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How to Give a Running Mom the Perfect Mother’s Day

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How to give a running mom the perfect Mother's Day. How to Give a Running Mom the Perfect Mother’s Day www.runnerclick.com

Mother’s Day. The time of year when the Internet is literally flooded with ultimate gift guides and top ten lists of what to get your mom in order to show her that you care. The problem is, though, that there literally are as many lists as there are mothers on this planet. So where do you start?

Well, the good news is that, if you have a running mom, you can relax. Because most running moms are refreshingly easy to cater for. With a little bit of planning and a whole lot of care and consideration, you can give her the perfect Mother’s Day without even having to spend an arm and a leg. Here’s how.

Let her run

Running moms love to run. But they often have to almost work miracles in order to make it happen. So, this Mother’s Day, why not make it easy for Mom to get her run on? Offer to babysit while she heads out, or arrange for someone to watch the kids while she’s gone.

And remember not to rush her. Give her all the time she needs to run as far as she wants, cool down, stretch and take a very leisurely post-run bath. With zero interruptions. (A running magazine and scented soy candle won’t hurt, either.) Trust us, she’ll view it as a luxurious indulgence that money just can’t buy.

You will, of course, get bonus points for lacing up and heading out with Mom. Without complaining and at her pace. And triple points if the house is spick and span by the time she gets back.

Feed her

Running moms are hungry moms. And more often than not also health-conscious moms. So why not take her out to her favorite eatery post-run? With no subtle hints to go to your favorite burger joint instead (we’re looking at you, Dad!), and no eye-rolling when toys aren’t being offered as part of kids’ meals.

And, whatever you do, let her savor her post-run brunch in peace. Let there be no squabbling siblings, no snatching food off her plate and no refusal to eat the scrumptious healthy fare. Because she probably hasn’t had an uninterrupted meal in years.

Let her sleep

If Mom ran long in the morning, the chances are good that she’d appreciate a nap in the afternoon. An undisturbed one. So round up the young ones and head out for an hour or two to give her some peace and quiet.

And, for a whole bunch of extra brownie points, head out long enough to give her a chance to catch up on some reading before she drifts off. She’ll emerge feeling like she’s been on a week-long Caribbean cruise.

Treat her

Thinking of spoiling Mom with a Mother’s Day gift? You’re in luck. Running moms are super easy to shop for. So if you do want to splurge on something, make sure that it’s running-related. And if your budget’s tight, don’t worry. Even a cool pair of new running socks will get her heart racing. Other good gift ideas include:

  • Running magazine subscriptions
  • Race entries
  • Running jewelry
  • Massage vouchers
  • Running store gift vouchers
  • Weekend running getaways
  • Running box subscriptions
  • Running tour bookings

And even if you don’t have a single cent to spend, there are still a million ways in which you can treat your running mom. A simple (lengthy!) foot rub goes a really long way. As does an at-home pedicure. Or how about compiling Mom a killer playlist for her next long run? (Just remember to include her favorites, not yours!) Get creative and come up with affordable (or free!) ways in which to fan her running flame.

Putting some effort into spoiling your mom in ways that speak to her heart, whether it involves spending money or not, is all that she could ever wish for.

Tell her that you appreciate her

And lastly, cheesy as it may sound, the most important thing remains to tell your mom that she’s appreciated. And to mean it. Because even though she loves nothing more than caring and being there for her family, a little heartfelt appreciation puts an extra zing in her step. Yes, she knows that you love her. And yes, she knows that you care. But she sure loves hearing you say it.

So stop frantically scanning those ultimate gift lists and just help your running mom do what she loves best.

Instead of letting her juggle the logistics of dressing and feeding a family, cleaning a home and making sure that everyone gets where they need to be, create opportunities for her to run, refuel and rest in peace. Just for the day. And we can almost guarantee that it will make her feel like a queen.