10 Best Turmeric Supplements Tested & Reviewed


As a novice or professional athlete, physical health is a very important part of success. No athlete can accomplish much without good health. Living healthy entails consuming the right food products, exercising, and avoiding exposure to disease-causing pathogens. In a bid to maintain a healthy life, athletes have been forced to look for other ways outside of their routine workout regimes. They have resorted to using supplements to derive certain nutrients and benefits in their concentrated forms. One such supplement that has consistently managed to stand out among athletes is turmeric, which has been used by Indians and other ethnicities from the East to provide natural medicine.

Vimerson Health
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Nature's Nutrition
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Me First Living
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Turmeric (Curcuma longa), has long been a staple ingredient in spicy Indian curry dishes and has been held in high regard by cultures all around the world for its healing and regenerative properties and many medicinal applications. It possesses so many healing properties that many scientific studies have been don over the decades in order to better understand these healing properties and how turmeric can help the body heal and regenerate itself. When it comes to turmeric and your health it is all thanks to one key healing compounds found in turmeric, which is known as curcumin. In ancient writings dating back centuries, turmeric is mentioned alongside countless other herbs and spices that were also known and now been proven to have medicinal properties like garlic, sea salt, anise, ginseng, green tea, manuka, lavender, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, frankincense, gingko, and many others!! This has given rise to a new push to incorporate turmeric into normal diets and the demand for turmeric supplements has continued to grow.

However, more research is ongoing to determine how much more benefits can be derived from consuming turmeric. The spice is immediately identified by its yellowish color that distinctively stands out from the other spices. Its distinctively warm, aromatic taste is a real appetizer and can easily make you interested in food items you were initially indifferent to. In India, this ubiquitous plant can be found on practically every corner of the country. It is used to spice up virtually every food produced in the country. With a growing interest in turmeric benefits, many manufacturers have taken advantage of the situation to produce supplements with turmeric and the main ingredient, but the overwhelming number of turmeric supplements on the market can make it confusing when it comes to choosing the best one for consumption. Below is a list of best turmeric supplements reviewed for quality.


10 Best Turmeric Supplements


1. Vimerson Health

Whether you are looking to boost your performance or stay on top of the game, Turmeric Curcumin from Vimerson Health will help you do more for less. The powerful formula features 1.2 g of turmeric root extract, with 10 mg Bioperine and 95% standardized Curcuminoids. As an accomplished athlete, you will be able to reap immense benefits from this supplement meant to improve your health and life.
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Since the body cannot easily absorb Curcumin, Vimerson Health has BioPerine added to its formula to enhance absorption. The patented black pepper extract has demonstrated its ability to enhance absorption.


This supplement is anti-inflammatory and could help promote your overall health while complementing an active, healthy lifestyle. Athletes can use it to prevent and treat inflammation of the muscles, joints and other parts of the body.

Cost and Value

With added BioPerine to boost absorption and antioxidant/ anti-inflammatory properties to help boost the overall health, this product can be great for athletes. The price is also quite affordable.

Relieves back and joint pain

Improves digestion of food nutrients

Reduces inflammation as well as skin dryness

Boosts energy and enhances mood


May not be good for those with bleeding issues

May cause stomach upset

2. Nature's Nutrition

Turmeric is an undisputed anti-inflammatory powerhouse for joint and heart health. It has also been known for boosting brain function. This antioxidant supplement has high-potency standardized curcuminoids to help you achieve your health goals. With BioPerine added to the formula, you can be sure that your body will be able to better absorb curcumin. It is also an all-natural formula so you do not have to worry about additives.
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Natural Anti-inflammatory

This supplement provides a more natural way to get rid of joint stiffness and pain. This could help reduce anti-inflammatory symptoms throughout the body. It is great for athletes prone to joint injuries.

Maximum Absorption

The BioPerine in this supplement speeds up the process of absorption. In fact, when consumed with BioPerine, turmeric’s absorption rate may rise up to 2, 000 times higher compared to consuming it alone.

Cost and Value

This supplement has strong anti-inflammatory properties that could be great for athletes who are prone to joint pain and stiffness. If you are looking for turmeric supplement that is easily absorbed into the body, then Nature’s Nutrition supplement could be good for you.

