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FILA has been around for 62 years and has a history based in Italy and mostly focused on producing textiles in the early years. However, beginning in 1973, the company branched out into the production of sports footwear. Because the company has Italian roots, they focused on engineering sneakers that boasted both utility and luxury. The early days of FILA included tennis sneaker promoters such as Bjorn Borg and Paolo Bertolucci who liked using the company’s Original Tennis shoe. This shoe eventually inspired the Original Fitness sneaker in 1988 which was very popular and was marketed as a sneaker that can be worn across a variety of sports. The modern version of the Original Fitness sneaker is not much different in terms of style and boasts a vintage look. The original classic colorway of white with blue and red accents is a throwback to the initial version. Today’s version offers this colorway along with a plethora of other choices to meet the style tastes of today’s market. However, because performance sneaker technology has advanced so much since the ‘80s, this sneaker is more of a casual shoe today.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Throwback retro styling
  • EVA cushioned midsole for added comfort
  • Available in a number of colorways
  • An extremely affordable price point
  • Supportive leather upper
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Cons
    • Not ideal for actual fitness activities
    • Tends to run narrow
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the FILA Original Fitness sneaker is made up of a durable rubber that provides both traction and flexible comfort. The whole of the sneaker has been largely unchanged since its release in 1988 meaning that the outsole of this model is pretty similar to the past versions of this sneaker. The forefoot area of the rubber outsole features two red dots (on the original white, blue, and red colorway). One of these rubber dots serves as a pivot point at the ball of the foot while the other is toward the lateral side. Another red pop of color is found at the heel portion with the well-known FILA logo at the midfoot. This outsole does not boast an aggressive lug system but rather features a grid-like laser-etched pattern in the durable rubber. These shoes are not meant for lots of exercise activity but rather for casual wear.
      Since this sneaker is designed to be a casual lifestyle shoe, the midsole does not deliver any amazing out-of-this-world comfort and response. However, with that said, the midsole of the FILA Original Fitness sneaker does have an EVA foam midsole that helps to keep your feet comfortable throughout your day. The original colorway, which is white with red and blue accents, features a red, white, and blue foam midsole accent that can be seen on the medial and lateral sides of the shoe. This foam midsole will support and your foot with adequate comfort for a casual everyday sneaker.
      This sneaker is a retro-looking shoe and resembles the original of the model released way back in 1988. The upper is made up of leather with small perforations at various areas to aid in ventilation. The leather that makes up the upper supports your foot but does not have a lot of give to it so if you have wider feet or feel uncomfortable in a more constricting upper, this sneaker may not be for you. However, due to the upper being stiffer than other sneakers that are made of canvas or mesh, it provides more lateral support for side-to-side movements. The leather that makes up the upper on this shoe also wraps around the heel collar for added comfort and durability. This vintage-inspired sneaker has plenty of FILA logos on the upper to let the world know what kind of shoe you are sporting. The Eyelets are reinforced with an extra layer of leather for added durability.
      The FILA Original Fitness sneaker is not the most lightweight shoe on the market which is actually fine since it is not meant to deliver amazing performance as far as exercise activity goes. The durable rubber outsole is designed to deliver comfort and protect your foot but is not designed to be lightweight. The midsole is lightweight in material but the upper is made of leather, which is obviously heavier than a mesh material. These shoes will feel good on your feet but won’t feel like you are wearing lightweight sneakers.
      Due to the fact that these sneakers are not made of breathable materials, they are not going to score very highly in the breathability category. The upper is not made up of canvas or mesh, rather, it is made up of a durable leather material that will support your foot comfortably. Although overall the sneaker lacks a lot of breathability features, it does have perforations on the toe box, lateral and medial sides of the sneaker, and up toward the heel collar. Not only doe these perforations aid in ventilating your foot, but they are also another nod to the shoe’s retro design.
      The FILA Original Fitness sneaker has an EVA cushioned midsole and padded heel collar to aid in comfort. The toe box may be a little on the narrow side for people with wider feet and since the upper is made up of leather, it does not offer a lot of flexibility. This means that if you have more voluminous feet, then this sneaker may be too tight for you. However, if you have normal, neutral feet and you are looking for a casual retro-looking sneaker, then this one is perfectly comfortable for everyday wear.
      This is an iconic sneaker in terms of style. The initial introduction of this silhouette was back in 1988 and you can see that just by looking at this modernized version. This style of shoe has always been a great seller for FILA so, really, the company figured that since it sold so well in the past, then why change it very much? The sneaker features a dual-panel stripe logo on both the medial and lateral sides of the shoe and lots of FILA logos on the back, sides, and tongue. Another great style feature is the fact that this shoe comes in a variety of colorways and finishes. Some are more neutral in color, such as tan, while others boast a strip of bold FILA logos all the way across the upper. This sneaker is aimed at consumers who want a comfortable everyday shoe with a retro-inspired look and with the number of colorways offered, there is sure to be one that will please any retro-look lover.
