Fila Mindblower Reviewed for Quality

One of the current style trends in today’s market is wearing retro-looking sneakers, whether they look like they are from the 70’s or beyond. Fila jumped on this trend and came out with the limited edition version Fila sneakers of its 1995 sneaker the Mindblower. Fila Mindblower has a running shoe silhouette, just like the original, and boasts several embellishments and features to pay homage to its 23-year-old predecessor. There is no shortage of Fila logos on this sneaker as you will find it stamped all over the outsole, prominently displayed on the tongue, featured on the back, and most obviously, oversized and warped down the lateral side of each shoe. The most popular colorways give the nod to the original as well with the central portion of the sneaker being white with accents of dark blue and pop of red. These sneakers were often worn with the baggy jean style in the 90’s and quite often with swishy track-suits that were all the rage back then. These sneakers target those consumers that loved the look back then. The feeling of nostalgia for 90’s teens and young adults will most definitely have them opening up their wallets to snag a pair or two of these. 

Keep reading our in-depth Fila Mindblower review to find out if it is worth the investment.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Meets the current retro-sneaker style trend
  • Oversized EVA foam midsole will keep you cushioned and comfortable
  • Padded heel cup and tongue for added all-day comfort
  • The durable rubber outsole will provide decent traction
  • Wide enough to fit an array of foot shapes
  • Affordable price tag
  • Cons
    • A bit clunky on the feet
    • Oversized midsole provides no ground feel 
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this sneaker remake is made of durable rubber. The black rubber that covers the entirety of the bottom of the shoe is stamped with a small Fila logo on several of the rubber pads that make up the tread and a larger logo towards the back of the midfoot. A multicolored “F” appears on the middle of the midfoot as well.

      The outsole features grooves between the rubber pads to aid in traction and flexibility. The durable rubber extends up over the front of the sneaker, giving the shoe a protective toe cap. This toe cap features ridges to help with traction as well.
      This lifestyle sneaker has a pretty noticeable midsole. It features an ample amount of premium high rebound EVA foam to aid in both comfort and response. Embossed on the lateral side of this enlarged midsole is an eye-catching unconventional FILA logo extending from the rear of the sneaker down to the front part of the midfoot.

      This logo is written in a warped way and follows the curvature of the sneaker, giving it a unique appearance. The comfort and style presented by the midsole are reminiscent of the original Mindblower released in 1995 and makes it a great mix of vintage and contemporary.
      This retro looking sneaker appeals to those who remember the original Mindblower thanks to the upper’s design. Most of this shoes' upper is made up of a synthetic leather with cowhide embellishments. The front part of the shoe, the toe box area, has a softer woven synthetic material which is also seen at the midfoot on both the lateral and medial side.

      The lace up closer is a standard design and has a lace loop in the middle of the tongue to help guide the laces and keep them in place. Both the tongue and the heel cup are padded for added comfort. The tongue features the two-tone ‘F’ Fila logo and word Fila. The overall upper design of Fila Mindblower is modeled after the original runner from the 90’s and will instill a sense of nostalgia for many Fila fans from that decade.
      Because these are really lifestyle sneakers and are not designed to be fast on the running circuit, they are heavier than many running shoes on the market. The materials that make up the sneakers' upper are heavier than other lightweight sneakers to better replicate the original shoe. It’s a little clunky and not sleek, but it isn’t meant to be.

      Rather, it is meant to be a remake of a vintage design.
      When it comes to breathability, the Fila Mindblower does not score too highly. Because the upper is made mostly of synthetic leather material, they don’t allow a ton of airflow. The front of the sneaker does feature a synthetic woven material, so there is some breathability.

      These shoes are designed to be casual sneakers and not performance shoes so they do not necessarily need to be extremely breathable. The soft lining and cushion provided by the tongue and inside the shoe will keep your feet comfortable, but if you are planning on wearing these for an extended period, you may find your feet will get a little toasty.
      The Fila Mindblower features an enlarged midsole with lots of cushioning. This midsole is made up of EVA foam and is designed to deliver comfort and rebound. As you walk around town in these retro-inspired shoes, you will feel the soft EVA foam absorbing any shock incurred and will notice a little spring to your step.

      The tongue is padded, as is the heel collar so even if you wanted to sport these shoes without socks, you’d be pretty comfortable. The toe box area is not necessarily labeled as ‘wide’ but consumers have said it is wide enough to promote comfort and not constriction.
      One of the high-scoring characteristics of the Fila Mindblower is the style of this shoe. Because it is modeled after an already well-known and established model, the original Mindblower back in 1995, it meets the current style trend of retro-like shoes. This particular sneaker comes in several different limited colorways, the main one being white with blue and red accents, just like the original.

