Best Yoga Blocks Reviewed & Rated for Quality


These pieces of exercise equipment have grown very popular among stretching and meditation enthusiasts. The props are commonly used as tools to help provide the support needed by the body to achieve a deeper expression of an alignment and proper pose. They have become an extension of the hands when performing stretches, but they can also be used to provide back and hip support. Others even use them to support their head and deepen their awareness as far as alignment is concerned.

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Yoga blocks are great for beginners, intermediate athletes, or anyone who is new to the practice but intends to perform the moves safely without experiencing injury or being barred by physical limitations until they become experts at what they do. For instance, you could stretch and touch the tool while standing instead of going all the way down. Ideally, these tools can act like a bridge between you and the floor, thereby helping to extend your reach and saving you the trouble of having to stain too much. On the other hand, more advanced practitioners may use the tool to learn new challenging stretches and poses while maintaining safety or avoiding potential injury. With so many props on the market, users can get confused about choosing the right one. Below is a list of top 10 best yoga blocks reviewed for quality.


10 Best Yoga Blocks



The REEHUT enhances workouts without much effort and provides a great way to relax while increasing blood flow. It helps to support a healthy lifestyle. If you are new to stretching, it is advisable to use the REEHUT to help you quickly master the moves and poses. It is great for users of all levels and will help to deepen stretches while elongating poses.
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Helps to Stay Active

It has been very effective in helping athletes stay active no matter the fitness level. It is also easy to use and provides users with a fun way to perform stretches. The prop also elongates poses while deepening stretches.

Ideal for Travel

The incredible value of this exercise item is in its lightweight construction that makes it ideal for travel. You can use it on the go; whether you are at home or working out in the studio.

Cost and Value

Regardless of the intensity of the workout, they are guaranteed to remain odor-free because they do not grow any bacteria. The soft and durable material is guaranteed to last longer to help you achieve your stretching and poses. It is affordable as well.

Provides the most reliable stretching support

Lightweight and portable

Can be used for meditation as well

Available in 8 vibrant colors


The chemical smell can be too strong for some users

Can be slippery once users develop sweaty hands

2. Gaiam

The Gaiam stretching essentials are lightweight and help users to gain stability when exercising. They are necessary if you want to attain optimal alignment and boost strength. Some users have used them to attain deeper poses comfortable. Therefore, if you are into stretching and medication and would like to take your practice to the next level, you should include the Gaiam mediation essentials to your collection of exercise tools.
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Pose Modification

These can help you modify poses by safely supporting you to perform them without straining too much. They are great for all users regardless of the fitness level and can suit any stretching situation.


It will help stretching enthusiasts to achieve stability while enjoying the benefits of a full stretch. Maximize the benefits of each pose by relying on these stretching essentials to provide the extra height needed.

Cost and Value

This is great for runners and athletes looking to make the best use of their mediation time to accumulate the most gains. You will enjoy the stability provided while allowing a little extra height for support. It is highly affordable as well.

Helps to modify poses depending on the individual level of flexibility

The extra height provided enhances stability

Gives the support required to allow athletes to hold postures longer

Helps with proper alignment to enhance confidence during training


Can be too light

May not be dense enough for some users

3. Yogree

These are not just designed for beginners, but can also be useful in helping the advanced athlete to achieve much more in terms of flexibility, balance, and deep poses. They are also stable and very comfortable to use. They make difficult poses seem easy, and beginners can have fun while being introduced to advanced stretches and poses. Don’t let physical limitations and injuries limit you.
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Improves Flexibility

They are designed to improve the user’s flexibility no matter the fitness level. If you are new to stretching, poses, and meditation, using one of these fitness tools could significantly improve your overall flexibility.


They are also waterproof and will not let sweat and other forms of moisture to get through. This implies that they are also easy to clean and can help keep the bacteria away.

Cost and Value

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, you will enjoy using the Yogree to boost your flexibility and enhance stability. The waterproof design also makes it easy to clean the block. You can get it for a few dollars.

