Epson Runsense SF-710

Everyone’s gotten into the activity tracker and fitness watch game in the past few years: Apple, Samsung, Tom Tom--it seems every tech company has made their claim on the market. So, Epson--best known for their printers and part of the Seiko group, which makes timepieces--put out their own line of fitness watches, known as the Epson Runsense. With four models in this line, the SF-710 is the best compromise between the bare-bones SF-110, the slightly less advanced SF-510, and the more deluxe SF-810. Equipped with a highly GPS, built-in Stride Sensor, and a number of training pre-programmed training modules, the SF-710 is designed specifically with runners in mind.

The Stride Sensor is perhaps the best feature of the SF-710: recording stride length, pitch, and monitoring speed and distance even after GPS signal loss, this is an activity tracker that’s made to help runners not lose any precious data of their run. Overall, the SF-710 will record all of the metrics runners desire: distance, lap pace, speed, time, calories burned, and stride. Working in conjunction with the Runsense app, the SF-710 tracks your progress against long-term goals you’ve set to improve performance and provides estimated finishing time or distance based on these set targets. It’s waterproof up to 5ATM, which means it’s safe to wear either in the pool or the sea and has a long-lasting battery that holds a charge up to 30 hours of continuous use with GPS on and 20 days with GPS off. While not as flashy or complex, or even as versatile, as many fitness watches out on the market, the Epson Runsense SF-710 is designed for runners who don’t want to deal with all the extraneous bells and whistles that many activity trackers tack on to their product.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Long-lasting battery that runs for 30 hours with GPS on and 20 days off

  • Stride Sensor records stride and pitch, and takes over recording distance and pace if GPS goes off

  • Runner-centric fitness tracker records distance, speed, stride, pace, and calories burned

