Dynafit Feline Vertical

The Dynafit Feline Vertical is a dynamic shoe, possessing many capabilities. Dynafit has taken innovation to the next level, learning from their experience with terrain conditions on the ski slopes and has applied that knowledge into tailoring a trail running shoe full of performance and character. At first glance the most notable feature of the Dynafit Feline Vertical is the color, instantly making them stand out, leaving onlookers with no choice but to have their attention drawn to the shoe. Dynafit has designed the Feline Vertical to be more than just a colorful package, containing lots of great performance inside.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • The shoe has a super quick lacing system for quick lace tying on the fly when you need to move fast
  • Well trusted Vibram brand mega grip outsole for superior stick on almost all types of terrain
  • Dynafit is a trusted brand that backs their products with a long stretched history of crafting quality products to cater to professional athletes
  • This model has a carbon-based rock plate for the sole protection of your underfoot against unexpected objects on the trail that you may encounter
  • Cons
    • The overall traction of the shoe suffered when on slick and slippery mud type trails and terrain
    • This particular model isn't typically trail runner-friendly for beginners, with the demographic getting the best use from these shoes being intermediate to advanced trail runners
    • The shoes might not be aesthetically pleasing to everyone
    • On the more expensive side¬†
    • Key Features
      The outsole on the Dynafit Feline Vertical has been outsourced to the Vibram company to create a somewhat efficient trail running outsole. Frankly, to say the least, a very interesting outsole design can be found on the Dynafit Feline Vertical. Shallow, grip heavy protruding lugs can be found underneath on the outsole. These widely scattered lugs are shaped in an almost chevron or boomerang shaped like fashion that encourages grip and traction on trail type terrains.

      There are exposed sections in the forefront of the outsole that visibly exhibit the carbon-based rock plate that aids with the protection of your underfoot. The heel section of the outsole has a different horizontally lined pattern for the optimization of stability during heel striking and absorbing the impact while keeping your feet properly planted. The horizontally lined heel portion of the outsole was also designed to assist with deceleration and braking on downward inclines. The outsole does very well on dry surfaces and traversing technical terrains that you will find on some trails, but isn't the best on wet muddy surfaces.
      The midsole of this shoe was meant to be satisfactory when it comes to being comfortable. The entire midsole is made from ethylene vinyl acetate, or EVA, which is manufactured foam material. It provides a comfortable footbed for your foot to rest on while providing a more custom fit than most other trail shoe midsoles composed from other materials. The midsole isn't very tall, adding to the shoe's overall low profile and swift racer-like appearance and feel. Thanks to the shoe's low midsole, the Dynafit Feline Vertical really hugs the ground.
      The upper on the Dynafit Feline Vertical is very eye-catching, efficient, and functional. The first attribute yourself or anyone else will notice is the color option that you have chosen as these shoes are draped in loads of vibrant color. The material on the upper is made of a woven mesh that provides an excellent amount of breathability for your foot. Layered over the majority of the mesh upper is thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, which behaves as a protective barrier.

      In the midsection of the upper, you will find visible sheer mesh window cutouts, similar to the Nike Lunar Eclipse 2, that assist with an awesome amount of ventilation to avoid excessive sweating and overheating. The lacing system on the upper is extremely efficient, utilizing a quick tie system if things should ever become undone on your run. The tongue on the upper isn't separated from the body, which naturally encourages a glove-like fit for the user.
      The weight of the Dynafit Feline Vertical is surprisingly lightweight for such a sturdy trail running shoe. The men's version of the sneaker comes in at 8.8 ounces, while the women's version makes its mark at 7.4 ounces. The weight of this model being so light only enhances its ability to be agile during steep inclines. The Dynafit Feline Vertical offers a wide variety of protection for your foot, and still manages to keep things very light in weight overall.