Natural anti-inflammatory properties to help athletes alleviate their joint pain

Maximum absorption from consuming turmeric with BioPerine

All-natural and GMO-free

Improves heart health to allow athletes to perform better


Can cause nausea

May smell and taste like turmeric

3. Me First Living

This supplement has been designed to add flavor to your food while giving it the vibrant color you need to elevate your appetite. The company has leveraged the incredible benefits of turmeric to create a product that will support and improve the health of athletes, runners, and other sports enthusiasts. Whether you want to manage joint pain or alleviate muscle aches, this product contains turmeric with anti-inflammatory properties to help keep you pain-free.
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Potent Anti-Inflammatory

You no longer have to worry about paining joints and aching muscles, as this supplement will soothe your pain and give you the peace of mind needed to compete in a race or practice for an upcoming competition.


Besides being gluten-free and vegan-friendly, the product has been confirmed to contain no GMO elements, making it even safer for consumption. You can use it without worrying about your health.

Cost and Value

If you are looking for an all-natural ingredients product, then you might want to try this one. It is gluten-free and will impress you with its anti-inflammatory properties. It is cost-effective too.

Added BioPerine for increased absorption

All natural formula free of gluten and preservatives

Vegan-friendly for vegan and vegetarian athletes

Anti-inflammatory properties


Some people may experience diarrhea when using this product

May cause stomach discomfort

4. NuVitality

4. NuVitality
This supplement from NuVitality can provide you with a happy, healthier life. Since it is 100% natural, you do not have to worry about additives and artificial ingredients that could pose a health hazard. The proven formula has delivered impressive results in terms of improving heart health and boosting brain function. It also helps with digestion and detoxification processes.
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Black Pepper Extract

The black pepper extract helps to speed up the rate of absorption of turmeric to provide near-instant benefits. You can, therefore, consume less and be sure that more will be absorbed.


Whether you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, you can rely on this product to provide pain relief and minimize painful effects. Its superior anti-inflammatory effects make it ideal for treating all forms of joint, back and muscle pain.

Cost and Value

Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis can leave you with painful effects and slow your training down, but this product could be the supplement you need to recover quickly and resume normal fitness routine.

Added Piperine for speedy absorption of the supplement into the body

Soy-free and gluten-free, which is ideal for those allergic to soy and gluten

Vegan-friendly for vegan athletes

Anti-inflammatory effects to relieve painful rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis


May hasten heartbeat

May cause stomach ache if you have a sensitive stomach

5. A Squared Nutrition

5. A Squared Nutrition
If you are looking for maximum strength to help boost your muscle performance when jogging or sprinting, this product will give you the energy you need to sprint uphill and improve your heart health. Other massive health benefits associated with this supplement include a healthy digestive system and improved overall cardiovascular health. You’ll also improve your overall wellness and wellbeing.
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Helps to Relieve Pains

Joint pain and muscle aches can have devastating effects on athletes and significantly affect their performance. However, this supplement could help relieve joint pain and muscle ache.

Natural Detoxifier

The body comprises toxins that could affect health in various ways. Toxin build-up could result in infections, but this naturally detoxifying supplement could help get rid of these toxins and enhance overall health.

Cost and Value

Whether you are suffering from muscle aches or joint pain, this supplement could help relieve that pain while at the same time helping to detoxify and clean up your body. The price is affordable.

100% natural and vegetarian approved diet

Natural detoxifying properties

Promotes brain function and boost heart health

Powerful antioxidant


May cause digestive issues

May cause headaches

6. PurityLabs Organic

6. PurityLabs Organic
For centuries, sports and health enthusiasts have considered turmeric curcumin to help promote their liver and heart health. PurityLabs Organic turmeric supplement has helped athletes to improve their overall health by alleviating joint pain that might be slowing them down. If you want a healthy skin, you should try introducing this supplement into your diet. It will also boost your immune system.
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Boost Brain Function

Athletes need to stay alert while performing their morning runs or evening workouts. This supplement will ensure your brain stays alert throughout your training session, thanks to its ability to boost brain function.

Boost Immune System

Elite athletes know that their nothing more important to their careers than having a healthy immune system. This supplement will help boost your immune system and keep infection away. Strengthened immune system boosts performance and takes your mind off unnecessary worries.