  • Waterproof up to 5ATM

  • Preloaded with a number of training modules

    • GPS doesn’t work indoors

    • Limited functionality solely dedicated to running

      Key Features
      Unlike many fitness trackers, the Runsense SF-710 is strictly a running watch, which some runners may find either limiting or fitting their needs better than more complex watches. But to calculate distance, calories burned, and pace, the SF-710 will deliver for the runner looking for specificity in their sports watch. Its lap timer provides lap-by-lap information and stores up to 400 laps. This fitness tracker aims to help the runner reach their running goals by displaying a countdown for set distances or times. Besides working with the Runsense app, the SF-710 can also connect to third party apps. Although it can monitor biking and some indoor activity, this watch is optimized for recording running stats.
      Basic Features
      The Runsense SF-710 is a no-nonsense running tracker that records distance, lap distance, pace, average pace, speed, time, lap time, calories burned, altitude, cadence, stride, pitch (strides per minute), cumulative ascent and descent in altitude, and gradient. It can also record walking, hiking, some indoor activities, and biking--although it’s not particularly optimized for this last activity.
      Advanced Features
      Perhaps the SF-710’s best feature is its Stride Sensor, which takes over for when the GPS signal is lost to record monitoring speed and distance. In addition, a number of pre-programmed training modules are also built into the watch. And while its GPS is highly accurate, it will not acquire a signal indoors.
      With an accurate built-in GPS with smartphone compatibility that allows for the SF-710 to connect to your phone for even more accurate and reliable GPS recording, this is an activity tracker that seeks to provide its user with excellent GPS readings. However, these have been some reviews that have complained that it cannot acquire a GPS signal indoors. But even when the GPS fails, the Smart Stride Sensor takes over to record distance and pace.The Stride Sensor also accurately measures and records stride, length, and pitch and will adapt to your personal stride over time. It also takes over to record distance and pace in case the GPS loses its connection.
      The Runsense SF-710 connects to smartphone and computer using Bluetooth Smart or with a USB cable. The Runsense app is also available for the runner to sync their recorded data to create a more thorough picture of their running metrics. The SF-710 also connects with many popular third-party running apps. In addition, it can connect to a heart rate chest strap via Bluetooth.
      The Runsense app allows the runner to track their progress against their set long-term targets to improve their overall performance. This app also lets the runner view their estimated finishing time and distance based on their set targets. In the Runsense app, the runner can customize settings and analyze and compare their stats against other users. Data recorded by the SF-710 can be synced through a smartphone to the app to keep up-to-date recordings of their metrics. The SF-710 can also sync and work with other fitness apps.
      Weighing in at 2.09 ounces/59.3 grams and an LCD face just 28.2mm in diameter, the Runsense SF-710 is lightweight and small, which runners will appreciate. Its thin rubber band fastens the watch closely to the wrist and is comfortable to wear even on long runs. Although the balance between the band and the face is slightly off, overall this is a comfortable activity tracker to wear.
      Sleek and minimal, runners can have the SF-710 in any color as long as it’s black. Sure, this watch lacks versatility in its style choices but there’s something to be said about its plain approach. Much like its straightforward purpose, the Runsense SF-710 doesn’t concern itself with aesthetics, and since it’s not a multisports watch this isn’t really a tracker you would wear all of the time outside of exercise purposes anyway. It has a clean, basic look that reflects its basic nature.
      Its scratch-resistant face protects the monochrome LCD display from harm but with a thin rubber band that is easily susceptible to wear, the SF-710 may lose points for not being the most sturdy activity watch on the market.
      The Runsense SF-710 allows for four customizable screens and for three measurements to be shown on its display at any given time. Time, split time, lap time, guide time, speed, distance, lap distance, guide distance, pace, lap pace, average pace, altitude, stride, calories burned, and pitch can be displayed. The 28.2mm LCD screen is easy to read and navigate using the analog buttons on the side of the watch.
      The band is one of the weaker points of the Runsense SF-710. It’s a simple black rubber band with a metal clasp that’s sporty but also seems a little flimsy. However, it fastens securely on the wrist and will stay on your wrist even during an intense workout.
      Like its color, the Epson Runsense SF-710 only comes in one size with an adjustable rubber plastic band.
      Ease of Use
      Like so much of its attributes, the SF-710 is straightforward and easy to use. While many runners have dealt with fitness watches that need to interface with their fitness tracker via touch screen and scrolling through menus to view their stats while running, the SF-710 will lighten up at the touch of the screen to show the that the runner has set before starting the run. To scroll through the menu to other stats, the runner just has to press the buttons on the side of the watch for other menus. While the four buttons used for navigation may present a learning curve for some users, after becoming familiar with its functionality runners will appreciate the SF-710’s straightforward nature.
      Power Sources
      The SF-710 has its own dedicated charging dock onto which you snap the watch in place, plug the USB cord into the computer, and let it charge. With a long-lasting battery that can run for 30 hours with the GPS on and up to 20 days without, the SF-710 is an activity tracker that holds a superior charge, especially when compared with other activity watches that need a recharge after only eight or ten hours of use.
      The Runsense SF-710 may not be the most advanced sports watch on the market--in fact, it’s a dedicated running tracker and little else. However, this is reflected in its affordable price. While its initial price was perhaps too high for its limited functionality, since then the price has dropped considerably, making it one of the more affordable activity trackers out there today. Even with this so-called “limited” functionality, the SF-710 does have a number of more advanced features, including recording altitude, gradient, and stride. Its Stride Sensor is a big component of this: recording stride, stride length, and pitch, and taking over recording speed and distance if the GPS signal is lost, this is an activity tracker that’s made to help runners not lose any precious data of their run. Considering that it’s the second-most advanced edition in the Epson Runsense line (with only the SF-810 with slightly more features), its price is one of the more attractive points of this simple sports watch.
      True to its straightforward nature, there aren’t any accessories available for the SF-710. However, it is able to record your heart rate wirelessly with a separate chest strap heart rate monitor, which is something many serious runners find necessary.
      Key Features
      - Long-lasting battery that runs for 30 hours with the GPS on and over 2 weeks without it
      - Its Stride Sensor measures cadence and stride
      - Tracks pace, distance, speed, and altitude
      - Uses Bluetooth Smart to connect to computers and devices
      - Runsense app records and provides the runner with useful metrics
      - A very affordable fitness tracker
      - Can pair with chest strap heart rate monitor
      Bottom Line
      For those who want a smartwatch that functions as an activity tracker, the SF-710 will seem a little too basic for their needs. The same goes with the athlete seeking a versatile sports watch that can record every activity they can think of; this is also not what the SF-710 excels at. Instead, this is mostly a straightforward activity tracker for runners, which is great news for runners--especially at its affordable price point. While it may not have absolute pinpoint accuracy, the SF-710 does record the desired stats for any serious runner. Pace, average pace, distance, lap distance, speed, time, lap time, calories burned, altitude, stride, pitch (strides per minute), cumulative ascent and descent in altitude, and gradient are all recorded and easily recalled on the watch. These metrics are also uploaded via the runner’s smartphone to the Runsense app and other third party running apps.
      With a long-lasting battery that can run for up to 30 hours with GPS on and over two weeks without GPS, long-distance runners in particular will appreciate its longevity. Although its band is simple black rubber and the design of the watch itself is minimalist at best, this is also a no-nonsense activity tracker for runners that aren’t looking for anything too advanced in their sports watch. Affordable and to the point, the Epson Runsense SF-710 is an activity tracker for runners who want only the straight stats and little else.
      Where to Buy
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