Best Tools for Foot Arch Support Reviewed


Arch support is not only comfortable, but it is important for preventing injuries and providing long term structure for the foot.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. As soon as you feel any soreness in the arch, heel, or forefoot, throwing an arch support into whatever shoes you are wearing can’t hurt, and you can just keep your focus on training. Or sometimes it just feels strange when nothing is touching your arch, making it feel like Sandra Bullock in Gravity, just floating in space.

Here are your ten best tools for foot arch support.

Last Updated: April 5, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

We have updated and increased your choices here to ensure you always get the best options. Prevention is better than fixing a foot issue so we focus on finding the best for you through in-depth comparative research. How do we manage that? Read our criteria for researching and reviewing to see how. If you find you still have questions, check our questions from runners in the FAQS section

Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic
  • Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Deep Heel Cradle
  • Price: See Here
Sole Softec
  • Sole Softec
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Softec Open Cell Cushioning
  • Price: See Here
DR JK Foot Wrap
  • DR JK Foot Wrap
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Plantar Fasciitis & Ankle Support
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Tools For Arch Support


1. Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic

Powerstep is a brand often recommended by podiatrists when patients need arch support for any of a number of reasons. Plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, heel spurs, and mild over-pronation can all be helped by this supportive insert.
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Support: The contour is smooth, so even though the arch is high, it won’t feel like it’s poking. The arch might feel a bit farther back on the foot, which takes some getting used to.

Comfort: With a soft liner over the more rigid arch, Powerstep insoles still have a soft feel to them. But don’t let the layer of cushion fool you, the arch isn’t flimsy by a long shot. The cushion is targeted in the spots with the highest impact.

Cost/value: You can’t beat the value on this arch support. The price is middle of the road, and they last quite some time.
  • High arch
  • Quality: will hold it’s shape
  • Soft shock absorbent top
  • Some people don’t like the arch support this far back on the foot

2. Spenco Total Support

The Spenco Total Support is not as rigid as some of the other inserts, but still offers strong lasting arch support. It is lightweight, and gives extra cushion under targeted areas of the foot so that the high shock of running doesn’t reach your foot.
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Support: With a medium sized arch, the Total Support fits most feet well. It includes a metatarsal pad in the center of the forefoot, which can help alleviate neuromas and spread the toes properly. The metatarsal support flexes to give a good transition into the next step.

Comfort: This is a more rigid arch on the outside, but flexes to give way on each step. The heel has extra bits of cushion added underneath, and the forefoot is corrugated to flex when weight is applied. Most people love the metatarsal pad, though it might take some getting used to.

Cost/value: It may feel a bit flimsy, but it will last. There is not much to break down, and once the support molds to your foot, it won’t continue to drop in the arch. For this quality, the price is right.
  • Metatarsal pad
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Not for the highest arches.

  • Not particularly cushioned

3. Sole Softec

Sole arch supports do double duty as one of the highest and most rigid arches that can also be molded to your feet. Some people love them because Sole is one of the highest insteps available. But if they feel a little too aggressive, simply follow the directions to warm them in the oven before standing on them to mold specifically to your arches.
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Support: For the person who wants to feel a robust arch throughout the entire center of the foot, not just back towards the heel, this is for you. The best part is that if it ends up being too much support, you can mold them to make it a better fit for you. The rigid base means long lasting quality.

Comfort: Even though the base is rigid enough to survive an avalanche of rock, a think layer of cushioning is added to the top to give this insert some great comfort. And since they are moldable, the comfort also tends to be spot on with the fit of your arches.

Cost/value: You’re going to pay a little more for this insert, but the versatility and quality make it worth it. If you are worried that an insert would not be fitted properly for your arch, this moldable insert will ease your fears.
  • Moldable
  • High arch to start with
  • Durable
  • Thick: won’t fit into as many shoes
  • Rigid

4. Superfeet Green

A firmer arch support with the support more targeted for the heel, Green Superfeet are for those with higher arches. Don’t expect much cushioning from these, but do expect high quality that will easily last a year. The arch is strong with these ones, and it’s not going anywhere!
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Support: Green Superfeet offer a high arch support that won’t fall or wear out. They are great for solving Plantar Fisciitis and are often recommended by podiatrists for mild overpronation and falling arches.

