Best Tools for Foot Arch Support Reviewed


If you are on the hunt for the best tools for arch support, then you have come to the right place! Here you will find the best options available for arch support in 2018 along with their Pros & Cons and what to look for before making your purchase.

If you are one of the many people that need arch support then you know how important it is to ensure optimal comfort, long-term structure and stability for your foot, and for injury prevention.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. As soon as you feel any soreness in the arch, heel, or forefoot, throwing an arch support into whatever shoes you are wearing can make a world of a difference and improve your performance greatly.

With all of the options out there, we know how difficult it can me be to find the best options available. Below you will find the top 10 best tools for arch support, we hope our lists helps you find some relief!

Last Updated: July 27, 2018
By Giselle Killebrew:

We have added three new additions to our list, the Vive arch support brace, Pro Tec Metatarsal Pads, and the Bitly Compression Sleeves. All of these options will help you find relief and prevent injury from occurring.

ROCKAY Accelerate
  • ROCKAY Accelerate
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Arch support designed into sock
  • Price: See Here
Vive arch support brace
  • Vive arch support brace
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Patented compression
  • Price: See Here
Pro Tec Metatarsal Pads
  • Pro Tec Metatarsal Pads
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • CoolMax
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Tools For Arch Support

1. Rockay Accelerate & Arch Support

1. Rockay Accelerate & Arch Support
A sock at number one for arch support and this sock deserves recognition.

No need for inserts, the features designed into this sock are very functional and impressive and this includes the highly creative designed in thickened weave pattern which constantly channels and flows compressive support directly to the foot arch.

With this sock, you can forget using an insert and you get the arch support combined with all the other features built into it.

Read on and see why putting on this sock gives you your needed arch support and a whole lot more.
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When this sock was designed, the designers looked closely at the need for foot arch support and came up with a feature which cancels out insets while being an integral part of the sock.

It's all about the weave patterns and the thickness of the Organic Merino Wool, a bolder weave, thicker so to carry and channel targeted compression and distribute the compression strategically throughout the foot arch area. This means when we want arch support to be effective and consistent, we just put on our sock. Intelligent and well thought through design places the support into the sock.

Along with arch support you also get, padded/cushioned protection for the heels and toes so comfort is combined with anti-wear and tear problems.

Ventilative zones to prevent excess moisture build-up, give effective breathability and regulate the foot temperature. When arch muscles are at a good consistent temperature they will perform better.

The socks prevent moisture build-up which greatly reduces the potential for friction and blisters. The sock also offers a gentle consistent overall compression which promotes blood flow and oxygenation for foot arch muscles.

This sock has serious foot arch support designed into it and a whole bunch of other features which runners want.


Straight to the top for high durability goes Organic Merino Wool, it can't be easily equaled. This high-quality material is durability and comfort with protective support personified.

Cost vs Value

It gets even better, we are all cautious about spending our hard earned money, these socks though packed with everything a person/runner wants are actually very affordable. For your dollar outlay, you get a really high-value long-lasting investment.

2. Vive Arch Support Brace

2. Vive Arch Support Brace
This brace was specifically designed to relieve symptoms associated with flat feet and gives you the support, compression, and stability you need. It has a minimalistic design and is easy to use as well as adjustable.
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This product has a patented compression that provides you with the comfort and support you need to relieve the symptoms caused by your arch pain.

As far as comfort this one provides you with the comfort you can adjust as needed. You can use it will running, working out, and on a daily basis.

This one is really affordable and comes at a great price.

• Aligns and supports your back, knees, and hips

• Adjustable

• 60-day guarantee

• Patented compression

• Minimalistic design

• Non-slip rubber grip

• Affordable


• Gel pads can move around

3. Pro Tec Metatarsal Pads

3. Pro Tec Metatarsal Pads
This one is great for those of you who enjoy running or hiking uphill but develop arch pain because of it. This product is easy to use and effective in treating and preventing pain.
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This one is placed on the ball of the foot and is meant to relieve pressure and provide a comfortable lift to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsal heads

This one also ensures you remain comfortable during your runs and hikes. They provide shock absorption and reduce stress so they can relieve stress over time.