Nontoxic and waterproof

Helps to boost confidence

Maintains balance

Improves overall flexibility


The weight may be contrary to expectations and can be too light or too heavy

Can be a bit slippery

4. Peace Yoga

4. Peace Yoga
Poses, stretching, and meditation can be very good for the overall health and well-being of the individual. The Peace block can help you to stretch more easily and support your moves if you are new to stretching and would like to achieve deeper poses in a shorter time. Advanced athletes can also use them to enhance their performance and stability. Don’t let your metal limitations bar you from experimenting with yourself.
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Exercise equipment that slips and falls during training can be a great inconvenience. However, the slip-resistant design will stay in the hand as you perform various poses. The cork material provides a better grip.

Elongate Stretches

If you are a runner looking to enjoy the benefits of stretching, investing in the equipment could help you elongate your stretches while helping you to gain the most from the practice.

Cost and Value

The high-density cork material is slip-resistant and can provide the long-lasting durability you need to focus on the exercise without worrying about replacing your worn out fitness equipment.

Slip-resistant and will not slide during use

High-density cork material to ensure durability

Helps to elongate stretches

Provides a safe foundation


Can be too heavy

May crumble on the edges

5. Manduka

5. Manduka
Physical therapists and trainers often recommend meditation and stretching to help clear the mind and increase flexibility. The sturdy design is both durable and supportive. Sometimes, stretching can be a very challenging task for beginners, especially because they have not attained the flexibility needed to perform elongated stretches and deep poses. However, the Manduka will help you achieve a lot with ease.
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Stretching is recommended to help increase flexibility and boost blood flow and circulation to different parts of the body. However, some of the stretches can be very challenging for beginners. The block provides stability to allow you to perform deep poses.


It comes with a strap to enable the athletes to perform stretches in a way that challenges them. The long-lasting strap is user-friendly and will not present a challenge even if you are new to stretching.

Cost and Value

Being new to yoga can present a major challenge for beginners, but the cork material will provide the stability and support needed to enhance flexibility and increase blood circulation. The price is quite modest as well.

Comes with a strap to enhance stretches

Durable material construction

Enhances flexibility

Improves stability


The length of the strap may be contrary to expectations

The color of the strap may differ from expectations

6. YogaRat

6. YogaRat
The company specializes in manufacturing exercise equipment that allows athletes to stretch and bend with confidence. They are also comfortable to use and can be a great partner when you’re in need a little boost to gain more stability. Putting one of these beneath your feet or hips can help maintain balance and stability while deepening your poses. The nontoxic and microbiostatic EVA foam is designed not to absorb moisture and sweat.
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Closed Cell Foam

This is easy to care for and requires washing with water and soap, as it does not absorb moisture. Users can easily rinse smudges and perspiration off it with ease and dry with a towel.


The blocks are sturdy and extremely lightweight, giving users the confidence to push themselves a little further. Having two of these could open you up to a world of limitless possibilities as far as deep poses are concerned.

Cost and Value

Whether you want singles or a set of two to help you deepen your poses, you will find what you are looking for. The closed cell foam is also extremely easy to care for, allowing you sufficient time to perform your poses. A set of two is highly affordable, but you can opt for singles as well.

Does not absorb moisture

Rinsing with water and soap is enough to get rid of perspirations

Comes in block sets to deepen poses

Available in different color combinations


May not retain their structure under heavy weight

May become deformed over time

7. Heathyoga

7. Heathyoga
If you constantly find yourself in a situation where you need a helper to be able to perform certain stretches, you need to invest in a nice block. It can also help you to reach deep poses. If you are looking to conquer your stretching and strength exercises, you need a reliable partner to guide and support you throughout the process.
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Extend Hand’s Reach

Imagine standing on one leg and folding or holding the other with one hand while bending forward slowly to touch the floor with the free hand. The block is great if you are new to stretching because you can touch it when stretching until you are flexible enough to reach down comfortably.