Comfort: The support is a bit further back towards the heel, which is perfect for some but feels off for others. The arch is high so it will be uncomfortable if you have low or falling arches. Many customers swear by these, wearing them up to twelve hours a day and still finding them comfortable.

Cost/value: This is one of the more expensive arch supports, but it does exactly what it is supposed to, and does not wear out. The firm support holds its shape for at least a year, even for the heaviest users. Superfeet come to the rescue when nothing else has worked.
  • Will not wear out quickly
  • Firm arch
  • Too high for some people
  • Pricey

Dr.Koyama Arch Support Insoles

Available as an insole or a mid-foot sock style, both are effective.

These insoles are designed to work well for flat feet problems, give serious support for low and/or high foot arches.

Simply slip the insole into your shoe and let it work for you. This insole is the result of in-depth research by the brand makers in order to get exactly the right product wanted by people with foot problems.
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Move around comfortably and increase your mobility without uncomfortable distractions. These will bring relief for plantar fasciitis problems, high or low arch, and flat feet, arch support is full and impressive.

Designed with effective air ventilation perforations to ensure breathability and fighting off foot odor. The stoma system ensures consistent air ventilation.


These retail at a price which is realistic in return for a good product

Mid foot wrap around-Sock style or insoles

Low & high arch support


good for planet facciitis

Good for flat feet


Ensure the FIT is right for your shoe

5. Currexsole

This is the arch support for anyone who is worried about putting a firm, rigid arch in their shoe. The Currexsole will flex with your minimal shoes, while still giving the arch support you need. These inserts have a 0 millimeter drop, so they won’t mess with the pitch of your foot.
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Support: These have tons of arch support for the flexibility. The main benefit is that they are supportive without being so rigid, and are a great tool for arch support for those who don’t like bulk or weight.

Comfort: Currexsole flows with your foot forward to support a great toe off, and bridge the gap between landing and pushing off for the next step. They are more flexible so it doesn’t feel like it pokes. The deep heel bed helps with cushion, and hugs the foot snugly but not restrictively.

Cost/value: This is definitely not the cheapest insole, and it won’t necessarily last the longest either. The real value is the dynamic nature of getting a lot of support for the amount of flex. If you like your thin shoes and don’t want a rigid arch stopping their flexible nature, Currex is for you.
  • Allow the foot to flex
  • Doesn’t add any heel to toe drop to the shoes
  • Higher price point
  • Not as durable

6. Spenco Full Length Orthotic

This orthotic is thin enough to fit into dress shoes and soccer cleats when you need some extra support in shoes that aren’t necessarily made to accommodate that. The rigid arch is strong enough to last, and topped by a softer lining to make it comfortable for running or walking.
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Support: The arch feels more centered on the foot and lower profile on this insert, but it is firm enough that it won’t fall over time. The actual arch will likely outlast the lining on the top, which is a think piece of cushioning just to make the firm arch a bit more comfortable.

Comfort: This arch won’t take much impact, it is designed more to give great support while fitting in shoes that cannot have the sock liner removed.

Cost/value: The price is right! Spenco Full Length is a low cost option, especially for the high quality of the arch support.
  • Low profile
  • Thin
  • Fits in most shoes
  • Thinner covering
  • Less flexible

7. DR JK Foot Wrap

This product comes in a set to offer arch support without having to put an insert into the shoes. The foot wrap fits snugly into the arch to preventing it from falling, and the socks provide compression in the center of the foot for added support.
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Support: Cushioned support in the arch is attached to a stretchy wrap around the foot so you can wear it with or without socks, for constant arch stretch. This support can stay with you when not in shoes, which is great for around the house when you don’t want the sneakers on.

Comfort: The arch is cushioned so that there’s no hard plastic digging into the foot. You have a bit of leeway on where exactly on the arch to place it, so you can end up with a more tailored arch fit compared to some inserts.

Cost/value: Inexpensive, but possibly not the best quality. For the price, it is worth a shot if you don’t like the idea of moving inserts from shoe to shoe, or always wearing sneakers.
  • Great for a high arch
  • Not dependent on shoes for support
  • Alternative to inserts
  • Might not last forever
  • Some people thought the compression was lacking

8. Aetrex Lynco Sports Orthotic

For the high arches and anyone with ball of the foot pain, there is Aetrex Orthotics. These include a metatarsal pad to cushion the ball of the foot, and give support to keep toes splayed and blood flowing. The layer covering the arch is antimicrobial, so it shouldn’t smell.
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Support: This insert is very supportive in the arch and metatarsal. Aetrex also has a flexing shock absorber in the center to reduce the pounding on your knees. This one is sports specific.

