthful days back. It has been encapsulated to make it easier for athletes to consume.
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Gluten Free

Some people are allergic to gluten and should be wary of products that contain gluten. If you are one of them then you should not worry about your allergy because this supplement is gluten-free.


Today, there are many GMO products being sold on the market. However, you are thinking about consuming the D-Aspartic capsules then you should not worry about the ingredients because they have been certified to be non-GMO.

Cost and Value

Every D-AA bottle contains 45 servings. Users can also enjoy 3000mg of D-AA per serving and 750mg per capsule. In addition, it is non-GMO, gluten-free and highly affordable.

3000mg of D-AA per serving

45 servings per bottle

Made in FDA-approved facilities

Non-GMO and gluten-free


May cause stomach pain

Some users may experience bloating in the stomach

With decreasing testosterone levels after the age of 35, men are forced to find an alternative way to boost their male hormone naturally. Testosterone boosters should increase T-levels in the blood to improve overall health. Runners and athletes can reverse their muscle mass loss or build by investing in a trusted brand of testosterone boosters. These boosters are also credited with increasing libido and helping people to perform better in bedroom matters. Male athletes produce a generous amount of hormone testosterone over the course of their lives, but this production tends to deteriorate with age. As they age, the amount and value of these hormones deteriorate. This is also responsible for growth and maturity during puberty, including the cracking of voice and growth of pubic hair. Other functions include muscle growth and strength, which can greatly benefit runners and athletes. However, if an athlete you have noticed a drop in your performance and can attribute it to declining T-levels, there is some hope for you. You can go through a list of natural T-boosters to enhance your performance and train better.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Testosterone Boosters

Whether you are suffering decreased stamina or lower libido, you could almost instantly reverse these negative effects by trying out one of these natural T-boosters sold on the market. They tend to vary based on several aspects, especially the ingredients and secret formulas used to produce them. When you are convinced that your body is no longer able to produce enough T-hormone to enable you to perform certain functions better, you need to explore other safer options available for you. Unlike steroids that give consumers actual testosterone, these boosters work by stimulating the production the hormone. This is probably why you should be very concerned about the ingredients used to make the product so that you can avoid those that give you actual testosterone rather than stimulating the body to produce it naturally. Below are the criteria for selecting the best testosterone boosters.

The ingredient is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when shopping for the best T-booster. These supplements are made with different ingredients that make them function differently. To better understand why you need to pay close attention to the ingredients used to make these products, it is important to look at some of these ingredients and how they work.

D-Aspartic Acid

Also known as D-AA, this is a natural form of amino acid that could help to boost T-levels. It works by boosting follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). Apparently, LH causes the Leydig cells to secrete more testosterone. These cells are located in the testes. Initial studies have demonstrated that using D-aspartic acid for as little as 12 days could boost LH and testosterone production. The transportation of these hormones around the body is also increased dramatically. This brings other benefits to the body, including increased sperm production and sperm quality. In a 90-day trial involving men, the research gave the subjects D-aspartic to determine whether the substance has an effect on the sperm production and quality. Apparently, the sperm count doubled, clearly indicating that it positively affects sperm production. In another study involving male athletes with normal testosterone levels, the subjects were taken through a 28-day weightlifting routine, with 50% placed on 3g of D-aspartic acid daily. The result showed a significant increase in muscle mass and strength in both group, but the D-aspartic group showed no significant increase in testosterone. This result suggests that using D-aspartic acid could mostly benefit individuals with low testosterone to help boost impaired sexual function. However, those with normal T-levels might not benefit as much. From these studies, it is clear that this substance could benefit those with deteriorated T-levels, particularly athletes who would like to regain their muscle mass and strength. D-AA works by stimulating vital T-producing hormones, but 2-3 g of the substance could be effective and ideal for those with testosterone deficiency.

Tribulus Terrestris

This herb has been known and used over the centuries, especially for its medicinal value. While most of the current studies on the substance are based on animal studies, it can be very useful in boosting sex drive and T-levels. A 90-day study involving individuals with erectile dysfunction revealed that taking the substance results in improved sexual health, as it boosts testosterone levels by 16%. In contrast, current studies show no significant benefit of consuming the substance, especially for your elite athletes or individuals of good health with normal testosterone levels. Again, this T-booster seems to work better in individuals with lower testosterone production or levels. Unfortunately, this might not work for individuals with normal hormone levels or production.

Vitamin D

This fat-soluble vitamin functions as a steroid in its active form. With a majority of the population having little exposure to sunlight, vitamin D deficiency has become very common. Replenishing vitamin D stores is associated with increased T-levels, which subsequently leads to improved sperm quality and overall health. One study found an interesting direct correlation between low T-levels and vitamin D deficiency. Participants who spent more time in the sun showed increased vitamin D levels, which directly translated to increased testosterone levels. Therefore, vitamin D could boost T-levels, especially for individuals with vitamin D deficiency.