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      The breathability on the Dynafit Feline Vertical is superb thanks to the thoughtful design of the upper. The midsection of the upper has designated cutouts that allow cool air in, keeping your foot dry during your run. The rest of the upper is composed of a lightweight, breathable woven mesh material that allows for even more vital circulation needed on technical trail runs.
      The overall comfort on this shoe is very standard. The cushioning level doesn't go above and beyond but doesn't fall short into the classification of being irritable. The EVA foam in the midsole is the primary material your foot will be interacting with that's responsible for your comfort. The cushioned EVA midsole and flexible glove-like fit from the lacing system and tongue combined make the Dynafit Feline Vertical a decently comfortable trail running shoe option.
      The style for the Dynafit Feline Vertical is an attribute of the shoe that can easily be debated as attractive or unappealing. Dynafit is a brave company for choosing to drape this model of shoe in color palates that are very reminiscent of Miami Art Deco. In a bold move, Dynafit chose to go with nostalgic color combinations, one being a fusion of hot pink and lime green. There are other toned down options available for those that wish for a more simpler selection when it comes to style and color. The appearance of the actual shoe is a very low profile and will prove to be satisfying to most eyes.
      The durability of this shoe is very good. The thoughtful design and materials used really make this shoe last in regards to durability. The TPU protective overlay on the upper can really take hits and keep going. The rugged outsole will also pass the test of time on technical trail running. This shoe was designed to fit the specific needs of athletes who required a shoe to be pushed to the limit as they do themselves when they compete.
      The Dynafit Feline Vertical has two primary avenues of available protection which can be found in the upper and the midsole. The first line of defense is in the upper, which contains TPU material that's layered over the mesh to provide an adequate amount of lightweight protection for your foot. The secondary defensive element is in the midsole in the form of a rock plate that protects the underfoot from harmful elements that can be found along the trail. This shoe treats protection as a primary priority, and if that's what you're seeking in a trail shoe, the Dynafit Feline Vertical can move to the top of your options.
      The responsiveness on the Dynafit Feline Vertical is very surprising considering all of the aspects associated with the creation of this shoe. This shoe possesses a rock plate for protection, which would lead many potential purchasers to believe the responsiveness must be subpar compared to other trail running shoes, but this is far from the case. The great amount of responsiveness is directly contributed to the low drop height that hugs the ground with the combination of an EVA foam material that really responds to your foot even with a rock plate installed.
      The Dynafit Feline Vertical offers a nice level of support for your foot, arch, and joints. It should be noted that this shoe does possess a low profile and beginning runners that aren't used to this should be cautious and not assume that the support offered by this shoe will override inexperience.
      The suggested terrains for the Dynafit Feline Vertical is trail type terrains that lean more towards technical than dirt and mud trails. This shoe also performed well on pavement, gripping the concrete while treading sediment and other debris that was encountered. The recommended terrain to get the most efficiency out of these shoes is rocky, more advanced terrains. On advanced terrains, these shoe's outsoles will grip while providing protection from the surroundings.
      This is a more expensive running shoe. When evaluating the price for trail running shoes, there are so many factors that come into play, but most importantly is the value that you'll be receiving for the price. There is a lot of specialized material that goes into the creation the Dynafit Feline Vertical running shoe that could have potentially driven the initial asking price up, but Dynafit did a great job at keeping things somewhat affordable. These shoes can currently be found at a slightly discounted price.
      The traction for the Dynafit Feline Vertical is very good on dry ground. The aggressive outsole was meant to handle the majority of terrain types, making most encounters with new trails no problem. The only type of terrain this shoe didn't do as well is with muddy trails that typically come with varying consistencies of mud. The slicker, slippery type of mud rendered traction almost invalid, and with the Dynafit Feline Vertical on your feet, it would be best to avoid these types of terrain.
      The flexibility of this shoe is quite impressive considering all of the protective elements that are incorporated into the shoe. The woven mesh allows a free range of movement as the TPU protective layer shields with protection. The outsole has enough separation in space between the lugs that your foot is able to freely travel in any direction you wish to propel yourself.
      The stability on the Dynafit Feline Vertical is above average for a shoe that wasn't intended to be a stability orientated shoe. The rear section of the shoe really cups your heel and holds on while the quick tie lacing system provides a midsection lock down that keep your feet from moving inside the shoe during runs.
      The overall heel to toe drop of this shoe sits at a very low 4 millimeters, which has the possibility to cause injury if you're not accustomed to running in shoes with such a low height. The idea behind this model was for the user to be able to hug the ground in these shoes, which is the primary reason behind Dynafit choosing such a low height for this model.
      Key Features
    • Quick lacing system

    • Vibram Megagrip outsole

    • Carbon based rock plate

    • Aggressive Outsole for Mountain Terrain

    • Bottom Line
      The Dynafit Feline Vertical comes from a company with a long history of overcoming any and all types of challenges from business related matters in the boardroom to the products being able to handle the endurance required for the physically demanding side of things outdoors on the trails. The Dynafit brand may be relatively new to developing trail gear and products but has learned to adapt quickly to the market. The Dynafit Feline Vertical is an amazing shoe that finds a great balance between durability, protection and weight, all while still providing comfort for the user. This shoe is recommended for intermediate to experienced neutral style trail runners who are able to effectively utilize all of the features on the more technical terrains.
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