Dynafit Pantera

The Dynafit Pantera is a very robust and versatile shoe. Designed for ultra trail races, it provides great shock absorption, good responsiveness, and great protection regardless of the conditions or terrain. They are especially comfortable for long runs. The Pantera provides enough support and control for mild overpronators. A Vibram outsole provides good traction and durability. A Duo Motion midsole provides cushioning, shock absorption and great responsiveness. The form-fitting upper provides great fit, breathability, and protection.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Great fit
  • Enhanced protection
  • Good shock absorption
  • Wide surface
  • Cons
    • Traction can be improved
    • Feels too rigid
    • Questionable breathability
    • Steep price
    • Key Features
      The Dynafit Pantera features a Vibram outsole. It combines two different technologies to make it more durable and enhance traction and grip. The Mapping rubber compound placed in the heel area is harder, extending the durability of the outsole and providing traction when running downhill. The Claw Grip rubber compound placed in the forefoot area is softer and provides extra cushioning and shock absorption. It also enhances the traction when performing vertical runs. An ESS rock plate between the midsole and the outsole protects your feet from debris. Reviewers have experienced lack of traction when running on loose rocks paths and climbing wet rocks.
      The midsole of the Dynafit Pantera features two layers of EVA with different densities for extra shock protection and motion control. The Duo Motion technology makes the shoe responsive and provides extra support for overpronators. The thickness of the midsole, combined with the ESS rock plate and the thick Vibram rubber protect your underfoot. However, some reviewers noted that they did not like that the features made the shoe heavier and more rigid.
      The form fitted upper along with the integrated lacing system provide a great fit. The Sensitive Fit design allows blood to flow more naturally as well as prevent swelling which is useful for those running long distances. The Ballistic Bumper technology is a toe cap that protects your toes from the unwanted impacts when running.

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      Their weight is 349 grams (12 oz.) for the men’s shoes, and 299 grams (10.5 oz.) for the women’s shoes. As mentioned, that weight is an average as it varies depending on the size. Reviewers stated that once they are broken in, they feel lighter.
      Thanks to the breathable upper, your feet will stay dry and cool, even on your long runs. As we lose high amounts of heat through our feet, keeping them cool will keep our whole body cool. These shoes provide good temperature control, and when combined with the right kind of socks, you can wear them under any kind of conditions. Reviewers stated that the breathability wasn't good in hot weather.
      The Duo Motion midsole features two layers of EVA which provide enough cushioning and good support, even on long runs. The padded tongue and collar also provide additional comfort.
      This shoe looks beefy and heavy, but fortunately, are not as heavy as they look. The extra layers of protection give the shoe a very solid look. The welded and stitched overlays make the shoes look cool and protective. The colors are limited as they have been discontinued. However, you can still get them through online stores.
      These are really durable shoes. Reviewers have posted that after running around 400 miles, the shoes are still in good shape. The Vibram outsole features two different rubber compounds that make it more durable yet lighter and with more traction and grip. The Duo Motion midsole, using different EVA densities, has raked it possible to create a great balance of cushioning and durability. The upper is hard to the touch and incorporates overlays that reinforce it. The Ballistic Bumper and the heel cup also provide additional durability.
      In between the outsole and the midsole is an ESS rock plate that keeps sharp objects from penetrating underfoot. The Duo Motion midsole combined with the Vibram outsole provides great shock absorption, decreasing the risk of knee and hips injuries due to repetitive impacts. The Ballistic Bomber and the heel cup will avoid any unnecessary impact that can harm your toes and your heels. The tongue also does a great job keeping the debris in the outside of the shoe. Their breathability is good, so the risk of getting blisters is low.
      The Vibram outsole features two different components, giving it the best traction and grip on vertical runs or down hill runs. The double-layered EVA midsole uses two compounds that make the shoe more resilient to the movements while providing enough support. The form fitted upper provides a secure fit and allows your foot to move naturally.
      Mild overpronators will found solid support in this shoe. The Duo Motion construction of the midsole adapts to the movements of your foot. The adaptive support makes these shoes very comfortable for neutral runners. The Claw Grip rubber placed in the forefoot of the outsole provides extra cushioning and shock absorption from the bottom of the shoe. If you are a moderate or severe overpronator, a replacement of the orthopedic insoles with your own can be done.
      This shoe works well on a variety of terrain, but especially trail ultramarathons. However, reviewers stated they perform their best on hard and compact trails. Reviewers who used these shoes for ultra marathons were satisfied with their performance. The Vibram outsole and the Duo Motion midsole can take you anywhere. The ESS rock plate makes sure that no sharp objects get to your foot. The solid construction of the upper and tongue keep debris from getting in.
      These shoes can get very expensive or very cheap depending on the stock the online stores have. The average price is $140 USD. The women's version tends to be cheaper online. However, no matter the cost, they are worth their value.
      The Vibram outsole manages to provide great traction it a variety of surfaces. The Mapping Grip in the heel area is harder and provides good traction when running downhill. The Claw Grip in the forefoot area is a bit more flexible and soft, to provide more grip when going up-hill and performing vertical runs. Some reviewers stated that the traction is not as good as Dynafit claims it to be. There were some issues reported when running on loose or wet rocks.
      These shoes are stiff. The brand has sacrificed the flexibility of the shoe in order to provide more protection and cushioning. The thick rubber from the Vibram outsole combined with the ESS rock plate makes the shoe very hard to bend. It will keep you protected but will make the shoe feel rigid. Reviewers that like their shoes stiff and with extra protection have loved the Dynafit Pantera.
      The thickness and stiffness of the outsole provide a stable platform to land on. However, these are not a stability shoe. Reviewers that like sturdy trail running shoes said these shoes provide just enough stability to keep you running for longer.
      The drop of a shoe is the difference of the heel height and the forefoot height of the shoe. The Dynafit Pantera trail running shoes have an 8 mm drop. The heel height is 35 mm and the forefoot height is 27 mm.
      Key Features
      • Sensitive Fit
      • Form fitted upper
      • Duo Motion midsole
      • Ballistic Bumper
      • Vibram Outsole
      • Mapping and ClawGrip rubber compounds
      • ESS rock plate
      Bottom line
      If you are a runner that is looking for sturdy and very protective trail running shoes, the Dynafit Pantera are the ones you’re looking for. Amazing protection is what you get from these shoes. Ideal for running on hard and compact surfaces, these shoes do very well when your runs combine off-road and road conditions. They provide solid support to mild overpronators. The rubber compounds in the outsole provide good traction and the midsole provides good responsiveness. Also, the shoe offers good shock absorption, which will decrease the chance of injuring your knees and hips.
      Where to Buy
      By Brian Price
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      Where to buy
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