Brooks Ghost 14

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Brooks Ghost series is one of their most popular models, and for a very good reason. The Brooks Ghost 14 maintains all of the hallmarks of this popular series with some pretty series updates to boost comfort and overall durability. With so many styles and designs of running shoes out there on the market, it can be hard to narrow it down to just one, especially for newer runners that don’t quite know what they need.

This shoe is a neutral running shoe that provides modest cushioning and support that is good for casual runners up to the marathon level, and it’s great as a simple everyday shoe.

It has a nice and supportive midsole that adds an extra spring to your step, and the durable rubber outsole shows little signs of wear and tear even after 100 miles. The upper is lightweight and breathable and stretches to contour to the overall shape of your foot. As one of Brook’s most popular shoes, it comes in a wide variety of unique color options that are sleek and modern.

If you just can’t quite make up your mind on a new pair of trainers, the Brooks Ghost 14 is an excellent place to start. Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make this a really fantastic everyday running shoe.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Carbon neutral construction

Full-length DNA Loft midsole

The versatile outsole is great for sidewalks or trails

Comes in a wide variety of colors

Great for new runners

Incredibly durable rubber outsole

Segmented crash pad for easy transitions


Slightly heavy for a neutral trainer (9.9 ounces)

Key Features

Key Features


One of the biggest changes made to the Brooks Ghost 14 lies in the midsole. This design is made from one solid piece of DNA Loft foam material that feels soft and cushioned underfoot. It walks that fine line between cushioned and responsive, making it the perfect everyday trainer. It also boasts a steep 12 mm drop. This provides runners with just a little bit of extra support in the heel, which is great for heel strikers or for those that just need a little extra cushioning in the heel.

What I also love about the midsole design of this shoe is that it boasts Brooks’ segmented crashpad. This crash pad runs the full length of the midsole like a caterpillar and acts as tiny shock absorber for your feet. These crash pads help to create nice and easy transitions to your gait cycle. Your stride will feel effortless as you transition from toe-offs to heel landings, and helps to also reduce the overall shock to your joints when running on hard surfaces.


There isn’t a whole lot to complain about when talking about the construction of the upper. It’s super stretchy and breathable and provides a little extra cushioning where you need it most. The upper is constructed from 3D print mesh, which is a new feature found in modern trainers from Brooks. This upper is incredibly stretchy, and contours to the shape of your foot for excellent lockdown. Plus, it is incredibly breathable to help keep your feet nice and cool when running on hot days.

What runners also love about the construction of this upper is that it has a very short break-in period. It provides runners with modest padding along the heel collar that reduces rubbing and chafing while cradling your heel in place. The upper is free from stiff synthetic overlays, with the exception of the heel counter. The added materials in the heel work to lock this shoe in place without overheating your feet or adding too much unnecessary weight.


The outsole of this design is both versatile and durable. It is composed of blown rubber in the forefoot, and the heel is reinforced with HPR rubber for added durability and support. The outsole of this shoe is made to tackle the long-haul and will show little signs of overall wear and tear even after 100 miles. This rubber also works to add a little bit more energy to your gait cycle and helps to reduce overall impact with the ground.

What I also love about the construction of this outsole is that it boasts modest lugs that make it perfect for almost any terrain. Many neutral running shoes are often built for sidewalks and treadmills, but the Brooks Ghost 14 can also handle modest trails as well. The lugs are great at gripping uneven surfaces, and can easily transition back to sidewalks as needed.


Overall, I would recommend the Brooks Ghost 14 for those that are new to running. Newer runners often don’t quite know what they need out of the running shoe until they put some miles behind them. If you are new to running, you may not know if you need something with more or less cushioning, a stability shoe to deal with pronation issues, or if you have a heavy stride that could use just a little more padding. The Ghost 14 acts as an excellent launching point to gauge exactly what you need out of a pair of running shoes.

While I recommend this shoe to beginners, it is built for advanced runners as well and can handle casual everyday runs all the way up to marathons. It’s like the Goldilocks of running shoes- it’s not too cushioning and it’s not too firm. If you are looking for a running shoe that provides just a little bit of everything without too many extra bells and whistles, this is an excellent choice.


What I love about Brooks shoes is that they provide a wide array of sizing options to accommodate most feet. This shoe is offered in standard sizing options, as well as wide widths for wider feet. It boasts a wide toe box with reinforced material along the toes to prevent your toes from peeking out as the material starts to wear down over time. This shoe is also true to size, so if you are a size 9 in previous Brooks trainers, the same can be said for the Ghost 14.

The stretchy upper also helps to really lock your feet in place for a nice and secure overall fit. If you have never worn a pair of Brooks running shoes before, be sure to take ample measurements of your feet and compare those numbers to Brooks’s detailed sizing chart to spare yourself a trip to the returns counter. If you can, it’s also a great idea to head down to your local shoe store to give them a test spin before you buy them.


This neutral runner also boasts a neutral price point. It’s not the most affordable pair of running shoes out there on the market, but it is one of Brook’s more affordable designs. When you take into consideration the overall performance and durability of this shoe, it comes in at a really great value that is worth checking out. This is a shoe that is built to last for daily runs, and I found that it is well worth every penny!
Comparisons to Previous Versions

Comparisons to Previous Versions

There have been some fairly big changes made to the construction of the Ghost 14 when compared to the Ghost 13. Overall, this design is made to be a little more durable and rugged than previous versions. One of the biggest changes to this design is the contraction of the DNA Loft midsole.

Previous versions of this shoe only utilized this foam cushioning in certain areas of the shoe. Many runners could actually feel where the foam cushioning leveled off, which felt a little awkward underfoot. The newest design utilizes a full-length DNA Loft midsole that runs from your toes to your heels for excellent cushioning and overall support that feels great underfoot.

Another big improvement made to this design is the construction of the toe box. Previous versions of this shoe boasted thin materials in the toe box. This design boosted breathability but didn’t wear as well over time. Runners found that the material along the toe box would wear thin over time, and cause their toes to peak out through holes that developed.

Brooks took this issue into consideration when they constructed the Ghost 14, and added an additional layer of mesh to prevent holes from developing.


Shopping for a new pair of running shoes can be really overwhelming. Do you need a pair of stability shoes or something with higher or lower cushioning? If you are just starting out on your running journey, it’s hard to determine exactly what you need until you put a few miles behind you. If you don’t quite know what you need out of your running shoes, the Brooks Ghost 14 is an excellent place to start.

This neutral trainer offers runners a good deal of cushioning and excellent durability while keeping things lightweight and easy. Plus, it is composed of quality materials that hold up well over time. It’s comfortable, durable, provides excellent energy return, and it is a great choice for newbies to experienced runners that want something nice and easy for daily runs.