Comfort: A smooth transition from heel to toe, Aetrex is one of the most comfortable but still rigid arch supports out there. The flex means it doesn’t poke or rub, but the rigid undersole keeps it shape to provide the long lasting support you need.

Cost/value: This one is expensive. But it will also last forever. That firm arch isn’t falling down anytime soon! So if you value quality, and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, this is worth the investment.
  • High arch
  • Metatarsal pad
  • Antimicrobial top-layer
  • Expensive

9. Feetures Elite Socks

If you are interested in arch support for comfort, but wear a lot of different shoes, features socks are for you. That way, you won’t have to buy multiple inserts or constantly move them from shoe to shoe. The sock gives good arch compression, providing a pleasant grip on the center of the foot.
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Support: Having a specific sock designed for the left versus right foot makes these anatomically supportive in specific regions of the arch. It’s still a sock, so don’t expect the same support you would get from a rigid orthotic. But if you just need a little extra arch support, try this first.

Comfort: These socks are thin and tight, but not restrictive. Since they are designed for each foot, the compression hits right where it is intended to. They are tight though, they have to be in order to deliver real arch support.

Cost/value: A bit expensive as socks go, but worth it for the quality. Features also has warranties on their socks in case they wear out prematurely.
  • Goes with your foot instead of with the shoe

  • Moisture wicking

  • Very tight
  • A bit expensive for a sock

10. Ten Seconds Flat

This arch support is for anyone with flat feet or fallen arches. It is made specifically so that it doesn’t dig into your foot, or cause pain in a low arch.
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Support: Not only are Ten Seconds Flat great for the arches, they also align the ankles, knees, and hips to prevent overpronation. They were designed by an orthopedic surgeon with support in mind.

Comfort: The tops have extra cushioning, and a blister preventing layer that wicks moisture away from the foot. Stay dry without the rubbing in this insert.

Cost/value: Middle of the road price, Ten Seconds Flat are a solid option for those without high arches. The value is in the different design compared to most other inserts. This is the best tool for arch support for anyone who has fallen arches and rolling in with the ankles.
  • Corrects overpronation
  • Fit for low arches
  • Harder top
  • Thick

The Criteria That We Used While Choosing The Best Tools For Foot Arch Support

We’re working hard to provide our readers the best products. Foot Arch pain is a serious issue that shoulnd’t be ignored by anyone and especially the runner.

Amount of support

It’s not easy to guess that this is one of the first things that you should think of before purchasing a product for foot arch. Runners who are prone to foot issues or they already struggle with plantar fasciitis and the other arch problems should buy a tool with a big amount of support. The base of the tool should be rigid enough, but still, some cushioning is needed. Many companies also offer the different points where is the biggest support so you should evaluate it carefully.

Is it comfortable?

Foot arch tool was designed to give you more support and make your performance better but you should also feel good about it. As we said before, the tool must be rigid but some cushioning won’t affect the support. The product should be also lightweight and easy to put in the shoe. It shouldn’t slide from side to side. Many buyers have a big problem with comfort as not every insert is good for high arches. On the other side, people with low arches may not be happy with some foot arch tools. You should be able to wear this stuff all day long and still feel comfortable. If you buy an insert, choose the size with measurements on the website of producer as the size of shoes you’re wearing isn’t always the best size for the inserts. You may not feel at the first time you’re wearing it, but it can be too tight or too lose. When you first try the tool, it must be uncomfortable because you need to get used to it. However, the comfortable wearing is the key to success and if you’re wearing it like second or third time and something is wrong, it is likely that it’s not your size. While purchasing the socks, many buyers complained that sometimes they were too tight. Wearing socks too tight may have a bad effect on your blood circulation. Flexibility is the keyword when you think of running socks or shoes but when it comes to foot arch protection with a sock, it is very crucial.