Secure Proper Alignment

The body is made of several bones and muscles that need stretching to align properly. The ‘helper’ will assist to align every bone in your body to make you feel healthy and full of life.

Cost and Value

The soft, lightweight design makes it ideal for use over an extended period of time. It is also easy to clean and resistant to moisture. If you are looking for a helper to support your stretching, then look no further.

Improves strength and flexibility

Extends hand’s reach

Helps to achieve proper alignment

Maintains balance and deepen stretches


The strap may be missing in some packages

The color may not appeal to everyone’s taste

8. JBM

8. JBM
Whether you are new to this form of exercise or just want to take your poses to another level, the JBM will help you master your poses and meditation practices. This is a great accessory that is considered safe for users of any level of fitness. It is also great for athletes looking to advance their meditation practice while performing comfortable workouts. They provide stretching support to allow athletes to enhance performance in optimal alignment.
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Lightweight and Portable

They are lightweight and provide the optimal stability required to achieve optimal alignment, increased strength, and deeper poses. The supportive cork foam is also soft and quite durable. It is scratch-proof and non-stick. Just toss it in your gym bag and you are ready to go.

Great for Various Mediations and Workouts

It works on virtually any surface to achieve the mediation goals you have set for yourself. It is great for all types of yoga, including Bikram, Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Power, Restorative, Iyengar, Yin, and Ashtanga.

Cost and Value

The moisture-proof and non-absorbent material is great at keeping the user safe from bacteria. It will provide the stability you need to achieve optimal alignment and boost overall strength. The tool is also very affordable.

Lightweight and provides the much-needed stability

Durable, supportive cork foam

Soft, scratch-proof and non-stick

Great for all types of meditation


Can develop cracks on the corners

Can be heavier for some users

9. Pavandeep

9. Pavandeep
This set is perfect for both beginners and advanced practice. Whether you are looking to improve strength and balance or just want to stretch and boost overall health and well-being, the Pavandeep will help you face the challenge you are seeking while ensuring you remain comfortable throughout the process. The company makes its products based on the principle of Asana practice that emphasizes firm, steady posture.
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Balance and Support

With strong, steady support, you can take your practice to another level. The Pavandeep helps you to achieve just that. Touching your toes has been made easier, and you can also reach the floor while enjoying your practice.


It is great for those wishing to meet their everyday fitness needs. It is great for Cross Training because it will help to avoid injury and is perfect for alignment in core training and Pilates.

Cost and Value

Use the Pavandeep block to allow your body to attain maximum flexibility to be able to perform postures and deep stretches. With the right support, you can go further than you ever imagined. The cost is also fair.

Promotes balance and steady support

Great for alignment in core training, Pilates, and cross training

Improves flexibility

Helps to deepen stretches and postures


Can be dense and as solid as a rock

Does not come in many colors

10. Kurma Yoga

10. Kurma Yoga
If your practice needs to depend on support to allow you to give your best performance, then this prop should be your trusted partner. Not only will it help to maintain balance, you will also enjoy deeper poses and extend your reach. They can be used at home and in the studio. They are great for beginners looking to ease into stretching.
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Excellent Grip

Athletes who constantly find themselves in need of a helper when stretching will find the grip impressive. The non-slip material makes it easier to hold the equipment and work out in peace.

No Scent

Since many people and athletes are sensitive to smell, the model is designed with no scent to accommodate a wide range of users. Unlike most other similar equipment on the market with a strong scent, the Kurma is scentless.

Cost and Value

It is great for athletes who are sensitive to smell and would like to stretch with the help of scentless blocks. They also provide excellent support and grip, allowing you to train without slipping. In addition, the price is never out of reach for the dedicated athlete.

Extra-large for extra support

Sturdy for better grip

Natural and scentless

Durable, high-quality material


May crumble at the edges

Does not come in several different colors

These fitness tools are great for athletes and yogis at all levels of fitness. If you are an experienced yogi looking to explore new pose territories or deepen your pose, these props can be ideal for you. They are also great for athletes looking to go easy on the tendons and muscles. Elongating your alignment when inflexibility or physical limitation presents a challenge may require the use of one of these props.