This one is really affordable and provides an excellent relief to your arch pain.

• Relieves arch pain

• Treats and prevents pain

• Relieves pressure

• Comfortable

• Absorbs shock

• Reduces stress

• Affordable


• Not compatible with other insoles as in the shoe

4. Bitly Compression Sleeves

4. Bitly Compression Sleeves
This is one of the most comfortable options on our list and can be kept on both day and night. It will alleviate your pain and improve your blood flow over time.
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These are made of high quality, moisture-wicking, and breathable fabric. It comes in several colors and sizes and its compression design will increase blood flow and speed up recovery.


These are highly affordable and well worth the investment.

• Comfortable

• Can be worn day and night

• Increases your blood flow

• Prevents and relieves pain

• Speeds up recovery

• Comes in several colors and sizes

• Affordable


• Not the best for those of you with severe arch pain

5. DR JK Foot Wrap

5. DR JK Foot Wrap
This product comes in a set to offer arch support without having to put an insert into the shoes. The foot wrap fits snugly into the arch to preventing it from falling, and the socks provide compression in the center of the foot for added support.
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Support: Cushioned support in the arch is attached to a stretchy wrap around the foot so you can wear it with or without socks, for constant arch stretch. This support can stay with you when not in shoes, which is great for around the house when you don’t want the sneakers on.

Comfort: The arch is cushioned so that there’s no hard plastic digging into the foot. You have a bit of leeway on where exactly on the arch to place it, so you can end up with a more tailored arch fit compared to some inserts.

Cost/value: Inexpensive, but possibly not the best quality. For the price, it is worth a shot if you don’t like the idea of moving inserts from shoe to shoe, or always wearing sneakers.

6. Superfeet Green

6. Superfeet Green
A firmer arch support with the support more targeted for the heel, Green Superfeet are for those with higher arches. Don’t expect much cushioning from these, but do expect high quality that will easily last a year. The arch is strong with these ones, and it’s not going anywhere!
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Support: Green Superfeet offer a high arch support that won’t fall or wear out. They are great for solving Plantar Fisciitis and are often recommended by podiatrists for mild overpronation and falling arches.

Comfort: The support is a bit further back towards the heel, which is perfect for some but feels off for others. The arch is high so it will be uncomfortable if you have low or falling arches. Many customers swear by these, wearing them up to twelve hours a day and still finding them comfortable.

Cost/value: This is one of the more expensive arch supports, but it does exactly what it is supposed to, and does not wear out. The firm support holds its shape for at least a year, even for the heaviest users. Superfeet come to the rescue when nothing else has worked.
  • Will not wear out quickly
  • Firm arch
  • Too high for some people
  • Pricey

7. Currexsole

7. Currexsole
This is the arch support for anyone who is worried about putting a firm, rigid arch in their shoe. The Currexsole will flex with your minimal shoes, while still giving the arch support you need. These inserts have a 0 millimeter drop, so they won’t mess with the pitch of your foot.
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Support: These have tons of arch support for the flexibility. The main benefit is that they are supportive without being so rigid, and are a great tool for arch support for those who don’t like bulk or weight.

Comfort: Currexsole flows with your foot forward to support a great toe off, and bridge the gap between landing and pushing off for the next step. They are more flexible so it doesn’t feel like it pokes. The deep heel bed helps with cushion, and hugs the foot snugly but not restrictively.