Cost and Value

The supplement will not only boost your energy levels to help you run fast but also boost your mood to ensure you stay motivated all through. You will realize a dramatic improvement in performance.

Helps food and nutrients to be absorbed faster

Minimizes inflammation and skin dryness

Boost immune system to allow athletes to focus on performance

Boosts brain function so that you can stay alert throughout the day


May cause heartburn

Some users may experience nausea

7. Superfood Harvest

7. Superfood Harvest
Do not allow your pains and aches to ruin your exercise routine by getting yourself this organic supplement. It could help you treat inflammation and several other health problems to get back in shape and resume normal duties. The turmeric also supports digestion and cardiovascular health. If you are about to go running but feel a little out of your element, you could add this supplement to your pre-workout shake and liven your mood almost instantly
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100% Organic

There is no added ingredients or compounds as it, therefore, organic therefore promising maximum benefits and it is gluten free.

Maximum Absorption

The BioPerine in this supplement speeds up the process of absorption. Despite the 10mg quality listed, it is still as effective and improves absorption faster.

Cost and Value

Using turmeric could improve your mood and get you ready for your workout routine. You could also ease your pain and improve heart health using this supplement, all at an affordable price of a few dollars.

Minimizes inflammation of the joints and muscles

Enhances immune system

Supports heart health and cardiovascular function

Improves blood circulation and digestion processes


May cause headache

Can be a little harsh on sensitive stomach

8. Naturevibe Botanicals

8. Naturevibe Botanicals
Naturevibe Botanicals is like no other, always aiming to provide top quality organic supplements and products. With its high-quality product, the company encourages you to choose healthy living while maintaining a chemical-free lifestyle. This turmeric supplement will give your food some flavor while leaving you with tremendous medical benefits. It will also treat innumerable diseases. Naturevibe Botanicals is fully committed to safety and wellness to ensure customers get value for money.
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The product is native to India and has been made to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices, with no artificial ingredients or additives, no binders, no cholesterol and no fillers.

Improves Digestion

If you are an athlete looking to eat healthy food with therapeutic value, you could add this supplement to your daily diet. It will greatly enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients into the body.

Cost and Value

The supplement could help improve the digestion and absorption of food. The athlete could also enjoy the high therapeutic value offered by this product at an affordable cost.

High absorption rate

High therapeutic value

Boost brain function to help marathoners and sprinters to perform better

GMP-compliant, with no binders and no fillers


May cause nausea

Can cause stomach upset

9. Natural Factors

9. Natural Factors
The yellow pigment in turmeric is known for numerous health benefits. The Natural Factors company understands that it is not about how much you consume, but how much the body absorbs. Therefore, it has resorted to manufacturing products that meet the needs of athletes and other fitness enthusiasts out there. Rich with Theracurmin, this supplement offers better absorption than regular curcumin.
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The Theracurmin Difference

This product has added Theracurmin to go beyond the limits of regular curcumin to help provide superior absorption. If you want fast-absorbing turmeric, then you should try this product.

Widely Supportive

The supplement provides a wide range of supportive functions, including supporting heart health, supporting joint health and managing circulation. Add the supplement to your daily diet to enjoy these incredible benefits.

Cost and Value

With better absorption rate and the ability to promote vascular health and support joint health, this product could be the ultimate pain reliever. The cost is also pocket-friendly.

Promotes elbow and knee joint health

Improves circulation

Non-GMO and provides all-natural ingredients

The added Theracurmin enhances absorption rate


May cause diarrhea

May cause severe stomach ache

10. Regale Health

10. Regale Health
These all-natural vegetable capsules contain high potency turmeric curcumin to help improve your poor joint health that could be slowing you down and ruining your fitness progress. It is also great for individuals looking to boost their brain function and achieve more for less. If you want to live healthier, make this supplement a part of your diet and enjoy incredible benefits turmeric has to offer.
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For athletes who are conscious of their health, consuming this supplement could provide you with peace of mind knowing it is 100% natural. It could also help you feel stronger to deliver a better performance.


The supplement also has anti-oxidant properties to help fight free radicals that could be harmful to your health. In addition, it will also slow down the aging process.

Cost and Value

Whether you want to age slowly or maintain a healthy life by consuming all-natural ingredients, this supplement could help you achieve your health goals. The price is quite affordable as well.