If your flexibility is preventing you from stretching and touching your toes or reaching the floor, you might need modifiers to help you achieve your intended pose. In addition, if you are not comfortable with performing certain stretches, you could use the prop to customize your moves for enhanced strength. This can also help to prevent injury. However, with so many of these tools on the market, it can get very difficult choosing the right one for the job. Perhaps you should begin by understanding your goals before you can match them to the tool you intend to acquire.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Yoga Blocks

Picking one should be a perfect decision if you are getting help from your personal trainer or coach. However, if you don’t have one, you might consider seeking help from friends or doing your own research to determine how the tool available on the market could help you to achieve your goals. If you are a beginner looking to ease into stretching and posing, you need to consider whether you will need a set of two props and a single tool. The size of the tool is equally important. Take your time to know the size of the tool that would fit perfectly into your hand if you need to. Regardless, below are the criteria for evaluating the best brands.

Training Goals

Picking a stretching prop or tool can seem like a very simple decision, but many people have to evaluate their decisions to ensure they are in line with their fitness goals. You have to consider several factors, including the fact that you have meditation or stretching goals you intend to achieve at the end of the day. First, ask yourself whether you understand your training goals. It is much easier to look for a tool once you know what you intend to achieve with it. The most common reason people look for these blocks is to deepen their poses and take their practice to another level. Beginners or those who are new to the practice also consider these tools to support them as they ease into challenging stretches and poses. They are especially good for beginners, but intermediate and advanced yogis can also use them to explore new challenging poses that present the risk of injury.

If you are not flexible enough and would like to get better at your practice, you should understand how the prop will help you enhance your flexibility. Depending on how you intend to use your blocks, you might want to go with two pieces instead of one. If what you intend to achieve requires two props, you are better off with two. However, if a single prop is enough to support your goals, then you have no business buying two. Similarly, if you intend to place it on your head or hips, a softer option such as a foam block would be better, but wood and cork options are better when it comes to providing support because they do not get deformed. In addition, if you are looking for something to use for a short time before disposing of, then durability may not be a major factor to consider. The foam option will serve your needs as well.

Single vs. Double Block

Whether you need a set of two or a single prop is purely a personal decision. You will mostly train using one, but there is a good chance you will deeply regret buying one. It is probably best to buy a set of two because you could still use one at a time. However, buying one means limited options because there are times you will need to use two. You have two hands and there are high chances you might want to hold the two at the same time when training. Clearly, there are several advantages to having two blocks as opposed to one. Not only will you have a matching set, but also a readily available replacement in case you run into problems with one. You will have a matching pair in case you need to use both at the same time. In addition, you will have the option of holding both in your hands in case you need more support while performing challenging poses during your practice.

While deciding to purchase a set can be a little harder on your pocket, you will definitely need the second block in no time. Sooner or later you might have to order another one online, which implies more shipping costs. Therefore, always buy a set of two or more even if you are sure you are just going to use a single one. Having a spare tool to use in times of need can be the best decision you’ll ever make as far as yoga blocks are concerned.


This is also important because it tends to affect most other aspects, such as weight and cleaning or caring. These props were originally meant to be wooden made from pine, maple, poplar, bamboo, balsa, and birch. Harder woods tend to be heavier but more durable than softer woods. In general, wooden props tend to be a little bit heavier and harder compared to their foam counterparts. They are also very sturdy and compact. If you want tools that will last longer, perhaps you should consider those made of wood. They also tend to have more aesthetic appeal. The major disadvantage associated with wooden tools is that they tend to cost a bit more. In addition, they also become more slippery as you train and your hands become wet. They can easily slide around the floor, potentially causing injury. They may also absorb sweat or moisture and accumulate bacteria. If you are thinking about stacking them, you should be very careful because they don’t stack well.