Cost/value: This is definitely not the cheapest insole, and it won’t necessarily last the longest either. The real value is the dynamic nature of getting a lot of support for the amount of flex. If you like your thin shoes and don’t want a rigid arch stopping their flexible nature, Currex is for you.
  • Allow the foot to flex
  • Doesn’t add any heel to toe drop to the shoes
  • Higher price point
  • Not as durable

8. Spenco Full Length Orthotic

8. Spenco Full Length Orthotic
This orthotic is thin enough to fit into dress shoes and soccer cleats when you need some extra support in shoes that aren’t necessarily made to accommodate that. The rigid arch is strong enough to last, and topped by a softer lining to make it comfortable for running or walking.
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Support: The arch feels more centered on the foot and lower profile on this insert, but it is firm enough that it won’t fall over time. The actual arch will likely outlast the lining on the top, which is a think piece of cushioning just to make the firm arch a bit more comfortable.

Comfort: This arch won’t take much impact, it is designed more to give great support while fitting in shoes that cannot have the sock liner removed.

Cost/value: The price is right! Spenco Full Length is a low cost option, especially for the high quality of the arch support.
  • Low profile
  • Thin
  • Fits in most shoes
  • Thinner covering
  • Less flexible

9. Aetrex Lynco Sports Orthotic

9. Aetrex Lynco Sports Orthotic
For the high arches and anyone with ball of the foot pain, there is Aetrex Orthotics. These include a metatarsal pad to cushion the ball of the foot, and give support to keep toes splayed and blood flowing. The layer covering the arch is antimicrobial, so it shouldn’t smell.
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Support: This insert is very supportive in the arch and metatarsal. Aetrex also has a flexing shock absorber in the center to reduce the pounding on your knees. This one is sports specific.

Comfort: A smooth transition from heel to toe, Aetrex is one of the most comfortable but still rigid arch supports out there. The flex means it doesn’t poke or rub, but the rigid undersole keeps it shape to provide the long lasting support you need.

Cost/value: This one is expensive. But it will also last forever. That firm arch isn’t falling down anytime soon! So if you value quality, and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, this is worth the investment.
  • High arch
  • Metatarsal pad
  • Antimicrobial top-layer
  • Expensive

10. Feetures Elite Socks

10. Feetures Elite Socks
If you are interested in arch support for comfort, but wear a lot of different shoes, features socks are for you. That way, you won’t have to buy multiple inserts or constantly move them from shoe to shoe. The sock gives good arch compression, providing a pleasant grip on the center of the foot.
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Support: Having a specific sock designed for the left versus right foot makes these anatomically supportive in specific regions of the arch. It’s still a sock, so don’t expect the same support you would get from a rigid orthotic. But if you just need a little extra arch support, try this first.

Comfort: These socks are thin and tight, but not restrictive. Since they are designed for each foot, the compression hits right where it is intended to. They are tight though, they have to be in order to deliver real arch support.

Cost/value: A bit expensive as socks go, but worth it for the quality. Features also has warranties on their socks in case they wear out prematurely.
  • Goes with your foot instead of with the shoe

  • Moisture wicking

  • Very tight
  • A bit expensive for a sock

The Criteria That We Used While Choosing The Best Tools For Foot Arch Support

We’re working hard to provide our readers the best products. Foot Arch pain is a serious issue that shoulnd’t be ignored by anyone and especially the runner.


It’s not easy to guess that this is one of the first things that you should think of before purchasing a product for foot arch. Runners who are prone to foot issues, or that already struggle with plantar fasciitis and the arch issues should buy tools that provide the right amount of support. The base of the tool should be rigid but also provide some cushioning.  is needed.


Foot arch tools were designed to give you more support and improve your performance. While they must be rigid, they must also provide enough cushioning to keep you comfortable during your runs. They should also be lightweight, easy to use, and effective. Make sure you get the right size for you as well, the product will not be as effective if you don’t take this into consideration.


Here comes the biggest test for your arch support tool. Let’s start with blisters. Yes, we are aware that blisters are one of the most unliked things in running word. They hurt and they look bad–but they happen. The best arch supports tools will prevent blisters from forming even the first time they are used. Here we need to take several considerations. First, take a look at the material the insole is made of since some can cause irritation and some people may be allergic to them. Also make sure it is made of durable material that wont fall apart after just a few uses.