This is another herb that has been used to boost testosterone levels. According to some studies, this substance works by lowering the number of enzymes responsible for converting the male T-hormone into estrogen. An eight-week study involving 30 college men in which they were divided into two groups and subjected to resistance training 4 times weekly, with one group of 15 men receiving 500mg of fenugreek daily, T-levels rose in the fenugreek group. In contrast, the weight-training-only group reported a slight decline. The fenugreek group also reported increased strength and fat loss. Fenugreek has also been associated with increased sexual function and improved overall quality of life. Generally, fenugreek has been associated with greater energy levels, increased libido, and sexual performance, and improved overall well-being.


This common household spice has been used in the alternative medicine field for several centuries. The substance is associated with numerous health benefits, including increased T-levels and reduced inflammation. Studies have demonstrated that the substance positively affects sexual function and boosts T-levels and LH production in diabetic rats. It could double T-levels in rats. Studies involving infertile men have also revealed that daily consumption of ginger supplement for three months could boost T-levels by about 17%, with double LH levels. Ginger has also been linked to increased sperm count and overall sperm health. Therefore, consuming supplements with ginger as one of the main ingredients could help to boost T-levels. This substance has been known for its medicinal/ herbal value over the centuries. However, it is very safe for consumption and users can take it worry-free. In addition, consuming the substance is also associated with several other health benefits besides increased testosterone production and sperm count. For instance, the substance could significantly reduce inflammation. Depending on your goals as a runner, you could decide to look for T-boosters with ginger as one of the main ingredients to allow you to enjoy other health benefits. However, it is important to note that substantial effects are only noticed in individuals with low testosterone levels or infertile men. In contrast, the substance does not seem to be of much benefit to healthy humans.


This is yet another essential mineral actively involved in numerous chemical processes that take place in the human body. Just as is the case with vitamin D, testosterone levels in the body have also been associated with zinc levels. One study in which the researcher tested the link between zinc intake and T-levels in health men revealed that zinc-deficient men seemed to show increased T-levels when they were given zinc supplements. Increasing zinc intake through foods containing the element could significantly increase T-levels. Apparently, this is a natural way to boost T-levels without consuming harmful artificial testosterone such as steroids. For individuals with low T-levels, zinc could significantly boost the production of the male hormone and increase sperm count. It is also important to note that increasing the consumption of zinc among men with normal T-levels may not produce any significant results. However, athletes who have gone through a four-week high-intensity training program could benefit from increased zinc consumption because they generally tend to experience a decline in T-levels attributed to the exercise regime. Regardless, zinc could increase T-levels if you are experiencing a decline in testosterone or a zinc deficiency. Those recovering from a high-intensity training program could also benefit substantially from the consumption of supplements rich in zinc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is testosterone?

A: This male hormone (meager quantities are also found in women) is responsible for a man’s physical, mental and sexual health. It is responsible for the general growth of males, especially at puberty. For instance, it is the main reason why men break their voice, grow pubic and facial hair, and experience muscle growth and strength. It could also help to boost stamina, increase energy and enhance libido or sex drive.

Q: Do testosterone boosters or supplements work?

A: There are many concerns about whether these supplements work. With many products on the market promising to boost T-levels and enhance performance and sexual health, potential consumers are often left confused which products work and which ones could waste money. The truth is that they work not by introducing testosterone into the body but by stimulating the production of this hormone to help the body perform some of its functions better.

Q: What are the ingredients in testosterone boosters?

A: T-boosting ingredients include Tribulus Terrestris, which is largely credited with the ability to boost libido and raise sex drive. It can help an individual to perform better due to increased energy. Fenugreek is commonly known for its ability to boost T-levels, but the ingredient works well with other ingredients in other supplements. While fenugreek may not be highly-potent, its ability to slightly increase T-levels makes it ideal for runners and athletes looking to boost the performance and endurance. Some users have also reported increased libido or enhanced sex drive. D-Aspartic Acid has also been credited with helping infertile men to regain their fertility. Besides boosting libido and sex drive, the supplement is also effective in raising testosterone levels in men with low levels of the hormone. However, men with normal levels do not experience any significant gains that can be attributed to D-AA. The ingredient has also been found to be effective within a month of use; extended use does not seem to have much effect on the individual.

Q: Do I need testosterone boosters?

A: In most cases, your body may probably be able to function well without these supplements. Consuming the supplement when your body does not need it may cause more harm than good. Men over the age of 30 often begin to experience decreased male hormone production. However, while this might not immediately become apparent, the effects are felt from the age of 35 onwards. The decreased hormone level is associated with a number of problems, including decreased physical performance and sexual performance, low or lack of motivation, decreased stamina, strength and energy, and low libido. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms after the age of 35, then you probably need to use the supplements.

Q: What are the side effects of testosterone boosters?

A: Runners, athletes, and other users have raised concerns regarding the negative effects of using T-boosters. Just as with any other supplement sold on the market, T-boosters tend to have side effects that are unique to the individual. Not all individuals experience the same side effects. With numerous benefit attributed to consuming T-supplements, they can carry potentially undesirable side effects that can sometimes pose health risks to the individual consumer. Side effects commonly reported among users include anxiety, stomach discomfort and upset, anger issues, sleep apnea, enlarged and painful breasts, headaches, mood swings, acne, oily skin, polycythemia, and more. However, it is important to note that these side effects do not affect everyone the same way, as some people may experience one or more of these side effects while others may not experience anything at all.


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