Here comes the biggest test for your arch support tool. Let’s start with blisters. Yes, we are aware that blisters are one of the most unliked things in running word. They hurt, they look bad but they happen. A good tool shouldn’t leave any blisters even at the first time of usage. sometimes, even if the tool helps for arch pain, it may really hurt our skin. The other thing is a skin irritation.  Inserts, for example, are made of very different materials. Sometimes, many chemicals are used to create the insole. This is why your skin may react very strange and you can have skin irritation. Although it’s very unpleasant, it doesn’t mean that you need to stop wearing it. Just give your feet few days of relaxing and then try again. The bad news is when you still have skin irritation.  After the first usage, you should check if there’s everything okay with insert or any other tool. Those who are poorly made will tear after 4,5 usages. Hopefully, none of the products on our list will tear. If your insert is said to be moisture-wicking, you should really test it. this function can really prevent bad smell and it is more comfortable.


As you spend money on this tool, you want it to be durable. It is obvious that after time it will wear out but it can’t be too fast. The durability of the tool can be easily checked, especially if you have inserts. An insert, after a longer period of usage, should keep the same shape or similar as it has been already bought. What’s more, if the smell of the insert is very bad, this can mean that the material is cheap and it won’t be a durable one. The big test for the inserts and all this similar staff is a hot day. When your feet start to sweat, you can have a problem with your inserts, moving from side to side. The cheapest inserts are very prone to smell very bad and you are made to throw them out. Let’s change the season- winter. We believe that during winter, you wear for running good warm shoes. However, if it’s too warm, your foot starts to sweat again. Inserts who are moisture wicking should last very long, no matter how hard the weather conditions are.

The other criteria that we used when selecting the best product

Additional Conveniences

Before giving you basic support for your arch, this tool may have also a good impact on your joints and knees. Why? Some products, especially inserts have a special function of shock absorption. They make it easier and smoother for the feet to walk and run. The very useful function of the tool may be a special layer that prevents blisters appearing. It’s also perfect if you are able to mold the insert, you can adjust it to your needs. If you search for good material, it’s good to find the tool which is moisture-wicking. This may also help with the unwanted smell.  The last thing that you should consider is whether the insert is what you really need. There are many types of tools for foot arch support. There are special socks. You don’t need to put the insert from one shoe to another.They are really comfortable and great also for normal use. They are easy to wash. None of your friends would even notice that you’re wearing special arch support tool- you can even wear it at the party. There are also afoot wraps. This one may not be liked by all the runners. They are usually worn on barefoot, to provide better protection. But we must say that most runners who are very sensitive to their running clothes aren’t very interested in it.

Does the insert fit your shoe?

As we’re answering the questions from our readers, many complain that there are big problems with choosing the best size. As far as we know, sizes of the shoes aren’t the equivalents of insole’s sizes. This is a big problem because wearing the wrong size of the insert will effect in not treating the arch. This is why the good option is to search for the good tool online and then go to the stationary shop and try it. This will help you to save a lot of money.

Guarantee and money back

Here come the two words that are adored by the customers.Guaranteed is a kind of must have for some buyers. If you search for a product on the internet, it’s really hard to find the good one. Companies offer many various products, that are so different that you can’t decide what you want. Hopefully, because of our site, it is easier but still,l it’s very hard task. Gurantee is a perfect option for online shopping. You never know what will came in your box. But you must be really carefull , becase the guarantee of for example replacing the prodcuts always works. You need to have a good reason why you want a new product and it’s not very easy to achieve it. You are usually asked why do you want to give back the product, why do you want anew one and all this staff. there’s a different case with this money back slogan.  It’s very difficult to receive your money back. Why? Because some customers purchase the product, use it only a few times and then want to give it back. This is really unfair, as they don’t want to pay money. That’s why the returining rules are so strict.


Wide range of prices is quiet unbelievable here. You may find inserts for about 10 dollars but there are also those which are above 100 dollars. The decision is yours. If you really want to invest in a good tool , the pricey ones will be perfect for you. However, if you need to tighten the belt, you can with no doubts purchase the cheaper ones. It really depends on runner’s needs. If you don’t have a big problem with foot arch and it’s strong, medium price product will be perfect for you. The most pricey product on our list is Superfeet Green. It may cos more than 130 dollars. But let’s be honest. You want to spend money on a cheap and useless product? At first, you can ruin your health if you do it like this. You buy this tool fos support, for more comfort and you really need to get what you want. many customers try to save as much money as possible buying the staff that is very low quality. What we want to say is that’s perfect if you can invest in a good tool for arch support. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the products on our list that are cheaper are worse. The best advice that we can give you is to check the price after you check the abilities of the tool and if it fits you.