Neutralizes free radicals that speed up the process of aging

Can help relieve knee and joint pain

Promotes easy absorption of turmeric

Non-GMO and free from preservatives


May cause stomach upset

Can cause nausea

Indians have come to appreciate the properties and benefits of turmeric beyond the typical flavor used to make a good curry. After using turmeric for a long time, they have come to realize the various ways they could use the ingredient to improve their overall health. The rest of the world has also joined them in reaping the benefits of this component, and the world’s vegans are not excluded from experiencing the powers of turmeric either. Today, there are several companies that make turmeric supplements to help athletes and other sports enthusiasts to alleviate their joint pain and backaches. With numerous supplements on the market, buyers often become too overwhelmed to choose the right product.

There are many reasons to add turmeric to your diet and they go well beyond the basic health benefits it offers.  One big reason turmeric supplements are gaining such popularity it that studies are showing the natural spice can help address some of the major health concerns facing people today and can help reduce our dependence on manmade chemically based medications. WIth fewer side effects and a better rate of success when compared to many modern prescriptions, turmeric is a tempting option for a more natural way to take care of our bodies without relying on harsh chemicals that can bring a host of unwanted side effects with them.  Some of the most common drugs that this may help reduce dependence on are believed to include:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Anticoagulants
  • Painkillers
  • Chemotherapy
  • Diabetes drugs
  • Skin Care products
  • Antidepressants
  • Arthritis medications
  • IBS and IBD
  • Obesity medications
  • Cholesterol pills
  • Steroids

Turmeric and your health may very well be more closely connected than we have ever realized! This is why we wanted to find, review, and present to you some of the best turmeric supplements available today. If you are ready to see what this powerful natural supplement can do for you and your overall health and workout routine then here are the top ten suopplements we reccommend:

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Turmeric Supplements


The main component of these supplements is turmeric, which has been associated with numerous benefits such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. If you are an athlete looking to maintain a healthy life and prevent or treat unnecessary inflammation of the joints, it is advisable to add turmeric supplements to your diet. This could also improve your heart health and boost blood circulation throughout the body. Inflammation may promote just about every major killer disease, including heart disease and cancer. Consistent use of turmeric to supplement your diet could help the risk of contracting a killer disease. However, it often becomes challenging when it is time to choose the right turmeric supplement. It is critical to understand the different formulations and how they work if you are to derive the most out of your choice. Below are the criteria for evaluating best turmeric supplements.

Turmeric and Curcumin

Turmeric is a popular food spice among Indians and has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. Its long history of success among Indians has influenced the rest of the world to develop an interest in it. However, turmeric derives most of its healing properties from curcumin –an active ingredient within it – as well as curcuminoids, which are its derivatives. A typical turmeric root could contain 2-5% of curcumin, which is rather low percentages. For this reason, consuming turmeric through highly concentrated powder is more beneficial than taking unprocessed turmeric. The most common curcumin formulations available on the current market today include BCM 95, Sabinsa C3, Meriva, and Longvida. You should understand how each of these formulations works to allow you to make an informed decision about what turmeric supplements to buy and use.

Meriva raises curcumin metabolites’ blood levels way above that of curcumin itself. Curcumin can be very effective in fighting inflammation, which makes it significant to consider this formulation. If you are fighting inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, uveitis and joint pain, you should probably consider Meriva formulation. It could also help you in detoxifying the body and treating a number of liver conditions.

Longvida is a formulation of scientists working at UCLA’s Alzheimer’s center and specifically focusing on brain health. The subject of interest has been how the active ingredient goes over the blood-brain barrier to provide benefits to the brain and enhance brain function. By maximizing the free curcumin available in the patient’s blood, Longvida has helped to manage brain diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke prevention. Curcumin (not its metabolites) could help manage Alzheimer’s. Longvida has also been successful in speedy recovery following traumatic injury.

Sabinsa C3 complex, just as the name suggests, features 3 curcuminoid variations, although by itself C3 complex might not be absorbed properly. This is majorly why the package often includes BioPerine/ piperine, a black pepper extract that commonly forms part of the ingredients in turmeric supplements. However, consuming supplements with piperine is not highly recommended because of the possible adverse side effects that athletes and other users might experience while taking turmeric supplements with the extract.

