Getting Married? Plan Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Like A Runner!

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Incorporate what you love into your bachelor or bachelorette party! Getting Married? Plan Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Like A Runner!

Years of searching have finally landed you the love of your life, and you are set to get married and start your lives together! This season of engagement is one filled with joy, love, and a lot of celebrating. For the months and weeks leading up to your wedding day, you will be choosing linens and making guest lists, tasting cake samples, and be showered with love and gifts from doting friends and family. And if having a bachelor or bachelorette party is also among your celebratory plans, then consider recruiting having a “Runner’s Bach”! (Even if your bridesmaids, groomsmen, family members, and friends are not runners, there is plenty of room for flexibility and everyone is sure to have a good time no matter what!)


City Trends

From New York City and Los Angeles to Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee, the city streets are bumping with bachelor and bachelorette parties on the weekends. Most are pretty typical: Pub Pedal tours, lounging by the hotel pool, dinner, drinks, bars and dancing, and a bottomless brunch to round it all out. But there is more to a city than just its nightlife, and incorporating running into your party is a great way to get out and see a new place. Plan for a lower key night on Friday (maybe opt to rent an Airbnb downtown in the city instead of a hotel, so that Friday night you and your friends can cook a great meal together and catch up over board games, home karaoke, and gift opening) and start the day off on Saturday with a run! In a lot of cities, you can often find running groups to join up with on Saturday mornings. These are great because the locals can show you the best routes and most scenic skyline views. Plus, they take the guesswork out of having to map out a route. Let those in the group who prefer to skip the run sleep in, and then have everyone meet up for coffee and brunch after you are showered and ready to go! It is a great way to kick of a fun day of “baching” it up, and your body will thank you for getting in some movement and sweat.

Keep it “Classy”

If you are not keen on trying to run through an unknown city, then have your guys and gals sign up for a new-to-you exercise class. These can be running-based or not, depending on your preference. Big cities and urban areas tend to offer a large variety of exercise classes, and there is probably today’s trendiest class offered at a studio close to wherever you are staying. Some of these can be pricier than others, but it IS your party and you can be spendy if you want to! The added bonus is that a lot of studios offer the first session for free, which can help you and your mates save. Choosing to take a class instead of run outside is also an excellent option because you do not have to worry about whether or inclement conditions – although most require that you sign up beforehand and you might even risk having to pay a no-show fee if you fail to make it out, so if you are going to take a class, be sure you are ready to commit!

Photo: Hilary Ann. Squamish retreat, July 2018.
Making Things “Active”

If you are wanting more of a rural setting for your party, then consider an “active” bach party, which can make for some awesome memories exploring the great outdoors. As runners, we love running (obviously), but do not really turn down an invitation to get out and get active. Head to some of the nation’s greatest natural wonders, such as the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, or one of America’s National Parks to have a beach party full of hiking, exploring, and adventuring. This allows for a diverse list of activities, and there is sure to be something for everyone. If your crew is not afraid to ‘rough’ it just a bit, then you can pitch tents and camp out. (There are also some excellent ‘glamping’ options through third-party vendors that provide you with the scenic beauty of the great outdoors, but the familiar necessities of home.) Whether it’s a national park or the woodsy trails of a close-to-home campsite, you can always find some excellent running trails. But if your guests do not want to run, have them join you on a challenging hike, a swim in the open water, or just an evening of stargazing and fiddle picking around a good old-fashioned campfire!

Photo: Brice Ferre Studio. RLAG Costa Rica Retreat.
Go All In

For the brides and grooms who’s the whole entourage are runners and would love the idea of a running weekend, then consider going “all in” and having your bachelorette or bachelor party at a running event, a running camp, a running retreat, or centered around a race! Running retreats are fantastic vacation options for those of us who LOVE running because they are basically all of our favorite things over a 48-hour period: running, food, friends, traveling, and more running! Camps are great too if you want to do a slightly longer stay. Or get your buddies together and decide on a big race, then plan your party around it! Always wanted to run a race at Disney World?

Then get out there and race the parks in the morning, and grab your crew for rides, treats, and lots of fun thereafter. Or maybe you have had your heart set on a big goal race, like the New York City Marathon. What a great city to have a party in! Your friends can be there to run alongside you (or just cheer you on as spectators), and then you can hit up the city to continue the celebrations. And finally, one race idea that is bound to attract your friends (even if they’re not runners!) is a wine or beer themed race. Run through beautiful vineyards out West in wine country and then celebrate all afternoon long with your favorite reds, whites, and a little bubbly! Cheers to the happy couple!