This is one of the factors that isn’t important for arch but it’s really important for us. Who wouldn’t like to llok good in running clothes. When it comes to inserts/ insoles, you may think that nobody sees them because they’re inside the shoes. However, from our experience, we know that some runners pay great attention to details and they want their inserts to look as well as the rest of their running clothes. Many runners who are into fashion, decide to purchase socks.Feetures Elite Socks are the only socks on our list but they’re really popular. Why? Because producers offer many different colors from neon to dark ones. It is easier for a runner to  differentiate from the others. When it comes to socks, many producers also offer diferent styles – we mean the length of the sock. To be clear, the look is the least important when it comes to relieving the pain.



Q. What are the causes of foot arch pain?

A.When it comes to foot arch pain, there are many factors that we can name. Even the most common injury may be a cause of this issue. From our running experience, we know that the most common cause is plantar fasciitis. This issue is caused when you overwork your plantar fascia. The pain is the strongest in the morning. Runners foot after few hours of regeneration while sleeping, starts to hurt whenever you want to move the feet.


Q. Are there different ways to treat foot arch pain?

A.Here we go with best ways to treat arch pain. You should choose the best option for you and you can also mix them
Firstly, you can use arch support inserts. They’re really easy to find on the market and you can wear them with most shoes. As we said before, it may also help you with plantar fasciitis. You can also wear socks and special wraps.
Exercising is a good way to treat the pain, but no, we’re not talking about running exercises. We would recommend to strengthen your muscles by doing special exercises. You may search on the internet for Achilles tendon exercises because this part of the food is crucial while treating of foot arch pain. Even when you walk in normal shoes, try to purchase the special insoles to make it more comfortable for you to walk. If you want to strengthen your muscles in other way, you can use a night splint. This is a very nice option because it treats your illness while sleeping. The last way to relieve the pain is a cold therapy which is very popular now. Different types of massages will let you forget about the discomfort.


Q. What is the role of the arch?

A. You may think that the role of the arch isn’t very important in the whole body but if you think like that, it’s a big mistake. Foot arch has many important functions in our body. Whenever you take a step, you arch has very big work to do. It absorbs stress that is created while walking or running. Next thing is very important. Remember how many times you couldn’t stabilize your body. You know how unpleasant feeling it is so you should be aware that arch helps to stabilize the whole body while running or even walking or standing. Finally, when you’re in the mountains or anywhere where the terrain is hilly or uneven, the arch helps to stabilize yourself and it makes it easier to walk on this kind of surfaces.


Q. Will the insert fit my shoe I already have?

A. The answer for that question isn’t simple. Most inserts can be easily put into the shoe and it should fit well. Usually, the sizes of shoes are very similar to sizes of inserts but we would recommend checking the measurements.


Q.Why do I have this arch pain?

A.There are many reasons why these pain occurs. If you work in a job and you stand all day long, this is very bad for your arch. If you overuse your feet too much, so for example you run a lot, your arch starts to hurt.


Q.How can I take care of my inserts?

A.What many users do and we wouldn’t recommend it, is making it very wet. You should use very mild detergent in order to not destroy the insert. In most cases using the washing machine can really destroy your inserts and if they absorb to much water, they will be useless. A machine dry isn’t also recommended. You should restore them every 3, 4 months although it really depends on the product.


Q.How to find if you have an arch pain?

A.This won’t be very difficult to do. All you need to do is check what your food print looks like.
There are 3 different possibilities that may occur.
1. You’ve got a normal arch, which doesn’t mean you can’t have arch pain
2. You’ve got a low arch, your footprint is really visible at the bottom of your feet
3. If you’ve got a high arch, you are able to see the heel and the top, it may cause big pain



Everyone’s feet are different, which is why there are so many options for arch supports. It is just a matter of finding the right one to work with your support needs and running goals. These tools for arch support let you take precautionary steps to prevent any injuries, so you can focus on the important thing; running your best. Try to use all our advice and search for the best product. Remember, that there are many other products, these on our list are best for us but it doesn’t mean that they’re best for you.


Here are a few sources we used for our research:


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