BCM95 is also effective in fighting inflammation, although studies have demonstrated that it is less effective than Meriva as far as bioavailability is concerned. Turmeric essential oils, which have been appreciated for their soothing effect on the human gastrointestinal tract, are classified under BCM95. Therefore, if you are having gastrointestinal issues, it is perhaps recommended to consider BCM95. These problems may include stomach ulcer, heartburn, as well as gastrointestinal irritation resulting from extended use of NSAIDs. Since there are turmeric oils in the supplement, the formulation could also be of benefit to those with diabetes type 2.

Theracurmin contains curcumin nanoparticles and is a new kind of formulation that studies have found to be effective in boosting absorption. While this formulation is relatively new, the results are quite promising and athletes could soon be made aware of other inherent benefits attributed to this Theracurcumin.

Powdered Turmeric Roots

If you are going to buy these supplements, you should understand that they are made of turmeric roots (rhizomes), finely ground to make a fine powder. You will commonly find this type of turmeric in the kitchen as finely ground curry powder or as part of kitchen spices. This substance can be found in tasty curry to help give the food the bright, yellowish color that makes dishes attractive. Many people have come to appreciate the immense benefits of turmeric used in food to help improve several aspects of health. Athletes commonly use it to maintain their general health. This can be equated to consuming a daily multivitamin pill. Ground turmeric could also help to manage arthritis-related stiffness and joint pain.

Regardless, the major shortcoming associated with turmeric is that they tend to have curcumin and curcuminoids in very low amounts. These active ingredients can be as much as 5%, which is still a relatively low percentage. This implies that these supplements may not be as effective as their standardized extracts, which are often standardized to highly concentrated amounts with the healing properties expected of turmeric supplements.

Turmeric Capsules & Bulk Powder

If you have used turmeric supplements before, you will have realized that some are available in capsule form while others are typically bulk powder. While this might not have much impact on the effectiveness of the supplement as far as providing healing benefits is concerned, it provides the individual athlete with a choice, depending on personal preference. One may choose any depending on what seems convenient and attractive. However, capsules can be very convenient, although powdered supplements have grown to be very popular among today’s users perhaps because of their relatively inexpensive nature and the fact that they provide the user with a variety of ways to consume them. A very popular way of consuming turmeric powder as used by many people is mixing the powder in ‘golden paste’, which comprises turmeric powder, water, olive oil (where coconut oil is unavailable), and black pepper for easy absorption. You could then take a few teaspoons of this paste on a daily basis if you want to realize the incredible benefits.

Curcumin Supplements

This group refers to extracts obtained from turmeric and standardized to 95% of curcuminoids. They derive the name curcumin supplements from their composition, which is high in curcumin and curcuminoids. Ground turmeric roots are the source of these extracts. The high concentrations of ingredients that provide healing benefits make these supplements more effective than typical ground turmeric powder. The major concern is the poor absorption rate of curcumin into the bloodstream. Even if it manages to get into the bloodstream, it is quickly removed from the body. The result is scanty amounts of curcumin getting into the target tissues and remaining there for a short time, but this is often long enough to derive curcumin’s healing effects. Regardless, to improve the bioavailability problem of curcumin, it is advisable to take it with olive oil or coconut oil because it is lipophilic and will bind to surfaces of fat to boost its absorption. Standardized to 95%, curcumin capsules and powders contain high concentrations of curcumin and can be used to provide numerous health benefits.

Supplements with Piperine

Piperine or black pepper extract may be added to these supplements to boost curcumin’s bioavailability. When hepatic and intestinal glucuronidation is slowed down through the work of piperine, the removal of substances from the human gut and liver is significantly delayed to increase curcumin’s bioavailability. The main challenge is the potential side effects that come with black pepper extract. By inhibiting glucuronidation, piperine is also able to delay the speed at which toxins and other substances are eliminated from the body. They then become concentrated in the blood to risky levels and pose a risk of damage to the liver. This is why ingestion of piperine for longer periods is never recommended. The use of piperine may also attract a number of adverse effects, including pain, nausea and gastrointestinal irritation. Perhaps this is the main reason most people complain of these side effects when using turmeric supplements. Regardless, these supplements remain hugely popular as most people remain unaware of the potentially damaging health risk associated with consuming piperine, BioPerine, or black pepper extract. BioPerine is the patented name assigned to black pepper extract. Therefore, when considering supplements with piperine, you should understand the benefits and risks involved.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is turmeric?