Just because something is more expensive doesn’t mean it is the best option. Here we weighed the overall benefits it provides in comparison to its price. Here you must take into consideration you budget and ensure the features the product provides are ones you need.

The other criteria that we used when selecting the best product

Additional Features

Here you can take a look at the amount of shock absorption the product provides as well as how much it improves your performance. You should also look into how well it prevents blisters from occurring and whether or not it has moisture-wicking capabilities. Many also come equipped with odor-resistant capabilities and are easy to wash.


Here we look at how the insole or arch tool fits you as well as how it well it fits your shoe. This is important because they improper fit can make or break the benefits the product can provide you with.

Money Back Guarantee

This one is important because sometimes we never know if a product will be beneficial until we try it. So, make sure you take a look at what guarantees the product has to offer before making your purchase


While this should not be the first thing on your mind when looking for proper arch support, we understand that its important to some. Once you have narrowed down the products that provide you with the factors you need, then you can take a look at the style features you prefer.


Q. What are the causes of foot arch pain?

When it comes to foot arch pain, there are many factors that we can name. Even the most common injury may be a cause of this issue. From our running experience, we know that the most common cause is plantar fasciitis. This issue is caused when you overwork your plantar fascia. The pain is the strongest in the morning. Runners foot after few hours of regeneration while sleeping, starts to hurt whenever you want to move the feet.

Q. Are there different ways to treat foot arch pain?

First, you can use arch support inserts. They’re really easy to find on the market and you can wear them with most shoes. As we said before, it may also help you with plantar fasciitis. You can also wear socks and special wraps.
Exercise is also a good way to treat the pain, but no, we’re not talking about running exercises. We would recommend to strengthen your muscles by doing special exercises. You may search on the internet for Achilles tendon exercises because this part of the food is crucial while treating of foot arch pain. Even when you walk in normal shoes, try to purchase the special insoles to make it more comfortable for you to walk. If you want to strengthen your muscles in other way, you can use a night splint. This is a very nice option because it treats your illness while sleeping. The last way to relieve the pain is a cold therapy which is very popular now. Different types of massages will let you forget about the discomfort.

Q. What is the role of the arch?

You may think that the role of the arch isn’t very important in the whole body but if you think like that, it’s a big mistake. Foot arch has many important functions in our body. Whenever you take a step, you arch has very big work to do. It absorbs stress that is created while walking or running. Next thing is very important. Remember how many times you couldn’t stabilize your body. You know how unpleasant feeling it is so you should be aware that arch helps to stabilize the whole body while running or even walking or standing. Finally, when you’re in the mountains or anywhere where the terrain is hilly or uneven, the arch helps to stabilize yourself and it makes it easier to walk on this kind of surfaces.

Q. Will the insert fit my shoe I already have?

This isn’t a simple question to answer. Most inserts will easily fit any shoe, however, we do recommend you take your measurements before making your purchase.

Q.Why do I have arch pain?

There are many reasons why this may be happening to you. If you work in a job at a job where you work all day long or over use your feet then this can cause this pain to begin.

Q.How can I take care of my inserts?

Firstly, you shouldn’t get them too wet. Instead, use a mild detergent and let them air dry. Depending on the product, make sure you clean them every 3-4 months.

Q.How do I figure out what type of arch I have and if it is arch pain?

To figure this out you will simply have to take a look at your footprint.

There are 3 different possibilities:
1. You’ve got a normal arch, which doesn’t mean you can’t have arch pain
2. You’ve got a low arch, which means your footprint is really visible at the bottom of your feet
3. If you’ve got a high arch, which means you are able to see the heel and the top. This may cause a great deal of pain.



Everyone’s feet are different, which is why there are so many options for arch supports. It is just a matter of finding the right one to work with your support needs and running goals. These tools for arch support let you take precautionary steps to prevent any injuries, so you can focus on the important thing; running your best. Try to use all our advice and search for the best product. Remember, that there are many other products, these on our list are best for us but it doesn’t mean that they’re best for you.


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