      The main appeal of Fila Mindblower is the fact that it looks a lot like the original, with some more contemporary flair.
      The rubber outsole of the Fila Mindblower is engineered to keep this sneaker long-wearing with its durable rubber. This rubber will help wear and tear that occurs from natural abrasion and also helps to protect the hefty EVA midsole from wearing down too quickly.

      Because these shoes' upper is made up of layers of synthetic leather materials and accents, they should withstand everyday use with ease. This sneaker is not flimsy in any sense of the word so they should maintain their shape well.
      As long as you are sporting these sneakers for what they are designed for, your feet should stay protected. They are not meant to be worn for trail running or for speed training and if you decided to treat them out doing these activities, you might find that your feet will feel heavy and may even get blisters.

      However, since these are lifestyle sneakers and are made to be worn for everyday activities, they are reasonably protective. Unlike many other casual sneakers with woven uppers, the Mindblower features synthetic leather materials which will keep feet dry from the elements as well as from anything you may happen to drop on your shoes. You could comfortably wear these out and about without fear of getting your socks wet or your feet injured.
      These comfy casual sneakers are packed with a large amount of cushiony EVA foam in their midsole which will deliver a soft and springy feel as you step. It combined with the durable rubber outsole will help provide a cushioned and responsive experience throughout your day. Unlike other casual sneakers on the market today, Fila Mindblower offers a ton of cushioning and will keep your feet comfortable and propel your walk forward with every step.
      When you wear the Fila Mindblower, you definitely will not feel like your feet are unsupported. Because these sneakers are a little bulkier than other sneakers on the market, thanks to their synthetic leather upper and ample EVA midsole, these shoes will keep your feet safe and supported within the shoe. The soft EVA cushioning will help your feet stay comfortable while the lacing system and stiff padded heel collar will keep your foot in place within the sneaker.

      Other casual sneakers feature a woven mesh upper which can sometimes stretch out and cause your foot to move around within the foot chamber. That is not the case with the Fila Mindblower.
      These sneakers are ideally suited for the concrete jungle. Because they are not technically engineered to be high-performance sneakers, they will not give you great results if you choose to put them on for a run or trail adventure. However, they work well on asphalt, sidewalks, or well-groomed walks on the trail.
      Depending on which colorway you are after, the price of the Fila Mindblower varies. The main colorway involving white, red, and blue are priced around $70. That makes these retro-inspired lifestyle shoes extremely affordable.
      The durable rubber pads on the outsole of the Fila Mindblower are designed to deliver a decent level of traction whether you are in wet or dry conditions. There are grooves throughout the bottom of the sneaker to help deter water from building up under your feet to help you keep from slipping and sliding.

      The toe cap has a ribbed pattern as well to help you travel over the wet ground without sliding around. In these sneakers, you should have no problem getting from point A to point B without slipping.
      Stability is not really something you typically need to worry about with lifestyle casual sneakers. Since you won’t be running any races or trekking through technical terrain, you don’t necessarily need to worry about it. With that said, it’s always nice to have shoes that will keep your feet aligned well and supported throughout your day.

      The firmer upper of the Fila Mindblower will help keep your foot stabilized because it is not super flexible or flimsy. The heel cup will lock your foot within the shoe and help keep you from rolling your ankle while the synthetic leather overlays will allow your foot to stay firmly within the foot chamber.
      The Fila Mindblower boasts an oversized EVA foam midsole that extends the length of the shoe meaning that you will have almost no ground feel through the sneaker. The drop is of average drop although you are lifted higher off the ground than many other casual sneakers thanks to this hefty midsole.
      Key Features
      - Eye-catching warped FILA logo on the lateral side of the sneakers pays homage to the original sneaker that debuted in 1995
      - Ample EVA midsole will keep feet comfortable, cushioned, and supported allowing you to wear these sneakers for long periods of time easily
      - Synthetic leather upper and cowhide embellishments not only give this sneaker a desirable retro look but they will help to support your feet firmly within the sneaker
      - Durable rubber outsole will give these shoes a long life
      Bottom Line
      Every shoe is not going to be for everyone. The Fila Mindblower is a sneaker with a distinct target market: people who loved the shoes in the 90’s. This remake of the 1995 version pays homage to the original in its runner-silhouette, oversized logo, and layered synthetic upper.

      Although it isn’t engineered to be a performance sneaker, it certainly could carry you through a pickup game of basketball or a short jog. However, the Fila Mindblower is not a lightweight, and zippy sneaker so doesn’t go looking for an exciting time or lighter-than-air feeling in your feet.

      On the contrary, it’s a bit clunky with its oversized midsole and layered upper. Be that as it may, it is a sneaker that will appeal to the generation of individuals who liked to sport them wearing swishy tracksuits and baggy jeans in the 90’s.

      On top of all that, they’ll be pretty comfortable and supported as they go about their day. As stated before, they aren’t for everyone, but for those looking for a retro 90’s sneaker, Fila Mindblower is something to be excited over.
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