A: This is a spice obtained from turmeric root plant native to India. The plant has been grown and used in India and some parts of Asia for several centuries.

Q: Where did turmeric originate?

A: India has had the plant for thousands of years and used it for its medicinal value. However, the rest of the world is currently still trying to conduct more studies to determine other potential benefits associated with turmeric.

Q: Can I use turmeric to cook?

A: Yes of course. Turmeric is popular among chefs and other cooking enthusiasts wishing to add spices to their food to enhance the flavor.

Q: What are turmeric supplements?

A: These are supplements derived from the turmeric plant. They are often in the form of capsules or powder to make it easier for athletes and other users to consume.

Q: Is turmeric different from curcumin?

A: Yes. These two are deceivingly similar yet distinctively different things. Turmeric generally refers to the plant whereas curcumin comprises of curcuminoids, and is the active ingredient found in the plant. It usually comprises 2-5% of the plant but offers incredible health benefits that could have healing effects on the body of the athlete, marathoner or any other sports and fitness enthusiast out there.

Q: Why do I need turmeric supplements while I can get curcumin from consuming the turmeric plant?

A: Indeed consuming the turmeric plant provides the user with the healing properties of curcumin. However, to reap maximum benefits, you need curcumin in high concentrations, typically found in turmeric supplements. You would need to consume many plants to get the equivalence of a teaspoon of turmeric supplement.

Q: How can I benefit from turmeric and curcumin?

A: Turmeric curcumin has risen in popularity in ancient and recent times because of the numerous potential health benefits associated with its consumption and use. By consuming turmeric curcumin you could heal the body and restore balance. Some of the benefits include anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve joint pain and other related conditions like arthritis and psoriasis. It could also help to manage brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. It may also reduce back pain and skin dryness. Using turmeric supplements could also boost brain function and help you stay alert to perform better during the day. Many people have also used turmeric to promote a healthy heart and eyes. It has boosted the moods of others to help them kickstart their day with incredible motivation.

Q: Where can I get turmeric supplements?

A: Many chain stores and departmental stores across the country sell various turmeric supplements. You can quickly visit any shop and choose one that matches your health goals. If you are an athlete looking to stay healthy, you could use various supplements to help you improve your health and wellbeing. However, instead of spending your entire afternoon moving from one physical store to another, you may quickly log onto your computer or tablet PC and visit one of the popular e-commerce platforms for a selection of best turmeric supplements. There are various products to choose from, and information about each product can be found on the product description page. You can do a quick comparison of the features and benefits before selecting a product that will meet your fitness goals.

Q: Who much do turmeric supplements cost?

A: Different turmeric supplements are priced differently depending on various factors, including features, benefits, and quantity. The company or brand may also impact the price. While some turmeric supplements are in powder form, others are in capsules. Manufacturers also fix prices depending on the quantity of the turmeric supplement sold.

Q: Should I buy capsules or powder form turmeric supplements?

A: While many people prefer powdered supplements because of their relative affordability and the multiple uses, the choice of turmeric supplement remains a matter of personal preference. You could choose capsules or powdered form depending on which is convenient for you. Regardless, capsules can generally be convenient.

Q: Which is the best turmeric supplement?

A: The best turmeric supplement should meet individual fitness goals. It should also be easily absorbed into the body to allow the user to reap maximum benefits from the curcumin contained in turmeric. Lastly, it should have all the benefits associated with turmeric curcumin, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Regardless, it is all a matter of personal preference.


Closing thoughts

One thing to keep in mind is that turmeric use as a food additive and medicinal product dates back thousands of years. In modern times, one of the biggest factors that are bringing people back to this ancient spice is that is can be easily incorporated into their normal diet and that it can accomplish much of what modern drugs and prescription medications can- all without all the unpleasant and downright dangerous side effects of many modern prescription medications. If you are interested in one of these supplements, give it a try and talk to your healthcare provider about how else you may be able to benefit from adding turmeric supplements to your diet.

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