      The durability of this particular sneaker is up for debate. Some users have said that the leather wears too quickly while others say that the upper is extremely durable, although it may need cleaning every now and then. The outsole of the shoe is definitely durable because it is made up of a strong durable rubber. The main issue with durability coming into question is in the upper. Because the upper is made of leather, it tends to crease easily in the toe area after a couple of wears, although this does not inhibit the use of the shoe, this is just a “looks” issue. Some users have said the leather around the ankle wears easily while others have said that the tongue doesn’t hold up well and can even come separated from the upper entirely.
      These shoes will protect your feet well if you are wearing them for what they are designed for. They are meant to be casual sneakers that can cross over into some light sports activity here and there. Although they are called “Original Fitness” shoes, they do not boast too many technologically advanced fitness shoe options and would be rather clunky in any fitness situation. However, they will keep your feet protected from underfoot debris and will keep your feet warm and comfortable in chillier conditions.
      As stated earlier, these are not sneakers that are meant to provide amazing performance in terms of exercising. The EVA midsole delivers enough cushioned comfort for everyday wear and will absorb a typical amount of shock for a sneaker, but they are not going to give you a springy feel. The rubber on the outsole is lightly flexible but, really, these shoes are designed to look great and keep you comfortable, not deliver an exceptional workout experience.
      The shoe has a removable insole that helps keep you comfortable and relatively supported as you go about your day. The upper of the FILA Original Fitness will deliver support in that it will keep your foot steady as you walk because it is firm and supportive. You should not feel any movement within the foot chamber and therefore, should be able to avoid foot irritation and blistering. These shoes are good for people who have a neutral foot.
      The best place to wear the FILA Original Fitness sneaker is in the concrete jungle. In other words, these are casual lifestyle sneakers and will carry you throughout regular everyday activities in comfort and style. Some users have said that they wear them to the gym to do some light lifting or play a game of pickup basketball. That would be fine, but there are better options out there for these activities in terms of performance and support.
      Depending on which colorway you are after, these sneakers range in price between $38 and $70. That is obviously a great deal that can fit into almost any budget.
      The outsole on the FILA Original Fitness sneaker does not have any protruding lugs or nubs of any kind. Rather, the rubber is flush with the ground and has a waffle-like pattern weaving throughout. That means that these will not give you an excellent amount of traction when it comes to changing direction and moving over slick surfaces. However, the rubber does grab the ground enough to keep you stable and supported without slipping.
      Although the description of this sneakers’ outsole includes the word “flexible”, the sneaker is not all that flexible overall. The rubber on the outsole is rather hefty and it does feature some flexibility in the midfoot area but the sneaker is rather stiff. The upper is made up of leather which is less flexible than materials found on other sneakers.
      This shoe offers stability in that the upper is pretty stiff in terms of material. If you don’t want your feet moving around at all in the upper, then this shoe is a good casual sneaker option. The leather eyelets are reinforced as well so if you pull the lacing system tightly, then the shoe will hold firmly to your foot. The ankle collar is soft and stabilizing well because it is also stiff. However, if you have special concerns with your feet, this sneaker does not offer any specific stabilizing technologies.
      This shoe is a casual sneaker and has a neutral drop. They are not meant to deliver an excellent performance in terms of walking or running so the drop is not too much of a concern. Due to the heavy-duty rubber outsole, you will have next to no ground-feel. The midsole cushioning will deliver comfort on a neutral level.
      Key Features
      - Solid rubber outsole provides traction and durability
      - Retro-inspired silhouette matched today’s style trends
      - Leather upper delivers lateral support and stability
      - EVA foam midsole provides cushioned comfort for all-day wear
      Bottom Line
      Today’s style trends include retro-inspired sneakers and the FILA Original Fitness is definitely a sneaker that fits into that trend. The original model came out back in 1988 and the current Original Fitness looks a lot like that one. This is one of FILA’s best-selling shoes so they didn’t change a lot of the sneaker in terms of style goes. Although the name itself includes the word “fitness”, it is not really meant to be a fitness sneaker because it does not boast many responsive and supportive fitness technologies. Perhaps back in the ’80s when the original shoe was debuted, it was geared more toward fitness activities because shoe technologies were not as advanced. However, nowadays, these types of sneakers are geared more toward the casual shoe market. These shoes are ideally-suited for people with neutral feet who love the retro look and feel.
      Where to Buy
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