Another material to consider is cork, which is commonly known for its eco-friendly nature, which is better than wood. Depending on the harvesting process involved, cork props tend to be lighter than wood. They are also softer in nature and will stack or store well. The downside, however, is that cork absorbs way too much moisture than wood. They will absorb sweat and begin to produce a bad odor. Continuous use often causes them to smell. They also become dented or crumbly over time. On the other hand, a foam prop is another inexpensive option. It is recommended to go with foam if you are on a budget because it is the least inexpensive option. In fact, it is cheaper and lighter than both cork and wood. In addition, it is also very soft.

Most people prefer to use foam because of the relatively cheaper cost than most other materials on the market. They are also durable and easy to clean. If you are very concerned about hygiene, the foam option could be ideal for you. This is also why they are the most common props found in yoga studios. However, despite being easy to clean, they also catch dirt easily and are likely to wear out fast depending on use and care. In addition, they are not eco-friendly, unlike the wood and cork options. They can be flimsy or unstable and might not provide the best support the user is looking for. Therefore, you should understand what you are looking for before making that decision to go with one material and not the other.


The props come in different sizes, which may not work for everyone. Some people need smaller sizes to work out while others find larger sizes ideal. Whether you decide to go with smaller or larger sizes, you should also consider the size of your hands, mostly because you will be holding the block as you exercise. Larger sizes are also ideal for the athlete with less flexibility because it will easily bridge the gap between the stretching limit and flexibility. If you are fairly flexible and can perform various stretches with relative ease, smaller sizes will work well for you.

In contrast, if flexibility is a huge challenge for you, start by using larger sizes to make it easy to reach the floor and carry out your work out. If you are a frequent traveler, you might what to go with something lighter and easier to carry. In this regard, the material used also affects the overall weight. Smaller and lighter blocks are ideal for those who travel a lot. Pick a small size that you can easily pack and be ready for your trip or vacation. Similarly, choose a smaller size if you intend to travel to and from the studio to minimize the amount of load you have to carry around.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are yoga blocks?

A: These are important tools for yogis looking to perfect their practice by achieving deeper poses and elongated stretches. The can extend your reach so that stretches that seem difficult instantly become easy. They can also help to prevent injury associated with overstretching. If you want to experiment with some poses and stretches but are not sure whether your current level of flexibility can manage the situation, you can try it with this stretching tool before you learn how to do them safely without the risk of injury.

Q: Which yoga block is best for me?

A: The best prop depends on several factors, including the level of flexibility or fitness, skill level, fitness goals, budget, and more. In most cases, your instructor, coach or trainer will help you choose the best tool for the job. However, if you have not, you might want to consider your fitness goals first. If you intend to achieve a deeper pose using a set of two, consider buying two props. The tool should help you to achieve your goals faster.

Q: Should I choose cork or foam?

A: Again, the choice of the block should depend on what you intend to do with the tool. For instance, cork tends to provide more support than foam but can crack on the edges and accumulate more sweat, thereby creating a breeding ground for bacteria. This can be smelly in the long-run. The foam option tends to be easier to clean and use, but can wear out faster. In addition, form props do not provide better support compared to cork. Therefore, if you will be using the prop or tool for support most of the time, it is better to go with cork, but be ready to deal with the possibility of bacterial growth and bad odor.

Q: Should I buy one or two yoga blocks?

A: The straight answer is two. You can still store one for later just in case the other one becomes deformed, damaged, or lost. Buying two will also give you several options later on even if you don’t start using both of them right away. In addition, you will be able to access both in case you need to. Some stretches require the use of two props to help practitioners achieve a deeper pose. This is especially important if you are new to the practice and would like to ease into it. In addition, you won’t have to remember the size or color when you need another one because you will be keeping it in store.

Q: How much does yoga block cost?

A: It is relatively affordable. You could get one for a few dollars. A set of two is also affordable. The cost depends on the material and size. Cork and wood tend to be more costly than foam, but it has a lot to do with the material and durability.

Q: Where can I find yoga blocks?

A: You can find them on popular e-commerce platforms. Just ensure you choose the right material and size to match your goals and budget.


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